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Mistaken identity

Mistaken identity

Hey every one rah here....naam tho suna hi hoga.nyways there r goin 2 be a lot of storie s 4m my part so in case u wanna know any story in advance or any next episode of the existing stories dont hesitate 2 mail me on gals)

There were some reports of prostitutes setting up shop at our local ski resorts. Now i really have no problem with a woman selling her services, but the law is the law and it my job to enforce it. It was a cold friday night in late march when deputy jefferson and myself set up a little sting. It was pretty simple, he was in plain clothes and he approached several women sitting at the bar, offering them money for sex. When an offer was accepted, he gave me the signal, and i moved in and we collared four women, two brunettes and two blondes in our first shot. We loaded them into the police van and headed back to the station.

Once at the station we herded them into the office. We handcuffed them to a bench as deputy jefferson drew the short straw and did the paperwork, while i would get the privilege of processing them, before putting them in the holding cell. We were probably just going to hold them for a few hours anyways and then let them go, with a simple ticket, as we really didn't really want to waste the courts time and money with them.

My father, i mean the sheriff came out and said he was a little bored, so he uncuffed the two brunettes and led them into his office. He left me the two blondes, what a guy! I searched the first blonde, she wasn't anything special, in fact i think she liked it more than i did.

I led the second blonde into the processing room, she was professing her innocents, but i wasn't listing instead i just couldn't get over how much she looked like danni ash. If you don't know who danni is, get your hand out of your pants and type in danni ash in any search engine, you won't be disappointed.

"please sir this is a case of mistaken identity, really i was just having a cocktail," she cried.

I have to say i really liked the way she said cocktail.

"please miss tell it to the judge," i barked.

After she pleaded her case some more, she probably got tired of staring at my blank expression so she finally moved on.

"what is this room for, i thought you had bars on your cells?" she mumbled.

"well this is the room we search suspects before we put them into the holding cell, which your right has bars and everything," i said a little wisely.

"hey don't treat me like i'm a dummy cause i have blonde hair," she hissed.

"my bad," i said with a little laugh.

"plus you already searched me before you put me in the van," she cried.

"that was just a quick pat down," i managed before being cut off.

"it wasn't that quick," she barked.

"this one is more thorough, we have to search for contraband," i managed.

"really, sounds like you just wanna put your hands on me again," she hissed.

Should couldn't have been more correct, she was dressed in a nice button down sweater with a couple of the buttons undone, which gave the viewer a nice dose of cleavage. She also had nice curves that she showed off with a nice tight skirt, her legs covered in white lacy stockings.

"enjoying yourself," she hissed, as she grew tired of my mentally stripping off her clothes. I also grew a little tired of it as well, or just a little impatient, either way i decided it was time to start the real one.

"you can start by unbuttoning that sweater," i said as calm as i could.

"what?" she cried, as she threw her hands up in front of her chest, "oh right, you just wanna see my boobs,"

"not really, i just want to make sure you're not hiding anything in there," i said, as my nose grew, or maybe it wasn't my nose.

"couldn't you tell when you frisked me earlier? She said, "you certainly spent enough time there,"

"there was a great deal too search," i shot back with.

"funny, like i haven't heard jokes about the size of my boobs before," she said as she slowly unbuttoned some buttons.

"ok, hold the sweater open when you're done," i managed.

She slowly complied, "oh this is a nice pose," she said wisely.

"hey i was thinking the same thing," i said, as i checked out her great breasts, incased in a baby blue bra that seemed like it was ready to burst.

"ok now i'll take the sweater," i said.

She took it off and handed it to me, "you know all men are pigs," she said as i hung her sweater on the clothes hook, that was on the wall.

"really i'm glad that you pointed it out to me, i thought it was only us cops," i said rather wisely.

She just stuck her tongue out at me quickly.

"the skirt next," was my next order.

From the surprised look on her face, i figured she though her bra would be next, but i had to say they had a real erotic look, stuffed in their sexy holding place, as she slid her skirt down. She revealed a pair matching, baby blue panties, a garter-belt holding up her white stockings. I hung the skirt up.

"see i'm clean," she said probably hoping the search was over.

"please take off the stockings and garter belt," i barked.

"oh yah like i'm hiding an ak-57 in my socks," she mumbled as she started to lean forward and roll down her left sock.

"47," i hissed.

"what," she said looking up at me with her glowing green eyes.

"ak 47," i said with a sly smile on my face, enjoying the frisky banter.

"whatever, you know i'm not hiding anything," she said as she started rolling down her right sock, i was just amazed that her bra was able to withstand the pressure being applied to it as her breasts jiggled lewdly.

"i know nothing, nothing!" i said in my best sergeant shultz voice.

I don't know if it was my bad impression or the fact that she was handing over her garderbelt and stockings, but she flashed be the dirtiest of looks. I hung up her stuff as she stood defiantly with her hands on her hips, she was in the (what the fuck you want next) pose.

"lose the bra," was the next command, women always love that line, although i did leave out the (bitch) tag at the end of the sentence. I thought that might be a little too much.

"why you little pervert," she snorted, as she somehow reached around her back and unhooked her bra's back latch. If i live to a hundred i will never figure out how they do that. She slid the straps off her shoulders, but kept the material pressed against her chest.

"well," i hissed.

"i just wanted to hear you beg a little," she purred.

"are they worth begging for?" i purred back.

"you tell me," she said as she handed me her bra, which i hung up before taking a peek. When i did, they were pretty spectacular, her breasts were full and hung low, but not obscenely so. She had fair skin, with just the hint of light blue veins visible, and her large pink nipples topped off a completely erotic set of boobs that any woman with a strong back would be proud of.

She was standing with her hands on her hips again, almost daring me.

"the panties please," i managed, taking the bait.

"oh but of course," she said wisely, as she rolled her panties down, her breasts swaying with every movement.

"enjoy the show," she hissed as she handed them to me as well.

"just doing my job," i said tongue in cheekily.

"right, nice excuse, what's next, you got it all," she hissed.

"well we have to take a few pictures for our records," i said.

"what!" she cried, "why do you have to do that?"

"we do that for all our prostitutes," i said with a smile.

"but i'm,"

"i no your innocent," i interrupted her.

"well yah, but what i was going to say was, but i'm naked," she sputtered.

"yes we document the face with the body because it's easy to change your face, but a little harder to change the body," i mumbled.

"you can't be serious; you want me to pose naked for you like a playboy bunny," she hissed.

"look i'm not a playboy photographer, i only have this little polaroid camera, just a few standard shots that stay in you file," i hissed, enjoying seeing her squirm.

I clicked off the first picture.

"hey i wasn't ready!" she cried.

"ok we will start with a headshot," i said, "are you ready know?"

I snapped off the picture, she managed a light smile as she did when i took one of her profile, as she turned around i snapped a close up pic of her great tits.

"hey stop that," she cried.

"i need a pic of you face and your bosom," i said as i held up the camera, "good, but can you hold up your breasts in your hands.

"what?" she hissed.

"i'm having trouble fitting them in the shot," i said with a smile.

"ah good one," she hissed, but complied with the order as she did when i snapped one of her squeezing her breasts together. I had her turn around and snapped a couple of shots of her backside. I must say i was enjoying myself i had never implemented the camera procedure thing before. It was a new toy from my dad. I just had to see how far i could push it.

"miss could you hope on the table, just a few more shots," i barked.

She looked at me with a sly grin on her face, as she climbed on the table.

"on all fours, i barked.

"but of course master," she purred.

I almost forgot about the camera as i walked around the table that was in the center of the room, so i could take in the site from every side, her poses were absolutely breathtaking as i snapped pictures from the front and the two sides. Her breasts look even more amazing hanging from her chest in this position, i moved in back of her.

"could you spread you knees apart for me?" i mumbled.

She looked over her shoulder and smacked her lips, i figured i had hit the limit.

"only if i can see the pictures when were done," she oozed.

"i guess," i managed a little taken back by the request, but at that moment not really in the right frame of mind to analyze it.

I snapped off several shots before reloading the camera and also reloading the oxygen in my lungs. Her back view provided me with a glorious site. She had a full round ass, but it was solid, no cottage cheese here. Her pussy lips were long and fanned out, like two rose petals, as she obviously showed signs of sexual excitement, while her anus was pink and tight.

I fumbled with the film, before returning to her backside, i figured i had already broke the line, so i figured why not smash it all together.

"miss could you lean forward and rest your shoulders on the table and then reach back and spread your ass checks.

"oh my you are a dirty boy," she purred, but surprisingly slowly complied.

"just need proof that you were indeed free of contraband," i said, my voice trailing off.

I snapped a couple more pics. I only wished i had a better camera. I would have taken a million pictures.

"yah, then i know you'll want this one then, " she oozed as she reached down under her body and spread her pussy lips with her fingers. Her pinky flesh exposed for my camera, a snapped of a pic, then another and another, as she continued to play with her pussy. I suggested she roll over, and took a few more of her, continuing her masturbation session.

She surprised me by quickly sitting up and announcing that the show was over, it was like she all of sudden snapped to her senses. I almost dropped the camera.

"can i get dressed now, all of a sudden i feel real self conscious," she cried.

I don't think i even answered, i gathered all the pics i took and tried to put them in order, while she quickly dressed.

"let me see," she purred, as she sat next to me on the table.

I started with the very first picture i took of her pretty face, and went from there, she gasped a few times, especially the close ups of her exposed pussy.

"oh, my god what was i thinking! Please you have to let me have those pictures, i would just die knowing they were out there, i would," she cried, as her attitude quickly turned again.

"all of them?" i groaned.

"well at least the nasty ones, i mean you know i'm not a prostitute, plus i let you have your fun taking them," she said.

"i don't know," i managed.

"please," she purred as she stroked my hair.

"are we negotiating?" i said, as stroked her thigh.

"look i told you i'm not a whore," she said emphatically.

"i know, but you are a sexy women, tell me your not a little turned on right now," i said.

"i was just playing," she purred

"right so why don't we go back to my place and play some more, it's just down the street," i said as i looked into her green eyes.

"oh man, look your a good looking guy and all. It's just i think you would be disappointed, i'm not real adventurous in bed," she said, "plus it just seems wrong to have to fuck for your freedom.

"yah i guess your right, i guess i was just a little overcome with you beauty," i said, trying to turn the screw.

"oh that's sweet," she purred, "maybe there is another way."

"i'm listening," i mumbled, as i enjoyed hearing the interesting scenarios women come up with to try to get themselves off the hook.

"well i'm in town for the weekend," she started after some thought, "i guess if i was sitting at the charley horse bar, and a good looking guy like yourself were to buy me a drink, and maybe spin me around the dance floor, he could probably get me back to his place,"

She was still running her fingers through my hair, so the plan made sense.

"but how do i know that you will even show up?" i said.

"well i need a drink badly and you still have the pictures that i want," she purred as she nibbled on my ear.

I didn't know if i was being played for the fool, but at that point i needed a drink too. I led her into the office and grabbed her paper work.

"here take this, it's like you were never even here, see you in twenty minutes, at the crazy horse." i said as i opened the back door for her. The crazy horse is the only bar around and it just happens to be 100 yards from the station. I went home and took a quick shower, and changed into street clothes, i also cleaned up the place a bit and raced to the bar.

I entered and was thrilled when i quickly saw her sitting at the bar, talking to two guys. They knew who i was, so when i tapped them on the shoulder and told them to beat it, they just stumbled away muttering. We had a few drinks and a few dances before the bar closed, then we headed back to my place.

She was right about not being adventurous in bed, but she more than made up for it with sheer tenacity. She also just oozed sexuality in every thing she did. Honestly, she pretty much fucked the shit out of me.

In the morning when i finally woke up she was gone, but she left a note on her pillow and a picture. The picture was a close up shot of her ass, and the note read. I took the rest of the pictures. I hope you don't think i'm an ass, but i had to go, thanks for last night, you were great and i left your pay on the nightstand.

I looked over on the nightstand and saw a new hundred-dollar bill, then i flipped the note over, and it simply read, now who is the prostitute.

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