Sunday, February 8, 2009

Never expected

Never expected

By: ravi

We 3 –never expected

Hi friends , I am Ravi , regular reader of ISS , now its my turn to write for you my experince , it is happened when I was in Surat. Surat is city of romantic persons. I was working for modeling , one day I came contact with a owner of beauty parlour , her name was Daksha . I used to call her Madam. In her parlour there was a girl name Pinky , She was married but divorced after 2 years of married life.
Daksha Madam was around 35 years ,fair, little fatty with big boobs and big ass, when she walk her butts were dancing , and many times when she bend , her dress or sometimes gown incert in her ass crack. She was sexy lady , but she used to hide her feelings opposite me. Pinky was fair, thin , not very thin with nice shaped boobs and good ass . she was looking vey sexy , becase after divorce may be nobody was fucking her. She likes me , but it was only upto talking .
One day for she had one seminar in Mumbai , she told me ,that she will go to Mumbai , I used to go to Mumbai many times , so she asked to come with her , I told ok. Pinky was also with her , So we three went to Mumbai by Train , so enjoyed talking both ladies touch their hands to me , so our gap comes close . She planned to take family room in hotel because Seminar was for two days, we went to room , I changed dress , so madam and pinky laughed , to see my change dress ,I wound towel and change pant , but towel was fall down , my cock was hard to think about them . Then we went out from Hotel and return back at 8 :30 , we all were tired to walk and work in Mumbai, we all bath one by one , I came out without shirt from bathroom , Pinky wear gown , It was transfarent , Madam wear also two piece gown, they planed to drink whiskey , Madam told me ,today we will drink wiskey and enjoy , I was very happy to enjoy their plan . But from my side I was quite. We start drinking whiskey one pag , so pinky told me Ravi , are you exercising daily ? I replies yes, so she became very happy and told me then show your chest? I act like shy ? Madam told me show her don’t feel shy? I taken off my Tshirt , Pinky touch on my chest and laugh , n say ohhhh nice , I feel very sexy and exciting , My cock was hard and t shirt was not to cover bludge , I was cool ,she move her both hands on my chest , and on my lips , madam told me kiss her , I kissed her I pressed boobs ,she became hot , she hold my cock on pant , I inserted my one hand in her panty ,touched her hairy cunt, Madam was smiling and drinking two pegs fast . Madam came to me and kissed me hardly , and insert her tongue in my mouth , it was very hard for me she pressed me forcefully and bit on my upper lip she looks like very aggressive , I removed her top , bite her nipple then she became wild she pulled my pant down , insert hand in my boxer and hold my cock . pressed it , shake it , I pulled her payjama and insert hand in her ass , touch her ass hole , she jumped and pressed me , kissed me , I lay on bed she suck my hard cock , pinky drunk one peg and and move her hand on my legs and kissed there.I felt like King two womens are ready to give me all pleasure , I was in seventh heaven. I insert hand in madams hair and pressing her pussy and butts, pinky come closed to me and kissed me , I was pressing her boobs , then madam lift her gown and pulled her panty and pinch on her butt, she gone mad ,first time I saw in real women like to play with woman , it was a nice scean for me . I told pinky to stand and I licked her pussy and move hand on her hips, madam was busy was sucking my cock , then pinky also come down and sucking my cock and moving hand on my balls ,madam kissed pinkys cunt and insert finger , it was very exciting for me , I throw my cum in pinky,s mouth , madam also come and lick my cum ,after pinky lay down ,her hips was up , I and madam kissed on her butts , I pressed her butts beside and opened her asshole , it was very small ,small hairs are there I start to lick there ,madam spat on her hole and insert middle finger deeply , pincy shout ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but she was enjoyed with that act , then I lift pinky she became in doggy , her pussy was leaking I insert my cock in her pussy , madam helped that she hold her pussy lips apart , cock was inserted fully , I was enjoying fucking , madam start to move her hand on my back and hold my balls from down pinky moving her butts backwards and enjoying fucking ,then madam went front of pinky , both started kissing , pinky move hand on madams pussy and big ass , madam was excited , she pressed pinckys boobs ,now we were enjoying a lot , pinky apart madams ass ,insert finger in it , she says wow kya gaand hai ! she start licking madams pussy and ass from back side and I was fucking pinky, all scean was very sexy .I was fucking her hard ,madam made peg I drunk during fucking they also taken one peg , Madam came down me lick my balls , I dischared cum in pinkys pussy , I sleep like this pose , madam lick my cock , now it was madams turn of fucking , she suck my cock and made me hard , I asked madam ,shall I fuck your ass? Pinky said , fuck her asshole , madam said I never tried that , but it was our demand so she agree , she became in doggy pose , pinky was excited ,to see how it is? Pinky starts licking her ass hole , pinky inserted her tongue in madams ass hole and played with her pussy ,then I also lick her ass hole ,it is bigger than pinky I inserted my thumb in madams ass , she enjoyed ,started moan loudly , said fuck me fast , pinky spat on madams hole and rub that , made way free , I kept cock on it ,pinky hold cock and placed on exact point , I pressed it , gone half , madam shout , nooooooooooooooooooooooo, I start fucking , madam moan again she licked that , I fucked in this way for some time , then I removed cock pushed in pussy , pincky gone front of madam , madam start licking pinky,s pussy , now after some time , I did not discharge , I told madam , shall we fuck , pincky,s ass ? madam said , ya , but pinky refused that , she said , noo my ass hole very small , I will difficult , but we forced her and made her in pose madam sucked my cock and her ass and spat on her hole, all were wet, madam start inserting one finger that time she enjoyed , then madam insert other finger , she start crying , madam again spat on her hole, I kept cock on her hole , madam made her butts apart , I pushed , pinky starts crying , but I didn’t bouther , madam said fuck her fuck , then she adjusted and starts moving her ass , madam said , now she is enjoying , pinkky was happy with hard fucking , I discharged cum in her ass , I removed my cock , madam sucked it and sucked her opened ass hole ,
We all tired , we sleep nacked , on each other , in morning again enjoying one game , and went to our work,
I am in Mumbai , If any girl , couple or married woman wants to enjoy , please contact me , it will be all secrete . first write mail to me then we talk and arrange time and place. My mail Id is , If u like story plz send mail I would like to answer to u.

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