Friday, February 13, 2009

A dream come true with my aunt

By: playboy

I am 18 years old. My height is 6'2 and I have an athletic body. In my neighbor lived a very sexy good looking and pretty aunty Seema since the last few years of my life I have been looking at her assets very keenly. She was of an almost 28 year and had a 6 month boy. Her husband was a government servant and was teaching in a university. Almost a year before he got a deputation for a month in another city of the same state. Both of my uncle and my aunty were very close to our family and they often used to visit us too. Hence when uncle departed he asked my parents to take care of her wife and his child. Now my aunt often used to come to my home with her baby and talk to me and my mom a lot by the time her husband was out I got very close to her and started to share most of my experiences. She also used to be frank. Slowly I started talking sum hot stuff with her but she was also fine with it and behaved as if there is no change in our conversations. This thing made me very bold and I gained more confidence than ever. With the lapse of time she also started taking interest in my conversations. I even told her that I love watching xxx movies and yet she behaved normally and told me that it’s normal at my age.

One day I came to know that my parents were going out of station to attend a family function for the next few days they told me that I was suppose to stay with Seema aunty as I had my exams upcoming and I felt as if I was on top of the world next day my parents departed handing over me to my sexy Seema aunty. The first day I was all the time busy flirting with her and she also was normal I dint knew how to tell her about my feelings as she was not given me any green signal any how the first day passed and that day I masturbated 8 times in the bathroom thinking of her. The next day also was getting wasted the same way so I decided to gamble now I asked my aunty that weather she likes xxx movies she said yes. Than I asked her have you ever seen any and she said no. I collected all courage and asked her would she like to watch it with me and she said only under one condition that I won’t open my mouth in front of any one and won’t tell anyone about it I said ok new I was like full with joy. She told me to bring a good movie and I said ok.

I went to the market and after thinking a lot decided to bring murder with me and I did the same as i reached her home i saw that she had already prepared the dinner and made the baby go to sleep. She came with me and we started watching the movie with me. It was just both of us in the room with the baby sleeping near by. Time passed on as the main scene came i instead of watching the movies started watching her reaction and i saw that she was like dieng and pressing the pillow near by her and was behaving as if she was a part of the scene before wasting any time i put my hands on her back she said nothing i opened her hairs and then removed her pallu she was still quite than i gave her a french kiss oh my god.!!! Wat a feeling was that for the first few seconds she was nt reacting but than she started like a wild tigeress she opened my t shirt and i opened her saree nw she was in just a petticot and a blouse in front of me i slowly slowly untied her blouse and she was in her white bra now now i untied her nada of the peticot and saw her green coloured panty. Than she untied the button of my jeans and removed it with the underweari was naked now she took my dick in her hands and started suckin i was like full of joy with in a while i felt like i was about o cum and i told her to stop because i wanted to fuck her the whole night but she said dnt wrry and finally i sprinted toonns of cum in her mouth and she drank all of that. After than i opened her bra and started suckin them slowly slowly i used to suck one and press otherone i did it for a while and than threw her on the bad and removed her panty nw she was all naked in front of me i saw her wet pinkish and hairy pussy guys trust me i licked it continuoulsy an started suckin her cunt with in a while my mouth was filled with her juice but i dont know how i again got the mood to fuck her and thats what i did i started inserting my 6 inch dick into her i felt a bit pain and also the warmth of her pussy. Guys the pleasure of fucking can only be expirienced cant be described she told me to gave her deep and continuous strokes and i obeyed her suddenly the baby started crying but she said "tum bas mujh par aur apne strokes par dhyaan do monu pe nahi wo ro ro kar apne aap chu ho jaaega" and i did the same after some time i sprinted into her pussy and laid down on her. She told me that i a m very good licker and itne acche se to merey uncle bhi lick nahi kartey and i said" kya yaar chachiji kis dhakkan ka naam le liya" she said sorry with a bitchy look.

After than this process continued for a very long time even after her husband came back.. But just a few weeks before all of them gt shifted to an another city as my uncle got transfereed permanently making me unhappy again.

Now i am lookin for another women who is sexually unsatisfied. Guys plz give me comments on this expirience of mine and if there is any gal. Lady that is residing in rajasthan and sexually unsatisfied from there husbands or boyfriends plz contact me by writing into me at and dont worry a bit because it all will be confidential..

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