Sunday, February 8, 2009

Seduced by my manager

Seduced by my manager

By: Aashik

My name is aashik (name changed), i work in an international organization and i have a female manager who is half of my age and her name is sunita (name changed).

I started to work with her around 2 years back initially there was no response from her i used to go to work and come back without much interaction between other than the routine official work.

Slowly we started to talk to each other and with other friends from the office we stared to go out for dinner and outings and thats when we started to come near each other. She always used to me next to me where ever we went, would be holding my hands or leaning on my shoulder..i never realized this until i stared to note this and found that she was trying to pull my attention towards her.

Sp taking clue from her behavior i also started to take advantage of the situations, once she wanted to take her snap with me and she was pushing her boobs on my chest, so casually i touched her boobs as it was by mistake but she did not object but gave me a smile..this happened when we had gone out for a outing, and when ever i got a chance that day i used to touch her breast and also pressed her buttocks and still she did not object.

We had two cars and i 2 bikes and i was traveling in a bike, while going she was in a car and while coming back she wanted to ride a bike as my other friend was with his girlfriend and i was the only person alone, so the only option available to her was to sit with me and believe me i was very happy with this and so was she.

While we were moving on the bike i was suddenly braking and suddenly speeding because of which her boobs were touching my back and my cock started to grow in my pants and i was not able to concentrate on the road and as it was late in the evening there was no light on the road and all the friends were far ahead of us, so suddenly i decided to take initiative and suddenly i stopped the bike and got down and kissed her on the lips and she also got passionate and started to kiss back and there was no stopping or looking back, she started to caress my cock and i started to press her boobs but unfortunately as it was on the main road was not able to do much, but i asked her to shake my cock as we were driving, she opened the chain of my jeans removed the cock out and started to shake it and i came in her hands and i really enjoyed that and as we reached hotel i told her to come to my room after everybody slept, she said she was alone so need to worry and also as i was also alone in my room i directly took her to my room.

As i entered the room, i locked the room and started to kiss her and we were passionately kissing her and we started to remove each other's clothes and i was just in my underwear and she was in her black silky bra and panty and o god she was looking beautiful.

Now she had become too hot and suddenly she put her hands on my underwear and pulled it down and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it an i was in the seventh heaven, as she was sucking me i removed her bra and her panty and saw that he cunt was without any hair on it and her boobs were of perfect shape and size and i was pressing then and she was sucking my cock and was moaning and suddenly i was not able to hold back and came in her mouth and she drank every drop of my cum and now it was my turn to suck and lick her i licked and sucked each and every part of her body like the lips , her tongue, her ear, her nose, her nipples, her armpits, her navel, her pussy, her ass, her thighs and she was moaning and biting me and she was enjoying i dont know how many she might have come and as it was becoming unbearable she asked me to enter her and i entered her and started to fuck her and her pussy was so tight that i felt like never removing my cock from her pussy after may pushes i came inside her and then i fucked her in her ass, in her mouth, between her balls and beleive me i fucked her in each and every hole of the body.

And now a days when ever we get a chance we fuck and we fuck like rabbits and we have fucked in all the places like a theater, the mall. In the car, in a park, in the office, in the bathroom, in the pool, in the train, in the bus, on the beach, in the sea and now we dont leave a chance to fuck and believe me fucking her is like being in heaven.

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