Monday, December 15, 2008

Night Journey

Night Journey

Hi, all ISS readers .I am jitu from a small town from south Maharashtra .I am 26 yrs old, a well build, 6.1 ft tall & little bit heavy Person & that’s why look little bit overage. & exactly opposite to me my mom is 42 yrs old, a short heighted, fair in complexion, not so bulky body, but having perfect bulks where needed, & actually she looked very younger then her age. When ever we both went out in the markets, people would think that we both would be husband & wife or any other relation but no one would think that we might be son & mother. Now I would like to tell something about my family,thear are four members in my family, Me my self 26 yrs, My sister Ritu 22 yrs, My father 50 yrs & My mother Riddhi 42 yrs old. My father is a business man who is always engaged in his business, my sis is collage student, I run a machining workshop & my mother is a perfect house wife. So now coming to the main incident.

Nearly one year ago my father had goon to Nagpur for his business deals for 20 to 25 days. We three, me, my sis& my mom ware staying at our home after he left to his tour & it was a usual thing to us. Every thing was going good & after 15 day, I got a call from my father from Nagpur, he ordered me to come to Nagpur taking our car because he had a heavy cash with him & it was not good to take such a heavy cash from train or bus & he also ordered me to take my mom & sis with me which would give little bit change to them from their Daly roughting. We three of us planed to leave to Nagpur on the same evening, we got all things ready but on 11Th hour my sis got a call from her friend & she had to live to Pune for getting some study material from the university & my sis was the must because she was the collage representative. So we agreed & let her go, I left her till station .the train was in time & she departed in time with her 2-3 friends & one leady teacher ,we ware not worrying lot for her because she was with teacher. Now according to our scheduled we both me & my mom got in to the car at near by 7.30 pm. I drived for more then a hour & we got on to the national highway as if it was night time & there was no more traffic on the road so I switched on the DVD player & at that time I realized that I have not taken a single DVD with me, I opened the front drover & saw that there was a single VCD of a “C” class low grad film which I had bought many days before when I had goon on tour with my friends .

I hesitatingly started the film because there was no other option & if wont play it I would get sleepy which was pretty dangerous. After some time there was a rape Sean in the film and the same Sean later turns in to a love making Sean the actress which was looking pretty good stare support the rapist & they start making love the actress got nearly half nude. I was engaged in driving so was not able to see the Sean with concentration, but was pleased to see that my mom was seeing it with lots of concentration. Some more time passed & the truck coming from another side flashed the light & I got really pleased to see that my mom was doing some unnatural things such as foundling the breast with one hand & with other hand she was rubbing on her pusses firstly I got shocked but then felt that after seeing the film she might have got some etching & I neglect to her. Again after driving for more then hour we ware stopped on the check post. & a police man asked me to submit the documents of car in to the cabin of that check post. I took all the papers & went to the cabin the police man in the cabin asked me to sit for a while because he was chalking the paper of other two truck which wear parked in front of our car I sat on the chair,& wait for my turn, It took nearly 20-25 minutes to complete the procedure & after Completing it I started to walk back to my car but in the dark I saw that one cop was standing beside my car near the window where my mom was sitting So I walked slowly towards my car, to see what was happening. I was not able to see what was happening, but it was clear to me that the cop was playing with my moms body, as if I came near to my car, the cop ran away. I sat in to the car, & was gating angry on my mom but can’t speak to her for what was happening as I didn’t saw anything clearly. Again after driving for 1 hour, I got hungry because I have taken a light dinner from home so that it would not make me sleepy, it was nearly 1am in the night I took the car to the dhaba to have some thing to eat. We want to the dhaba & ordered some lit food, mom had done her diner completely so she didn’t ordered any thing an asked me to have my dinner. The waiter served me the food & my mom said to me that she want to go to toilet I allowed her. She went to the back side of the dhaba, she took little more time so I complete my food & went to the back side of dhaba & got shocked that to see that one stranger was holding my mom tightly and playing with her body & as if I wend there that man ran away in the darkness. Now I was getting really very angry but controlled my self went near my mom & carried her till car by holding her hand & made her to sit in the car.

I went back to dhaba paid the bill & came back & started driving after some seconds of silence I started scolding her for what was she doing. I asked her why was she doing such things, she is a well cultured women & what made her to do such cheap things? As if my sound increased, she started crying very loudly. & as I really love my mom very much I was not able to see tears in her eyes. I took car to the side & stopped my car. I came out went to the side & opened the door & made my mom to come out & wiped her tears & asked her what was the reason, very lovingly & affectionately. She was not able to calm down, so I hugged her & stopped her crying. She stopped crying & said to me that she was really unsatisfied from long time, my father was gone nearly impotent because of diabetics & neither had he spent some time with her because of his biasness. She was unsatisfied physically & mentally too. & she told me that after seeing the film she got the heavy itching between her thighs & so she worked in this way. I replied her that their might be some thing solution on this but insisted her not to do such cheap things again She promised me & we both got in to the car & started driving again. After passing some time my mom said to me in very whisperingly voice that would I satisfied her.

I was really banged listening this because I didn’t think such things about my mom I suddenly replied, that I will not do any unnatural thing. She started saying me that this is not unnatural, she doesn’t have any other mean & started giving me example of one of our relative which was widow having a boy little younger then me she said me that they both have very strong physical relationship & that’s why they both are very satisfied & have seceded in their life’s. After listening this I started thinking about than & realized that really they ware some thing more then son & mom they always live together & always try to stay near to each other. I was little bit convinced that I should help my mom in such condition & I agreed to help her & I said that I would do it very safely so told her that I would buy some condoms from next town & have the next intercourse. So I slowed car in the next town to see wither any shop was open & soon I saw a 24hrs medical shop opened to the Opposite side I stopped the car & crossed the Road went to the shop & hesitatingly asked the shop kipper for condoms meanwhile suddenly one middle aged woman came out from beside the shop saying in the regional language , “Madarchot awadhe diwas aie la zavalas ani ate thy randsathi swatahachy aie la ghara bahir kadhtos haram khora” (ie you basterd you fucked your own mother till now & now you are asking her to live home for that new wore) I got full idea what was happened & now I started believing that their is nothing unnatural to have relation with my mom & I made my mind to satisfy my mom totally and give her pleasure which was she deserving. I went to the car, my mom gave me a pleasant smile & I started driving after living the town 1 to 2kms back I took car down from road took the car downwards away from road stopped the car & asked my mom to sit on the rear sit I also went to rear sit, I sat beside my mom & started foundling her with affection, after doing this thing she hold my head tightly & placed a very wet & warm kiss on my lips. I was in heaven now. I made her to sleep on that sit & for our convenience I opened the one door, I started unwrapping her sari but she said me not to do so & lifted her sari till her pelvic saying that it would waist the time. I took her panties away.

I was able to see my birth place in the dim lights of car she advised me to complete our work as soon as possible because we have a long journey to go now I placed my rod on her pussy and started giving strokes with few strokes my rod got completely in her & now I started giving some mild shots because I was having sex after many days (after collage) & I would com very quickly. After 12-13 minutes my mom started shivering very heavily & she had her orgasm, my mom was true that she didn’t have sex for many years because usually woman doesn’t get orgasm in such short time. So now I also increased my speed & I also got my orgasm after few strokes. I got up quickly dressed up & sat on driver sit my mom also dressed up & said me not to start the car she gave me the bottle of water & said me to calm down first & then start the car I sow towards her & her face was sparkling & now she was some thing more then my mom to me but she didn’t stopped to take care of me & this was the thing that I was loving my mom. I drunk the water an asked her also to have some & placed an affectionate kiss on her lips. & at this time their was no any lust between us but their was lots of love & affection, which made us feel like haven.

After some time we left from their & derived continually till Nagpur. We reached Nagpur on next day noon nearly at 1 Am., we now called my father on his mobile, he gave us the address of the lodge he had booked & asked me to book the another suite because he was having a meeting in his room at night & he will come to hotel at night nearly at 9:30 to 10 Pm. He also ordered me to keep the message for him instructing the suit no. We would hire. So now I haired the new suite for us & kept message on reception for my father. We took our baggage to our room. As soon as we entered the room mom took the “Do no disturb” tag pleased on the door & locked the door from inside, I was still & watching what was she doing. She came near me & started hugging me as if she was shorter then me she was not able to retch till my lips. I helped her & lifted her by hugging her & now she was able to kiss me, she gave me one of the longest, wettest, sentience kiss of my life, we enjoyed that kiss for at list 12 to 15 minutes. After that I lifted her & put her on bed we both sat on bed and again started kissing. Now we both ware undressing Each other. I took her blows off & unwrapped her sari & took off her petticoat & I was also nearly undressed completely I was only in my underpants, cravenly I got a click that my mom suffers a heavy back pain after having a long drive, so I made her to stand in front of me & started giving a massage to her back after some time she turned towards me & started crying & said me that she was really very happy & she was crying because no one cared so much for her till now. After listening this I hugged her very tightly & promised her that I will care for her from now, I again lifted her up & took her to bath room to have bath. Now she reminded me to have tooth past & brush from our bag I quickly went out & got them I took the brush put on the past & started brushing her teeth after completing her she asked me to get brushed with her hands & also with same brush & past I greedily agreed & then she brushed my teeth after that we took bath, While bathing I cleaned her body & also fondled her completely nude body & she also did the same. After bathing we both came on bad we dried each others body with towels & ware now ready for our round. I started kissing her & lined done on her left breast I sucked her nipples & with other hand fondled her other breast after playing with her breast I turned down in the bush between her thighs I started leaking her pussy and gave a wonderful mouth job to her, the precum was oozing from her pussy which made all her bush wet now

I put my rod in to her pussy. Now I got started listening some hissing sounds an some of the words of appreciation from my moms mouth, after 20-22 minutes we both got the orgasm at the same time & we ware in heaven I sleeped on her for few minutes & then got up & sat on the corner of bed & tried not disturb mom I sat there touching my back to wall & closed my eyes after few minutes mom got up & started weeping my sweat with towel. I said mom that I dint need that but she replied me that it is no her turn to give pleasure to me, she wiped my whole body & after that she started playing with my tool & after few while it again got erect now she took my rod in her mouth & started giving a blowjob to me after 12-15 minutes I got an orgasm but mom cleaned & drunk all the cum & made me to lay on bed & she also put her head on my chest & we both goon to deep sleep .After one or two hours mom waked me up & I was stunned to see mom in well dressed & with slight make up At that time I thought that My mom is not very beautiful according to world but.

She was the only beautiful women in whole world to me now I also got dressed up & we both went to restaurant took coffee & went to have a round across the town we returned to hotel at 8.30pm my father was waiting for us on reception he was pleased to see us & I to was pleased to see him because he was also the loving & affectionate person After that we have little chat we three took our dinner mean while we called my sis inquiring about her, after completing our dinner my father asked us to go to our room because he have late night meeting with his busses dealers & he said that he will sleep in his room & asked us to woke him tomorrow. We again got lucky we quickly entered our room & locked it & have another round. I fucked mom for 3 times that night .This was my real experience. I still satisfying my mom after gating marred with a girl having same physic as if my mom & she also think that I must help my mom.

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