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Radhika my trainer

Radhika my trainer

By: Anand

Hi iss readers!!! My name is anand and i have been a regular visitor of this site for last 1 year and thought of sharing my experiences with you guyz. If any girl/woman/bhabhi wanna share feedback etc, pls write to me at Here i narrage my story.

This is my first experience after i started working about 7 years back. I had joined a local call center in noida. When i joined this call center i didnt have even smallest of an idea as to what was going to happen to me 2 weeks later. After i joined, i had to go through a 1 week training before i could start taking calls. It was a huge group of about 50 odd people and our trainer's name was radhika. She was one hot female i had seen in my life. She was recently married as she was wearing choora in her hands when i first saw her. Her figure was around 36-26-38 though she was a li'l heavy but thats the kind of girls i like.

When we started the training i did not have any bad ideas about her and nor did i think that i would get this opportunity. I used to stay about 30 kms away from office and had to travel by local bus. One day i saw her board the bus 2 stops after i had boarded. I saw her and said hello. She came and sat next to me and we started talking to each other. She then told me that she stayed in mukherjee nagar as she had recently got married and her in laws were living there. We just had a regular chat and reached office. Then on we started to travel together as we got company for a long journey. We also exchanged our cellphone numbers during this and i used to send fwd her sms regularly and she also responded.

Until now there was nothing wrong in my mind about having sex with her. After about 15 days, when i saw her in the bus in the morning she was li'l upset. I asked her what happened but she did not tell me anything. I did not bother her a lot thinking that she might get upset. But she was looking very gorgeous in pink skintight top and brown trouser that she was wearing that day. I did complement her and she said thanks. We had lunch together and she was still upset. I tried to ask her and she only told me that she loved her husband very much however he fought with her last night. I knew from my past experiences if a woman praises her husband or boyfriend in front of you that means she is looking for something from you. Since we were in the office i could not do anything.

In the evening while returning home, she told me that she had forgotten her house keys and her husband won't be back until 8:00 pm. Since it was only 3:00 pm she did not know where to spend rest of 5 hours as her in laws were out of town. Taking the opportunity i offered her to come with me to my house. I used to stay in a rented room. My room was on the rooftop and there was a bathroom cum toilet next to it. In a way i had the entire roof. It was month of october so the weather was also very pleasant. We reached the rooftop and i showed her where i lived. She at first laughed looking at a single bed and a table that i had. I knew what was in her mind but did not have enough guts to do anything first. I was kind of running out of ideas. I asked her to wait for 5 minutes and went downstairs to grab something to eat. Infact i went to get a pack of condoms for myself. When i returned i found that she wasn't there but her bag was lying on my bed. I looked at the bathroom and the door was closed. I knew she was inside but i also knew that the door could not be locked. I took advantage of the situation and entered the bathroom pretending that i did not know she was inside.

To my surprise she was leaning against the wall with her pant down and was fingering. Radhika was shocked to see me so was i. I immediately came out and waited for her to come into the room. She came in after 2 minutes and was a li'l nervous. As soon as she entered, i grabbed her from back and started kissing her neck. Since she had done fingering she was already aroused and did not resist me. She started moaning in pleasure. I made her turn and we locked lips for next 20 minutes. was the hottest smooch that anyone could get... She had thickest of the lips i had ever kissed in my life. I just loved it. Our tongues were playing with each other and we were exchanging saliva. While we were kissing, i was constantly pressing her boobs. I had slid my hand below her top and could feel that she was wearing a very soft silky bra. I then took her top off and she was in front of me wearing cream color bra. I didnt take any time and unhooked the bra and her huge boobs were right in front of my eyes. It was like big balls of meat trying to release pressure since ages. She had red nipples that were hard due to the arousal she had. I took her right boob and started sucking it. She was feeling hot and was moaning in pleasure. She suddenly took her boobs out and pushed me hard. I did not know what happened. She stood up and made me sit on the bed. I was wondering whats on her mind. She then took my shirt off and unzipped my pant. I was wearing only my underwear now. She pushed it down and took my 8" tool in he soft hand. My dick had grown like a monster by now.

Radhika put some saliva on my dick head and started sucking it slowly. She then got wilder and gave me a blow job of lifetime. As my hands were free. I took her hair clip off and let her hair fall. She had such silky hair and i was playing with them while she enjoyed with my lund. 15 minutes and i was about to come... She didnt care and asked me to cum in her mouth. What else could i ask for. I release all my cum into her mouth. She was probably not so good at taking the entire cum so she drank some and let the rest fall. I didnt care either. I wanted to fuck her badly now and could not resist. I quickly took radhika's pant off and she was now in her panty. It was cream in color and took it off faster than anything else. I could not believe this... My dream girl was all nude in front of me. She was one piece of flesh. Huge boobs that i had already sucked. Now it was her pussy and ass's turn.

I now realze that even she wanted me so badly. Without wasting any time... She lied down on the bead and spread her legs. I tried to put on the condom but she did not want to waste time. She said its ok as i am newly married so no one will know. I said fine and go on... Since she had already cum and her pussy was quite wet, i insterted my dick into her pussy slowly. I had a smooth passage as she had told me that her husband used to fuck her every night since their marriage. I started slowly and she was moaning a little bit. I asked her if she wanted more and she said yes. I increased my speed and my entire 8 inches were inside her and i was pushing my dick in and out. She probably had never taken such a big tool in her and she started screaming. I did not care as were on the rooftop and there was no one who could listen to her screaming noises. Afte a few minutes she was moaning in pleasure...yes anand... Come on darling.... Fuck me ... Fuck me harder baby... I love u dear... U r such an angel... Fuck uanand....aaah...oooh....ummhhh. I was loving the feeling as it was fist time when i was fucking a married woman. I fucked her in this position for about 20 minutes and then i was about to come. I took my tool out but she wanted me to relase inside her. I did as she had wished. I release my entire cum inside her. I took my lund out and we again kissed and caressed each other for half an hour.

She was satisfied to the core of her heart but i was not. I did not tell you guyz that i love anal sex. I made her turn around into doggy style as i wasnted to fuck her ass. Initally she hesitated a li'l as she had never done it. I assured her that it will give her pleasure of lifetime. I took some vaseline and applied in her virgin ass. She was leaning against the table in my room and i slowly insterted in her ass. It was such a tight ass i can't tell you. I almost died... It pained like hell. I now imagine how much pain would radhika have had at that time. She screamed to death... Matt karo anand... Pls pls leave me... Dar ho raha hai...mein mar jaoongi... Leave me.... Leave me... But i did not listen at all. It took me almost 5 minutes to completely instert my dick inside her ass...but once it was in i ride her like a bike...i patted her hips multiple times to arouse her and she was moaning...fuck me anand... U r so nice... It is an amazing feeling dear....fuck me fuck me.

After about 25 minutes of ass fucking we stopped as we both were tired. We went to the bath room and had a shower. We came out and kept on lying on the bed for next 2 hours all nude and talking and caressing each other. During this conversation radhika told me that her husband has turned out to be a drunkard and he hardly fucks her. They haven't even gone for honeymoon and they have only been married for a month. I promised her that i would keep on satisfying her till we were together. I have made sex with her multiple times since then and we are still in touch though she has now moved to chennai with her husband. However, whenever she is in delhi she does call me to get fuck of a lifetime.

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