Friday, February 13, 2009

sex with sales girl

By: shaukat khan

Hi I am Abhishek from Bangalore, I am a 25 year old guy from Bangalore. I am a regular reader of this website and want to share my experiences with you all. This incident occured when I visited a local medical store at Bangalore to get some medicines. I gazed through various shelves of the store and picked up some antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infection. While getting those medicines, suddenly my eyes fell on the rack which contained condoms and other contraceptives, I saw over there a durex spray can, used for fore play. I got interested in it and picked the canister up to see the ingredients and how does it function. While i was looking up to it, the sales girls in the store giggled amonged themselves and was discussing something among themselves in their local language which i failed to understand, as I am basically from the northern part of the country. after this I billed my medicines and came bake home. After this incident, a week later i again went to the store to get medicines, the sales girls just looked at me and started giggling, I think they must be discussing about the previous days experience. one of the girls came towards me from the group and brushed my left hand and winked at me,then went off. As i came out of the store, I found her waiting near the pavement, she introduced herself to me as deepta, even i introduced myself we exchanged words and that was it for that moment. Later that night i got a call from her number, she said that she had seen me glued to that foreplay canister in the store that day, and came to know that I was exteremley interested in sex, I replied to her in positive, she said me that she could be the girl for me if I was interested, thats because she had to win a bet from her friends for having sex with me of 5000 rupees, thats was what they disussed(which i came to know later). I answered that i was indeed in need of sex as it had been months i had the same since i came to bangalore from delhi.she said fine,and we decided to meet on saturday evening in front of the forum mall. I reached there by 2000 hours i found her waiting,my god she was looking damn gorgeous,she had a light maascara on her face,light silver lip gloss with a beautiful eye shadow all blended together perfectly,i at once thought of getting hold of her and biting her juicy lips,but alas this country doesn't permit affection in open,so i had retreate back my intentions,we spoke for a moment and decided to rent a room for the night.she shat on my bike,i drove from forum towards whitefield and took a room in a hotel. As we entered the room grabbed her and started to kiss her madly,she pushed me back and asked to wait,she then took out the canister of thae foreplay gel.she put light music on her phone and started dancing with me......

She was very close to me,the fragrance of her perfume just turned me on, i put my hands on her hips and started dancing to which she also reacted positively and came more closer to me. While we were dancing i told her that she was looking very pretty and sexy. She smiled and we continued dancing......i started pressing her waist and her buttocks to which she responded with a smile. I took her closer to me and our bodies were rubbing together. I bent slightly and planted a kiss on her neck which was received by her by a sexxxy moan. I was getting horny and my dick was growing bigger and bigger in my jockey. It was rubbing her thighs and her waistline. Her boobs were on my chest and we were enjoying it thoroughly. I could feel her warm breath on my face and she was looking so pretty and the song was about to get over.....our lips were locked together and we were in long passionate french kiss. I love long and passionate kisses and she also was enjoying it thoroughly........ After this she asked me that if we could get to the bed, i shook my head and replied yes ,i took her in my arms and carried her to the the bedroom we were in each others arms and kissing. I asked her if i can take her upper cloths to which she replied positively. I took of her t-shirt and her breasts were wrapped in a black bra which was looking damn sexxxy. I grabbed her boobs and started squeezing them over her bra. She was moaning and saying abhishek squeeze them. My hands went to the back and unhooked her bra and her melons were released from captivity and they were inviting me. I started sucking her boobs. I was trying to take them in my mouth as much as possible. By the time we were on the bed and she started taking off my t-shirt and her hands were moving on jeans and were squeezing my dick over the jeans. My hands were also on her jeans and i was rubbing her pussy over her jeans. While sucking her boobs i unbuttoned her jeans and she helped the jeans to drop down. I was sucking her boobs and my hands were rubbing her pussy over her panty. She was looking very hot and sexy in those black panties. In the meanwhile she also unbuttoned my jeans and i dropped them down, i was in my jockey and she was squeezing my captivated demon inside it. Suddenly she pushed down and caught hold of my dick and started squeezing them. That made me hot and i too lowered her panty which slid down her sexy thighs. Both of us were now totally naked and in each others arms. We made ourselves comfortable on the bed and we were both in each others arms me sucking her boobs and rubbing her pussy which she was also kissing me allover and playing with my 7 inch dick. I started kissing from her forehead down to her lips to her boobs and settled down in the pussy. Her shaved pussy and armpits excited me a lot. I buried my face between her thighs and started planting kisses on her pussy and then playing there with my tongue. She spread her legs wide apart inviting me. She was moaning loudly and her loud moan was making me hornier and i loved every moment playing with her pussy with my tongue and teasing her clit. I started licking her pussy and tasting her oozing juicy cunt.

Now she was moaning loudly and saying lick it, please lick it. I have never enjoyed this pleasure in my life please do it for me please do it more. I was also enjoying it thoroughly and thought of giving her a pleasure that she remembers ever. With my fingers i spread her pussy lips and took her tits in my lips and started chewing her, she got hold of my hairs and pressed it vigoursly towards her pussy. I was chewing her pussy and eating it. She was moaning monster was at full blast now and she came forward and started jerking it with her hands. Then she bent down and took the entire length into her mouth and started giving me a blow job. I was thoroughly enjoying it....she was grossly engaged in giving me a blow job. We both were enjoying the moment and after some time i was about to explode which i said to her. She said me explode it into my mouth and let me taste your love juice alsothen i put my fingers in her pussy and started finger fucking her. She was enjoying it........after sometime of fore play i decided to fuck her........i slowly inserted my monster into her pussy which was waiting for me. I inserted my monster into her pussy oozing with the precum. I started out slowly but took up the pace. She had started moaning. Her sound grew with my pace. I trusted my dick inside her tight pussy. I was feeling like heaven. I fucked her hard inserting my dick into the maximum possible depth. It went on until i exploded my whole cum into her pussy. The cum overflowed from her pussy. She still laid naked her eyes closed her hands around me keeping me close to her body. I kissed her again on her lips and lay near her and didn’t know when i slept. It was around early 0400 hours that i got up and found both of us naked in the embraces of each other. I woke her up and again we were in tight embraces kissing each other. I told her that it is time that we should go back now before everyone wakes up. She told me i don’t want to leave you. We started again kissing and once again we were ready for the next round. We wrapped in each others arms slowly nibbling her nipples-as she was playing with my cock-teasing the head of my cock its getting erect as i took one of the boobs & suck it again. But suddenly deepta got up. We came back to our senses,i paid the hotel bill and we departed around 0600 hours from there. After that both of us enjoy whenever we get time. We enjoyed using different poses.

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