Monday, December 15, 2008

My Father In Law

I am young, married to a guy, well, yes a guy, who was also 25 and I met him at the college. His name is Shekher, the younger of the two brothers. I was taken away by his na├»ve nature and his seriousness for his career. His elder brother, Ashok, who was 34, was a decent man. He was happy with his wife, the skinny bitch. Well, the one who had a constant interest in me was my father in law, who was 54 with still an athletic hairy body and two lustful eyes. I used to get his lustful hints in every way. In every occasion, he used to draw me to him like a ‘father’ and give me ‘fatherly’ fondling at my lower back. It is to mention that I am short, 5’1”, very fair, curly hair up to shoulder, wear glasses, wide mouth, bulky, very bulky, 36-27-40 and all that my father in law was interested is my huge fleshy ass.

It all started around the dawn of a raining day. Shekher was sleeping and when he sleeps, nobody can wake him up until it is around 8:00 in the morning. It should be around 4:00 in the morning and I usually lie facing my pillow and with my back side completely open. I was wearing a sari and blouse with no panty or bra. I was also asleep when I woke up with the awkward feeling of a hairy hand moving around my thighs. I also realized that my sari has gone up to my thighs. I must admit though I felt like shouting but at that very moment I realized that it could only be my father in law and it was exciting.Now, if I would scream, things would go bad to worse since my father in law has the key to every thing that this family holds, the money, the power, the reputation. If he is exposed to such scandalous thing, he would go to any extent to cover that up and he has done the same to my late mother in law when she had caught him with the maid. I am from a middle class family and my father cannot afford to fight this guy. So, I remained silent and did not move but tried to ensure that I am asleep.

Slowly he was picking up, now my husband lying beside, snoring like a pig, my sari up to my waist, with my ass wide exposed, and my father in law now using his two hands to molest my ass with full force. I thought that something to be done. So, I made a sound as if I am waking up. He stopped, but only for a moment. It will be a lie to say that I was not enjoying since his were two strong hands with the knowledge of how to caress but at the same time I was so scared and feeling humiliated. It went on for another 5 minutes and the real problem was there. I was getting wet and automatically my flesh became more and more relax which was moments ago stiffened. I could say that the bastard was smiling with satisfaction. He was then slipping his fingers in between my ass and going deep inside reaching the edge of my pussy. I could only keep my eyes close in satisfaction. It went on for another 10 minutes and then he left.

Next morning, I tried to act as if nothing has happened but could not look into my father in law’s eyes. I feared that he would read my mind. In the breakfast table, when every one left and I was doing the table, he asked me to come to his room. I was afraid but knew that there was no escaping. But he is a master player and he intended to go slow and in an abusive manner. When I entered the room, he asked, ‘you look exhausted?’ I startled and looked into his eyes. That very moment we communicated the untold in a silent manner. He gave me his infamous lustful look and scanned my whole sweated Body. He then gave me Rs. 20,000 to my surprise and asked me to go and shop. I tried to argue but he waved aside every thing and insisted that I go to shopping. It was a win-win situation for me; so I went to shopping and shopped out the whole money. It is to be mentioned that my father in law is a millionaire and he is in real state business.I thought that the bribery, off course I will call it bribery; will lead to consequence molestations at the nights. But he was too unpredictable and unique. He showed no sign of interest for the next couple of weeks. It is worth-mentioning that there have been number of occasions when we were completely alone at the house since both my brother in law and sister in law go out to their offices and my hubby joins the office of my father in law. Even if he gazes with his lustful looks, he does that in the presence of others.

Then there came the second aggression. It was the wedding anniversary of Ashok bhai & bhabi. The house, a two storied building with 21 rooms all together was decorated in every color. There was a considerable space of open yard in the front but the two-third of the total land area was in the rear where my father in law kept open for his gardening. Varieties of trees were there. Well, it was a sunny hot day and I was going to take the shower but found that my bath room is occupied. I was trying to find out a vacant bath room and met my father in law in the stair ways. He asked me where was I going and I told him. He said, ‘Sarita (that’s my name), you use my bath room, its empty’. By that time, I started considering that night as a lost event and did not take any guard. I happily said ok to his proposal and get to his room. Moments after, he entered the room talking to my hubby over the cell. He was asking Shekher to come upstairs to his room. For a moment, I got scared but immediately felt relieved since he called hubby. So, I took my dresses and was entering the bathroom and at that moment my hubby’s foot step was approaching and suddenly my father in law pushed through me and together we entered the bathroom. I was about to shout but he put his finger on my lips and I realized that if now my hubby comes to know then it will be a shame for me. So, I remained silent again and he trapped me again. Readers, the next development must be told exactly as they were; otherwise, the taste will be faded. So, I am putting them as conversation:
Shekher: baba, where are you?
Baba (loudly from the bathroom): I am in the bath room.
Shekher: why did u call me?
[Baba was approaching me and kept his hand on my shoulder and dragged my sari, I tried to resist but he was too strong for me]
Baba: I was thinking that you bring some fruits for the guest.
Shekher: what fruit baba?
Baba (pawing one of my boobs with his farm hand): Bring some mango. I like your choice of mango.
Shekher: How many?
Baba: (now getting hold of both my boobs over my blouse; I am looking at his eyes with shock and wonder and he is giving me a shrewd smile): two
Shekher: Only two?
Baba: yes, (grabbing harder) two is enough, if they are really good.
Shekher: Anyway, what size baba?
Baba: the bigger one (saying this, he ripped off my blouse and my boobs came out jumping; he grabbed them again, squeezing them like anything and then held my two nipples in between his thumbs & forefinger) and son, bring some grapes as well.
(I realized that he was naming the fruits on my body parts. I was so shocked, awestruck but the pleasure I was getting was unimaginable. With my husband standing just opposite side of the door and my father in law molesting me desperately inside the bathroom, believe me readers, was a fantastic experience.)
Shekher: ok, baba. Anything else?
Baba: (he pulled off my sari by now and put his attention to my naval area and below, he lowered his hands to my trimmed pussy area. I automatically spread my legs for his ease. He knew already that I have then surrendered to his will. I was closing my eyes in pleasure, making a soft moaning sound) yes, bring some durian also.
Shekher: Durian? Are you sure? They are very rare in the market!
Baba: (now fingering my clit, which is completely wet and juicy by that time) Yes, I know. They are rare.. It is indeed rare; you have to work hard to get one. Also, make sure by taking its pill off that it is wet and juicy inside. (I could not stop a giggle at that moment but baba put his hand on my mouth quickly so that Shekher does not hear it)
Shekher: ha ha! Sure. That’s all?
Baba: (now turning to his favorite fruit, my big bulky fleshy ass) No. There is something very important to bring.
Shekher: what?
Baba: (Now pushing me towards the wall, me leaning towards the door, with my ass backward bumping and exposed and he lifted my petticoat up to my waist, he grabbed with his hands the chunks of flesh) Melon, bring the largest melon. I like large melon.
Shekher: ok, that’s all then, right?
Baba: That would be all son. (By then, I had become naughty too. I took my hand back and got hold of his dick. Wow! I am not exaggerating, it was huge, really huge and more importantly, very thick, all erected ready to get me)… ah, well, bring a banana.
Shekher: One? You are a millionaire baba, even a taxi driver buys at least four.
Baba: ha ha! (Now setting his dick at the tip of my pussy from behind and slowly pushing it) Sarita likes banana very much. And she likes big one.
Shekher: ha ha! Yes, baba, she eats too much.
Baba: ok, bring two. I understand he wont be satisfied with one any more (with the slow push, his huge thick duke was already inside my juicy pussy… and he was giving me regular and balanced stroke. It was so wonderful and so much better than that of Shekher’s that I could hardly keep myself composed. At the same time, he was squeezing my boobs with his hands reaching them under my arms. He untapped the shower and water was pouring all over me. He speeded up the stroke and the thumping sounds could not be heard by Shekher due to the water falling sound. I was also moaning and was pushing back my ass towards him. It went on for another 10 minutes and during this time baba was talking to Shekher on other issues and at the same time fucking me doggy, me being his bitch. Then he came. I could feel inside the flood of sperm spreading all inside my pussy walls. I was tired and sat on the edge of the bath tub, looking at his eyes and he into mine. Then he came towards me, pointing his dick towards my face. I was surprised and gestured with query. He made sign to open my mouth. I was wondering what then!
Shekher: ok, baba, I start now.
Baba: (pointing his dick towards my face… and I was with my mouth wide open) One thing son.
Shekher: yes, baba.
Baba: (To my greatest surprise, he started peeing over my face… the hot salty water went inside my mouth, poured all over my face… I shut my mouth but immediately I was taken away by his sheer perversion and opened my mouth. He was now laughing and peeing all over my face, boobs, inside my mouth) wash the fruit after you have them.
Shekher: ok, baba. Bye.

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