Sunday, February 8, 2009


By: narik

An old friend stays over with a family couple, the most interesting show begins at night when a husband pretends sleeping, just see what his wife is doing, when she thinks her husband is sleeping…

My old friend prakash stayed for the sleepover, of course. We used to go to college together, then we were working for the same company. Then he went to mumbai, and i hadn’t seen him for more than two years.

Prakash was more than just a friend. I can say i owe him my girl. Mala used to be his girlfriend. They were madly in love with each other, but they split up when he went to mumbai. As we knew each other well, mala often called on me, and once she stayed for the night. Then we decided to live together. So we were living together for two years that time. But we were not going to get married yet. We were happy in our small apartment.

Mala was more experienced in sex. She was more temperament and it was she who initiated all our sex games. It seemed she wanted more sex all the time. She was hot while sleeping, eating, working, etc. She was coquettish with every single guy she saw. The strange thing was that it didn’t make me jealous, i liked it a lot.

She had some unrealized sexual dreams. She wanted to make love to a woman, but she couldn’t find a suitable partner, so she had to give up that dream. She also wanted to watch other people making love or to make love while somebody watching. I thought there was nothing wrong about her fantasies. I guessed it was usual for every person who wanted to try something new. As for sex, we’d already tried all possible positions and stuff.

Mala loved to turn me on at night. Sometimes it was totally unexpected. She could start fondling me, getting lower to my groin. Or she could dance stripping, or masturbating. After she came two or three times, i could no longer stand it and pounced on her, joining her love games.

When prakash arrived, we spent a very nice evening, chatting and laughing. The evening seemed to past so fast… prakash was telling us about his life in mumbai, about his work, his adventures, his sexual adventures… we were drinking pretty much, prakash took the guitar and started playing something. It was nice, but then we decided it was too late to make noise. It was time to go to bed.

Mala was busy doing something in the kitchen (she was washing up, i guess). Meantime, i took a big mattress and laid it on the floor. I decided we would let prakash sleep on the couch, and we would take our place on the floor. I had a very crazy idea. I wanted to make love to mala with prakash watching. It was her old dream, anyway. I guessed she would like it. Besides, he was her ex-boyfriend, it was another spicy moment.

The couch and the mattress were very close to each other. It was rather hot and stuffy in the room, though the windows were opened. We went to bed. Mala was wearing a short gown and prakash lay on the bed and turned to the other side, so he couldn’t see us. I was hugging mala, caressing her luring body through the light fabric of the gown. It was turning me on. We started kissing. We were quiet enough for prakash not to hear us. My hand forced her panties down. First, she was a bit resistant, but she couldn’t fight the desire and gave up soon. Maybe it was just a part of her game to look nice before her ex-lover.

Then i thought: what would ex-lovers do if i fell asleep? Would they do something or not? I made up my mind to pretend i was sleeping. I wanted to check it out.

I was caressing her luring body, getting more and more aroused, she was getting hotter too. But i was moving more and more slowly, and then i stopped at all. I pretended to be sleeping. I buried my face mala’s hair. We were lying still for a while. I was breathing regularly and calmly to look like sleeping. I was all ears. Seemed i could hear everything in the dark of the room.

Some ten minutes passed. I felt mala couldn’t fall asleep, and prakash wasn’t sleeping either. In a while he turned round and got up from the couch to go smoking. Mala set herself free from my embrace and slid her hand between her hips, caressing her wet pussy. She was on the verge of cumming pretty soon, her fingers were moving fast, making the bed sheet rustle. So she pulled the bed sheet to aside, spreading her hips wider. She was cumming. Her hand was still resting on her crotch.

I heard prakash exhaling the smoke. Though it was pretty dark in the room one could easily see mala’s spread hips, but one couldn’t see my opened eyes. It was good. Prakash stepped over her leg and sat down on the couch edge, and then he lay on his back. Mala made no move. The picture was very arousing. I thought i would start trembling or breathing heavily, betraying me. I felt totally sober.
Mala started fondling herself again. I didn’t hear her touch her swollen lips. She was on the verge of delight. But she apparently wanted to prolong the pleasure and was afraid to start moaning. She was afraid i would hear it. His arm was dangling over the couch edge. He was caressing her face, touching her plump lips. I heard her kissing his fingers. Then his palm got lower to her neck and slid under her gown to clasp round her firm big boobs (which i was extremely proud and fond of). His hand was caressing her left tit; his fingers touched the nipple and pinched it then. It made her moan; her own fingers sped up fingering her snatch. It was another long lasting orgasm.

There was something abnormal about the situation. The gal was lying between two guys who wanted her a lot, but she made herself cum with the help of her frisky fingers. That spicy detail made the show even hotter.

When her orgasm was over she was lying still, resting. Prakash’ hand wasn’t moving either. I don’t know maybe i started breathing heavily when watching her orgasm, but i guess no one noticed it. I calmed my breath, watching the most exciting love game in my life.

As soon as mala started caressing her slit again, prakash’s hand continued playing with her nipple. The gal raised her leg on the couch. Her hands were caressing the inner side of her hips and her bosom. It was time for another orgasm. She was tossing her head from side to side, moaning. Then she looked at me. I closed my eyes tight and mumbled something, as if sleeping. I didn’t want to interfere with her fun.

Prakash tuned to the side, caressing her leg. His hand was sliding down closer to her vagina. Mala came in less than a minute, but the orgasm wasn’t as strong as the previous one. She wanted to add more lust to her sensations. She started caressing the bulge in prakash’s pants. Her hand hid under them and grasped his hard dick, jacking it off. The pants were too tight, so bob took them off immediately. Mala was playing with his knob, and then she got on the couch and sucked on it. She was kissing the dickhead or sucking on the huge stem. I wanted to feel the same sensations, but i decided to continue watching. I wasn’t jealous or envious. I was aroused.

Prakash was lying on his back, while mala was giving him head. It was very hot. I could see her round butt and her wet pussy. I wanted to fuck her, but i was still lying motionless. Mala felt prakash on the verge of bliss too, but she wanted to continue their game. She stopped sucking the cock and took it in her hand. She pulled the guy down on the floor. She opened her legs invitingly and pushed his head to her crotch. He started kissing her twat and made her climax once again. The orgasm was so bright that it made her buck in the bed for a minute. She was like crazy. That orgasm gave way to another one.
Prakash kissed her lips and entered her pussy with his shaft. She was moaning and bucking, biting the pillow. He was doing her for some minutes. Then he put his pecker between her boobs. She squeezed her knockers with her hands, hiding the hard-on that was ready to erupt some huge cum load. Every time the cock appeared before her face she tried to suck on its swollen head. But it was hiding between her tities, teasing her.

Prakash couldn’t stand it anymore. He let her suck on his prick. He was tingling, spurting sticky cum in her throat. He got back on the couch in a couple of minutes. He fell asleep immediately. It was my turn to shine. I reached for mala as if hugging her, pressing my hard dick against her body. She was hot and still dissatisfied. She turned me on the back and centered herself on my phallus.i was fucking her for some ten minutes and then i spurted the largest cum load in my life in her wet and juicy pussy. Wanna have a three some or orgy

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