Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Bisexual sex in Delhi

By: kamal

One day I got a email from the couple I had approached for joining me as a advisor in their company. I replied we talked on chat and after that I gave them my phone number and he called me and he invited me to his house as I had ceased tracking them due their apparent non-interest I was somewhat surprised by the call made by Vikas the husband followed by the wife Reema to meet them at their place. Now my choddu mind and prudish loura smelt something off I went to their place to be greeted by volley of questions of work after that suddenly he started asking questions regarding sexual interests etc, etc. All the while Reema was sitting timidly in her hip hugging jeans and red t-shirt trying to contain her 34 d boobs. After satisfying himself by interviewing. Vikas asked me to proceed to their bedroom along with Reema for final round I thought its going to be interesting. Once in the room he made her sit sandwiched in between both of us and feverishly started removing her clothes all the while urging her to kiss me and fondle my tool which she did with some hesitation at first but with some intensity later on. I was shocked by this but I need job so I did that and let them do everything and I thought to enjoy this interview.

Her husband was sucking her asshole while I was fondling her booobs and caressing her choot. Later I sucked her tits to redness and dived at her muff with a stiff tongue which I rolled over her outer lips and throbbing clit all the while she was sucking my lund while my administrations to her clit and cunt made her convulse into an orgasm just as I drove my finger into her to locate her g spot. On the other hand Vikas was fingering her ass to add to her pleasure. As I had tasted her nectar I was trying to milk more of her juice but she had other ideas and she was hot and dripping and wanted my rigid loura inside her wet choot. So she mounted me to impale herself on my loura to be ably assisted by me as her melons were dangling in front of me I took both the nipples to my mouth simultaneously all the while fingering the outer ridge of her gaand hole. Moans of pure pleasure eschewed from her as her second orgasm ripped through her. This made her thrust all the bit more trying to suck my lund inside her dripping fuddi. After some gyrations she stiffened for her third orgasm just as emptied my load into her. As we lay panting for breath Vikas served us hot tea. Which made her active and reaching for my lund to sucked to yet another rigid hardness this time I mounted her churning, rolling and darting my lund inside her fuddi to make her come fourth time while I started to thrust deep into her by pushing my pelvic area into her and thrusting without removing my loura from her choot that made her wild and bucking as she was on her fifth orgasm and my steaming spunk was polluting her inner depths.. I was putting my 8 inches cock in her pussy fastly and she was shouting with pain now Vikas came and he stated licking my ass hole as I was fucking her he made me more horny and Vikas made my ass hole wet then I changed my position I started fucking his wife in doggy style then Vikas came in front and put his cock in her mouth and start kissing me

I was about to cum then I stopped myself and I put my cock in Vikas mouth and he started sucking it and I was sucking Reema's pussy and drink all the cum and made her pussy clean and I cummed in Vikas mouth and we all felt in bed and slept naked on bed after sometime again Vikas started shaking my cock with his hand and I hold his cock and start shaking and another hand in Reema’s pussy and Reema start kissing me and now my cock again become hard then we all stand on floor and I made Reema stand against wall with own leg on bed and bent down and I put my hard cock in her ass this time she started crying bec her ass was virgin then I started pushing slowly and Vikas came at my back I was also putting leg on bed and he started licking my ass again and he took out his 5 inches thick cock and started rubbing on my ass I was fucking Reema’s ass and he started putting his cock in my ass his cock was thick so I didn’t face any difficulty in taking it and we all 3 were fucking ass 1 after another Reema was shouting loudly bec she didn't took cock in her ass she was virgin by ass , we all were fucking then Vikas took out his cock from my ass and cummed on floor and sit on bed. After that I took Reema in my big arms and laid her on me but didn't take out the cock and she started jumping on my cock after 10 minutes I asked her that I want to cum in her pussy she said ok and she laid down and I come over her and put my cock in her pussy and started fucking in her pussy and Vikas was lying on bed watching us I put her legs on my shoulders and started pushing my 8 inches cock went till last she was moaningggg and she cummed I was kissing her beautiful legs and kissing her lips and then I put her both legs join again put my cock again in her pussy and start pushing hard and she felt crying I watched tears coming out of her eyes I understand because she didn’t get that satisfaction from her husband before and I spread her legs then and inserted whole cock in her pussy and pushed hard and my cock cummed deep in her pussy and we I laid on her for 5 minutes till the end of my cum drop she was kissing me all over I know why then we all dressed up and Vikas told me that they r going to another city now and if I want I can come with them I didn't agree by this Reema felt bad then well all kissed each other again and I came back now they had left and I am searching for another bi couples in Delhi couples/bi-couples and ladies in Delhi/ncr who want to try out pls contact me at, gegolo_online@yahoo.com.

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