Monday, December 15, 2008

Family Affairs

Sandy let out a deep sigh as she exploded with an orgasm,as i was pumping my hot lava into her i can be sure she can be mother this time.thats my little sister sandhya,dont be surprised about our all started about three months ago when she tried to commit suicide.we rushed her to the hospital to know that she had consumed sleeping pills,how stupid.she got a second life . I had this strange attraction towards my sister,always looking her the way a brother is not supposed to look,she was voluptuous for her age,i used to take advantage of her affectionate hugs and embraces and feel her womanly warmth,one day when she failed in exams she came crying to me and held me in embrace,there was mum (she was out to office)to share her feelings,i held her tight,feeling her breath beating rythmically on my shoulders. Her reason for commiting suicide,she did not fare well in exams,oh how stupid we were deeply hurt in the family, there was this consensus of feeling that studies are not all that mattered.i suggested she be taken for a trip or something.i was permitted to take her as nobody was free they were engaged in my elderbrothers marriage.

Common sandy its ok u can suck it,its not dirty yaar common" i told her.she shyingly complied bit hesitantly at first then comfortably."hows it now".its good ,she took me hardly two days after we came to trip to kodaikanal to know feelings,she was always not happy with life i came to know.the night of the trip we kept all our luggage in the hotel room went for a ride and chatted till late to come to know she was unhappy,there was a eerie silence between us after the chat ,i kissed her forehead and reassure her that all we want is her happiness,she held her face in front of me ,placing my lips on her was all that i can conciously remember,after that it was all sheer passion which made me make love to my little sister,she had a satisfied look as i was panting in her face afer cumming in her.aaaghhhhh no please this one really hurts,please".i reapplied the vasaline to her virginal ass,this time i was determined to enter her ass hole completely.i took my hard tool"sandy last try ,u will like it i promise".with that i pushed with all the force to get my head in to her ring ,not stopping this time i rammed in my whole thing inside."aaaghhhh its unbearabel ,oooooohhhhhh ".she seemed to be collapsing.i pulled her up by hands to make sure she was ok .it was damn tight i managed to pump her for ten min before ejaculating.she had a angry look as if i had raped her.

After a week of trip it was back to home,everybody was happy to see her back and happy.that evening at drinks i told dad what had happend he was surprised to know.(my dad is a bit of liberal kind).i was expecting what was coming .so to make it a bit interesting ,i told "dad,she is my lover now".he did not make any pretentions before asking "is it ok for me to be her lover too".he had a genuine look on his face saying he also wanted to make his daughter happy.i told"on one condition,if u let me be ankitas lover"ankita is my mom she is a manager in a tailoring firm,and at 42 she is very firm,know what i assured me that her will talk her in to it. That evening me sandy and dad left to our farm house in a place near our village,we had all drinks and food ready for us.when we reached there by evening,all through the journey dad never let sandy hand go out of his hand they were smiling at each other.we watched tv for some time to make sandy asked sandy"baby,i want u to be happy,is there anything u want".she replied by kissing his pulled sandy closer to him,caressing Her,he had his mouth all over hers,i came to sit near sandy,slowly withdrew her face from dads,i took her mouth in mine,i told her"sandy,take strength from my mouth,"she did what i wanted,she had her petite mouth inside mine caressing my tounge with hers,for sixteen year old girl she seemed to have uncanny nake to understand made aware that he is also there,and i already had decided today is dads i let him lead,he slowly pulled her kameez down,she was still little daughter standing infront of father,he made her sit across his waist to caress her nubile breasts,kissing her breasts he slowly travelled across her armpits and back,licking her arms he had his toungue in hers,ohhhh,was she enjoying she was wanting more.i had a huge erection watching these two feirce lovers,dad slowly relesed her on the floor,it was my time,i came to lie across her in missionary position,putting my thing in her little moist hole,she was agressive,i replied with the sme aggression,pumping her deep and fast,i came soon,as i rolled over,she never realised that i had as dad had taken my place but with his tool out on her abs,under his enormous weight she was getting crushed i thought,but i was wrong as she pulled dads face closer to her face to kiss him ,this told him she was ready for him.

He pointed his thing and slowly pushed it inch by inch."oooohhhhh daddy,ooohhhahahhahh ahahah daddy".as he had whole thing with a final push,she almost screamed which was muffled by my dads hands.thank god.we dint want no trouble.caressingly dads huge ass moved in and out of sandys love hole,i could see they love each other.what a moment,he started to pump her vigorously,surprisingly she was enjoying it.they both had orgasm at the same time.i took her in my lap for a shower,hot water falling on our bodies,she was smiling at me.probably she was thanking me for what happened.i saw a vasaline box in bathroom,i showed her that and she shyly came in to my arms,i made her do doggy style ,applied vasaline,dad came to see whats happenig and was surprised that his little girl is getting pleasure from ass.that day after that me and dad had drinks,sandy was serving ofcourse. Send in your comments to

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