Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Punishing the arrogant classmate

Punishing the arrogant classmate

By: Rajan

hey friends..

My another lovely experience for you all.

This happened when I was in college. We were in our final year of engineering. There was one girl in our class who was very arrogant and daughter of a rich father. She was very beautiful, always dressed in expensive dresses and was staying in the ladies hostel. She was a very bindas girl being the only daughter of a rich business man. She attended all the parties and dressed a bit provocatively at times too. She was very arrogant and was always insulting others. In one such cases, she ended up slapping my best friend manish when he accidentally brushed her while passing her. We were busy discussing something related to the engineering when he partially brushed her arms without knowing. He was also the son of a rich hotelier. They had a chain of hotels in the city and in Ooty too. She made a big hungama out of it and slapped him 2-3 times in front of the college crowd. The principal also called him and shouted at him. He was boiling with insult. We got an opportunity to take revenge on her when one of our common friend hoisted a big birthday bash. He was born on January 1st. So it was a double reason for the party. Incidentally it was in Manish night club that the party was hoisted. All of us gathered at the party hall at around 9 in the evening. This girl also came in an expensive white frock, which was hugging her top till the waste very tightly. It had no straps or sleeves. Just was sitting tightly on her busty area. There was a glittering diamond thick necklace around her slender neck. Long diamond earrings were peaking out of her shoulder length hair. Her lips were shining with the expensive lipstick used by her and were very tempting. The dress was knee length with lots of frills down the waste line which swung as she moved in her high heels. She had worn matching white sandals which had white shining stones sparkling on her feet. As she entered the hall there was silence at once. She felt very happy at her ability to turn all the heads this way. After sometime all of us gathered for a dance. We started dancing randomly. Drinks also started to flow. While dancing accidentally another friend of mine rupesh touched his hand to glass of beer. It was not intentional but accidental. The beer spilled on her white dress, that too on her bust, the liquid fell down on her cleavage, entered the dress and there was a slight patch of wetness on the dress that made the dress transparent. Her naval was visible a bit. Without thinking properly, this girl slapped him many times hard till his cheeks turned red. Finally with our intervention the girl cooled down. This way she had invited the anger of many boys in the college.

Both manish and rupesh started discussing something. They came to me and told me to come upstairs exactly when the lights are put off at 12 in the night. I agreed and started suspecting something fishy. The dance continued. I could see that both manish and rupesh maintained a close distance with her. She finished her beer glass and threw it aside and started dancing more vigorously with her partner. When she turned the dress used to flung around exposing her thighs little bit. Slowly she was given a special glass which was laced with drugs. Then as a next step manish made everyone to leave one by one slowly. Finally at around 12 the lights were put off for 5 mts as a sign of the arrival of the new year. When the lights came back I could see the hall was almost empty with almost everyone getting out after wishing each other. I did not see manish or rupesh or the girl anywhere. Suspecting something I went upstairs where manish had a separate room for himself along with other lodging rooms. I knocked on the closed door and manish opened the door for me. There what I saw stunned me. I had come many times to his room for combined studies and also for fun where we saw some xxx movies together. It was a huge room with a kingsize bed in the centre, bit huge mirrors around, expensive sofa set on the side, expensive flooring, with a huge TV screen. This girl was on the bed in an intoxicated state, murmering something to herself. She was smiling like a mad lady. Her dress was all lifted upto her thighs, slightly exposing her silky white panty. Her legs were wide open. The upper portion of the dress which was tightly hugging her boobs had got pulled down a bit showing her deep cleavage. Her hair was covering half of her face. She had spread her hands showing off her slender arms fully. I looked at manish. He seriously said, ‘I want to make her understand today that she is a female.’. He went near her and said ‘hey u..sweety, get up and come near me. Come and sit on my lap’. He told her. She got up smiling, with great difficulty she managed to walk balancing her steps. As she neared him he sat on the big sofa and pulled her on his lap. She fell on his lap. His hands reached her thighs and started carrassing them. He bent down and ran his lips on her smooth skin face, ears, cheeks and neck. His fingers ran all over her body. He ran his fingers on her red lips, pressed them and kissed her lips for a long time, as though sucking her life out of her lips. Her hands circled his neck. His hands moved down under her waste and he drew her more closer to his body and clutched her tightly. Rupesh and myself were looking at this show keenly. We could see her breasts getting smashed under his chest. Manish inserted his tongue deep inside her mouth and stayed there for sometime. He rubbed his chest on her moundes which brought the dress further down exposing most part of the boobs. It was an erotic view for us to see him so close. In the past we had sex with our GF’s but never together like this in open. Many times Manish had brought strip dancers to his hotel for our enjoyment. But this was a different experience for us. We allowed Manish to prepare her for a steamy sexy session ahead. We switched on the TV and put on a movie. Then he placed her on the nearby small glass tea table with her legs around his waste. Her head knelt down a bit bringing her breasts up and pointing. Manish asked us also to join him. Now that was a exciting offer for us to deny. Before joining Rupesh clicked some of this erotic snap from the front. Manish massive body circled with her legs, her slender sexy body lying on the glass tea table, with head arching down, most part of the boobs visible through the silky white dress, her frowk almost on her waste showing off her silky panty. In that position, her panty clad pussy was rubbing with manish’s pant clad dick. We sat on the floor on either side of the low height tea table. We started caressing her white silky cloth covering her boobs. Manish started licking her legs upto thighs and I started to work on her right boob while rupesh squeezed her left boob. We could feel her pointed nipples through her dress. I got tempted with her red lips. I placed my left hand below her head and pulled a bit upwards and caught her tempting lips in my rough lips. That was so sexy for me to feel. My right hand continued to work on her right boob. Rupesh was running his tongue on her boob from above the cloth. Manish lifted her dress upto her waste exposing her deep naval and skimpy white silky panty. His tongue reached the naval and licked it for long time. His hands reached under her panties, without removing it he inserted his hand inside the panty and started playing with her vagina. As he moved his massive palm cupping her vagina, she was all hot now. It was visible the way she was throwing her legs wide on either side of Manish. On the TV hot Malayalam rape scene was coming as shakira was being enjoyed forcefully on the bed by the goondas. Her blouse was ripped off and the sari was peeled off. Her screams were heard loudly. Some 5-6 strong looking goondas were licking her huge boobs clearly. Shakira’s boobs were so huge that two hands were playing at a time with her breast. Rupesh increased the volume to hear her moans loudly. As shakira did ‘hmmmmm..ohhhhhhhhh..no…….’ and bit her lips, the scene made all our tools erect. Manish started rubbing her clit faster and inserted his fingers inside her pussy to finger fuck her. She was moaning in my mouth. My eyes were set on the screen, but lips were biting her lovely lips. Rupesh slipped his hands inside her strapless and sleevless booby dress and started enjoying the touch of her bare boobs. I finished kissing and eating her lips. Two goondas had forced open shakira’s thighs widely and another huge man was entering her on the TV screen. She was moaning slowly now and also widening her legs fully. I spread her hands on the small table and licked her under arms, and bare shoulders. It was heaven licking her silky smooth skin. I think Manish gave a good finger fucking for her as she neared her orgasm arching her body and letting out a loud ‘hammmmmmmmmmmmm…I m coming..oh god…lovely…ahhhhhhh…feels so good’. Manish was smiling looking at her. But before she could finally cum, suddenly he withdrew his fingers stopping her from juicing. She got wild at him for that. But he did not care. He wanted to tease her fully. He asked us to stop for a while. Slolwy lifted her and carried her on his shoulders like a weightless object. She was on his shoulders and his hands were on her but inside the panty squeezing while walking. We followed him. He carried her to the adjoined his private swimming pool and threw her inside the water. She knew swimming we were sure. She started to swim in the water, bringing her dress floating exposing her naked thighs. Manish pulled her a bit towards the steps and

Her dress got stuck to her body revealing her curves. As she had worn no bra inside that strapless dress, her boobs got clearly visible to us. The dress was almost falling now from her wet boobs. I was just sitting next to the swimming pool steps and watching the fun. Manish lifted her a bit above the water and placed her on the steps of the swimming pool in such a way that her body below the neck was still inside the water. Now we all undressed ourselves till underwears. Rupesh came from above took her lovely face in his hands and kissed her lips deeply. The girl was already horny with beer and drugs. Enjoying his kiss she spread legs wide open. Using that as his bed, manish fell on her and pressed his masculine chest against her breasts and brought his hands under her and started squeezing her butts. On top rupesh was continuing to kiss her. Now he brought his hands on her chest and inserted inside her strapless and shoulderless dress. His hands reached her boobs. With his moulding, one boob purted out of the dress, and for the first time we got the full view of her naked breast. The lovely tiny rose bud in the centre of her smooth mount was very tempting. ‘This female is a gifted beauty’. Rupesh murmered. Since the zipper was almost open behind, the dress was loose on top and rupesh pushed it down to the waste. Now both her boobs were fully exposed. As Rupesh cupped both of them together manish and myself got a good view of those lovely tits. He pressed them more closer to create a deep cleavage and ran his tongue on the cleavage. The cold water was not having any impact on them. Manish hands reached the knots of her dress on the waste. When he untied the knot the whole dress got loose as the water entered inside. Now manish moved back and removed her dress fully. The crystal clear pool water showed her long white legs with crystal clad white sandals, clad in skimpy white panty. Now I was getting aroused looking at those three semi naked bodies. While undressing myself I went near them and started watching from close angles. Rupesh had moved further from her mouth. Now he had reached her beautiful twin ice cream cones and was relishing on them. Before that he told her loudly…’hey sweety…please lick my nipples too’..saying this he adjused in such a way that his hairy chest and nipples were near her mouth. She was running her tongue on them. He bent down and started sucking her boobs violently. With one hand he had cupped her boobs and was biting them and eating them. Down Manish was busy licking her naval and long and sexy legs. He licked her love hole from above the panty and licked her toes. Rupesh took her hands up and made her to catch his butt. She was in a state of frenzy..instead of holding on to him, she pushed his underwear down. I went and removed it fully from him. He just lifted his head and said ‘Thanks Raj”. I got to the water and started running my hand from sideways on her almost naked body. It was so smooth and silky. She was producing ‘mmmmmmmmmmmm’ hhhhhhhhhhhh sounds. It was 1:30 in the midnight. Manish said ‘friends I think enough of playing in the water..now we need to do something big for her”. We all agreed. He bent on her and asked her …”darling would you mind if we all fuck your brains out now”…she gave a mad smile with half closed eyes and said ‘all urs..do anything…hahahaha’. Her dress was floating in the swimming pool water. Manish put his fingers on either side of her panty and ripped it open. She shook as the cold water entered her pussy. Manish lifted her a bit through her waste and glanced at the clean tender pussy. We two also joined him. It was a great view to see that lovely cherry. He kissed those private lips again and again. As he got busy with that we both fell on her boobs again relishing the erect chocolate buds. The area was full of our licking sounds. The pool lights were giving a lovely look to the water. It was a heavenly scene. A beauty getting fucked enough by three young and strong men. Manish thought for a while and said ‘let’s take her inside. Otherwise she may scream as we fuck her. Who knows what size of dick she is used to. He was right Manish had a huge dick which would anyway tear open her pussy. We lifted her from the water and brought her back to the room. As she was thrown on the bed, the view of her full naked body for the first time, mesmerized us. She was a perfect beauty to the core. As she wriggled on the cozy soft bed, we felt like tearing off her beauty. We kissed her for a long time taking turns.

Manish pulled her a little down so that her legs were touching the ground. Rupesh and myself spread her legs widely, making the way for Manish. She was smiling. Manish told her ‘Sweety…open the doors of your cunt for me’. Her hands reached down and her fingers separated her pussy lips. Manish first licked her all over again, while we did the same too. All the three of us licked her naval. She was enjoying too much. ‘Ahhh….u guys…who r u?...ahhhhhh…come on lick me…suck me…eat my nipples’. Her hands tried to squeeze her own boobs. Manish brought himself near her pussy lips. Suddenly remembering something he asked rupesh to get the video cam and asked him to shoot her from close up. Rupesh happily caught each and every part of her nude body with special attention on her pointed nipples and biting lips. Her right hand was playing with her own clit. As we stood there looking at her, she started pressing her left hand on her tits and was pinching her own nipples and saying loudly ‘’hey u guys…why are u quiet…what the hell are u doing’’…Out of lust she tried finger fucking herself. Then Manish again went near her pussy lips and started licking her all over. As he started licking her fast her hands pulled him closer to her vagina. Rupesh recorded each and everything as her body arched back and fro with pointed lovely mangoes. I moved to those lovely tits and started eating them nicely we spoke romantic and vulgar sexy words. As we both played with her lovely naked skin, rupesh caught her closeup of her boob licking with my tongue playing with her nipples and manish lips pussy licking. Manish gave her a good blow job and as he realized her reaching an orgasm again he withdrew his tongue and rupesh brought the camera very close to her pussy to catch her cum spurting out due to heavy orgasm. Her love juice sprang out and fell on the floor. Now I took the cam from Rupesh and started recording further. Manish got himself ready to fuck her wild now. He pulled her again to the edge of the bed to expose her pussy fully to the cam. I sat on the bed for a better view. Manish kept his massive 10 inch dick near her vagina entrance. He said ‘hey bitch, can I fuck you now”? She shouted…’why so late?” and bit her lips.

Manish let out a monstrous grunt as his dick neared her entrance and he bent a little to enter her small pussy in force. She screamed loudly as his big cock tried to invade her love hole. Her scream was very loud. Since this was manish private area noone was there on the entire floor. To hide her screams, he told me to increase the TV volume. It looked like she was not used to his size of a cock. He waited for sometime as I joined them back on the bed. In the meanwhile we two gave our dicks in her hand and asked her to stroke us. Our hands reached out to her boobs and we were pressing them mercilessly. As manish attempted another hard push, she clasped her legs tightly around his waste for support. Manish bent down and kissed her lips again. As our hands played with her boobs she was aroused all over again. I asked manish whether he wants us to close her mouth he said no and that he likes to see her screaming in pain and loves to hear her screams. As she struggled, her boobs juggled and shook. Her body got stiffed with his next push. It looked like she was not ready to take his huge cock inside her little vagina. Her hands cought the dicks of mine and rupesh tightly and we felt pain in them. Now manish was getting more aggressive. He removed our hands from her boobs and kept his both hands on them mercilessly kneading them and hitting them. In no time her soft melons got read all over. He cupped each in each hand and made the nipples to point up and said loudly ‘here friends I offer these tiny buds to both of u..comeon suck them hard..as hard as you can’. We both bent down and ran our tongues on those pointed nipples. We did an excellent job as she experienced another orgasm. As she was in a state of ecstasy Manish pushed himself fully deep inside her with a brutal force all at once. As she cried out manish started pounding her mercilessly. Her full body started shaking with his assault. To stop her from getting pushed up we had pinned her to the bed. She was shaking her head out of pain. She caught us tightly to bear that pain and her nails dug into our skin. As the drugs effect started to come down, her body was coming to senses and feeling the pain. She started realizing that she was in the middle of a full fledged threesome sex. As her eyes got wide open, she saw herself fully naked with literally nothing on her body. Her ear rings had fallen off on the bed. Only her sandals were still on as she had belted them around her ankles. Due to two heavy orgasms she was already tired. Before she could do anything manish increased his speed and started ramming her in and out non stop. He was looking like a real villain grinding her mercilessly. He was removing his dick most and ramming back at her cunt with full force. We kept her busy with our kisses and boob licking and sucking. There was no chance for her to complain. Her body was responding without her permission. It was already 2 in the night. Manish allowed me and rupesh to fuck her taking turns. There were slight traces of blood near her pussy when I went to push myself. I was sure she was not a virgin, but may be it was too much for her. Though we both came inside her he had not cum as yet. He once again entered her pussy with full force, lifted her up like that,..making her to circle her legs around him took her out again to the pool. That was his nature. He always loved to sex around with his Girlfriends in the pool itself. Her white party dress was floating in the middle of the pool still. The scanty pieces of the panty also could be seen floating. He was licking her boobs also. As we shooted them, he sat on the steps with her on his lap facing him with his dick inside her troubled cunt. He made her to jingle to and fro to fuck him. His head got buried between her lovely shapely boobs. As she rode him with her eyes closed rupesh went to grab her dancing tits. After sometime manish made her to stand holding the pool steps inside the cold water and rammed her cunt doggy style in the water. As the fucking sound increased from the water, their grunts also increased. Then he asked me to come and sleep on the steps. As I did that he pushed her down on me. I spread my legs wide open. Though I had cummed just sometime back, seeing their fucking I was already up again. My 9 inch dick was looking at the sky again. He lifted her and made her to sit on my dick. She screamed as my dick entered her ravaged pussy from below. As my tip was on her entrance, Manish just let her down at once forcing my dick to enter her at one stroke itself. As she sat on me, I grabbed her down by her tits roughly. She fell on me, crushing her soft melons on my chest as I hugged her tightly. As her lovely ass got lifted on top, Manish started to lick her ass. She started moaning exactly not knowing what he wanted to do. But I knew what was in store for her. She voluntarily kissed my lips down and hugged me tightly too brushing her hardened nipples against my chest. As he continued his work she got more and more hot. The December chill was not affecting us as we were all hot with lust. Then suddenly she parted her lips from me and gave out a huge cry. As I saw, Manish had rammed her ass hole with his dick. She tried getting free and started to resist him. She got up and started shaking, as her tits started jumping up and down too. He spanked her continuously on the but and told me to occupy her. This was a terrace swimming pool open to the sky. The she was screaming there was a chance of others hearing it. I pulled her down again and locked her lips with mine hugging her very tightly. Manish spat on her ass hole trying to lubricate it. And again gave another hard push. She struggled in my arms to get free. Manish succeeded in entering only about 2 inches. He asked rupesh to get hot drinks. Rupesh brought the whisky bottle and as per Manish order made her to drink it. She gulped it fast to help herself. Manish also took the bottle and drank some of it and poured a bit on her butts and started licking it. As the liquid flew down to her asshole, she felt a bit of cooling affect and loosened herself a little. Manish took his time by licking her buts and played with her boobs from behind. Then he turned her face aside and kissed her. I had released her upper portion for him. But my dick was still inside her fully. I was controlling myself till manish entered her asshole. After sometime as the drinks started their effect, while biting her lips, manish gave a final push and entered her ass fully. We could here her slight cry hidden in manish mouth. As he pushed himself deep inside her, his hands pressed her boobs strongly. His heavy hands had fully covered her each boob. After sometime we both started to grind her two holes in a rhythm. ‘yes..yes..like that..fuck this bitch, fuck this errogant girl hard’, rupesh was shouting loudly, while trying to come as closer as possible with his cam to get the closeup. As Manish hands assaulted her boobs, he allowed her nipples to sneak out from his fingers for me to enjoy. I started pulling those nipples. Manish was pulling her slightly back as I pulled her down with her nipples. This way the tit buds were getting stretched like an elastic. Manish released her mouth as she started enjoying the banging. She placed her hands on the side rods on either side and threw her head back closing her eyes. Slowly her pleasure screams increased and she was moaning loudly. ‘hmmmmmm..hmmmmmmmmmmm…ha…lovely…I love this ..fuck me hard..kill me..aaaaahhhhhhh…bite me…..yes…yes….haaaaaaaaa..plunder my pussy, damage my asshole..gggggggaaaaaaa...’. Her words were very errotic for the already hot we three strong men. Seeing this Rupesh while trying to shoot with one hand was rubbing his cock fast. Manish was biting her naked back and the neck. Her wet hair was falling on either side of her face. Manish asked Rupesh to adjust the cam in one position and join us. Rupesh did that with the help of the small show tree there and while rubbing his cock he came sideways and started rubbing her clit from top. ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…you have made me a slut..a slave..enjoy this slut the way you want,….do anything on me’….hey u…rub my clit fast…rub..it’. Rupesh inserted his finger inside her pussy as my dick was still ramming her. There was loud grunts and sexy talk. Manish asked her ‘hey u slut, listen to me. This is a punishment for you for slapping the people for no good reason. Here take my dick. Let me play with your lovely naked body today. U r a sex goddess. U know that. Now henceforth you will not slap anyone for no reason. U better understand’. Saying this he told me to increase the speed. We both started ramming her holes mercilessly. She was holding the side railings for support. Her both the holes looked stretched out fully. We started sweating with this sex act. Manish was standing in the water and banging her. My legs were ankle deep in the water on either side. Even her sandal clad legs were in the water till foot. With this banging now her sandal strap also got cut off and she removed the second sandal also and thre in the water. Now she had absolutely nothing on her body..fully naked like a greek goddess. Rupesh was stroking himself and was trying to lick her nipples through Manish hands. ‘hey..mani…please release her chocolates for me. Let me lick them to my hearts content’. He pleaded with manish. Then as he got them he made sucking sounds while eating them. Manish locked his lips again with her lips. My hands reached out to her clit and I started rubbing her clit while banging her. She went mad with all this. As she got on to a heavy orgasm, her pussy walls started contracting and I could feel the sensation inside her. She stifled her body and with a ‘hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.’ Exploded on my dick. As manish neared his first climax for the session, he got more wild biting her all over lips, cheeks, neck, shoulders, wherever he could reach her and with a huge ‘hey uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, here take my seeds. ’ he released his hot sperm inside her. He was huge and strong. His cum was for so long that I could feel him through my dick. It looked like a jet of steam. Even I let out myself within 2 mts. with another huge cry. Her both the holes were over flowing with our cumming. With all this in view, rupesh exploded on her tummy pulling her a little towards his side. We all lay still for sometime there as our fluids started floating on the pool water. We pulled her out towards the bed of grass on the side and she fell on it fully tired. While we were tired with twice leaking, Manish recovered quickly and lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders. Then entered her swiftly and banged her left and right. Rupesh and myself just slept on the grass and looked at him. She was complaining ‘please manish, my pussy is burning, aching, enough please leave me for sometime’. He said ‘how can that be Sweety. I still have to fill your womb with my sperms’. She lay still on the grass but manish continued his war on her body. Since he had come just then, he took 30 mts before he cummed inside her. He banged her missionery, then by lifting her both the legs, from sideways and on all her fours from behind. She bent her head down to her arms. The grass stuck her soft skin leaving marks. His hands were on her boobs continuously pressing and kneading and pinching. She shattered loudly with another unexpected quick orgasm running down her thighs. Finally he pushed her back to the missionery style and hugged her tightly almost touching her womb and exploded inside her. I was always impressed by his strength. She cuddled and slept on her back on the grass. We allowed them to recover for 2-3 mts before lifting her off to the room back.

While myself and manish slept on her either side, rupesh adjusted himself and slept between her thighs. It was only the next day morning around 9 we woke up as there was a knocking on the door. It was the servant who wanted to clean the room. Manish sent the servant back saying he is feeling sleepy. She was still sleeping. We could see slight reddish teeth marks on her lovely body like rose petals. Manish and myself went towards the pool to see. Her dress was still in the middle of the water. Manish went and brought it. As we came back, she was still in deep sleep with a white blanket till her waste. Both her boobs were fully out and hands fully stretched out. The pointing boobs with lovely nipples were inviting us for an early morning session. But we left her for some more time as we knew the impact of our banging on her body. As we lit our cigarettes we kept looking at her naked body on the bed. She turned and slept on her stomach exposing her red marked naked back. Her firm shaped butts were fully on display. We took bath till she woke up. After some time she suddenly got up realizing she was stark naked infront of us. She quietly went inside roaping the white bedspread around her body to the bathroom and took bath and asked about her dress. Manish told her the dress is still wet and may take about 3-4 hours to dry. So we had plenty of time for the second round. At first she got angry in her routine style. But Manish showed her encouraging sexy actions on the computer screen. Her head bent down as she heard her own voice shouting ‘fuck me..fuck me hard u guys’. Now she had no option but to listen to us. Manish placed her leg on the sofa exposing her pussy fully in the broad day light and started licking her. Myself and rupesh took take of her boobs and lips. One by one we fucked her on the sofa, bent her by holding the dressing table, fucked her doggy style, forcing her to look at her own nude body, made her to sleep on the bed, asked her to open her legs widely and to play with herself. She mausterbated infront of all us and came heavily infront of our eyes while looking at the video of our previous fucking session. Manish carried her all over the big room with his dick inside her pussy and fucked her against the wall on the coffee table. He was always different. We did threesome with my dick in her ass, rupesh in her cunt and manish boob fucking her. We made her to suck all three of us till we came. Manish gave food and milk for all of us. She said she had sex with her BF but only twice and that too his dick was very small at 5 inches. She said our strong bodies are attraction for her. We waited till it was dark outside. She wore her dress and we all three went and dropped her back. But by then more or less she had got fucked at least 20 times by all of us. The next day we handed over her diamond necklace wrapped in the torn pieces of her panty in a packet which had fallen on the bed to her right infront of all our classmates saying that it had fallen in the party hall. Her face became red. But from that day onwards she never hit anyone again in the class. Manish sent the clipping of the session to me, rupesh and to her also through email. Before we parted after the final exams, we went to Ooty and stayed for three days with her. Needless to say that we fucked her brains out which ofcourse she enjoyed to the hilt. The best fuck was when we fucked her on the grass in the cottage around the fire. We fucked her in the big bathtub, under the shower system. Manish was like a sex machine. She liked him more than us. Nights we watched blue films with her in the centre and ended up trying all that on her. Just for fun, manish tied her naked to the bed with hands spread eagle and teased her naked body till she started shouting at the top of her voice ‘oh God..please fuck me hard..deep ..oh..why r u not banging me?’. Then without touching her he slid his cock in her vagina. She was so very hot that she wanted her boobs to be pressed and moulded. She became like a hungry tigress. As soon as we freed her bonds, first thing she did was to pull our hands on her boobs. We moulded them so hard till they turned beetroot red. Manish sucked them to bring her life out. She did a strip dance for us, first wearing a full sari and then undressing one by one, sari, petticoat, blouse, bra and panty. She poured wine on her boobs and we licked it hungrily. We ate grapes from her naval and pussy. We poured whisky in her naval and pussy hole and drank it. She offered herself for everything we did. She herself asked to see the first fucking session on the new year night on the video. We all watched it again. It was so erotic to see our own naked bodies involved in such a wild fucking session. Rupesh had captured every bit of the hot scenes. He had taken close view of her orgasm oozing out, her nipples, her clit, close view of her vagina, close view of our dicks, mine and manish dick inside her holes. Her face with sexy expressions. The love bites given by manish on her smooth skin everything was recorded very well. We made her to kneel on all her fours on the bed like a cow, her boobs dangling down. While rupesh ad myself came down from either sides taking each of her boob in our mouths, manish busyed himself with her vagina. After that we changed positions each of us getting to taste her pussy. She came three times, one each in our mouths. End of it she was so exhausted. Still we had not released our loads. Not hearing her pleas for rest, we fucked her on the cot, next bending holding the edges of the cot, standing on the ground, against the wall with her one leg raised, infront of the huge mirror showing her every inch naked to her own eyes seeing getting her fucked hard in the holes all over. She hardly wore clothes those days except that her body was covered in the night with a warm blanket along with we three sexoholic strong men around her naked body. She slept when we went out for sight seeing briefly.

While returning also as our car stopped near a waterfall, she volunteered herself to be fucked under the broad daylight with one or two foreign spectators around which forced them also to join us to fuck her between the trees around. When that Americal black nigro man entered her with his massive 12 inch black cock, she moaned like hell and cummed liked hell. He fucked her in standing position from front while the white guy came behind her and fucked her ass. They both smugged her in the centre between them. As they banged her, manish gave his dick in her mouth. We gave out dicks in her hands. Now she totally had 5 dicks with her to play around. She was fucked on the hard huge stones and bed of wild flowers fully by all of us. We shooted that also as per the request by the foreigners in their own cam. They had their caravan which was like a hotel room inside the huge bus with all the facilities. We thoroughly enjoyed her inside the bus also. They made her to take bath in the caravan bathroom while they fucked her under the shower. In all our fucking she came so many times shouting loudly to the sky. She finger fucked herself as all 5 of us watched her. In the end she was soaked in our juices. So another full day went near the falls only. After 4 days of vigorous sex we came back our destinations. We all parted and within the next few months we received her wedding invitation where she was getting married to the richest business tycoon’s son in the city. We attended her lavish wedding reception as we shook her hands we made it a point to press it for a little extra time as she smiled through. She introduced us as her college friends. But respecting her married status we never tried taking advantage again in future, manish destroyed all the photographs and cd’s as we had no intention of tempting her further in her married life.

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