Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Got torn to pieces


My name is Manjiri and you have probably read a few of my stories before.This story happened when I was working with an international call centre as an executive secretery to the VP.He was a handsome middle aged man called Purab sen and he had eyes on my volptous body right from the begining. I did not mind it at all since I too had a give and take attitude to my career.

I am 5'8" tall with huge firm breasts about 36 and an equally round firm ass. I favour wearing ultra tight salwar kamis or top and trousers to work that showes all my curves and bumps. I enjoy the way my nipples press against the fabric of the clothes I am wearaing and I enjoy thianking about what men must be thinking about me all the time.

Mr. Sen called me in his cabin one evening and dictated something.However I knew the real reason since he was jsut ogling at my firm breasts inside a sleevelss tight kurta without dupatta.I pretended not to notice when he walked around the table and started to run his hand on my bare arm while talking.

"Manju you have a nice body" he said finally.

"I know that sir, what you do not know is how nice it really is" I said and turned to leave.Predictable he grabbed my wrist and turned me around for a kiss. I let the notepad drop and allowed him to kiss me while his big hands roved on my buttocks through my tight salwar. After our kiss was over he pulled me in his lap on the sofa. there he cupped my right breast in one hand and started kneading it slowly enjoying the way I stiffened in arousal.

"come to my room in hotel sun and sand at night room 202"he said and kissed me once more before letting me go.

When I reached his room at night I was dressed in a tight pink top and a micro mini skirt that barely covered my ass and thighs. Mr. Sen was waiting for me in robe along with another colleague , he was a product manager in our company called Sandy. He was a foreigner.

"What a chick"he said and closed the door behind myself.I walked in a seductive gait towards Purab and walked in his arms.He hugged me tight and raised my mini to my hips.Sandy walked behind us and now I was being felt up by 4 hands from front and behind.

"Sit here baby" Purab led me to the sofa and made me sit there,Then he stood next to me resting one knee on the sofa and began unbuttoning my top.His hands reached inside to cup my huge breasts through my brasisere and he began a long wet kiss with me. Sandy sat in front of me and raised my skirt up, I raised my hips in air to allow him to take off my panties .Sandy pushed his face between my legs.My cunt lips had begun leaking a little earlier due to excitement.Now having a rough bearder face brushing there gave the most pleasant sensation to me.I arched my back and closed my eyes in ecastacy. Meanwhile my top was lying open and Purab was kissing my throat my neck while his hands were caressing the udnerside of my breasts.I sighed and inserted my tongue in his mouth.Sandy had pushed his tongue inside my cunt lips and was leaking me there while Purab pulled a bra strap from myt shoulder and pulled my firm breast free.

"Check it out Sandy. what a boob" Purab said happily and took my dark chocolate colored nipple between his teeth. He began licking it with his tongue while his other hand travelled down to caress my flat tummy. Sandy was pressing my ass cheeks while licking my pussy with his tongue fevershly.I reached behind to unhook my brassiere and pulled it free from my breasts.

"enough playing let's fuck her now" Sandy said and parted my thighs. I raised my hips so that my cunt lips were exposed to his throbbing lund. He had one of those causain pink colored thick rod that made me shiver. Not to be outdone by a phirange Purab pulled hic cock out of his robe and put it on my face.His was a typical indian alpha male cock with a thick black color and a bulbous tip throbbing with lust. I opened my lips to take him in while Sandy rammed his cock in my pussy without any preamble. I cried out loud adn lifted in air to accomodate the giant cock thrusting isndie and started to suck on Sen's cock fast. Sen held my hair and pushed my face in his cock. His balls were resting against my chin.

"thaunk thunk" there were noises as both of them tore in to my holes with energy and lust. I felt my boobs raw and tender since they were being squeezed without rest alomst for an hour now. Purab was moving back adn forth his balls hitting my chuin while Sandy was standing croushed like a weight lifter giving long slow storkes to my pussy from down. I was feeling happy to be riding them.........

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