Friday, February 13, 2009

aughty Dad

By: dushyant

Hi this is dushyant raj from jodhpur-rajasthan; i am 35yrs old and running my own factory, before i start to tell you my story i would like to introduce my wife(sneha) and my daughter(pooja), my wife is 33yrs old and has a very slim body, her figure is 34-26-36, thousand of people would like to see her nude on the spot, and my daughter is 18yrs old,
Our parents arranged our marriage in our unmatured age .That time i was 21 and my wife was 18, she got pregnant at her 19yrs, she had faced so much pain at that time so we decided that we would not get other baby very soon,

My daughter is now in her 18 and is having same figer which my wife had at her 18, same kind of lips and same beautiful eyes and same kind of hair, actually i never saw my daughter by that wrong way before that day, it was very hot day and i returned to my home at 6pm and my wife was gone to her brother's house for two days, at that time i was feeling bore so i decieded to have company with my daughter,

When i reched neer to her room i heared loud sound was coming out from her room so i opend the door and saw my daughter was moaning very louad and her two fingers wer in her pussy which was wet and her eyes very half way closed and her lip was between her teeth and her tits were visible and her skirt was down to her knee.

My first reactioin was to scold her but when i saw her beautiful shaved pussy, i forgot that she was my daughter and going near to her, inserted my head between her legs,

She was shocked and tried to resist but later on she was taking more interest in it and she was enjoying it after that i fucked her pussy, she told me that she had fucked our all peons also and was not expecting that i will fuck her, when my wife returned i explained her and now three of us are sleeping in one room and i got my new 18yrs wife, my daughter is preganent for few days and i am the father of that baby, i don't know what should i do and what should i tell to our relatives that who is the father of my daughter's baby

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