Friday, February 13, 2009

Doctor fucked gorgeous nurse

By: Sajan

I was working in a Patna based private hospital as a resident doctor last year. Here happened this drooling story of mine. I am 30 yr old post graduate (md) doctor of average built and handsome (as per girls).my smile and gentle behavior make me attractive to most people. In hospital there was young nurse bibha, milky white, gorgeous and very very sexy. She was unmarried. Our duty often matches. Her nursing dress was medium sized white skirt and shirt. She often used to stare on me and give lovely smile. Later i too became interested in her and we began exchanging smile whenever our eyes collide. During senior consultant's round of patients we often came in close to each other inevitably and our body touches a little or more. But this frequency became more and more later on. My shoulder, arm and elbow touches to her shoulder arm and her big round and firm boobs often. Also my butt to her medium sized rounded and projected butt. And during this our eyes often meet and exchanges smile. I got hard on instantaneously in my trouser and tight for the whole round. Sometimes i did masturbation to release my sexual tension in doctor's room attached bathroom. All this was happening in day duty. Once our duty collided in night. I became happy to imagine if i get chance to fuck this sexy angel wildly. I am very wild and dirty in sex. Earlier i had a few sexexperience too. When i reached hospital she gave me a lovely smile and then naughty facial expresion. I smile too and sensed instant tension in my cock. We did all our routine works exchanging smiles. A few times she bites her's lower lip slightly making me aching. At 11 pm she called me to see a deteriorating patient. Quickly i followed her but after examing patient i found he was stable, so i turned to her having question in my eyes and i became surprised to see her smiling. But soon i left the ward and came in my duty room. She followed me.first she said i am very sorry and continued with her so sweet voice,"sir, you are very caring doctor but you don't care me (making naughty gesture), i like you very much".

And held my hands. It was first time when i was sensing her soft smooth hand.there was very little chance to anyone to came in my room. I was staring to her and suddenly jolting my hand i held her face with my both hand and kissed her soo smooth and wet lips. She held my chest and we became entangled to each other. Our kisses turned to smooching and continued for somrtimes. Now i was playing with her delicate and silky hair with my one hand and caressing her back with other hand. I was whispering in her ears bibha you are very beautiful and hot. Thank you sir, she replied. Now i sliped my one hand to her lower back and then to her butt....uuff her butt was the best among all i have seen. I touched every part of her butt. It was rounded soft and prominant. Her intensity of breathing had increased. She was moaning softly too saying..sir you are very lovely..and kising me in anticipation. Suddenly i turned her and hold her tightly so that her butt came in close contact to my lower danger zone. My cock was allready hard and it became more hard then. I held her both boobs softly and thrust her butt slightly. She moaned...uhhhh and turned my face towards me. I kissed her lips strongly biting her lower lip. Now i was sqeezing her boobs with both hand and thrusting her pelvis to her butt. She was also supporting my hands urging me to sqeeze her boobs hard. I unbuttoned her shirt half and covered her whole boobs in my palm as she was bra less. I also felt she was not wearing her panty too. But this time iwas giving attention to her boobs and belly. Her respiration became faster and faster and my heart was pounding a mile. Now i was rolling her left nipple and with right hand caressing her lovely flat belly then to her waist line...her upper thigh.soon i came on my knee and held her butt with hands. She supported her hand to wall. I was sqeezing her butt covered with her soft cotton skirt madly. Now she took a very erotic step lifting her skirt. As she was lifting her skirt , i was kissing her bare skin. And she totally exposed her butt to me holding her skirt above her waist with one hand still supporting herself to wall with another wall. Now was fondling with her butt chicks very erotically kising her thigh. Her pussy was clean shaved and both labias (pusy lips) were prominent. I was smelling her erotic pussy and butt aroma , this intoxicating me.

Suddenly i my lips sliped on her inner thigh and i tasted a unique taste. Oh..yes it was her pusy juice spreading to her inner thigh. I was licking her pusy juice spreaded on inner thigh going up and and up , now she was moaning loudly....uhh...sir....what are you i reached to her pussy area kissing between her thighs. She projected her butt towards me bending more forward and spreaded her thigh wide exposing her pussy to me clearly. Now i kissed her pussy and began licking her with my noughty tongue.she was just saying,sir...sir...i love i was licking her whole pussy spreading her butt chicks. She said i can't tolerate i uplifted myself more and kised her between her butt. She jolted her butt but i held her tightly and kissed her brown ass hole spreading her butt more at the same time i pussed my one finger in her pussy. Unfortunately i heared coughing of a attendent. Soon i thought danger of catching. And i decided not to late to fuck her. I dropped my trouser and brief, my cock was like iron rod. I touched her butt with my cock. She backed her hand and held my cock and rubbed her butt. She thrusted her butt back. Now i pulled her little and said her to spread butt. She did the same and i rubbed her pussy lips with my cock head. She moaned loudly......ohhhhhh...sir plz slowly.....your cock is very large. Okey darling, i said. And pussed my cock in her pussy, she nailed my back with her nail. Soon i was in her fucking her hardly and squeezing her boobs. I came to know she was not virgin. She had tied her skirt around her waist. My cock was doing to-fro motion making fucking noise rhythmic.after fucking hardly for 30 min. I came in her pussy making her orgasm two times. Then we kissed each other for some time and separated. She turned around me and smiled saying, thank you sir...and cleaned her pussy dropping her skirt in front of me. Soon i became kneel down and kissed her pussy lifting her skirt. Then she held my cock and licked all her juice spreaded on it. Hearing some voices we separated and she flew away. Later on i fucked her many times and also her brown tight ass wildly. She enjoyed ass fucking very much and i became addicted to both her pussy and ass.
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