Tuesday, February 10, 2009



By: Seema

Hope u al liked my first lesbian experience with my elder sister. Today will tell you how we got didi colleague to join us.

After we enjoyed the whole summer we started to get attracted to each other every time we made love. We never hesitated in experimenting things. Once while in bed I asked didi to expand out group and try some more new adventure. But she refused as she was scared to get any unknown person as it would harm our reputation if any body came to know about that. But in a few day .I convinced her to try others as well. But the million dollar question was WHO and HOW ??? Didi had a very gorgeous colleague name niti. Any guy would go gaga over her/ She was a complete beauty and sex bomb. I told didi lets get her. Didi said it wont be possible as she Is engaged but she said that she likes sex as she discusses about all this and what all she does with her fiancé. I told didi to talk to her more bluntly about this topic and make hot and curious.

Didi started acting on what I told her. Every time niti use to meet her fiancé didi use to ask her all details as where did they go wht all they did and niti use to tell didi everything. That time I came to know that she was a virgin but very horny and to curious to try sex but as they were suppose to get married she was restraining her desire as she knew that she has to control till she gets married.

Didi and me made a plan and on one Saturday on holiday I asked didi to take her to a cyber café and sit on chat. I made a fake id and started to chat with didi on her id and introduced myself from Mumbai staying alone and into modeling. We started as friend and as our plan didi went to make a call and excused herself. Didi came out n called me said that she is out and niti is chatting right now. I deliberately started to topic of sex and than lesbianism. She started to respond and I took the opportunity and got bolder and asked if she is virgin and all and if she would like to try a girl with out any fear of anything. She was reluctant but I knew she will come into our plan. Till than didi came and took over and she saw that chat and gave a positive reply to try once. Niti was scared and was hesitating. I Asked to meet up but she refuse but didi convinced her. She was reluctant but didi said that wht the harm in meeting up casually and we decided to meet up next Saturday as it was off for both of them and said I will mail the details and we decided to meet at our place and even our parents would be there and there is no harm in that. Nitin agreed to that but she never knew that my parents were suppose to go to attend a relative wedding at a near by town and were suppose to be off for the whole day.

As per our plan we decided to meet next week. Niti had never meet me so it was easy to frame her. Didi told her what he harm in giving a try. Didi forced her to come along with her and she landed up at our place. They were waiting and I came in some time. Parents were out for a function n were suppose to come in the night. We introduced our self and chatted for a while. Niti was wearing a black tight chudi dar and did was wearing a track sit as she was at home. I was wearing a black full sleeves t-shirt and tight codrios. I had sunglasses on my head and a slight cream lipstick and eyeliner.

I Was sitting near niti n didi on the opp side. I was nervous and so was didi and of course NITI. We started chatting and in some time I deliberately started to ask her about her sex life . She was reluctant but to make thing easier I told her that I was not a virgin and had sex with few guys and many girl . but I enjoy with girls as I like to feel women’s body. On this she said that she was a virgin but had oral sex with her fiancé. Didi also joined the conversation. The atmosphere was getting more an more erotic. I stated praising her beauty and her body. I told her that she was looking sexy in this outfit and we all stated laughing. I made the move and while laughing I put my hand on niti’s thigh and she dint respond. A shiver went through her body. I started massaging her thing and started to take my hand a little above. She asked me wheat I was doing. To make thing easier didi said that lets go to the bed room and we can be at ease and talk and have fun there. She went to the kitchen to get something to wat and we headed toward the bedroom. She sat on one side and I on the other side. Mean while did came and we had pepsi. Mean while the phone in the hall rang and didi went to pick it up. I took the opportunity and spill some pepsi on my top intentionally . I was in a mess. I asked her where the loo was and we headed toward the bath room. I started the tap and started cleaning my stains on my top. My top got all wet and was pretty transparent. I was wearing a strapy bra. Niti started helping me in that and while doing that she was brushing my breast. I was getting charged up and my nipples started getting erect. I just wanted to grab niti rip of her clothes and suck her all over. But I was scared. I came to my senses when heard didi voice. We came back to the bed room. Didi saw my mess and asked me to change. She gave me a top and asked me to remove and change and keep my t-shirt for drying. I removed my top and niti saw my cleavage. I askedwht she was staring at and shyily she said nothing. Didi said that I have a very nice pair of assets. I thanked her and asked if she wanted to see them. Niti and didi and exchange a look as if they wanted to go ahead with my idea. I sensed that and knew that they wont say yes so I myself tip off my bra and it feel on the ground and I could see niti staring at my assets non stop. I started rolling my palm on my breast kind of seducing her. I asked her if she wanted to hold them she said nothing. I went near her and took her hand and placed it on my breast, I saw didi smiling wickedly as she knew that we got the pray. I placed my hand on nit’s hand and started to squeeze my boobs. I was enjoying it and started to close my eyes and bit my lips. I was getting turned on. Now I removed my hand and niti was still rubbing and massaging them. I slowly sat on the bed holding nit’s hand and I laid there quietly. I asked her to rub them as I was feeling good. Niti did it quietly and I put my one hand on her shoulder and pressed them with love. She dint say anything, I started to move my hand on her should and on her bare back as she wore a deep necked kamez ( top ). I rolled my finger tip on her bare back and made a turned on a little. Now I moved my hand in front and kept it on her breast and pressed it lightly she took a deep breath and closed her eyes and pressed her hadn hardly on my breast and I liked it. Slowly I put my another hand on her other breast and cupped and squeezed it hard she moaned again and I knew this was the time.

Till now didi was watching this silently. I winked at her and asked her to join us., She came behind nit and kept her hand on her shoulder and started to rub . Niti had by not lost control I got up and slowly kept my lips in her and gave a small kiss she liked it that why she dint protest, and by this we were French kissing each other and I felt didi hand moving on niti hand she squeezed her boobs . I thought this is the best opportunity and took didi hand and placed on niti back on the zip of her kamez ( top ). Didi understood what I wanted. I was kissing niti and she was lost in that hardly to realize that didi had opened her kamez ( top ) zip and her hand were going inside her kamez ( top ) to her breast. She held niti breast over her bra and started pressing it. I pinched my nipples. Now I broke the kiss and looked in her eyes they were inviting,. I asked her to stand up and didi helped her to remover her kamez ( top ) and threw it on the bed. Now I hugged her and kissed her ear and neck she got aroused. She was loosing it and I dint take any time to threw open her bra. She was shocked and broke the hug and covered her breast with both her hand. I asked to remove them and not to feel shy.!!

I asked didi also to join us so she came forward and removed her top and her bra. Now we all 3 were naked by top but niti still covering her breast by her hand. I broke the silence and compliment niti on her figure and boobs. She gave a dim smile and was about to pick her bra. I quickly but my leg on her bra and stopped her. I requested me but I refused. I made her sit on the bed and gave a small kiss on her lips . Didi came from behind and put her hand on her breast and started to press them and I kissed her on her lips and soon we were smooching passionately. We all 3 came in the mood and I was sure that she had lost control . so I pushed niti on the bed and started to kiss her nipples and her breast like a hungry kid. I was massaging the other one with my hand. Just to make sure she doesn’t resist any more didi caught hold of both her hand and took it over her niti’s head and place it under her thigh’s and hips. She was a slave to me now. I kissed her breast for some time and didi was smooching her. She was helpless by now. I slowly came towards her navel kissing and licking every part of her bare stomach and navel. I rolled my tongue in her navel for a while and she moved her stomach a little up toward my tongue. I knew she was enjoying now. I slowly undid her salwar and puller it down she moved her hips unknowingly and it was out in a flash and by I had remover my pants. I started to smell her crotch. It was wet by now. She was wearing a pink colour panty. N bi her lips over the piece of cloth and she moaned in ecstasy. Meanwhile didi was still on her lips and making her suck her nipples. It was like were raping her. I remover her panty and mine 2 and started to suck her. I placed my tongue on her pussy lips and rolled it over and all we heard is now “ AAHHHH yes seema I like it harder and deeper.” I started to play with her clit with my tongue. Meanwhile didi got up and remover her track and was on her knees and placed her pussy on niti mouth. She understood that didi wanted her to suck her. She obliged and started to suck her pussy, didi started to press and pinch her nipples while I was sucking niti’s pussy and niti was squeezing her tit’s and I was fingering myself. We went on for 10 minutes and didi and I were moaning heavily . Within no time we all came and didi fell on niti’s stomach and I was still fingering myself till I came. I stood up and went near niti and slept besides her. Didi moved out from her face and her cum was all over her face. Didi took a towel and cleaned her face and we all laid there besides each other silently.

Didi broke the silence and said :” that was marvelous”

We looked at niti to see her reaction. Tears were coming from her eyes. But there was a faint smile of satisfaction on her face. She dint say a word. I got up and put my hand on her forehead and rolled my finger on her hair and than on her lips and took her face and put on my chest. To my surprised she gave me a tight hug. We both were hugging each other and didi soon joined us.
She broke the silence and said. ‘ THANKS “ I really enjoyed it. We were happy. Didi asked her “ HOW ABOUT ANOTHER SESSION ? “ all she said was lets rock and kissed didi and went on top of her. I got charges and went to the cupboard and got 2 huge 6 inch candle. I was thick. It was a new one which I and didi use to use. It was the one that had a mountain like curve on the top where it is supposed to be lit. Niti dint see that what’s in my hand. They both were hugging and smooching each other. I came frm behind and put one candle in didi’s cunt and one in niti’s pussy, She moved her as up a little to give full excess. I put both the candle in an started to move it in and out . Now both broke the bonding and started to enjoy the fucking. Didi said” Yes ..harder fuck me harder deeper more harder……I am loving it…..hhmmm aohhhh ohhhh”” Niti was pressing her breast and the first love sound from her mouth came was “ yes fuck us harder till we cum and die of strength. Make us ur slut and fuck us as much as u want we are all yours. Fuck us till we die..”

I got more excited and increased the pace. Niti was so excited that she came within no time but didi was still now. But I din’t stop with and was still fucking niti.. after some time they both started to moan and cry heavily I knew both are cuming. Within second they came. Niti’s juice was flowing on didi’s pussy and on my hand. They lay motionless on the bed for a while. I went on the bed and slept and opened my legs and started to finger myself. I stopped after a while and asked niti ” NITI ITS UR TURN U HAVE TO PAY ME BACK.’ She got up and smiled. She took the candle from me and pushed it in my cunt and started to ride me meanwhile didi came over me and started to suck my breast and rub her hand over niti’s pussy. Within 5 minutes I came and didi went down and suck all my love juice and cleaned me. We were exhausted my now and lay on the bed near to each other. Didi still holding the candle and sucking the tip of the candle like a cock. Suddenly niti got up and said. “Hey I was on top of kiran but where did u get the candle’s from ?How did you know where it was kept.? “ I was shocked and knew that now we are caught. I looked at didi and than we agreed to tell her everything. She was surprised but more shocked.
After some time she said silently “ So u 2 raped me and took my virginity haan ?!!” we 3 looked at each other and had a good laugh. We were happy that she liked it and thus we made love and fucked each other till evening. We tired various thing. We had bath together and fucked each other every where , in the bath room in kitchen in the lobby on the dinning table. Every where. After that it became a regular feature for 3 of us and we enjoyed a lot.

Next time I would tell you how niti me and sister planned to expand our little kitty…till than please send us out comments and mail at 36frames@gmail.com. Any lesbos from Mumbai and from andheri are most welcomed.

Luv Seema

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