Thursday, February 12, 2009

Please Make Me Mom

By: raju

Hi readers: thanks for your response after my last true incident in Bengali beauty-2. I have received as many as 20 mails. One of them is with cell no which I contacted. A sweet voice responded to me and wishes her desire to meet me. She is from Indore, next morning I drove from Bhopal to Indore and told her about my location, she reached their after about 15 minutes with one of her friend, both were wearing burka. We proceed to A nearby coffee house and set in a private chamber. She their introduces herself she was shahin and her friend was rehana. She told me she is married in A Muslim orthodox family and her husband will divorce her if she could not be conceived as already 3 years has passed. She also told me that she has all the tests done & she is perfectly normal. She offered handsome amount for me for my job. I was bit hesitate but then she assure full secrecy. I told her that for her work having sex for one day is not sufficient. She agreed for every thing and pleaded for my help. I agreed on her request. She herself booked a room for me in a decent hotel with false name and left me there with promise to come next day. Next day at noon she comes, this time without burka.for the first time I have a good look of her. She is perfect beauty with nice figure. Any body will love her to have on bed. We sat in the room and started casually and she was responding. As we are aware of what we have to do so no hesitation was there.. I kissed her slowly then passionately and she was dancing to my tunes. I undid her kurta and salwar and she was standing in pinkish u/g in front of me. I took her to the bed and stated exploring her. She was breathing heavily and was moaning slowly in pleasure. I unhook her bra and her sweet melons were before me for fun. She was having gorgeous melons with erected nipples. I suck them till they are fully erect and rock solid. Then I tuned towards her panty and with one stroke I undid it. Ohhhhh. What A pussy she is having, no hairs, cleanly shaved. I planted a soft kiss on it and placed my self in between her thighs. I slowly parted her pussy lips and start licking it. She was shaking in pleasure and after about 15 minutes she had her first orgasm.
Now I undid my u/g and placed my 9 inches tool at her opening and with one jerk I enter her fully. Then I rested for 5 min to get her adjusted. Then I started first slowly then with full force. She was humping me as she had synchronized with me. She was moaning in pleasure. Then about after 20 minutes she exploded and I can feel warmth of her juice on my tool. I was fully excited and exploded inside her. She was feeling it inside her and had caught my tool to get squeezed last drop of my nectar. We lay there for about 20 min and then we have another session. I stayed there for three days and we have almost 9 sessions with full enjoyment. On last day she told me that she had accepted me as her husband and her actual husband is a social representation only. I accepted her offer. I went back to Bhopal and again come back for A week stay and she was with me on each day. We have almost 30 sessions of sexual pleasure in all possible manners. She has given me 3 lac rupees and took care of my hotel expenditure. I departed her with very sad heart. After one week of my last trip she called me back with joy and let me know that she has began pregnant of my baby. And after 9 months she delivered a cute baby doll. Whom, she named rajia after my name raju. Our relation goes on and second time she gave birth to A baby boy and named her rajul. Our relation is still carrying on. Any unsatisfied lady, any girl, auntie, bhabhi at Bhopal, indore and gwalior,if needs my assistance the mail me at my email id, full secrecy with full pleasure assured

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