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Milkman to bithday party

Milkman to bithday party

By: Nandini

Dear iss readers, i am nandini, a bengali housewife back here again with third part of my real life facts about how i became a nymphomaniac slut from a conservative woman due to my hubby’s perverted nature. I described in my previous two postings named “hubby made me a nympho” how my husband made me to do sex with our milkman in his presence which turned me into a slut craving for next fucking sessions with vivek, the milkman. Ok, let me come back to the facts again.

As requested by me, the milkman came at 7:00 pm in the evening and stayed with us for about two hours. In that period vivek filled my love pot twice with his semen while prasun filled the same once. I came four times during the period and became completely exhausted. For next seven days both my hubby and the milkman had fucked me in each others presence many times and i enjoyed every instant of those wonderful fucking sessions. On eighth day morning, when vivek ejaculated in my pussy, prasun told the milkman “dekh, kaal subhe mere mummy – papa lout raha hai, or mai bhi kaal se office jaaungi, isliye kaal se tu sirf dudh deke nikal jana (my parents will come back tomorrow morning, and i will also leave for my office, so please only give milk from tommorrw”. He again added “phir bhi agar mere biwi ko chodneke bahut ichcha ho to sunday ajaya kar (however, if you wish to fuck my wife then come on sundays)”. Vivek told “saab ek baat puchu? Apki mummy papa kaal kitne baje ayega? (sir, when your parents will arrive tomorrow?)”. Prasun said that they will return by 9 a.m. on next day and enquired about the cause why vivek is asking so. Then vivek said that as the enjoyable continuous periods of group fucking of me was going to end so he want to spent a full night with us and if we give him permission, he can come in the following night and will leave next day morning before 6 a.m.. We both (me and hubby) readily gave him the permission and also invited him at dinner on that day. Vivek smiled and replied “jee ha main jorur aunga bhabhiji aur apka pakwa hua khana aur apko bhi bahut majese khaunga (i will surely come madam and will enjoy eating both you and the food cooked by you”. We all three laughed and vivek went away.

We took our lunch early on that day and went for a long sleep in anticipation of the forthcoming nightlong sex session. At about 2.00 p.m. when my son cried for milk we both wake up and after feeding my son when i was again planning to sleep prasun told that he was became horney in thought of coming night and asked about a quick fucking session but i told “not now darling, just wait for the night” and again we slept upto about 6 p.m. i went to kitchen for cooking the dinner. I fed my son twice between my cooking and he slept nearly about 8 pm. Our guest, the milkman vivek came just at 9’o clock at night. After arrival of him prasun locked the door of flat for the night. Vivek suggested “saab aiye hum tino abse subha tak nanga hei rahe (sir, let us all three become nude and remain so till mrning)”. Accordingly they two became naked and came to kitchen to strip my clothes off. I finished my cooking after half an hour. I enquired about whether the two men will take dinner at that time or not. But they told that they would prefer to take the first course of me before dinner. I come out of the kitchen and immediately had mouths of my hubby and vivek on my too boobs. Vivek pushed his finger in my pussy while prasun started playing with my pubic hair. I was getting more and hotter and my pussy became very wet. I screamed with excitement “ami aar parchina, ebar amake chude dao (i can’t bear any more, please fuck me)”. They laughed loudly and vivek told “aap pahele chodo saab (sir, you fuck fast)” but prasun said “nehi aaj tum hamare guest ho, isliye tum pahele mere biwi ko chodo (no, as you are our guest today so you first fuck my wife first)”. Vivek then without wasting any more time took be on the sofa and shoved his biggy inside my wet inviting tunnel and started pumping in great speed. After about 10-12 minutes i peaked up my first orgasm of the night and came heavily, but unlike other days without any stopping vivek went on pumping in great speed. He ejaculated inside my pussy after about five minutes. As soon as vivek is finished, my hubby shoved his dick in my pussy and started pumping in same great speed. As a result of that i again came little bit later and finally my hubby filled me with his sperms about 25 minutes after my fucking started by vivek, the milk man. For those 25 minutes i had experienced continuous pumping of my love hole in great speed by two different sized cocks of two different men. We all three then cleaned ourselves and took our dinner in naked condition. After that i was fucked again and again by vivek and prasun and i have lost the count how many times i experienced orgasm at that night. When i wake up in the next day early morning due to sharp crying of my baby i found my entire hip region became sticky by semi dried mixture of our love juice. More over, i also found a number of big and small stains of dried sperm mixed juice came out of my repetitively invaded pussy. I felt considerable amount of body ach too. Particularly, my boobs were almost burning in pain. Actually vivek and my hubby fucked me like a whore on the previous night. I found them coolly slipping in naked condition with having their members covered with thin membrane of dried up cum on the bed beside me.

Vivek left at about 7 a.m. on that day and after that he used to come to our flat on every sunday to fill my pussy by his semen in presence of prasun. That went on for next three months and then on one sunday after fucking me twice vivek told us that he will move to his home town in bihar for ever in next wednesday and that was the last time my pussy was filled with his cum. And he left us for ever.
After the leaving of vivek, our sex life was fine but about three weeks later i realized that though my hubby was making love with me regularly but there was something missing in those sexual excursions and excitement was also not up to the mark. I told prasun about the problem and he told me “i know darling actually you are missing the third person during our fucking session”. I understood the truth in his comment. I then felt myself very much ashamed and did not say anything more to prasun. But as the days passed i started to miss the group sex pleasure more and more. But one day i could not bear any more, keeping aside all my shyness i told prasun “sona, amake tumi kharap bhebona, kintu amar eksange dujon loker sange chodachudi korte khub icche korche (darling, please don’t think anything bad about me but i am terribly missing the pleasure of group sex). Jodi tumi khichu mone na karo tabe kauke ekta jogar karo na jate abar amra majhe modhye eksange oisob korte pari (if you don’t mind please arrange some other man so that we can enjoy the fun of group sex once again)”. Prasun smiled and said that actually he was waiting for my request for having another session of group sex because he also loves to see me humped by other man. However, i requested him to make the arrangement in secrecy so that we can maintain our so called civilized status. He assured me about that and again asked me that whether i am agree from the inside of my mined or not to have sex with other man. I nodded affirmatively and prasun said “then give me two-three days time darling, i will make arrangement so that your pussy can be filled again with other man’s sperms”.

After two days prasun asked their parents whether they can take care of our baby for one evening so that we can go to attend a party at sameer’s home to celebrate his wife’s birth day. They readily agreed and prasun said that we two (me and prasun) then would go to the party next day evening. On the next day we left for the party at about 5:00 p.m. prasun was in my favorite green t-shirt and light colored pant where as i was with my navy blue chiffon sari and matching blouse which had a large opening at neck. The blouse was having so big neck that if anchal (pallu) slipped down a good amount of cleavage can be seen. On the way prasun told me “look sona, it will be not a usual birthday party and beside us only ranjan and his wife is invited”. I got little bit surprised by the comment. When i asked him about the birthday present for soma he replied that soma will ask the invitees for what type birthday presents she wants and then we will try to give that to her. However, it is worthwhile to mention that sameer and ranjan are college day friends of prasun. They were married to soma and chaiti, respectively, before our marriage. Ranjan has a daughter one year elder than our son and soma was yet to conceive at that time.

When we reached in the door of flat of sameer and soma i noticed that the in/out board was indicating that the occupants of the flat are out at that time which i pointed to my hubby and in reply he just smiled. He then instead of pushing the calling bell switch knocked on the door thrice. The door opened and sameer welcomed us with smiling face. He was in a white pajama and red punjabi. I also noticed a lusty look for me in his eyes. I was very much surprised as sameer was well known to me since my marriage and he never looked at me with such lustful sight earlier. However, we both went inside where and found that ranjan and chaiti were already there. Ranjan was in orange t-shirt and blue trouser while chaiti had a red flimsy chiffon sari with matching red but too tiny sleeveless blouse. I surprisingly noticed that ranjan also looking at me with lustful eyes and chaiti was smiling mischievously. Chaiti greeted prasun by hugging him and giving a small kiss. I was amazed to see that. I enquired about there daughter in answer to that they laughed and told that children are not allowed in the special party of that day. I was surprised again and started thinking about what was the harm for their child to attend a birthday party. However, also the cause of the party i.e. the birthday girl (soma, wife of sameer) was also missing. When i enquired about her, sameer told that she was getting ready for the party and will join within a few minutes.

After about 15 minutes we heard a knock on the door of the bed room and sameer smilingly said “birthday baby is ready for the show”. Sameer then opened the door and someone come out completely covered with a black cloth only legs were exposed upto ankle. Sameer then announced “presenting the birthday baby” and pulled the black cover. When inside material exposed i was totally shocked and my mouth opened big in surprise. It was soma in her birthday suit i.e. completely naked. Her pubic area was cleanly shaven and only tits are exposed. All her body is painted with chocolate from knee to neck except the pubic area and nipples. All except me wished her happy birthday and i was mum in surprise. Then soma said “ you all should lick your part of your chocolate from my body”. “but to save your clothes you should get rid of those first.” Every body except me started stripping quickly and became naked. All three men hade their poles hard and upright. Sameer has a bigger one bigger than that of my hubby and ranjan. In fact ranjan has the smallest penis of all men who fucked me till now. But later find him most pleasure giving among three friends sameer, prasun and ranjan.

However, coming back again into the party. Chaiti asked me “what happened nandini, why you not becoming naked? Its ok. Don’t be ashamed and enjoy? Then she came near to me and kissed me on lips. That was the first time i had been kissed by a woman. It was something different than my hubbys kiss. She also pulled of my sari and then i opened the remaining clothes and became fully naked. Then soma said “nandini should lick me first as she is joining the fun group today. I slowly went to her and started licking chocolate from her abdomen area and gradually all remaining four joined the chocolate licking operation. Soma pulled up all five of us one by one and kissed all to get her part of chocolate directly from others mouths.

After finishing off the chocolate from soma’s body, all off us became horney and i was feeling wet inside my love tunnel. Soma again said “now its time for my birthday present, and i want today all women present here must have semen of two men in their vagina except her husbands.” She also added “no man will be allowed to fuck his wife in today’s party”. Then she told sameer and ranjan “you two are waiting long to fill up nandini so just take her to heaven” as soon as she said it both sameer and ranjan came to me and without giving me any chance sameer took care of my upper parts while ranjan kept himself busy with my lower portion. I then saw that both soma and chaiti was smiling and prasun said “sona made them happy as far as you can”. I said with moaning “don’t worry darling, your wife will made them always hungry for sex with her”. Soma then told “ok prasun, you now have the privilege to fuck the birthday baby first”. So prasun went to soma, laid her on floor and straight away shoved his hardened dick into the pussy of soma and started licking her one boob. However, my hubby kept his dick inside somas whole but not moved it in and out. Where as sameer was sucking one of my boobs and started playing with the other with his hands. Ranjan was fingering my pussy and was pressing my buttocks with other hand. I was enjoying very much with two men but was filling bad by seeing my hubby with other woman. Sameer then started exploring my mouth with his tongue while ranjan inserted his in my pussy. I was flowing heavily and ranjan was licking that clean. Then they held me on the floor and ranjan shoved his dick in me and started pumping. Sameer left me and went to chaiti. He told her “chaiti amader bouder modhey ekmatro tumi sudhu bara chuste bhalo baso tai chuse dao (chaiti you only love to suck the cocks so please suck my dick)”. Soma commented “but darling remember you have to fill her cunt too along with nandini’s.” Sameer replied “don’t worry darling i am eagerly waiting to fuck nandini for a long time”. Prasun laughed and said to sameer “tor bouke anek din dhore chudchi bole raag koris na, bouke to ene dilum chude pusiye ne (don’t get angry as i am fucking your wife for a long time, to day i got my wife too, so fuck her until you get satisfied)”. Ranjan was pumping me steadily and also fondling with my boobs. He commented “katha kam kaaz besi (talk litll do more)”. Every body laughed by his comment and started working i.e., prasun started fucking soma and chaiti started sucking his husbands cock. I was nearing to my first orgasm but ranjan was fucking me very coolly. I indicated him to stop and when he did i pulled him over my body and pinned him on the floor and rode him. I guided his dick inside my pussy by my right hand as result my hand got wet with my juice. I started fucking ranjan and was moaning heavily. I tried to wipe my hand but ranjan resisted it and licked my hand clean. He then started pushing my bouncing boobs. After two three minutes i came heavily on his dick and collapsed on his chest. He hugged me tight and rolled over to make me under and started pumping again. Suddenly my hubby shouted “o nandini i love you very much”. When i looked at them i found my hubby has his hip tightly pressed on soma and he was shaking. I realized that prasun was injecting his sperms inside somas cave. I again started feeling bad but ranjan was fucking me like a machine. Little later sameer pulled of his cock from chaiti’s mouth and told her that he want to shoot his semen first in my pussy but chaiti became very horney and left sameer and went to my hubby who was sitting on a chair with his limpy small dick with a coating of the mixture of his semen and somas juice. Chaiti straight away started sucking his dirty dick. I was surprised by that act of chaiti. I asked myself how she can take it in mouth. Ranjan then speeded up his strokes and started biting my nipples. The pain made me more and more horney and i came again with a large scream. I was very much surprised to see that ranjan was steel pumping me hard in good speed. After about two minutes of my second orgasm ranjan give me a big thrust and held me tightly and started feeling my wet juice filled hole with his hot lava. I was totally exhausted. When ranjan pulled out his cock semen mixed juice was oozing out from my pussy. But without wasting any time sameer came on me and shoved his big dick inside my cum filled hole and started pumping vigorously. It was the biggest dick which i took in my pussy till that time. (remember till that time) it was tight but i don’t got any problem as my pussy was very much lubricated.

I saw that prasun was hard again and he was kissing chaiti then. I closed my eyes as the sight of my hubby with other woman is not liked by me. I concentrated on sameer who was then sucking my boobs like a hungry baby and perhaps got some milk in his mouth. Nevertheless, he was pumping me too. Gradually i became hot and hot again and picked up my third orgasm that night. When i was coming i felt that sameer is also shaking and started fill my pussy with his semen. We got up little later and joined soma and ranjan who were watching my hubbys fucking session with chaity. I sat beside soma but again feeling bad by watching prasun with other woman. Soma asked me “what’s up nandini, didn’t you enjoyed the fuck with my hubby and ranjan?” I nodded to say yes. “then why your eyes are wet?” Asked soma. I told “asole oke onnyo kauke chudte dekhte amar bhalo lagchena (truly speaking, i am not enjoying the scene of my hubby fucking other woman)”. Soma laughed and said that i am thinking from mind and mixing love with sex. She again said that my hubby loves me very much and requested me to see that as for only physical pleasure not from the view point of love. I got that it mind and within two three weeks started enjoying the sight of prasun having sex with other women (i.e., soma and chaiti). Ok that’s all for now and i will be back with more in next posting in which i will tell you how i got the taste of the biggest cock till now. Please give your comments in

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