Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rajeshwari My Sister

By: pradeep 24549

HI ISS Readers.. This is Pradeep from hyd, i love this site b'coz i really love incest sex and here i find many of my kind stories as this is my frist story hope you all love this.. This is my frist fucking story when i was 18 i use to mastrubeat daily we were a family of three me,my mom & my sister (raji) she was 16 when this incident has took place frist i like to tell abt my sis she was very fair 5.5 in hgt and at that time her figure was 30-26-30 she really looks a ANGEL.As we are middle class family we use to sleep in one room only my mom & my sis on one bed, and me on another but side by side as usually i mastrubeat every day night while sleep aftr the lights off unknowingly i started tinking of my sis while pumping my hard rock at frist i tought it is sin to even think abbt my own sis but i cant controll my feeling so slowly i lifted my blanket and opened my eyes to see wheater my mom is sleeping or not then after confriming that she is in deep sleep i got some courage to touch my own sexy sis i slowly started to put my hand on one of her tits and want to fell the softness so i moved to the corner of my bed and laid the hand on my sis bed and i frist touched her hand to check wheather she is in sleep or not after seeing no response from her i slowly started to move my hand towards her tits and stopped there for a while, threre where many thoughts in my min if she wakes and call my mom i am really scared but after few sec i got some courage i finally held my fingers on my sis tits oh god its really soft and amazing to feel my own tits for the frist time which i even not imagined before slowly i put my whole palm on her tits and started to massage them i am in heaven i increased to apply the force suddenly she got distrubed from her sleep i then stopped pressing her boobs but didnot removed my hand from her boobs she opened her eyes and saw my hand on her boobs but to my surprise she did not even removed my hand from her boobs by this i got courage i started to masage her again i know that she is acting like asleep bbut slowly i can hear her moans like aahhh issshhh uuuhhh but i a very slow voice.
My dick was very hard with this incidents and really lost my control i steped down from my bed and sat on the floor beside my sis bed i opened her night gown buttons slowly for the frist time i touched her bare boobs i think she tooo enjoying it i can feel her nipples hard i slowly watched weather my mom is in deep sleep and then i moved my head towards her boobs and tasted them oh god i cant explain that g8 feeling in words i loved her boobs very much like a small kid likes ice cream by suckings her boobs my sis also lost her control and she kept hand on my head and draged me towards her and gave a nice huge french kiss i think which losted for 5 min at that time we two were not feared of our mom or anything we are simply out of this world and on clouds. I slowly her her nighty up to the tighs and draged the panties down i started to rub her pussy she is now slightly moving and houting hey brother pls keep it inside my pussy by this iam amzed i inserted my fingure into her pussy it is really dam tight even my finguure is not going inside so decided to stop it and i movrd my head towards her love hole it is really hot there i can feel warm air near it i kissed there and started to lick her sealed pussy it losted for a while we observed that our mom suddenly truned to our side in sleep i immedieatly climed and bed and acted like in sleep and my sis too adjusted her night dress and slept. It was for that day as it was late at night and morning there was college to me and school to my sis, and there was chances for us to be caught by our mother we slept. Friends I will explain the remaing story of our lusty frist fuck how the time came and we enjoyed it in my second story but only after seeing the response from you so friends {boys, uncles, aunties, gals.} If u really love my story and want to hear the remaining just rate this story and any one who is intrested in sharing her bed with me in privacy can mail me to

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