Friday, February 13, 2009

Naughty aunty

By: rocky

Hi friends, today I would like to share with u my real experience. I m 22yr old guy from Mumbai. I’m 6ft tall with muscular body and fair in color. This incident took place 3 yrs back when I was in second year become and when I was 19 yrs old. In college I never had a problem finding out a girlfriend but since my puberty I was mostly interested in mature bulky women.

Now let’s get to the story. I had an eye on a Bengali aunty named Shalini who was 32yrs old very hot with big boobs and nice round shaped ass. She was the woman of my dreams. She was not fat but she was bulky with weights on right places. She had a 3 yr old son. Her husband was a very good friend of my father. This incident took place when my examination was going on. Because of sudden death of my relative, my parents had to go to their hometown. But they were not ready to leave me alone as i was not able to go with them because of my exams. As uncle was a very good friend of my dad, he agreed to take care of me in the absence of my parent’s. My parents agreed. Aunty was not that keen to keep me at her home she didn’t tell anything but her face showed tht she was not happy with her hobby’s decision. So I was staying in their house. Let’s get to the day when it happened. Uncle was out of station on that day due to official work. It was around midnight i was sleeping at different room and aunty was sleeping with her son on other room who was a 3 yr old kid. I was thirsty so i was going to kitchen to get water. I went out of my room when i was walking to the kitchen i saw that the kitchen door was closed and when i went near the door l heard some sound. I peeped in through the keyhole and i saw aunty was standing near the sink and a man was standing behind her. I was shocked to see that as uncle was out of station and who was the man. Shalini aunty was just in blouse and petticoat. I was looking at them through side angle. The man who was standing behind her was a 40 yr old marrried man whose wife was out of station and he used to live on the next flat. He was kissing auntys neck from behind. He was lifting her petticoat from behind but she resisted and said that my son and relative is in the next room they will wake up.

He said pls just one shot then i will go and he slowly lifted her petticoat from behind till her waist . I could see her milky white thighs and her round shaped ass and my dick was getting hard. He removed her panty from behind. She bent a herself holding the sink. Then he removed his pants and underwear and he wore a condom. He started fucking auntys pussy from behind through doggy style and she was moaning in pleasure. She was screaming in pleasure. The man behind her said pls dont shout ur son will wake up. But she said fuck my son i dont care just fuck me hard. I was horny by listening to these words and her moaning. But it didnt last for long as the man cummed before aunty reached orgasm. And the man put his pants on. I moved behind the sofa to hide myself and the man came out of the kitchen and he left the house. I heard aunty saying u bastard u r good for nothing.

Then i entered the kitchen and i saw aunty was still in the same position holding the sink and she was fingering her pussy and her eyes was closed. I was standing behind her and she didnt see me entering the kitchen. I went near and she was bent holding the kitchen sink holding the sink with one hand and with other hand she was fingering her pussy. Her petticoat was still above her waist. I placed my hand in her soft buttocks and she said ohh u came back. I said no aunty its the naughty boy in ur house. She stood up frightened and turned towards me and she made her petticoat proper and said wht r u doing here. I said let me complete wht that man started. She said get out of the kitchen. Are u out of ur mind? I m like ur aunt. I said come on aunty dont feel shy, if u dont co-operate i will tell ur husband about it. She said dont try to blackmail me no one will beleive u. But i was really desperate and i didnt want to miss the chance. So i went near her and tore her blouse and her bra was visible. She slapped me. I again hold her hand and pulled her towards me. She realised tht i was getting desperate. She started pleading pls go away otherwise i will shout. I said i dont care and today i will make u my whore. I was moving near her. She was moving behind. At last she couldnt move further behind because there was a wall behind her and her back touched the wall. Then i went near her and she was pleading pls dont do it, i m much older than u and i m like ur aunty.

I was about to touch her boobs but she turned around facing the wall and her back was facing me. I removed the remaining torn piece of blouse from behind and now she was just in petticoat and bra. I hold her her hair from behind and started kissing her neck from behind. I was biting and licking her neck. She was moaning pls nooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I knew she was enjoying a little. I slowly started moving down licking her back. Her body was shivering and she was standing facing the wall and her eyes was closed. While licking her back i removed the hook of bra from behind and it became loose. The bra was about to fall but she hold the bra over her boobs with one hand. Now slowly licking her back i reached her lower back. I was licking her madly. She was moaning and saying pls stop. By till now her voice was low. I kneel down and kissed her ass from behind over her petticoat. I moved my hand in front and removed the string of petticoat. She resisted a little with one hand and with other hand she was holding the bra. Maybe she was getting little bit shy getting naked in front of a young guy. I removed the strings and petticoat fell down.

Now she was fully naked bec her panty was already removed by that man. I started licking her ass cheeks(buttocks). I bite her ass cheeks and made a mark of my teeth on her ass cheeks. She made a sound ouchh. Then i spanked (slapped) her ass. I started licking her back of thighs moving down. Then slowly i started moving upwards licking her back. Till now she was maoning ahhhh and she was enjoying a lot. She turned around and she looked in my eyes. She threw the bra away which she was holding on her boobs. She hold my hair and she planted a kiss on my lips. We started smooching and our toungue was rolling in each other mouth. I kissed her juicy lips for a while. Then she said come on sweetheart take me to bedroom and fuck me hard. Then we went to our bedroom where i was sleeping and pushed her on the bed. She was lying on the bed fully naked. I removed all my clothes and jumped on her. She was under me. I started kissing her neck, pressing her boobs madly, biting and sucking her nipples. She was moaning in pleasure. I was molesting her body like a wild animal i sucked both her boobs one by one and then i slowly started licking her stomach coming down . Then i stretched her legs and started licking her milky white thighs and biting her thighs slowly moving towards pussy. I then inserted my finger in her pussy and started licking her pussy and my toungue rolled inside her pussy. I was licking it like a mad dog. I was licking her clit. She was caressing my hair and after some time she wrapped her legs around my neck and my head was burried between her legs and she was pressing my head to her pussy in pleasure. After a while she shouted come on mother fucker its time for u to fuck me hard with ur dick. My dick was rock hard. Then i stood up and i was touching my dick to her pussy but i was not inserting it. I started teasing her with my dick. She said pls insert it u bastard. I slowly started pushing my dick in her soft warm pussy and i was pushing it. My dick was going in, after some time my whole 8 inch dick went inside her pussy. I started fucking her hard moving my dick in and out. And increased my speed. She was under me. I was fucking her mercilessly and i was pressing her boobs mercilessly. My hard body was crushing with her soft warm body. She wrapped her legs around my waist. While fucking i was biting her lips, licking her face and smooching her. After a while she hold me hard and her nails pricked on my back. She hold me hard and her body became stiff and she reached orgasm. I also cummed at the same time inside her and i fell on her body. I got scared after cumming inside her bec i was abt to remove my dick before i cummed. But i couldnt control and cummed inside her. She said dont worry i will take emergency pills. After some time i got up again and turned her around and started fucking her pussy doggy style. I inserted my dick in her pussy from behind and again i started fucking her moving my dick in and out. After a long time again i cummed in her pussy. Then l lied on the bed and my penis shrinked. Then she again hold my dick and started sucking it . She said its isnt over till now. She started licking my whole body while i was lying on the bed . She licked my chest and abbs and slowly came near my dick . She started sucking my dick and the balls under my dick. I was feeling her hot lips on my dick and the feeling was great. After a while my dick again became rock hard with her sucking. I stood up again on the bed and she was sitting on the bed. I hold her hair tightly with 2 hands and inserted my dick in her mouth and my full 8 inch dick was in her mouth. She was choked with my dick and i was fucking her mouth mercilessly. After a long time i cummed in her mouth and face. Her face was filled with all my cum and she was looking like a slut. I rubbed the tip of my penis all over her face and her lips.

At last she was riding my dick and l was under her. While she was riding my dick her boobs was bouncing and she looked like a sex goddess from beneath. After reaching orgasm again she fell on my body feeling tired. Her naked body was over my naked body. We were breathing heavily , it was early morning till tht time. She said now i should go and sleep near my child. She stood up from the bed and was about to wear clothes. I pulled her back on the bed. She smiled and said do u want more. I said now l want ur ass. She said no please i never got my ass fucked its going to be painful. I said no pls dont worry, u r going to enjoy it. But she was rigid and said no. I didnt care her words beause i wanted to fullfill all my desires. I hold her hair pushed her on the bed. I pressed her front body on the bed and i was on her back. First i spanked her her ass. She shouted loudly. She was pleading pls no its very painful. Then l started biting her ass bumps and inserted my toungue inside her asshole and started licking it. She was enjoying every moment of my licking and moaning in pleasure. After a while i inserted my dick in her virgin asshole and it was very tight. She was screaming in pain while i was inserting it and she was abusing me saying tht u mother fucker go and fuck ur moms ass. After many tries my whole dick went inside slowly. She buried her face in her pillow holding it tightly. I started pumping her ass. She was screaming loudly. But her words and screams wer making me more horny. I increased my speed. After a long time i cummed inside her ass.

Due to this fucking she was not able to walk properly for a week. But after second fucking of asshole she started enjoying it. After that incident i use to fuck her daily. She became my lover. She broke up her affair with neighbour uncle who lived on next flat. She said that u r the one who got me multiple orgasm and ur wife is going to be a lucky woman. My affair with aunty continued till 2 years after tht she shifted to australia. But still we keep in touch through internet. This was the best experience of my life. Let me tell u guys if there is heaven on earth that is between the legs of women. Pls send me ur comment abt the experience at If any women (especially married) from mumbai is looking for fun irrespective of any age can send me e-mail on the above e-mail id. Secracy will be assured because secracy is equally important to me. You can add me as a friend and chat with me on the above id on yahoo messanger.

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