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A Ghost From The Past

A Ghost From The Past

Hello, to all ISS readers. This is again, ur Abhishek Singh, 18 male from east Delhi. It is around 1 year that I haven’t post a story to this site. But now, my lusty soul has again encouraged me to write some more new stories.I don’t want to waste ur time more.So, this story begins from here…Burt had just entered the house after leaving work. As he passed through the kitchen he saw the twins busy preparing dinner. Trudy was at the sink and had her back to him. Judy was sitting at the table dicing vegetables. When he saw that both were wearing thin, light gray shorts and matching sports bras, he knew his twins had been at Body by Britney that afternoon. Their toned, athletic, beautifully bronzed forms looked incredible.He stepped up behind Trudy and moved the ass-length straight black hair away from the right side of her neck and nibbled at the base. He breathed in and enjoyed the lingering tropical scent of her tanning lotion. Trudy giggled. Burt's hands reached around, sliding under the sports bra and cupping her wonderful, perky breasts. The soft swells felt so good. His cock immediately stirred. He tweaked on the nipples. They grew erect and began throbbing."How did classes go today?" he asked.

"Fine, just like always," she reported."Is daddy going to get some?" he questioned with a naughty grin on his face."Daddy knows he can have his girls any time he wants. But if daddy's hungry, he better stop fondling me or i'll be all over him like a cat in heat and dinner won't get done.""But you feel so good," Burt complained. "Why did you two have to turn out so perfect?""We're no more perfect than you are, daddy!"He reluctantly withdrew and looked over at Judy. A small stack of mail was on the table beside her and one item was open. Burt stepped up behind her, leaned over, and hugged her shoulders. His mouth kissed the side of her head in a display of affection."Daddy, who's Uncle Nash?" Judy innocently asked.A stunned expression appeared on his face as he straightened up. "Wow, talk about a ghost from the past. I haven't heard that name in years.""Is he really your uncle?"Yes, it's true," he confirmed, still shocked by the news."What relation is he to us?""I guess he'd be your great-uncle."He pulled out a chair and sat at the table facing both of the girls. Burt knew they should know more about Uncle Nash. He took a few moments to formulate his thoughts. As he did he couldn't take his eyes off of Trudy's firm, curved ass and sleek legs. The legs of the shorts left the bottom curvature of her buttocks uncovered and revealed a hint of her pussy lips. His penis persistently throbbed.

"My Uncle Nash had a very adventurous spirit. He was a wild one. Nash was ten years younger than your grandmother, and he ran away from as a teenager. They got the odd letter or phone call occasionally, but beyond the fact that he ran moonshine throughout the county nobody really knew much else. They eventually got word that the law had caught up with him and he spent some time in prison. That's the last they heard. Why, what brought this up?"Judy handed him the contents of the envelope. He recognized it as a fancy invitation.Burt read it aloud. "You are cordially invited to attend a family reunion at my Colorado summer lodge from June 17th to the 20th. There is more than adequate room for all invited guests and their immediate families. All of your needs will be provided for." He set it down. "I never expected to hear from him."

"Can we go?" Judy asked. "It sounds like it would be a great vacation. I'll be more than happy to mark down three adults and return the card."Yeah, I'm sure you would!"Burt got up from his seat wearing a wide grin. Judy eyed him suspiciously and placed the knife down. She noticed the slight bulge in his pants. A naughty smile formed on her lips. He suddenly fell to his knees on her right side and lunged at her. His hands reached down and tickled the sides of her chest. Judy erupted in laughter and jerked in the chair. Her twitching body tried to escape his grasp but daddy was too strong. He kept tickling his girl until her laughter grew breathless and her eyes watered. She punched him in the chest when he let her go.Judy picked up the knife and resumed her task. "Daddy shouldn't be messing around with an armed girl."Burt noticed as Trudy finished up at the sink. He gently pulled the knife from Judy's hand and gestured for Trudy to join the huddle. She knelt down beside daddy and he hugged them both."You two are always making daddy proud." He kissed each one on the forehead and watched as their eyes moistened. "You did an amazing job with our client last week. Mr. Walker was so impressed he doubled the promised bonus and I opened a savings account in our names with a thousand dollars. Do you girls really want this? More than South Beach?"

"Why can't we do both, daddy?" Judy questioned. "Spring break is next year. We have plenty of time to save. Maybe Mr. Walker has some more men he wants softened up?"Her choice of words struck them all at the same time and they broke out in laughter.He shrugged his shoulders. "Well, if you girls can make it happen, then fine. Judy already volunteered to RSVP. I'll work on the airline and car rental reservations.""What can I do, daddy?" Trudy asked, anxious to be included in the preparation stage in some way."Start working on a list of what we'll need to pack. But keep in mind this is still a month away. I don't want you girls get overly excited too quickly."Trudy's eyes suddenly lit up. "Are Cousin Pete and Uncle Wilson coming?"He wasn't ready for her inquiry but it was a logical one. "Give Pete a call and find out. It seems to reason they would've gotten their invitation by now with Nebraska being quite a bit closer to Colorado than we are."

Trudy excitedly ran off to the living room to make the call. Judy sighed in disappointment. "I wanted to call and ask Uncle Wilson."Burt stroked her soft, ass-length black hair. "It was your sister's question, sweetie. Let her be. Besides, it hasn't been very long since you last saw him. You two went at it like newlyweds."A smile formed on her lips as she recalled his overnight stay and how they loved each other so many times. Every one was a distinctly sweet memory. The smell of cooking meat roused Judy from her thoughts.Oh, I better add these vegetables to the pot roast or they won't get cooked in time."Burt left Judy to her chore and peeked in on Trudy. She was stretched out on the couch with her right thigh vertical and her calf resting on the back of the sofa. Her left leg was lying sideways and was bent at the knee. Her relaxed position left her crotch exposed. The shorts were pulled up tight against her center, showing an imprint of her fragile folds in the fabric. Her flat, tanned belly was bare, and her perky swells were just barely covered by the skimpy top. He stood behind her unseen, admiring her gorgeous young body.

"That's so neat you two are coming!" Trudy exclaimed. "I can't wait to see you. I've missed you so much."After a few seconds Trudy switched the phone to her left hand. Her right one moved to the outline of her right breast. The tip of her middle finger traced along the bottom curvature of the firm mound. After a few seconds the nipple awakened and rose, pushing up the fabric. Her finger lightly rubbed the aroused peak. She subconsciously pinched and twisted it between her thumb and index finger."Of course I miss that. I miss that a whole lot," she casually admitted. "You too?"Trudy's back arched and she softly moaned as her fingers roughly twisted the hard nub. She released it and moved her right hand down, caressing her smooth belly."You haven't been with anyone since me?" she asked in a surprised tone. "A good-looking man like you?"Her fingers rubbed the skin along the top edge of her shorts. Burt smiled as he watched. He suspected they'd be pushing underneath real soon. He could tell she was getting aroused.

Burt heard the oven door closing. He turned around and motioned for Judy to be quiet. Her interest piqued and she silently crossed the threshold into the living room and stood to his right. He moved an arm around her waist. It took Judy a second to realize they were being devious and spying on her sister. A smile formed on her luscious lips."Maybe. Are you?" Trudy asked in a coy, sexy voice. "You naughty, naughty boy. You'd go straight for the grand slam and skip the other bases? That's not how it was when I was there. You knew exactly how to wind me up."Judy and Burt looked at one another. Judy loved it, and it was all she could do to suppress a laugh. He found it mildly sneaky and amusing as well."Okay, but you have to be real quiet. Daddy and Judy are in the kitchen and I don't want them to overhear." Trudy pressed the Speaker button and placed the cordless phone on her stomach. "Go ahead."

"What are you wearing?" Pete softly inquired."Shorts and a sports bra," she answered."Hmm, sounds great. Pull off your top."Trudy cringed. Even though daddy and her sister had seen her naked more times than she could count, the thought of them walking in and catching her in the middle of phone sex was a humiliating thought. But as risky as the idea was, it was also incredibly thrilling. Trudy's fingers were trembling with nervous excitement as she complied with Pete's request and pulled the top off over her head and arms. She placed it at her side so it could be quickly pulled back on."Okay, I'm topless," she whispered.Tingling warmth filled her loins and both nipples swelled and hardened. Goose bumps appeared on her smooth skin. The thought of her daddy or sister walking in and seeing her lying there on the couch half naked made her quiver with nervous fear that translated into intense, erotic excitement."Where are you, and what are you wearing?" she asked.I'm sitting back on my bed wearing jeans and a short-sleeved shirt.""Snaps or buttons?" she followed up as she tried to form a mental image."Snaps," he said. Cousin Pete knew she loved his shirts with the snaps.Trudy's eyes lit up and a wide smile appeared on her lips. "Rip it open. I want to hear them popping!"

There were a few noises followed by a brief, steady stream of metallic pops. Trudy giggled when she heard them. She remembered the next thing she always did, running her soft hands over his hard, rippling muscles."Lightly rub your lower belly with the tips of your fingers, and then slowly advance to your tits," he directed.She closed her eyes and complied. Her fingers danced over her flat stomach around the phone and slowly moved up to her bare breasts."Do the same with your tits. Touch them all over, but not the nipples."Her entire body twitched and shuddered as the fingers caressed her perky swells. The nipples swelled and throbbed, eager for stimulation, but Trudy avoided them. It was just like Cousin Pete to tease her like this. The longer she touched the soft swells the harder her nipples pulsated and ached. Her body shifted uncomfortably on the couch. The tingling warmth in her belly grew. Her moist pussy began to twinge."Oh," Trudy softly groaned as she quickly became aroused."Suck on your fingers. Get them all wet with spit."

She lifted her hands to her mouth and sucked on the tips of her fingers. She smeared them with warm saliva. As she removed her fingers, they dripped with spit."Rub them on your upper chest, between your tits, and then all over your lower belly."Her wet fingers painted her upper chest with saliva, and moved them between the mounds. She moaned and shuddered as the fingers brushed past the breasts. The boobs gently vibrated and teased her already aching nipples. When her fingers fondled her smooth, flat belly, she shuddered in delight. Her pussy was wet and getting hotter with each passing moment. Her pulse and breathing quickened."Please, go lower Pete, I'm getting all wound up," she complained."Move your right hand down, on top of the clothing, and touch yourself lightly."Her hand moved down over the shorts. Trudy traced the outline of her pussy lips. She softly moaned and quivered as her fingers touched the covered flesh. Her hips anxiously pumped upward against the fingers. Her head rocked from side to side as her body reacted to the teasing stimulation. Both Burt and Judy could smell her growing excitement as it drifted up from her center. They watched as a small dark spot appeared in the crotch of her clothing and slowly expanded."I wish you were here," she said in frustration

Trudy maintained the light contact even though Burt could tell she wanted much more. She followed Pete's instructions exactly, pretending that he was there controlling the pace. Her body swayed from side to side as she grew desperate, like a kid having to pee real badly. Burt could see the emotional pain of denying herself what she so frantically needed. He silently wondered how long she'd hold out before she lost control.Watching the scene unfold was just as arousing for Judy. Her right hand moved across the front of her body and was placed on Burt's crotch. His bulge had grown considerably in size, and the contact of her fingers rubbing on the mass caused it to complete its rebirth. He glanced over at his naughty daughter and shook his head in pretend-disbelief, as if shocked she'd attempt such a thing. She acknowledged his look with a sexy smile and mouthed the words "fuck me".The hand he had around her waist moved. It playfully fondled her firm, curved ass. She shifted and leaned against him, shamelessly rubbing her left breast against his right side. Burt scooted Judy to his front. His arms engulfed her form. They both watched Trudy as his hands quietly lifted the sports bra up over her breasts. He cupped one in Each hand and squeezed on the warm, firm swells. The nipples hardened and eagerly throbbed against His palms. He nuzzled the soft base of her neck.Judy leaned back against daddy and enjoyed the feel of his hands cradling and fondling her mounds. The ignored nipples ached to be abused. Finally his fingers tended to them. He firmly pinched and twisted on the nubs, giving Judy the stimulation she wanted. Tingling warmth ignited in her loins and filled her with desire."Push my shorts and panties off," Trudy requested in an urgent whisper."No," Pete denied her. "I want you to pinch and twist on both nipples for being naughty. Otherwise i'll hang up.""Don't hang up!" she pleaded. "i'll do it."True to her word, Trudy raised both hands to her breasts despite the impressive stain of wetness that had soaked through her clothing. Burt could see that her pussy was hot and juicy. He was amazed at her level of self-restraint given her obvious degree of arousal. Both of his girls were creamers, but he'd never seen either one cream their clothes as much as Trudy had this time.

"Go ahead," he instructed.Trudy grasped both nipples between thumbs and index fingers. She stretched and twisted on the throbbing nubs. Her face grimaced as she softly cried out."Harder, and then hold it.""Ah! Ah!" she complained as stinging pain filled her body."Okay, good girl," Pete announced a few seconds later.The sharp jolt had taken her breath away. Droplets of perspiration formed on her brow and glistened in the ambient light. She relaxed and breathed heavily after the punishment. She was more excited than ever. Burt watched as the dark stain in her crotch continued to expand in all directions.A knocking sound in the background could be heard coming from the phone. A muffled voice announced "Come on, Pete, we gotta go."Pete's voice was laced with disappointment. "Call me later. I love you."Trudy gasped "Love you too!"She quickly pulled the sports bra back on. She was grateful nobody had seen her without it. But now she'd been left in a terrible state. Trudy was more frustrated than ever.When the connection went dead Trudy pressed the End button and angrily tossed the phone onto the carpeted floor. Judy looked up at daddy with her right hand pressed over her mouth. She was on the verge of laughing at Trudy's predicament. Burt warned her not to let on, because he knew that it would fuel a bitter fight. Besides, he loved them both equally and felt badly for Trudy and her condition.

Burt pulled Judy's sports bra back down over her breasts and guided her back into the kitchen."Oh yeah, you're worried about her, but I'm all wound up too!" Judy softly protested.Thanks for keeping dinner going, Judy. Where's your evil twin?" he asked loud enough to be overheard in the next room.Judy angrily stuck her tongue out at daddy.Burt noisily stepped into the living room. "Hi sweetie, did you get a hold of Pete?""Yeah, they're coming," she answered in a depressed voice."When I told you girls not to get overexcited too quickly, I didn't mean you couldn't show a little enthusiasm.""That's not it at all, daddy," Trudy said in exasperation, moving her legs together to hide the stained clothing. "I just miss Pete. Maybe calling him wasn't the right thing for me to do. It'll be great seeing him, but after a couple days we'll be separated again. I'm not sure I want to go through all that a second time."Burt sat down beside her. His heart swelled with love. Trudy moved into a sitting position beside him."It looks like somebody's excited," Trudy commented in a suddenly hopeful voice.

"Your sister was teasing me," he lied.A sexy grin formed on her flushed face. "Can I finish what she started?"He kissed her moist forehead. "Has daddy ever denied his girls anything?""Well, nothing that we really needed," she agreed.She leaned forward and kissed his lips. Her tongue anxiously thrust into his mouth. Their muscles passionately entwined. As they kissed, her fingers tugged the shirt buttons open. Her hands moved inside, caressing his broad chest and shoulders. Trudy briefly imagined it was Cousin Pete she was with, extending the fantasy for a little bit longer.Burt slipped out of the shirt and tossed it aside. As he lifted up her sports bra their kissing was interrupted to allow its removal. Once she was topless, her mouth quickly returned to daddy's receptive mouth. She kissed him hard and thrust her darting tongue to the back of his throat like a woman possessed. Burt cupped and squeezed on the perky swells, fondling the incredible mounds of luscious flesh.

His mouth moved to an ear. His hot breath blew past the cartilage as his mouth nibbled on the lobe. Trudy softly giggled; she moved her ear closer to the mouth. She loved it when daddy licked her ear. It filled her with tingling excitement.His lips kissed a moist path down her neck and to a breast. His flicking tongue painted the smooth swell with warm saliva in a circular motion that slowly closed in on the hard, throbbing nipple. She gasped and shuddered when the muscle finally reached the ignored nub. He took it into his mouth and sucked on the pink tip. Trudy moaned in delight as her body stiffened against him.When she felt a hand on her lower belly moving down toward her crotch, her legs eagerly parted. Burt's fingers dipped under the elastic waistband of her shorts and panties. He caressed the rise of flesh before dipping his fingers lower and touching the juice-smeared lips. He could feel wet heat emanating from her core like never before. Her entire being jerked and quaked as he fingered the soft petals of flesh. His fingers eased between the folds, rubbing up and down the hot slit."Oh, daddy, yes!" she loudly exclaimed in relief. "That's so good, oh yeah, daddy."His mouth moved to the opposing nipple, licking and sucking on the swollen peak. A middle finger pushed inside her tight canal, joined by a second that stretched her juice-slick walls apart. Her groans intensified as he slowly worked them both into her center, loosening her up enough to take them. He began a rhythmic finger-fucking that quickly had her shuddering and breathless.

Without skipping a beat he moved into a kneeling position at her feet. As he maintained the finger-fucking motion his free hand grabbed the shorts and panties, pulling them down her legs. He was amazed how wet they'd gotten. Trudy pulled her feet free and kicked them off.He removed his juice-smeared fingers. Burt grabbed her right leg and slid her body closer to the edge of the couch. Trudy swung it out and draped it over his shoulder. Burt sniffed her unique aroma as he got a close-up view of her bald pussy. The two compressed lips formed a tiny channel. When his fingers gently pushed them apart he revealed a glistening pink valley. He saw the enlarged clitoris peeking up from the protective hood, and the small orifice he'd been inside so many times before.

His mouth moved in and eagerly devoured his girl. The tip of his tongue licked the length of her slit, gathering some of the seeping wetness. He filled his mouth with her delicious flavor. It teasingly flicked over the clitoris. Her back arched and body writhed as he toyed with the nub. His two slick fingers returned to her pussy and thrust deeply inside.After all the teasing her body had endured, it didn't take very long for Trudy to reach climax. She stiffened, gasping and groaning as she crossed the threshold to ecstasy. Her body writhed as she was gripped in the throes of orgasm. Juice flooded Burt's mouth and face as her shuddering form savored the intense tingling pleasure of sexual release. For several seconds her body shook in uncontrollable spasms, consuming the pent-up sexual energy.When her body quieted, he moved back and stood up. He loosened and removed his dress slacks and laid them on the recliner. Trudy's eyes were fixed on his crotch as he lowered the colored briefs and exposed his swollen penis. She moved to a kneeling position before him with cat-like quickness. Before he could kick the underpants off, her hot mouth was already taking him inside.

Burt carefully shifted his body and fell back onto the couch. His hands clutched the back of her head as his hips pumped into her wondrous mouth. He leaned back and enjoyed the tingling pressure in his balls and groin. Her wet mouth felt glorious on his pulsating organ. Thick seed oozed from the tip and filled her mouth with his salty, musk taste. Trudy's muffled groans sounded as her head bobbed back and forth at a furious rate. His sensitized head passed over her moving tongue, bumped at the back of her throat, and pushed beyond."Oh, sweetie, I'm getting close," he whispered as his seed began to rise.As much as he loved her skilled mouth, Burt wanted to finish inside of her. As the wonderful pressure mounted, he approached the point of no return. His hands reluctantly pushed her head back. A web of pearl-like strings connected between her mouth and the head of his cock. She swiped a finger across and broke the thin webbing, eagerly licking the finger clean.Trudy quickly got up from the floor and straddled her daddy's lap. Her right hand gripped the base of his cock as she moved his penis to the tiny opening. The smooth round tip stretched the resilient flesh walls of her canal as she shifted her weight down. Burt pulled down on her waist as he thrust in an upward motion. Trudy gasped as brief stinging pain signaled his entry. Burt's cock penetrated into his gorgeous girl.

Their rhythmic efforts slowly worked his throbbing erection into her juicy love chamber. Wetness coated the shaft as it speared deeper. Soft moans accompanied their fevered loving as flesh slapped against flesh. Leaking juice splattered onto their upper thighs. Burt fully extended himself into his girl and savored the feel of her fluttering canal so tightly wrapped around his stem. When Trudy's groans intensified he knew she was getting close.As her body erupted in spasms of joy, a buzzer sounded from the kitchen. Burt heard footsteps, and the oven door opening and closing. It was followed by additional noises. From the sounds of it Judy was intentionally making a racket in there to communicate her anger. Burt chased the worry from his mind and concentrated on Trudy's shifting form and juicy canal."Dinner's ready," Judy shouted.

"She's being a bitch, daddy," Trudy complained in a weak and breathless voice. She flipped a middle finger in the direction of the kitchen doorway.Trudy decided two could play at that game. "Oh, yes! Fuck me with your fat cock, daddy. You feel so good inside of me! Oh, my God, that's incredible! Oh! Oh! Oh!"Burt shook his head. By now all he wanted to do was finish, but their continuing spat was making that difficult. He finally grasped the back of Trudy's head with his left hand and pressed her mouth to his. Their heated tongue kissing silenced her erotic declarations and their outbursts fell silent.He thrust upward into her incredible, hot chamber. Moments later his groin tightened and his balls pulled up to the base of his stiff cock. He enjoyed the pleasing tingling sensations as his semen rose from the sacs. He pumped into her harder, straining for maximum depth. He grunted in delight as he ejaculated several times, squirting thick wads of milky cum inside of her. When he was finished he pulled away from her mouth and leaned back.

"You two are going to drive me crazy," he decided. "Why must you two always fight? Can't you be the bigger person and let her be?""I'm sorry, daddy, but she just really pisses me off sometimes. She can be such a bitch."Burt struggled to understand. "So in a small space of time she progressed from being your bitch to being an outright bitch. Do I have that right?"Trudy realized how silly it sounded and broke out in laughter. "She'll always be my bitch, just like i'll always be hers. And we'll both always be yours, daddy."Did u like the story? Please rate it and post ur comments to me and one thing more, this story is not real. It’s just made by me for ur enjoyment.There is another information for all the readers that, I m a young call boy. I give services in all the areas of I.P.EXTENSION (Delhi) and other areas attached with it, with a nominal fees of just Rs. 130/- for 1hour and 30minutes. I m quiet experienced in this job as I have satisfied around six girls through this facility.So, any married / unmarried women, unsatisfied aunty or a girl above 15 years of age desiring for a soft core or hardcore sex can mail me.Your secrecy / privacy would be maintained at any cost and the satisfaction of sex would be guaranteed by me.You have to just pick up ur computer and mail me ur comments to enjoy, because life fucks everyone!!

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