Monday, December 15, 2008

Watched mom getting screwed

Watched mom getting screwed

Hi this is Pramu kumar . This is a real story what happened 2years back . My mom was 37yrs then . She has moderate body but what stands out is her ass . We had a property dispute in village with her sister we had gone there . My mom and her sister started quarrelling and her husband also got involved in it . My mom asked him whether he is a man or woman they started fighting then he tore her blouse making her black bra visible and then i and my cousin sent her inside and all elders solved the dispute . Later v stayed there itself in the night . My mom was silent whole day later in night i went to motor house to smoke as nobody comes there .after some time i saw some one coming there it was my mom and she had her bro in law with her both sat inside the motor house .

He asked sorry for tearing her dress then she told its ok . He then held her in navel area and pressed once i kept on hiding behind the logs . My mom told this isn't good and was angry he then asked sorry and told not to tell anyone . He then told he'll get a fruit for her and went out my mom then lifted her saree and slept there . He came back and seeing it he just put his hand inside her panty and started rubbing my mom smiled at him . He removed all his dress then my moms then she took his dick in mouth and he licked her pussy for few minutes and then banged her she was lifting and enjoying and she started shouting when he pumped her ass . All finished in 30min then they dressed up and my mom told he is definitely a male and he told her that her sister never gets her ass fucked . My mom said i am there don't worry and she loves ass fucking and he was better in fucking ass than my dad.

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