Friday, February 13, 2009

Sex with cousin

By: ahlan

Hi everybody. My name is Ahlan. I am from hydarabad. I am 20 yrs old. This is a story of me and my cousin sister . Her name is Suzzie (name changed).she is 1 year smaller to me. This is a story which happened recently just 4-6 months back but first let me tell u about Suzzie. She is a very young energetic, hot, pretty girl.

It started that i used to stay in australia. We came to india for one of my mother’s friends marrage.i came here with my mom and my sister. Suzzie is my mom’s brothers daughter. We use to play when we were small before going to australia. When i came here she and her father had come to recieve us. I was shocked looking at her. She was totally changed. That was the first time when i saw a girl inside her. I was just looking at her without blinking my eye. She was wearing a salvar kameez which was a bit tight. I could make out her figure very easily. She just smilled and gave me a friendly hug.

Then we went to my uncles place.we had our dinner. I was still observing suzzie at that time too. Then suddenly she saw me seeing her and just gave me a hatefull look, then after finishing we were going to our bed. At that time suzzie had to share her bed with my sister. I had to sleep on the couch the next door. That nite before sleeping i went in for a bath. I removed all my clothes and was having a shower. Suddenly i saw suzzie comming inside the bathroom. She by an incident, she dint know that i was there. When she saw me , she was just staring. I dint see her because i was having soap on my head. I dint know from when she was watching. When i washed all the soap away i was shocked looking at her. But i dint move from there. Then suddenly she observed my tool getting elongated. Then she just ran away out of the bathroom. I was feeling ashamed that she saw my privates. The next morning she apologised to me . And i told her its ok.that day was sunday. My mom and uncle had decided to go on a picnic. But i couldnt go because i became ill due to change in water. Even suzzie dint go as she was having an exam the next day.leaving us both the whole family went off. I thaught it was a good time to arouse suzzie as i knew even that she wanted the same as i saw her last nite.

I told suzzie to give me remote of tv. She gave it to me and went in her room for studying. I switched on to some channel which was playing some sex movie. I was watching it. Then after some time suzzie came at the back of me and was watching it too. I was not able to see her. Then there was one sex seen where the actress removed all her clothes in front of the actor. That time i felt some one was behind the sofa. When i turned i saw suzzaine watching it. I got scared and just changed the channel. She told me bhaiya let it be. I want to wath it. Then i turned back the channel. She came and sat on the sofa next to me. By that time the sex seen was finished on tv. She told me let it be. Dont change. She just lied on the sofa putting her head on my lap. She was wearing a white salvar kameez which was having big collor.she was lying in such a position that her chest was facing me. I was just observing her, i was just looking her chest go up and down while breathing. Then she turned herself. Slowly i tried to put my hand on her. I was afraid wat she would say. But with lots of courage i kept my hand on her . She dint say anything. I got a little confident. At that time she was acting as if she was watching the movie. I asked her shall i stop as if i was asking her wether to stop the movie. She told me bhaiyaa let it be. I am enjoying it. I was clear that she to wants to do it. I tried opening her button slowly.i observed she was closing her eyes. I asked her again , shall i change interms of channel. She told me let it be moving. By that i removed her top button. I could see that she was wearing a white bra inside. Her dress was having 3 buttons. I tried peeping more from that single butto i opened. Then suddenly she woke up and told me she wanted to go to toilet. After some time she cam back and lied in the same position as she was. To my happiness i observed that she had removed the other 2 buttons too and was wearing loose kameez. I just spread that opened area. Then i moved down and opened her kameez. She just closed her eyes.then i moved her kameez down abit and was watching her. She automatically stretched her hands and legs for me to remove them. I did so. She was still acting as if watching tv. She suddenly saw herself semi nude. She asked me shockingly, bhaiya yeh apne kya kiya. I couldnt answer. She then just laughed and gave me a french kiss. Our tounges were dissolving each others saliva.

Then she told me to remove her panty. I did so. She was having a sexy pussy. It was pinkish . Man i couldnt even imagine it. I started rubbing her bush . And feeling her pussy. Then i removed her bra. Man icouldnt beleive my eyes. She was having such good breast .it was looking as if two raisins are kept on mountains. She was having pink nipples. I just took it in my mouth. I was as if i was drinking milk. Her nipples arroused so much that it looked as the peaks of mountain. She then stood up. She removed my shirt. She took my nipples and started succking as if i was her mother and she was drinking milk. Then she moved down to my pant. She removed it completely. We both were nude in front of each other. I could feel her heat touching mine. Then we went to her bedroom and i lay on her bed. She went back to the kitchen. I was having no idea wat she was doing. She bought an icecream . She then took one spoon and spill it on my dick. Man it was soo cold. She then put one on my stomach , and on my both nipples. She then just jumped over me. Because of the heat the ice cream melt up . She was taking my kiss in such a way that she was spreading the ice cream on my whole body. Some part of it was on her body too. Then she started licking me. She started from my right nipple. She moved to the left and then to the stomach. She then turned her face towards my dick. When she lifted it i was feeling like being in heaven. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it. I was making moans as ah ah ah . Then after sometime i was going to masterbate. But she took it inside her mouth and some on her face.

Then she laid down and i started sucking her. I too started with her nipples. I was a type of playing with her soft soft breast. I was massaging it with my both hands along with licking her body. She was smilling with her eyes closed. Then i took a spoon of ice cream and put it on her pussy. She just got shocked due to the coldness.i spilt it on her ass and her bushes. I asked her how will ur bushes be after sex. She replied in a joking manner saying similar to the mostach of sardar who drank a glass oh lassi. Then i just bowed my hed on her pussy and was licking it.then after 5 mins she climbed on me. She put my dick in her ass. I asked her whether she was a virgin? She told me will not be now. Then slowly she climbed up and down on my dick. She was screaming in pain. Aah aouch aah aaah mumma. Aah aaah aaah. Then i saw blood comming out of her ass. She cried in pain and removed my dick. I could see her blood comming out. Then not wanting to heart her i just stood up and came out of the room. She then came running and climbed on my back . She told me , plz bhaiyaa fuck me. I want u to fuck me. There was sofa there. The i just pusshed her there and came over her. We fucked about a min or rwo. Then i told her i am about to come. She told me to put on her face. I did the same. Then we lied beside each other for 10 mins and again started fucking, i fucked her 5 times that day before our parents came. Before our parents came we adjusted everything in place. After that we got shifted here and we almost fuck regularly every week end.

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