Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Old Days were great and new are greatest

By: Bikash Dash

Homosex in Bhubaneswar

When I was in School, one day I got the shock of my life when one of my friends "MANI" told me that he wants to have sex, WITH ME...??? I was shocked, because my friend was a Male and me too. I said Sex at this age is abnormal and sex between males even more distressing. But Mani insisted. I denied him the thing then and there.

Next few days he did not come to my house as he did usually and in school also he did not talk to me properly. In the evenings we were a group of friends who used to cycle around the small town where we stayed then. And my friend Mani did not even turn up there. I reached his house and as we were good friends, I was allowed to his room where he was seating and reading some books. I talked to him and persuaded him not to think of SEX now as it can ruin his career and studies. But he said, he is not going to think of it very often but he definitely wants to do it.

That was so rude, but I came back from his house. Again after a week, when I happened to be alone at home, because of my parents sudden unplanned tour programme to our village, that Mani came to my house. Our parents worked together and while leaving they had said that Mani will be staying with me, as I am alone. Mani reached my house in the morning and asked me to go to his house for lunch. We had lunch at his house and then went to school. That evening Mani came to cycling with the team and I felt that everything is alright.

That evening after tuition, we went to Mani's House and had dinner and then we left for my house. We watched movie and then we went to sleep, then Mani again asked me for SEX. I said no then he insisted that I allow him to touch my body, I said ok. He started touching me all over and then he pulled my shorts and held my dick in his hands and started slowly stroking it. I had been masturbating for quite some time and knew what is going to happen next. But I was enjoying his movements. I relaxed on the couch while he was busy holding my dick and giving it a hand job.

I did not know when I slept, but he was busy in his job. In the morning at about 4:00 he got me up and looking at the watch I said it is only 4:00 why did you get me up? Let's sleep and get up at 7:00. He said no let's enjoy. He said he enjoyed too much last night, I could not understand what and then he said he sucked my dick all night. I was surprised and looked at myself I was naked. He had been sucking me all night. I now was gathering curiousness. I wanted to know why he did that and if that is normal. He laughed and said, you do it once and you will like it very much.

I thought for a while, he had already done it to me and I had no problems and so I thought why not give it a chance and said ok. He then opened his shorts and his small limp dick came out. It was about 2.5 inches in length. I had also that small. we were school going students then.

Before I could know how to start and all, he opened his shirt and I could see his breasts grown like small girls of school going age. He asked me to suck his nipples and I did that. He was moaning and I was feeling if he was having any trouble. Then he pushed me on bed and started kissing me all over and then taking my limp dick in his hands put it in his mouth. Then he started sucking my dick as if he will drag every thing from within me through my dick and it made me very happy. I was enjoying very much and then he stopped and I saw his dick aslo erect like mine.

He showed me his dick and asked to suck and I put it in my mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. He was moaning louder and I was sucking his dick. He then asked me to stop and bending over me he kneeled in opposite to me and started sucking my dick while his dick was right above my mouth and I did suck it. this all was a new thing for em and I was enjoying it very much.

In some time I felt like I am going to cum and I told him the same and he stoped sucking and made me relax and cming down between my thighs he started sucking harder and though I told him many times that i may cum any moment he did not stop and ultimately I released my cum in his mouth. Surprisingly he sucked every drop of it.

He never insisted me to suck his dick dry but i wanted to know how it felt. It was slighlty salty but tasty, and we had finished sucking each other by the time, we were having tuitions. I remembers this event very often in my life, because immediately after that we were separated. We did not even get time or place to execute our sex games any more.

Last week when I was in Bhubaneswar I met Mani again. I suddenly collided against him at the station when I was getting down from a train. I suddenly rememberd the events that had happened between us some fifteen years back. Now we were grown ups and I was working as a doctor while Mani had graduated as a Engineer and was working in Bhubaneswar. He was all in tears after meeting me. We were such good pals during our school days and he insisted me to go to his apartment, and have a long chat. We headed straight to his apartment in old Bhubaneswar.

At his appartment, while chatting casually he asked me, do you remember the night of passion we had when we were kids. I laughed out and said yeah, when I saw you at the station the first thing that hit my mind was that night. He said, do you still think that you should not do all those things? I did not understand what he meant? I said what?

He said, did u do all those with anyone else? as our chatting was getting more and more the time was passing faster and it was becoming darker when I wanted to leave for I had a room reserved for me in a hotel, he insisted I stayed back at his apartment. May be for another night of passion he said and I laughed....

Want to know what happened next... Write in to me and request it , I will post the subsequent parts if i get good responce...

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