Friday, February 13, 2009

My virtual girlfriend

By: Sexguru

You are my girlfriend. You are a beautiful & sexy girl. You showed me your bedroom and we both are sitting on your bed and talking more about sexual fantasies. Then you sat on my lap. You are wearing a thin bra and a thin panty . Those perfectly shaped breasts, your deep navel, buttocks; thunderous thighs are visible through the light materials. The chocolate colored areolas of your breasts with projected nipples, the deep navel, well-shaped thighs are looking amazing. You are wearing a thin panty and the love triangle are covered with that. You have a very sexy and lusty look and the lipstick on your lips made your look hornier. Again my eyes went to your beautiful buttocks. You have a panty on and that showing the whole of your perfect buttocks. The protruding cheeks of your buttocks are so firm that they hardly even quivered; they have stuck out more than what would make any dick start to throb. Total scenes are making me mad. Most of the breasts are out from your thin bra but they stood proudly in your chest and not drooped a little. Your breasts are a magnet for my eyes. They're large, full, round and very tempting to touch. I like good dilations of shapely and slightly heavy breasts. I am really mad about your perfect body. I have an intensive wish to crush them and suck all by my hungry mouth. You are now getting warm and i am taking my first step. I am placing my hands on your arms and pulling you to my chest and raising your face with my right hand kissing you lightly on your lips. Now i am kissing more passionately. I am licking your other ear lobe and you are becoming hotter. I am placing my hands on your boobs and squeezing them slightly. You are saying: oohhhhh...” I am fondling your boobs from over bra, pressing them and then squeezing them again. You are whispering "uuufffff aaaahhhhh ooouuuuu and closed your eyes in excitement. I keep kissing & inserting my hands inside your bra and feeling the smoothness, softness and warmth of your boobs with my palms. You are moaning again. Your bra is so small that it could hardly cover your nipples. As i am unhooking your bra, your tits sprang out and the bra fell off. Now i’m smelling your bra. Sweet smell with your body scent & perfume! I like it. You are now only in your panty. The nipples on the tips of your fleshy boobs have grown hard and pointed. They are really firm and tight. We are hugging each other and kissing. I am laying you on the bed and taking your erect nipples into my mouth and chewing them. You are giving a small cry and moaning. I am pushing you on the bed and with my right hand opening your legs. I see! Your panty is wet with you pre love-juices. There are stains in it. It looks so hot. I removed your panties & smelling it too. So sweet scent! A combination of your pussy & its honey juice. It makes me so mad & arouses my desire. Now i’m starting to explore your pussy. I am licking your lips. I am also fondling and squeezing your breasts.

I am kissing your neck again. You are tilting your head back to allow me to taste even more of your neck and shoulders. I am feeling your flesh pressing against me. Now i’m giving you a deep hickey. You are moaning & shaking your body with sudden hurt & pleasure! Oh my sweetheart! I love you so much! You hold me more tightly. I couldn't resist myself exploring all of your body with my hands. Starting with the back of your neck, down your back and around to your thighs. I am wrapping my arms around your back and laying your back on bed, on my side. I am running my hands from the top of your neck down to your very erect nipples. I am playing with your nipples under and between my fingers. You are raising your body in anticipation of my fingers squeezing them. You are moaning again to the rhythm of my hands. I am putting myself on top of you; my tongue is going up and down between your breasts, licking them both one by one. I am then alternating between each of your full breasts.

Our tongues found each other and we are kissing passionately. You are taking my clothes off and i am helping you hurriedly unbuttoning my shirt and pants. I am putting my hands around your waist and pulling you towards my naked body. Your soft breasts are crushing against my hard chest. We are chewing each other lips and tongues. Your soft breasts and erect nipples are feeling nice against my bare chest. I am kissing, sucking and licking your tits and nipples. While sucking your both nipples, i am placing my hand on your pussy and started to rub it. You are now mad with desire. You are raising your hips and pressing them to my hand.

I keep rubbing your cunt. I am running my finger between the lips of your cunt and taking your swollen clit between my fingers and pressing it. You are shuddering as an electric current are going through your body. Your opened wide legs have made more place for my hand. Your hips are now slowly moving up and down in fucking motion. I left you for a moment & you parted your legs to make room for me between them. I am lying down between your legs& kissing your wet inner thighs. I am faintly licking the sensitive crease of your leg. You are moaning as my tongue tickling you. I am extending my tongue and placed it below your pussy. You have a clean shaved pussy. It smelled so good. I am getting down kissing on your pussy lips.

When i am planting a kiss on your pussy lips, you are starting to moan in whisper & making sounds like usssssssss. I am licking up with my flattened tongue but not sliding into you. I am going back and sucking one of your pussy lips into my mouth. With extreme gentleness i am sliding my tongue along both sides of the delicious flesh. I am repeating the act on the other side too. “eat my cunt fully….. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhh....drink it aaaaaao." you are wailing like an uncontrolled animal. Your naked gyrating body twisting. "ooooh yessss... Oooh... Unnnnhhhhhh... Uhhhhhhgggghhhh!" your hands are moving down and opening yourself for me. I'm also presiing your boobs with 1 hand & inserted my other's hand's 1 finger in your asshole. My tongue is moving in and slipping deeply and hard into the folds of your pussy. My nose is resting firmly against your clitoris. My mouth is feeling your juices. Slowly i am swirling through your wetness & tickling every bump and fold. I slowly withdrawing and circling your clit with my dripping tongue & sliding my lip up and down over your clitoris. Faster and faster i am going, alternating between deep excursions into your pussy with my tongue, to the delicate licking of your clit.

You are now reaching new heights of ecstasy. Your head is thrashing from side to side. Your chest heaving in desperate attempts as loud screams of "oh god. Ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii that is indeed what i wanting you to do. My face is being literally covered in your juices. Your climax is exactly what i wanted. I am proud of my work. You are looking up at me with a look that i'd never seen in a woman before. "come, pls fuck now" you said with your eyes burning.

Now i’m asking you, “wanna suck my cock?” You are replying, “i would love to”. Then you are going down on me...just the way i did it. Oooooooooohhhhhhh god! You are going down on my cock. You are removing my underwear. My cock is springing high. Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh oooooooooohhhh... It is just infront of your hungry mouth. You are grabbing it with both of your hands. It's so big & thick. You took a part of it in your mouth & started sucking it slowly. I m screaming i m enjoying it sooooooo muchhh just go up and down. I'm screaming:aaaaahhhhhhh baby ohhhhhh suck it! You're circling your tonge on my dick. I grabbed your head; pushing & pulling it towards my cock. Ohh god! Damn it! You are so good . I hold your hair sooooooo tight. I am wanting you to stop and give me a break and a time to breath. But you aren't!!! You aren’t caring how hard i am pulling your hair, but instead you are enjoying it. You are jerking it heavily & keep sucking & licking it.

“ohhhhhhh boy! You are so tasty & yummy. Your cock is so delicious, i love your cock
” saying this you started sucking & licking it more harder & faster. I'm enjoying ahhhhhhhhh. Mmmmm mmmmmore deeper & harder baby! You’re looking at my eyes & smiling. Due to its enormous size you can’t take the whole cock in your mouth. You keep sucking my cock & playing with my balls. You are also sucking & licking my balls & squeezing them. Ohhhhhhhhh my cock is shaking baby ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it feels so hot in your mouth uhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm. I am fucking your mouth hole with more speed. It’s hurting your inner muscles of mouth. Still you aren’t stopping. You keep on sucking it. Ooooooohhh i m shaking.. .my whole body is shaking...i like it soooooo much. Please stop now. It is hurting me soooo much. Oh baby! My darling! I’m going to cum. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh saying this suddenly i hold your head tighly, inserted my cock in your moth fully & started cumming inside your mouth. I cummed & a big load of cum shot right in your mouth. You are taking it all in your mouth. You’re trying to drink all. But some are dripping out of your mouth to your breasts & some you are swallowing. But still you aren’t stopping. You keep sucking my cock & eating my cum until it finished! Now you are smiling & cleaning me up. You are a good blow-jober!

Now i sat on your chest & put my cock between your boobs. Now make a cleavage with your hands. You push your tits together around my cock. Now i'm fucking your tits with my cock. You are bringing your mouth near the dick to lick it during fucking. You are licking the tip of my cock every time it comes up to your mouth. Now you placed your mouth more closer, make the cleavage with your one hand & grab my cock with another one. Now 1/3th of my cock is going in & out into your mouth everytime during your titsfucking. You are also giving handjob with your another hand between the place of your chest & throat. Oh! What a feeling! You're giving me handjob, blowjob & titfuck simultaniously. You start to bite on my cock. I'm also pressing your boobs, rubbing your pussy & licking your face & body wherever i can. “i am going to squirt,” you said loudly. Mmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooohhhh ooooooo yesssssssss... It is great mmmmmmmmmmm... I'm going to cum too. “cum in my mouth”, you begged to me again & opened your mouth wide. You are squirting all over the place & i cummed into your mouth. "oh, god, baby, yes, yes, yes, oh fucckkkkkk,aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh oooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkk me harderrr yyessssssss ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh"" oh fuck i'm cumming oooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh," you screamed out at me. Both of us released. It is great! You drunk my cum & cleaned me up.

Now i pressed your breast hard. You screamed a bit. I sucked your nipples so hard that i nearly bit it. Then i applied my saliva on your cunt and on my dick for more lubrication. I am grabbing you by the hips & spread your legs a little wider to accommodate my dick. I am rubbing the head of my big cock along the slick opening lubing it for an easier entry. "oh, i just don't know this is going to feel soooooooo good!" you are whispering. Then i guided my rod through your legs into your pink pussy and in one blow broke open your lock. You screamed with pleasure and me too. You are saying stop, stop and moaning like a wild bitch. I did not care and i m ramming you and had pinned youuoohhhhhhhhh!! !!!!!!Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!Eeeeeeeeehhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!”I could see the love juice coming out and you are enjoying every bit of your life at this time.

I got up and put your legs on my shoulders and started giving you in your pussy. My cock going in and out and faster and faster every minute you are moaning in pleasure..ooooooo ooooo...."ooooo . .fuck me...fuck me ooo do it...i slammed my gigantic maleness in and out of your deep wetness so fast that my hips became a blur. My giant cock slashed in and out, slinging your spewing juices flying all over the bed. As i fucked you, i could smell your musky, pungency as the room filled with the erotic odor of sex.

"oh, god, baby, yes, yes, yes, oh fucckkkkkk,aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh oooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkk me harderrr yyessssssss ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh"" oh fuck i'm cumming oooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh," you screamed out at me. I couldn't believe it and was about to cum in your lusty womanhood. You clamped your vaginal muscles hard onto my penis and locked your legs behind my arse and pulled me deep in you in a tight grip causing my penis head to slip past your cervix and enter the uterus. The sudden feeling of omnipotence of woman power that washed over me was too much and i gave a mighty throb inside your spasm pussy. Suddenly, a spout of my warm semen spurted out into your sucking, clamped vagina.

"oh my godaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh hhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaa hhhhh hhhh hhhhh fcukkk me harderrrrrrrrr ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyesssssssssssssssssssss ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyessssssss deeeperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr," you cried aloud. You continued screaming as i scalded hot, thick baby making-juice spewing out into your uterus out of your yummy hot pussy.

Then i positioned myself behind your pussy & made the doggy style. I inserted my cock right inside your wet vagina holding your soft smooth, fleshy and round hips. I started to and fro movement of my torso and hips. You are also making a similar to and fro movements rhythmically so that whole of my cock could be penetrated into your pussy. I am caressing your sexy hips. In the beginning i am slow. Gradually i’m increasing my speed. And later i am stroking fast. As fast as i could like a wild animal. Every time i inserting my cock forward you’re throwing your hips back to receive my cock. And thus i am penetrating deep into your pussy. You are moaning, yyessssssssssss ooooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh dddeeeeeeppppppperrrrrrrrr ffffaaassterrrrrrr hhaaaarrdderrrrrrrrrrr sighing sexily in ecstasy, encouraging me to fuck you more and more, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. I go on fucking like that for a longer time in that posture. You just go on encouraging me "….oooohhh..yess ovilash….faasstt… deep… oooohhhhhh……ovilash…i like ittt….faaassst faaassst…ffuckk mmee faaassstt.." i am in my full speed and force. You are sighing and moaning sexily fuck me, fuck me!!! Oooohhhhh!!!! Oooohhhhh!!!!. And we came together.

Come on, boy! Fuck my asshole. You are guiding my hard cock in your asshole and uttered, “it is tight mmm... Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh oooooohhhhhhh yesssssssss it feels great.” You start to move up and down and slowly the moves got faster and faster. “oohha a yes aaaaaoohh yyes i love it. Aaahhhhhhh aaahhhhhh uummmmmmmmmmaaahhhhhhh aahhhhhhhh yessssoohhh fuck oohhh”, you crying out. I want you to fuck me all day. Oooaaahhh fuck mmeeee", you yelled... I then move your hips down and go on top of your pussy sliding my cock in your asshole. “oooaahhh yes i love your asshole ooooohhhh yessssssss take it more deeperrrrrrrr”, i said. You’re yelling in pleasure ''oooaaaaoooo come inside me. Oooaahhh ooooooooooo uuuuuuuummmmmmm yesssssssss fuck me aaaaa.” I’m also screaming “ooooaaa a aima ooooohhhhhhh yessssssss take it more, fucking you my doll, my fuck doll..... Ooooohhhhh yesssssss take it all.....coming aaaaaaa”, you are enjoying it and moaning like “ooohhh aaa yes aaahhhhhhh aaahhhhhhh aaahhhhhh uummmmmmmmmm aahhhhhhhh yessss aaaaooo". We started to yell out “i am coming oooaahhha aa aaaaaaa coming aaooohhh”. I came all over your back and felt great. Now, your hole is full of sperms.

Now i tell you to lay down on the bed. I turn off the lights, close the blinds, and then reach into my pocket, handing you a long piece of cloth. A blindfold you figure out. I instruct you to put it on and lay down in the middle of your bed. It is dark and very quiet as you lay there, waiting for me to come back from the kitchen.

I stand in the doorway for a few minutes, letting the tension and suspense build up a little more. You still aren't sure of what's coming next. I finally walk into the room, closing the door and locking it behind me. I walk over and take off my clothes, tossing them where i please. It is not my concern at the present time. I lean over you, placing a soft kiss on your lips as my hands slowly trace from your neck down to your breasts. Your nipples are already hard and i quickly brush over them sending a tiny bolt of electricity through your body. I kiss your neck. I touch and kiss down from your neck to your breasts, taking off your bra at the same time. I take your right breast in my right hand and play with the nipple as i take the left one into my mouth. Your breathing is becoming quicker and your body temperature is rising. After taking an equal turn with each breast, i kiss and lick down to just below your belly button. Grabbing each leg, i sit up and put one on each shoulder. Freeing up my hands, i take your thong off, adding it to the growing pile of clothes on your floor.

I get down on my knees and spread your legs. I start kissing up your thighs very slowly, going from one leg to the other. My tongue comes so close to your pussy that you can feel the heat but i don't make contact, not yet. You have to wait a little bit more. All of the sudden, i start to lick your clitoris very slowly with the tip of my tongue, back and forth. I then speed up and slip two fingers into your hot wet pussy. Your first orgasm of the evening rocks your world and as it starts to subside, i get up and go over to the table. Due to your blindfold, you have no idea what is coming. I haven't given you any clues as to what is to come next. But, you're pretty sure it will be you who is. I come back over and kiss you once more on the mouth. Then, you shudder as i place the first ice cube on your right nipple. Moving it around ever so slowly. Your nipple, which was hard before, is much harder and the pain and pleasure, you can't tell which, is almost too much for you to take. After a minute, i quickly remove the ice cube and take your nipple into my mouth. The change from cold to hot sends shockwaves through you and you feel another orgasm coming on like an approaching train. I then proceed to do the same to your other breast.

By this point, i'm getting hungry for some release. I now take a new ice cube, while eating the previously used one, and trace a line of cold down your tummy toward your middle. I slowly rub it around your pussy and play with your clit with my thumb. While doing so, i kneel up on the bed and take your left hand. I put it on my hard cock and you start to jerk me off as i move the ice cube closer and closer to your clit. As i move the ice cube onto your clitoris, you take me in your mouth as far as you can and start to suck. The ice cube on your clit is so intense that you are trying to squirm away from it. I hold you in place with one hand while the other moves the ice cube around in little circles. You are in frenzy and in a moment, i feel an orgasm coming on. I tell you and you go faster until i cum. You hold your breath and take it in as far as you can until i'm done. You lay back as i move down between your legs. I take the ice cube, or what's left of it, and eat it as i spread your legs again. I quickly take your clit into my mouth and once again, the cold to hot makes you lose your breath for a moment as i lick and suck at your clitoris. Another orgasm rocks you as i go faster. After a few minutes to rest after that last orgasm, i get up and grab the last remaining ice cube. The finale of the evening is about to commence. I take the last ice cube and move it over the entrance to your pussy. Very slowly i push it inside until it's almost all of the way in and then i pull it out again. When it's a little smaller, i push it up all of the way inside.

“now it’s my turn” you told me and took the ride. You hoisted your huge arse, straddled me and sunk down onto the cock. I fondled your breasts as you jigged up and down for a few seconds. You are positioning yourself so your clit is being stimulated. My cock going in and out of your pussy slowly at first but then harder and deeper gliding smoothly on the lubrication of love juices. I feel your cunt fully accommodates my size and you began pushing back against the powerful thrusts. My tool touching your cervix and a hard downward thrust allowed the head of my tool to slip pass your cervix and penetrate your womb. Your eyes popped out of your sockets as you saw your vagina explored to new depths. Your hairs are totally disarranged and rolled on your face with sweat due to vigorous movement during sex encounter. You feel pain followed by intense pleasure. You are sitting on my long shaft and doing a female-superior. Your firm breasts are jiggling up and down. Oh!, what a sight to see and a unique experience. Every nerve in my body is tingling and i am transmitting the experience to your body. My hands continuing to caress your boobs, squeezing your nipples, sucking, biting & licking them and rolling them between my finger and body. My hard long cock pumping rhythmically into your uterus. The friction of my shaft against your cervix driving your pussy into frenzy and you teetered on the edge of orgasm. You cry out "fuck me, fuck me. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh hhmmmmmmm oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yyyessssssssssssss fuckkk me harderrrrrrrrr yyesssssssssssssss fasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr deeeppeeerrrrrrrrrr ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yyesssssssssssssssssssssss” your entire body is being gripped by an agonizing need to climax and your body writhing and heaving as my impaling hugeness meet your every thrust. Your breasts feel full and your nipples became as hard as bullets and your toes curled in pleasure. Suddenly your vaginal muscles spammed and gripped the cock inside your pussy. You got orgasm and i feel like a volcano erupting at the back of your pussy. A glow spread across your body from neck to breasts to your thighs. I exhaled deeply as my cock twitched and pulsed and you feel my hot seed spurting deep inside your pussy as we mutually climaxed. You opened your mouth wide in a silent scream aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm yyesssssssss as the orgasm exploded through your body and your nails dug into my chest. Your vagina muscles rippled as it milked my rock hard shaft drawing my semen deep into your pussy. My cock slowly went limp inside your pussy as you lay across me. You feel my spunk dribble from your engorged cunt and trickle down your inner thigh. If you really want be enjoyed like this way & want to be my cyber girlfried, add & message me at

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