Sunday, February 8, 2009

My wife helped me to get me the job back

My wife helped me to get me the job back

By: Ramesh

Hi this is ramesh here. Me and wife use to read sex stories published here for a long time. It was my wife told me to disclose our life experience in this head.she got the idea from chat friend which is narrated there story recently. My wife was a village girl during our marriage.she has a nice figure and her boob size was 32 during marriage. But with in one year it comes up to 36. She likes to keep hairy pussy. She has hair in armpit too. I am a person who likes to expose my wife sexually and i insisted her to do so. I am able to satisfy her 100% with my 7 inch cock. We use to go out for trip and tour once in a 3 months. During that she use to expose more and sometime we did sex from room keeping our window open. During our office party she use wear her saree to show the navel and belly. At that time we started reading stories here. I had strange idea of showing our sex to family members and allowing my wife to fuck with a different person and do the threesome.for the purpose ii brought a lot of sex cdd's and we watched that. But she rejected all these ideas.

Once i got a suspension from my office due to some mistake in accounts register based on audit report. Within one month all our family expenses comes to halt. Without salary it is very difficult run the day today expenses. It will take 3 or 4 month to rejoin my present job. I spoke to my boss and manager about it. During the argument he got angry and told, if i am coming with my wife for a night i will be reinstated on the very next day. Immediately i answered i am ready for that. I will try to accept this by my wife. They are not expected this answer from me. He told me " ok man, this weekend my home members will not be their at home, we will settle there".for me this is wonderful opportunity to agree my wife for a gang bang.

After reaching home i discussed about it to my wife. She is not agreed first. So that i told her they will not fuck her, only thing she wanted do is a nude dance and oral sex. Otherwise all of our family members will suffer for it. It will be very much secret also. My wife replied she don't knows any western dance, only thing she use to do dance at school programs.i shown some blue film cd's to show her vulgar dance which no need of any steps. At he end of our discussion she agreed with a condition that she will not allow to fuck them. Saturday evening boss called me and inquired about my decision. I told him about my wifes decision and advised him fuck her once she aroused. I told we are on the way to his home.boss aged 42 178 cm hight and around 80-85 kg weight. Manager is a small personality lean and not a strong guy.

By the time we reached his home boss and manager waiting for us with 2 glass of bear and 2 bottles with one bottle wine and 2 empty glass. Boss came outside to welcome us and closed the gate and door. Boss told us that we will move to his bedroom. It was a big spacious room with enough space. As per our plan we brought some hindi film song's cd. Our plan is to dance as per the music and remove dresses one by one to become nude. We put music and she started dancing. She is not good enough in dancing. But once she removed her sari and petticoat, she looks like a sex god. She moved her boob and ass in a vulgar manner and all the man started raising their dick inside the dress. I myself not believed that she can dance like the bitch what we saw in the cd. Both of my superiors started dance with her and tasting bear from the glass. One of them put wine in 2 glasses and given to us. They started fondling her body in between the dance. Than my wife slowly removed her pink color bra showing her white milk tank. She moved her boobs bending in front of boss and manager, teased them touching her boobs on there face. Suddenly boss pulled her to his lap. She got tired with dance and turned to me showing by her hand to reduce the volume. My boss directly put his mouth on her boobs and started chewing her erected nipples. I got to knows that things are changing now. Manager started removing his dress and becomes nude showing his erected pennis. It was small around 4.5 or 5inch. My wife herself removed boss's dress. Once she pulled down his underwear she opened his mouth and smiled to him and told " you are really grate". I wondered how big it is.

All the three moved to bed. Boss told to sit nearby bed so that he will get a higher satisfaction. Also told me become nude. I am in a feeling that my longtime fantasy of my wife with others coming true now.both of them started fondling my wifes boobs and entire body from both side. Manager pulled her panty down. She helped him to keep her waist up. Than my boss pulled my wifes hand and made her to sit on bed facing his semi erected dick. She opened her mouth to accommodate that big dick in her mouth and sucked including his hanging balls. At the same time manager fondled her boobs and ass from behind and moved his hand under her legs to reach her vaginal part which she never allowed others to touch. He rubbed her pussy and moved his fingers around the pussy hair. My wife started making small sounds and moans. After sometime boss pulled his cock from her mouth. Now it was grown like an iron rod. I thin it will be 7.5 or 8 inch, black color with a lot of hairs. Than she moved to manager's dick and started sucking.his dick was shaved and kept clean.

Once all comes to a mood boss told my wife to serve a glass of bear to them and wine to herself. She did it. She came to sexy mood and started acting like a call girl now. She is not watching me at all.than she kept her position in bed between them. Boss's fingers reached to her hairy pussyhole. He did a nice fingering their. My wife moned lie anything....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ammmmmaaaaa......oooooooooooo. Than managers turn came. He moved his head to her pussy and started licking. My wife vigorously moaned again. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa don't stop it...aaaaaaaaaa do it....than boss saw my face and smiled and asked my wife can i serve my little man to your pussy hole. She saw my face, i answered " why not sir, but please wear cover and protect" i took a nirod and given to both of them. My wife accepted that and wore it to his pennis. Otherone given to manager which he himself wore. Than boss came on my wife keeping his pennis between her legs. She parted her leg and kept open her pussyhole to accommodate his large manhood and by using one hand helped him to insert in to her and moaned aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,aaaaahimmmmm ***humm. She turned to me smiled . I thought she is thanking me for such a wonderful opportunity. Slowly he started pumping my wife. Boss told manager that once he finished he will give her to him.than my wife came on top.she helped him to get a nice fuck sitting on his lap mooing up and down. Her boobs were flying like a balloon. He pressed with his hand pinched the hard erected nipples .entire bed started moving as per there movement. Than he pushed her and turned her upside down and did donkystyle fucking. My wife was moaning like anything..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa and she is not missed any opportunity's to see me and smile. Than he pulled her down and parted her legs holding it with maximum pressure fucked her. Than bend her both legs to her face and fucked hard...she was moaning and started reaching her final aaaaaaaaaaaa i am cummingg. Aaaaaaaa oooo fuck me , fuck me... Aaaaa rameshhh.. Fuck me..i saw her wet pussy started oozing .boss with a cry told oooooooo my sexy i am cumming aaaaa. Once he took out his dick from my wifes pussy hole i saw a load of cum in his nirod overflowing. He sat on the bed. Than manager started fucking my wife.his penis was small so not much moan came from my wife. He likes my wife on top all time. Once he cummed, i turned my face to boss's was grown again and ready for a war again.

he slowly removed his nirod and told my wife to drink the cum which is their inside, she don't have any other way, she drank it like a juice smiling to him and told its very much tasty. Than she pulled her to his lap. I told him "no sir please don't do it without cover". He shouted me "you shut up man, i am going to fuck her ass hole now, i don't want to gift a child to you. He tried to insert in her asshole.. It was not wet and very tight. So my wife pulled manager's nirod from his dick and pour all cum in to her mouth, than covered it to his dick. Than boss pushed his man inside. It went inside with a cry from my wife. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ammaaaaaaaaa,a aaappaaaaa , sirrrrrrrr please finish as soon as possible.she moved up and down slowly. Slowly she increased the speed. I saw his entire pennis inside her asshole which i couldn't believe. I also ass fucked her previously , but only a half of my pennis use to put inside. Within sometime boss cummed again and it started overflowing from her ass, boss told her to stop. She stand up and fell down to bed. From their she turned her head to manager. He told "enough my little girl. You are really sexy baby, we are lucky to get you here". We all laughed. She told " thank youuuuuu". She turned to boss and thanked him. He told her that monday i can rejoin to my work and enjoy. She requested her to release the previous month salary on monday. Boss by sitting their opened the door of the table nearby and took two bundle of notes and given to her telling it will not consider in your husband's account.also he told that it is not a payment for what she did only a gift from him. Also she made them to agreed that in future they will not do any harm full work to me for one more night with her.

I still not cummed as i forget to masturbate, busy in watching my wife with my boss and manager. We both wore our dress back. Boss told they are going to bathroom now. Wife while coming back given a kiss on there lips and we came back to home. First thing after reaching our home she told me to lick her pussy and asshole. As she knows that now i can't deny at that point of time. Than i took her to bathroom and bath her. Once i came back from bathroom she started sleeping. Next day morning she thanked a lot for the yesterdays wonderful opportunity and she agreed that she enjoyed a lot, only thing she don't like is i am not the part of it. We went for a shopping on that day and we met boss with his beautiful wifeand children at shopping mall. His wife informed my wife that they are decided to take back me to the same post. After reaching home my wife told that she don't know why my boss likes to fuck other;s keeping such a beauty in home.

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