Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aiyer Uncle In Pachagani

By: Vardhini

Aiyer uncle closed the door of the resort suit at Panchagani where he had taken me for a coaching of court proceedings and I smiled.” The desk clerk was ogling; I know what he must be thinking” I said."What?""That another professor with his young keep" I said and sat in his lap on the bed.” You are not my keep Vardhini” he said stroking my young breasts through my top.” I am happy to be whatever I am uncle" I said and then unbuttoned his short to kiss his hairy muscular chest. I went down planting kisses on his torso and reached his midriff. Uncle sighed and held me by hair. I came up again as we kissed hard to each other. His hands deftly unbuttoned the top 3 buttons of my top and reached inside to cup my brassiere clad breasts, which were feeling just a bit tender then. He cupped them lightly and kneaded them till he felt his young niece's body responding with heat and my nipples getting flushed and erect. We stood up to undress more conveniently. I slipped out of my top and gently unbuckled uncle's pants and pulled them down. His short was tent like with his hard on. I gently massaged his chest with one hand while reaching inside his shorts like an experience mistress to massage his throbbing manhood. Uncle pulled my jeans zip down indicating that I should undress too. I smiled and stepped away from him. Then I pulled my jeans down my sexy hips and stood in front of him in black brassiere and panties. Uncle took me in his arms and we again kissed luxuriously.
"Uncle I know you like a girl on his knees for you” I said and made him seat again. Then I unhooked my bra and slipped out of it. My milky breasts were standing firm and flushed with a glow. My nipples were completely erect with arousal.” Now your keep is going to suck your fat hairy dick and then she is going to drink every drop of it” I said and pushed my hair aside to take him in my pert mouth."Ohhhh Vardhini dear ohhhh"Uncle sighed as I started to suck on his dick and started to knead my breasts with full pressure on them. I was enjoying the warm and sticky taste in my mouth while he was playing with my breasts. I extended my tongue to even lick the base of his cock and his balls. I made him last as long as I could and then pushed my head deep to eat his cum. He panted harshly and pushed my head further down as his cum squirted in hot gushes. After some time I stood up and lovingly wiped his crotch with my brassiere. Then I went to bathroom to clean myself and joined him completely naked in bed in a few minutes. With uncle's age it took me almost 30 minutes of whispering sweet dirty nothings in his ear and letting him play with my breasts and ass cheeks and some coaxing with my fingers to get him erect again. Now we lay in each other's arms in our fav pose. I was slipping on my side with my back to him while Uncle pinned me with his leg and I parted my thighs slightly to allow a rear entry. In this position it was not too tiring for him and at the same time he could play with my boobs and my ass as long as he wanted. He now put his hand on my breasts through my armpits and started to push his dick in my pussy.
Once he was erect he was huge there so I cried and bit the pillow when he actually pushed his reaction in his young mistress's tight small hole. Once inside he took judgment and began rocking slowly at first building a good rhythm. I turned my face to let him kiss me and said he was my king my master. Uncle's fingers were playing and pulling with my nipples slowly pinching them and twisting them till they hurt. I turned on my stomach so that I was completely prone on it and uncle climbed me like a bull. His dck was tearing my pussy apart with hard long strokes now with his balls hitting my ass. I was biting the pillow to keep from crying out. I was really enjoying getting so thoroughly fucked by my master.

Again it took a good 20 minutes for uncle to come again in short gasps in my pussy. I cried and raised my face to be kissed and bitten by my master. Uncle's grip on my breasts relaxed and he collapsed on top of me his dick still ejaculating his cum in my pussy."Oh uncle" I said and hugged him.

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