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Me and my friend Rajesh fucked my mom

Me and my friend Rajesh fucked my mom

By: Mahesh

Hi, this is mahesh once again. I had posted my experience with mom on the sunday. I fucked mom that sunday in various positions. In the morning, before going to college, mom reminded me, ‘honey, now you are supposed to bring your friend, so that we can have a threesome fuck’. I replied, ‘yes. Mom, i remember. I will talk to rajesh today, but when should i call him?’ mom said, ‘of course today. Bring him with you after your college. I recon both should be here by 3’.

The moment i went to the college, i met rajesh and took him to a cafĂ©. I first narrated about what had happened the previous day. Rajesh was shocked and amused. Then i suggested him that he should accompany me and try my mom. Rajesh was afraid. He said, ‘aunty and mom are friends. What happens if auntie tells my mom?’ i assured him of secrecy of our plan and then he agreed. With the same thoughts in mind, we could hardly complete the lectures. Instead of 3, we arrived at our house at 1.30.

Mom was happy to see us together. She asked rajesh, ‘i believe, mahesh has already told you the purpose of your visit. Are you ready?’ rajesh nodded vigorously. Mom led us to her bedroom. We were all still fully clothed – mom in her punjabi and both we friends in our jeans and t shirts. Rajesh could not wait. Shamelessly, he went behind mom and gripped her boobs. He was already hard. Mom said, ‘mahesh, what are you waiting for?’ i stood in front of mom and kissed her on her lips. I moved my hands over and started moving them around the shapely buttocks of mom. By this time, rajesh was pressing mom very hard. Suddenly he released mom’s boobs and lifted her top and threw it away. I could see mom’s half exposed boobs. I bent town and started licking the hollow between her boobs.

Rajesh then removed his clothes and stood stark naked behind mom. He pulled the strings of mom’s bottom and it dropped. Then he unhooked her bra. We decided to change positions. I went behind mom and pulled her undergarment down, to expose her fully. Mom said, ‘mahesh, get ready now’. I released mom and got rid all my clothes. I pressed my dick tightly on her buttocks. Mom then led us to bed and sat resting her back on the headboard of the bed. She smiled sweetly and said, ‘oh my kids, now drink my milk. We sat besides mom and took her nipples our mouth and started sucking them. Mom started playing our dicks at the same time. Once, she used to kindle our balls, while once she used to shake our dicks.

Me and rajesh were really getting hot and eager to enter mom. I asked, ‘mom, may i suck you?’ she happily nodded and spread her legs. I went down and started licking her cunt. I parted her cunt lips and started moving my tongue around her love hole. Mom was already hot and juices were slowly flowing from her pussy, which i ate with great pleasure. Mom now started sucking rajesh and i got jealous. I raised my head and said, ‘mom this is not fair. You should have sucked me, rather than rajesh. Mom replied, “mahesh, i sucked you yesterday. I will suck you today also. But rajesh is our guest and he should get all he deserves first’. Saying so, she went on sucking rajesh.

Rajesh was getting restless now. He said, ‘auntie, i cannot wait now’. Mom said, ‘ok. Mahesh, lie down on bed’. When i was flat on bed, mom got up and lowered her asshole over my dick, facing my legs. I immediately knew that she had already lubricated her ass hole before hand. With very little efforts, my dick vanished in her asshole. Rajesh was watching us like a fool and seemed to be angry. Mom told him, ‘rajesh, sit on your knees. I will bend back and pull my legs in front. Just push my legs up. And you, mahesh, when i bend back, help me in keeping firm’. Mom slowly took her legs in front and started lifting them. Rajesh helped her lifting legs. The he spread her legs. Mom said, ‘that’s it, rajesh. Now just push your dick in my cunt. Rajesh came forward and positioned his dick. Very slowly, he started pushing his dick inside mom’s wet cunt.

In five minutes, his dick too disappeared. I started moving my hips up and down, giving good strokes in mom’s asshole. Rajesh also started banging mom madly. Since this was first experience of rajesh, he came immediately inside mom, emptying him cum into mom’s pussy. He with drew his dick after he was limp. I was still in full form. Mom sat upright and removed my dick from her asshole. She said, ‘rajesh came very early. I am not still finished. Now you fuck me’.

She once again took dog like position and asked me to fuck her from behind. Her cunt was already wet with rajesh’s cum. My dick easily went inside her. She told rajesh to stand in her front. After rajesh took his position, mom once again started sucking rajesh’s dick. Within minutes, rajesh was rock hard. By the time, he gained hard on, i was lost. I started coming inside mom and loaded her cunt with a huge load of my cum. Mom asked rajesh to fuck her now, but in usual position. Rajesh went down and slid his dick inside mom’s still hungry cunt.

Without asking, i sat on my knees near mom’s head and pushed my dick inside her mouth. Mom started sucking my dick making beautiful sounds. Since this was rajesh’s second inning, he was harder and stronger. I already had experience of getting sucked and loved it more than fuck. I virtually started fucking mom in her mouth. Mom held my dick firmly inside her mouth and gave a beautiful friction. We both were fucking mom for almost fifteen minutes. We were perspiring. When we had gathered a rhythmic momentum, mom reached climax. I could make this out because she relaxed her body. To follow the suite, both of us came simultaneously – i in mom’s mouth and rajesh in her already satisfied cunt.

We literally filled mom with our cream. All were exhausted now. We lay there side by side, with mom between us. After some time, mom said, ‘i am exhausted now. If you still want more, i will suck you both, one by one. You keep on playing with my body. Mom made us sit on the side of the bed and she herself sat in our front. She fist massaged our dicks and played with our balls. One after other, she sucked us and made us hard once again. I said, ‘mom. I want to fuck. I don’t think i will come unless i fuck’. Mom nodded and said, ‘darling, sure. But not in my pussy – in my asshole, ok?’ i agreed. Mom took dog like position once again. I went behind her, spread her ass cheeks and easily inserted my dick in her asshole.

Mom took rajesh’s dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Once, she lifted his dick and took his balls in the mouth. Rajesh was making funny sounds, enjoying being sucked. I started pressing his dick hard in mom’s mouth and squeezed her boobs. I suggested that we squeeze her boobs together. So, one boob went to rajesh and other to me. We started pinching her nipples. While fucking mom in her ass, i took my hand down and fingered her pussy. I inserted my finger inside her pussy and massaged her love button. Mom started withering with sheer pleasure. With a couple of massive strokes, i loaded my cum inside mom’s ass. On the other side, rajesh also gave away and exploded in mom’s mouth. Thus, we both filled up mom everywhere.

Now we all were fully exhausted. Mom suggested rajesh to stay back, but he refused. He expressed that it would be a great pleasure to fuck his own mom sometime. My mom agreed to his suggestion. She said that she would shortly talk to rajesh’s mom and ensure it happened. A few days later, it really happened and then we started having foursome orgies.

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