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Desparate For Sex


Hi ISS readers this is Ravi from Kolkata. I have posted a number of stories in this site. My mail id is One of my friends has mailed me his story and wanted me to publish his story. His name is Lalit. Hi I am Lalit. I am writing my true story, which happened when my age was 18 years old. First let me tell about my family. My family consists of my father, my mother, my elder sister and me. My father are two brothers my father and my uncle Jiban. Uncle was assist station manager in Balasore (Orissa). So he was sifted to Balasore and settled there. Uncle was one year younger than my father. He had a son named Joy. Uncle died when Joy was only 10 years old. So Aunty got his job. Through she was not getting the same post what uncle used to but she got a clerical post. Like that their life went so as our. After completing his graduation Joy started business. After 2 years he became a successful business and he also got married. Aunty also got voluntary retirement and assist Joy Bhai in his business. I had last met them when I was 10 years old. I had heard from my father and mother regarding them.
About me, I was then 18 years old and passed higher secondary exam. I was not good at studies. So my parents were confused whether to continue my study or to engage me in business. In the mean time my sister’s married was fixed. So I was too busy in that because there was no one there except my father and me. I had to do all the work. Before 2 days of marriage our house was full with relatives. On that day aunty also came from Orissa. I was eager to see her. Because it was almost 8 years we saw her. I was surprised to see her. Though she was in her early forty she looked very young. She was a very pretty lady even in her early 40’s; she had a divine body with very fair skin. She had a significantly large pair of boobs with very long hairs, nearly reaching her bottom. She had a huge bottom, which could attract any normal person. I asked her about Joy bhai and Bhabi. She said Joy bhai had a very urgent work so he had to stay and that’s why Bhabi also.
After my sister’s marriage all our relatives departed but my father requested aunty to stay some more days. So she stayed a couple of days more. The last night before her return she enquired about me before my father. My father said “Lalit was not good at study, so I decided to engage him in business. But I have no capital to invest now. So I decided to engage in business next year”. Hearing this my aunty said “Why don’t you send Lalit with me. He can assist his brother in his business. He will earn money as well as experience”. My father liked her proposal. So he decided me to go with aunty. Next day I went with aunty. After 5 hours of journey we reached at Balasore. We took an auto and reached at their house. I saw bhabi for the first time there. Oh my goodness. What a beauty is she? I was wondered to see that Bhabi was so beautiful with 5.5 ft height, excellent personality with 36d boobs. Around 24 years old. She has the type of bust that men usually dream about, big and full. She is a knockout in the true sense of the word.
Their house is a two bedroom flat. They were three so there was no need of a bigger house. After taking dinner Joy bhai and Bhabi went to their room to sleep. Aunty called me to her room. She made my bed on the side of window. Though I laid down, I was not feeling sleepy, I was just rolling on the bed and I saw her reading a book lying on the bed. I lay on my bed and started to talk with aunty. During conversation Aunty asked me “Lalit tell me how is your Bhabi”. I said, “Aunty she is so beautiful, I can’t see a beautiful woman like her before. You are lucky woman aunty?” Hearing this from my mouth aunty said in a sorrow voice, “beauty would do nothing” and kept silent. When I enquired why she said like That then she looked at the door of the room and called me near her. I went near her. Without speaking she signaled me to sit on the bed. She went near the door and closed the door. After few minutes when the lights were switched off in the Jai bhai’s room, she asked is it ok for me or should the lights be switched off. I said it is ok with me and she continued. She said Lalit they had married 4 years ago but not yet have a child. I asked aunty “why don’t they consult doctor”. Aunty said they had consulted many doctors but the result is nothing. Then she said one day I heard from their room that Joy had some problem that’s why they had no child. Jay also took medicine but doctor say there is a little chance. After some pause she said “there is one alternative that is you have to get her pregnant. That is the main reason why I am taking you with me”. She again said, “Your bhabi is anxious to have a child. You make her pregnant. After she got pregnant I promise I will not force you to do any thing”. After hearing this from her I was awaked. I had no words to say to her. My dick was in full force. To avoid I slept on the bed on my stomach. She continued “you just seduce her; she will come to you soon”.
Then She said “let me see can you do her pregnant or not”. Then she put her hand straight into my lungi and caught my penis. I was so embraced I let my head down to avoid to see her. She said, “Lalit I had touched your cock, so don’t embraced”. Saying this she hold my shoulder and turned me towards her. I opened my eyes slightly. Aunty was staring at my upright hard cock, ran her fingers along the shaft, stroking and murmured "beautiful". I could see the amazement and surprise in her eyes on the extra long thick cock. She took hold of my erect and hard long, thick cock. Your cock is so big for your age. It’s beautiful. She stroked my cock again. Lalit you have nice cock. She again said, Lalit you seem to become a man. Do you know how to fuck? I said, “though I have not yet fuck anybody but I have seen number of xxx movies”. Then she said “Don’t worry I will teach you”. I sat in front of her but could not talk. She reached out and gave me a hug thanking me. She leaned out to kiss my left cheek. Now I am very relax. I told her I was glad to have come for her and would help with anything she needed. “Anything” she said and then she brought her lips to mine. I was stunned at first but slowly responded to her kissing. Her tongue reached mine and soon we were kissing hot and heavy. Slowly I lowered her down on the bed and moved beside her. My hands caressed her and moved to touch her breasts. My fingers tweaked her nipple and she moaned “Oh yes”. I kissed her neck and raised her arms and slowly opened her blouse. She was in heaven so was I. I lowered my head and took her nipple. Nibbling, biting, and teasing. Her tits were magnificent.
She cuddled my head forcing me to take more of her tits into my mouth. I had to have more. I trailed my kisses down her stomach and lowered her petticoat as I went down. She was not wearing any panties. Her bush was wet and shiny. I rubbed her mound and licked her lips. “Oh Yes, Oh Yes” she moaned. My fingers spread her lips and I slid one than two fingers inside her. In and out, back and forth. I flicked her clit with my tongue and she moaned even louder. My fingers reached up inside her and found her G spot. “Lick Me, Make Me Cum my darling”. My face was wet with her juice; I was starving for her pussy. Licking her clit and driving my fingers deeper. “Oh Shit, I’m There, Yes, Cummming, Lick Me, Suck My Cunt, ohhhhhhhhh” Her orgasm had to last a good minute. I could feel her pussy grabbing my fingers and pulling them deeper. Her clit was trembling.

When she recovered she pulled me up and kissed me, running her tongue over my face and testing her own wetness. She reached down and rubbed my cock “Get that lungi off and let me have a taste of you. I lifted my ass so she could pull my lungi down. Her hand came around to grab my cock. She gripped my cock hard and squeezed, pumping it up and down. I moaned. She moved down and put her face to my cock. I felt her warm breath blowing on me as she kissed the slit and licked my pre-cum off it. I put my hand in her hair and let her suck me. She kept taking more and more of my cock into her mouth, her fingernails ran along the underside of my balls, then she cupped them in her warm hand and gave them a light squeeze. I knew I could not hold for long so I told her that I will come very soon .Hearing this she stopped sucking, Looking at me. "No, Lalit Not now “Moving back & coming to my side she said “I can’t stand it anymore, Fuck Me, Stick it in Me”. Hearing this I positioned myself over her and put her legs on my shoulders. Reaching down Aunty took hold of my dick and began rubbing it against her clit. Her second orgasm hit, almost as strong as the first. I was boiling, I needed to cum. I moved her hand away and aligned myself. In one quick motion I buried myself inside her. Fuck me. That’s exactly what I did. Long hard strokes, deep I went. I kept pounding her pussy. Reaching up I took her nipple between my fingers, pulling and twisting. “yes, you feel so good inside me” she kept moaning. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. One more thrust and I let loose. My warm cum triggered her third orgasm. Our juices blended together and slowly trickled out. I felt complete. Then I slept after a great satisfaction. Before that she reminded me to begin my operation from the next day.
From the next day I went to Bhabi whenever I got chance. Aunty also went outside so that I got opportunity. I noticed that Bhabi also liked my company. As the time went we became very close. Slowly our talking changed to personals. I tried to speak my mind and make her speak her mind. I tried all the tricks by commenting from her clothes to films, girls. I was always getting positive response. Gradually she became casual in her attitude. To eye her boobs or gorgeous hips or her bare belly I don’t need to trouble much. As always, I feel comfortable in least cloth in my body also. We use to watch movies together and I use to take her to market and stuff like that. Slowly she started talking to me about my college time, love and asked if I have any girl friends. Whenever we were alone she intentionally brought up the subject of intimacy. She used to tell me how his husband is neglecting him. I tried to explain that it’s the nature of his work. But her intentions were other wise.
One day she was talking with me. Nobody was there in the home. She was looking very sexy. From her left side, her side pallu was slightly up and there was a gap in between, through which the angular curves of her left boob covered with blouse was prominently visible. The boob was very prominent, pointed forward and big. Her boob size must be around 38D or even more. I could see the hardness of the boob because of the tight blouse she was wearing. I deliberately look at her boobs. She observed that and asked me what are you doing. I just turned my looks to her face and told nothing. Hey, you are looking something, I know, she said and winked her eye. Oh I too laughed and said I am looking a beautiful scene. She said you naughty boy. “What’s wrong in this? What’s wrong in seeing beautiful things?” I asked her and I turned my eyes on her boobs. Her pallu was still not at proper place and the boobs were still peeping out of the black blouse. When she realized that my eyes are still on her boobs, she quickly placed her pallu covering the beauties, looked at me and said "you are very naughty”. I said Bhabi you are so beautiful what should I do. Then a whimsical smile crinkled her lips as she answered Quietly, "Lalit, you make fun of me, Dear. I am not beautiful." I knew she was affected by me, in a sexual way. She moved as though she was about to stand up when I touched her to stop her. I pulled her to me and held onto her hand firmly, "No! I am not lying, Bhabi. You are the most beautiful lady in my eyes, you look great to me always!" I said to her passionately."Thank you, Lalit!" Bhabi uttered quietly. She was blushing from head to toe, looking me in a strange way. She gave me a wild smile and went to the kitchen. On the night we all sat on to watch TV. Bhabi and I sat on the sofa side by side. To give me a chance aunty sat on the chair. We were on the backside of aunty. Aunty switched off the light so as to get a good view of the TV. But I know she purposely did it so that I will do something in the dark. After sometimes aunty said, “the film is very boring I am going to take some rest”. Saying this she went away. Bhabi gave me a wild smile. Bhabi was sitting on my right side barely 6 inches away. I was feeling her warmness in the air. I wasted no time got hold of her hands. Bhabi moved a bit closer to me so I kept my right hand on her shoulder and now I could smell the fragrance coming out of her hair. Then I pulled her right hand, which she was keeping on her lap and kissed her palm. In response, she slowly placed her head on my shoulder. Now my right hand was on her shoulder under her saree having full access to her right side of her body. So I slowly started running my finger over the right side of her body from shoulder till her hip giving maximum attention to her right breast. Whenever I did that I felt that Bhabi is moving even more closely to me. I then pulled her right hand that I was holding a bit more towards me. By doing so, I got even more gap between her body and her right hand. So through her under arms, I slowly moved my right hand to grab her right breast. Once when I completely got hold of her right breast, she turned her face towards me and kissed me on my neck. As I got the expected signal, I slowly started rubbing her breast and her belly. I pulled her more towards me and kissed on her neck and slowly moved towards her cheek making her face wet with my tongue. Then slowly I put my lips on her lips. Bhabi looked around for a while and then started responding to my wet kiss by opening her lips and started to suck and chew my lips more hungrily.
So we started kissing each other, as my right hand was busy playing with her boobs. Now I slowly went down from her lips to her neck and started kissing her neck and slowly started moving to her breast. I was rolling my tongue on her chest and slowly opened the bottoms of her blouse. Bhabi looked around again and whispered "Lalit, what are you doing? Aunty is in the next room" I said "Bhabi, your blouse was on my way that’s why I moved it away from my path" Now I could see both her boobs clearly which is still being covered under her blouse. I never had a chance to see it so closely before as she always use to cover it properly with her sari. I slowly caught hold of her shoulders and started kissing starting from her shoulder to her breast. Then I pushed her blouse down along her left shoulder and I could now see her Black Bra straps. I pulled her face over my right shoulder and kissed her neck I slowly moved my right hand inside her blouse and caught her right boob along with her Bra.Now after a long time Bhabi whispered in my ears to go slow. Now I moved one step further and pushed her bra strap away from her right shoulder and started to feel her bare breast with my right hand and then I started circling her black nipples with my finger and pinching it slowly. By now her nipples have grown to inch long and very rigid. Then I moved my face from her neck to her boob and slowly took out her boob nipples from her Bra cup and started flicking it with my tongue. By now Bhabi started running her fingers over my head. I spent some time playing with my tongue and started admiring her black nipples, which is glistening now with my saliva. Bhabi felt shy and buried her face in my shoulder. I asked Bhabi not to feel shy as I am really Enjoying this moment. She said she too enjoys it. Again I started pressing and rubbing her nipples with my tongue. Then I pulled her breasts completely out of your blouse so that I can fully concentrate on this Bhabi said "Lalit, are you mad? Don't you know aunty is here and any time Jay came and you had already uncover my private parts?" I replied her gently whispering in her ears "Bhabi cover yourself with your saree so that no one can see your exposed breast even any one came" Bhabi looking little bit convinced covering herself with saree she adjusted her blouse again so that her boobs will be completely free from her blouse and bra.Then I partially moved her sari to see her boobs and went near it and kissed her boobs and Bhabi suddenly using her right hand pushed my head closer to her breast signaling me suck it hard. I just got hold of her full left breast in my right palm and pressed it harder and then started sucking her nipples really hard. Then I switched her right breast to my right hand and started sucking again. While I kept on sucking her nipples and boob, I moved my left hand inside her blouse and got hold of her right hip and squeezed it and then started massaging her tummy and tracing her belly button. Bhabi was almost feeling like being in heaven biting her lips and controlled herself from making any sound. Bhabi never opened her eyes at all during this time. Her face was fully covered by her shyness. I tried to kiss her in her tummy and belly button but couldn't do it as there was no space.
Then I slowly moved to her left thigh and started caressing it. But Bhabi moved her legs so close tight that I couldn't move my left hand further inside to feel her inner thigh. I asked her to part her legs. Now Bhabi slowly parted her legs and thighs and I slowly started moving my left hand to feel her inner thighs. Feeling my hand she said 'Please don't'.I said, 'Are you enjoying what I am doing?' She nodded. 'Then please let me' I continued. I was now moving my hand little bit faster as I want to rush to feel her treasure before she changes her mind. So I just reached the joint of her two legs and with my three middle fingers I rubbed her over her cunt, which is being covered under her pants. Bhabi started to bite me near my neck in ecstasy. Then I moved my hands to her belly button and started making circles over there and now I asked her to lose her petticoat so that I can feel her there. Bhabi did the same without any question. Now I made a straight route starting from her belly button and moved my right hand inside her Petticoat and then I found her panties waistband striking on my hand inside her petticoat. I insert my hand inside her waistband and reached her bushes while reaching there itself I could feel Bhabi's hot breath on my neck. Then I very slowly moved my fingers over her pussy and which was so wet, hot and also very sticky. I moved my fingers further down to reach her hot hole. By the time Bhabi was kissing and biting my neck more vigorously. Then I was running my finger over her cunt crack and slowly I inserted my fingers inside her hole and started doing to and fro motion and suddenly Bhabi pulled my hand out of her panties and buried her face in my chest and started breathing heavily and I just hold her for some moment and asked Bhabi what happened she replied nothing. I again moved my hand under her panty. After lots of hesitation she allowed. I moved my hand there over her panties and I found her panties drenched with wetness. Bhabi's panties has got wet. I just looked at her face and said "ho gaya kya." She just smiled. I said “Bhabi what about me” She again smiled and said just wait and watch. She then put her straight into my shots and got hold my erected penis and Suddenly the doorbell rang. We knew that Jay Bhai has come. I said “bad luck”. Hearing this Bhabi said “better luck next time”. We departed and Bhabi went to open the door.
At night I told everything to aunty. On hearing this aunty was so pleased she kissed me and said tomorrow you just came from office saying your ill health. I said “ok”. Next day Joy bhai went to their office in the morning. After sometimes aunty and I also went office. At around 11am aunty said to me “Lalit it’s the time you go home” I then reached home and rang the bell. Within a second Bhabi opened the door and said I knew it’s you. I closed the door and hug her. I put my lips directly on her lips and started to suck. After 5 minutes of kissing she said you go to the bedroom I am just coming. I went to her bedroom. I rolled on the bed and started waiting for Bhabi to come. Bhabi came after sometime. Once Bhabi came, she closed the door behind her .I pulled her to me and made her sit on my lap; she was looking like a doll in my lap. Bhabi was so softer and warmer. Her breast, though firmly held in place by her fabric, touched my body. I was in heaven. She looked at me for a few seconds with big eyes. Her face grew red instantly as I leaned my head over her and whispered: " Bhabi you are so soft, so full, so ripe, so hot, so humid. " As I looked down, our lips were just a couple of inches from each other's. I had no hesitation whatsoever in planting my lips on hers as she grew stiff in my hands. I put my lips on her lips and kissed her. I placed my hand on her breast and started palming her nipples feeling them erecting under my gentle touching. I squeezed her breasts, she was breathing heavily, panting for breath. I simply could not believe that it was not a dream. I removed her blouse and then bra. She was having a green colored blouse and white colored bra. Oooh! What a wonderful sight. I took her right nipple in my mouth and started nibbling softly. She gave first sign of excitement by making a hissing sound. Her body twisted as I was little hard with my sucking. She was having big boobs with black nipples protruding out of the boob surface.
I started massaging the left one, and then interchanged the nipples. I could feel the rising heat in her body. She hugged me tight and was making hissing noise I put my mouth to right nipple and started sucking it, biting it and pressing her left boob, I went on sucking for almost 10 mins when she said its paining and to show mercy to those poor feeding hills which had starving for so long, I now came down on to tummy, I squeezed it felt like I am pressing sponge, she close her eyes in excitement. I asked Bhabi to open her eyes. She opened her eyes. I now started opening her Saree. She did not object. I slowly opened it. Now she was all natural in front of me. I came below and pulled saree fully and released knot of petticoat so it fell down, I got another big shock seeing for pussy of lady covered by thick black curly hairs not able to see where is cave, I asked her to sit by the side of the wall on my bed putting a pillow behind her back for support. I asked her to open her thighs by bending her knees and taking them near to her body. Her slit was visible now. I am mad about the looks of pussy slit. I could see the pussy lips, red cunt opening. I inserted my finger in it. Gosh! It was wet and hot. My finger went deep in her valley to explore every nook and corner. She was making only whistling sound and I could feel the level of arousal on her face. I inserted another finger in her. Her eyes were closed. Now, I bent and put my exploring tongue on her love door. I licked from down up to her clitoris. I teased her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. She had fleshy and thick clitoris. I licked her. Her moans were rising, hissing sound was giving me signals that I was on the right track. I sucked her clitoris and tongued deep in her cunt. Kha jaao meri jaan…peee jaaaaao …" she wailed like an uncontrolled animal, her naked gyrating body twisting....
She came with a sound of ‘eeeeeeeeeuuuummmmmmnnneesssssssshaaaaaaahhhh’. I did not stop. I laid her on her back and eased her. I again stared kissing her lips and boobs. My hands were rubbing her buttocks, hard. I also teased her ass hole. And she asked me to calm myself and pulled my head and placed it on her lap. Then Bhabi started running her hand over my hair and ran her hand inside my t-shirt and brushed my hairs in my chest, which sent shivers in my body. Bhabi asked me whether I like it. I just nodded and turned my face towards her tummy and pulled her tummy closer to me. Bhabi made me to sit and then caught hold of my bottom edge of my t-shirt and removed it over by my head. Then Bhabi placed her head on my chest and started playing on my nipples with her tongue. Bhabi traced her tongue down till my belly button and giving shivering sensation all along. I pulled Bhabi back and made her to rest on the bed on her back and moved over to her and placed my chest of her face and asked Bhabi to continue her licking act. Bhabi again caught hold of me and started running her tongue all over my chest.

I stood on my knees and removed my jeans and lowered my crotch near her face. Bhabi got hold of the briefs waist band on the front side and pulled it completely down and plunged her face well below my two balls and started playing with her tongue on region between lower side of my balls and ass hole. This made my dick to twitch and rise further in hardness. Then Bhabi started making line over my balls and on my dick with her tongue. Bhabi couldn't take my dick on her mouth from that position so she was just licking and running her tongue over my dick along its veins. Now I continued to move away from her breast and further ended down to her tummy and plunged my face on her tummy making her to moan. Then I went further down between her legs but Bhabi again as usual closed her legs tightly so I plunged my face on her crotch and then slowly got hold of her thighs. Then I pulled both her thighs away and moved my heads between her thighs in one smooth motion. Since I am over her in 69 position, Bhabi couldn't raise her head or her body to stop my action but just a simple moan saying "aaaaaaah aah please stop, lalitttttttttttt. Pleaseeeeeee" But I pretend as if I didn't hear it, I further buried my face and started rubbing her cunt over her dress with my face. I did this for sometime so that she gets relaxed with my act. After finding Bhabi returning to her normal, I moved further kissing her inner thigh. Now since I have moved further down on her body, my thighs were over her face now. Bhabi now pulled my jeans and briefs further down to my ankle and pushed my thighs apart and inserts her face more inside my ass split and started making circles around my ass hole. Bhabi was doing circles at the same time she was also massaging my ass like anything.

Now after sometime since Bhabi could have access further, she pushed me down and she climbed over me in same 69 position and caught hold of my dick took it deep in her mouth and kept inside her mouth for some time. Now by doing so, now Bhabi was completely sitting on my chest facing my legs. I could see her ass just in front of my face. I caught hold of her hip and pulled her further towards my face. Now since her legs were wide apart on either side of my body also she had her ass bit raised above my chest. So I had full access to her ass and cunt. Bhabi was having a damn good ass, which is still being covered under her panties. Bhabi was busy kissing and playing with my dick. But she was doing it in such a way that I don't cum immediately. Bhabi gave me so much time in between her act. So my dick won't explode.

I got hold of backside of her panties waistband and pulled to it down and could see her cunt with full wetness from behind. I placed my fingertip on cunt hole slowly started running my tongue along her slit. Now by this act, Bhabi had stopped what she was doing and was responding to pulls and pushes. I made very deliberate circles around her hot hole and then started concentrating on her clits by rubbing my tongue harder on it. My face is now full of her wetness. After sometime I could feel her legs getting stiffened. And Bhabi started asking me to stop. Bhabi in a very weak voice said "Lalit, please don't do it. I won't be able to control myself". I replied "darling, don't control your feelings. Do what ever you feel like doing. Don't hide or control yourself, Bhabi". After hearing this, she slowly started moving her hip in sync with my tongue activity. Since I know what is going to come, I inserted my tongue deep inside her hole and with my fingers I played with her clit. She was holding my legs tightly and started moaning loudly like "Please please please lalitttttt pleaseeeee Noo nooo ah aaah aaaah aaaaaaah yyooooooo". By moaning, Please fuck me lalit I could not control please do it now. She said with her eyes burning.

I opened her thighs and put my dick head on her cunt. Softly I entered in her and kept going till the stem of my dick and my balls started touching her pussy. Aaaaaahh! . "Oh, I just don’t know this is going to feel soooooooo good!" she whispered. What a heated cunt. I eased myself in her. I did not make any action after my entry in her. I was feeling her wetness, heat, warm breath in her fleshy breast, loving touch of the walls of vagina around my dick. I kept this fantastic feeling. She was also lying down with calmness and enjoyed the presence of my manhood in her womanish privacies.

I slowly started strokes and started fucking her. My strokes were getting intense after every passing moment. She wrapped her thighs around my waist and hips. I was locked in her. She hugged me tightly. I was pumping her cunt with full thrust. Her moans were converting in sounds of ecstasy. She was making loud sound, which was turning me on. With every stroke I was more intense in next one. My rod was running in and out like a piston. I felt that her body was getting tense and slightly twisting. I got the signal that she was near her second orgasm.
I intensified my strokes and in few seconds, she hugged me very tightly, thighs were tight around my waist and made a loud noise of

Her whole body was loose the very next moment. I was still pumping her. She kept her hug on my body with her legs around my waist. In nearly 4-5 seconds, I experienced the most exploding ejaculation of my sexual action, till date. I felt that my dick swelled and became thicker than ever. I felt that stream of my love juice was coming down my and exploded a jet of semen in her thirsty and wanting cunt. I gasped for a moment as if I will not be able to take my next breath. For a moment, I went in the trance of ecstasy. My mind was totally in deep trance and I felt an intense current ran from head to toe which quivered my entire body. This condition remained for 2-3 seconds and then I turned calm. A tide which was rising since I had seen Bhabi had got a way out. I felt a deep sense of relief and relaxation in my aching cock. In about 15 minuets, I separated myself from her. She slept by my side. Her breast were rising and going down with every breath. I was relaxed. I started to look upon Bhabi who was sleeping carelessly. We stayed cradled together in bed for next hour or so, touching, kissing and fondling each other. My attempt at seducing this sexy bhabi had succeeded. But I had gotten more than even I could have possibly imagined.

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