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Ranjana sister needs help

Ranjana sister needs help

By: Bobby Bob

Dear friends this is bobby here again with new bang. I and ranjana are sharing a very good relationship. We had numerous events wherein we shared bed with each other. How do like this pls revert at

One day her cousin from kolkata visited her during vacations for a month. Ranjana used to tell me a lot about her as during her young age and till her marriage they share a very close relationship. She is also a horny female like ranjana and her husband is not that active on bed. He is typical businessman who is bothered about money rather than his family. One day i got a call from ranjana mentioning about her cousin reema visit to delhi. She invited me over a lunch since nobody is at her home during the day time till 7 pm and we can sit freely. I accepted her invitation and fixed the next day for lunch. She requested me come bit early so that we can spend some more time together and she want me to meet reema also.
I agreed and reached her home at around 12 pm and was greeted by ranjan. We hugged each other after the she bolt the door. We had a small lip kiss and we sat in a living room. Ranjana was in a top and skirt and was inviting as usual. After 5 minutes one beautiful tall, fair lady in red saree entered the room. I was very excited to see her. She was a normal indian lady with good height, nice body, big eyes like all bengali females have, fair complexion, shoulder cut hairs. In totality she was a fantastic female.

Ranjana: bobby, she is my cousin reema.

I stood and shook hand with her and said, “hi”

Reema: hi booby. How are you?

I said, “i am fine. How are you”

Reema: i am good and very happy to see you.

Ranjana: bobby, she is my darling sister. We have lot memories of our childhood that we shared. She is my best friend.

I said,” nice to hear that”

Ranjana went to the kitchen to get coffee and snacks and i and reema were chatting about her family
I.e. husband and other stuff. She was answering but i could make out that she was little shy in nature or she was not comfortable.

After sometime ranjana came down, we all sat and were having coffee.

Ranjana: bobby actually i want you to help reema. She is very disturbed and i can’t tolerate that.

I said, “what is the problem?”

Ranjana: actually reema life is deserted. Her husband is busy in his business and don’t have time for her. She is not even allowed to go alone for shopping or kitty parties. She is actually been kept at home for daily household work and whenever he likes to have sex than he forced her or literally rape her and do the stuff and sleep. She had come only after a fight with her husband. He never cares for her. She is not even allowed to wear any other dress except sarees and that too with full sleeve blouses and no deep cuts. Today what she is wearing are mine. He is a very conservative person. I want you pls help her because you are the one whom i trust completely and you can only help her out of this problem.
I said,” reema, first of all i can say that you need to come out of this depression so be comfortable. Don’t hesitate to speak. I want you to speak up and come out so that we can help you out. We are here for you and surely find out some alternative so that you can also be happy and problem can be avoided.”
Ranjana: reema, yes bobby is right. You have to be frank with him. Don’t hesitate. You know my husband case also but now from so many years i don’t need him because for all the problems bobby is there for me. He not only satisfies me physically but also mentally. Whenever i need him he is here for me and whenever he needs me i am always there for him. I really enjoy his company. He takes care of me completely.

Ranjana sat near to me and hugged me and continued, ”he is so good on bed that i don’t need anyone now but since he enjoy group so i am generally a part of it. He is a great lover, friend and a guide. I envy of not being his wife. So my request to you is pls be comfortable and speak to him and if you are shy you can go to another room and can talk. ”

Reema: “thanks to both of you for your concerns. I am highly obliged and will try to be comfortable. I will surely tell you everything bobby. Major problem is that my husband always thinks that i am having some illicit relationship with everyone and everyone is keeping an eye on me to get closer to me. He not only tortures me physically but mentally also. When some guest comes to our house, he always thinks that i am doing something wrong. He had a problem in my talking with them, laughing with them. I was a very jovial person but due to him now i have to remain quite for days. Initial days of marriage were fine. He was ok. Not that active but still he used to take interest in me, i was not stopped to wear all these type of clothes. But once there was a party at our place and i being the host was handing the guest very actively since he was busy in drinks with his friends. After certain round of drinks one of his friend said to my husband that your wife is very beautiful and you are not fit for her. From that day onward everything changed.

My life changed dramatically when this second incident happened. My mother ion law is no more and my father in law is generally at home. I have noticed him watching me with bad intentions. He always try to come closer to me since he was aware that i and my husband are not in good relationship. He was also having something with our maid because she used to praise him a lot and spends hours with him in his room. She used to wear very skimpy clothes when she comes at our home. Her blouse used to be very deep cut and her naval is always visible from the folds of her abdomen. She was on a heavier side. She used to help me in daily house hold work but keeps on praising my fil in front of me.
One day while working i fall on the floor and by whole body was paining like a hell. My maid sonu rushed towards me and pick me. I was crying with pain. I was having a pain on my back, my butts, my breast and my legs. She asked me about the pain and i mentioned her places. She got a gel from my father in law and started applying on my back. Since i was wearing saree so she told that if i don’t mind she need to remove my saree to see the injuries and apply the gel. I did not mind since she was also a lady. She removed my saree and patty coat and i was left with my panty in the lower half of the body. Since my panty was having just a string on the back so it was lust somewhere in my butt cracks. She started applying the gel and i was feeling better. When her hands were moving over my upper thighs i was speechless but i started getting horny. Than her hands moved over to my butts and she was kneading them with her strong hands and i was enjoying and i forgot that there was pain here sometime back. After some time her hands were removing my string and her fingers were rubbing my arse hole. I also started pushing by butts back as and when her fingers enter my hole. She could make out from my action that i was getting excited. After some time her fingers started rubbing my cunt and i was totally wet there. Later she told me to change the position and to come over back. I was doing what she was saying me. She opened my blouse, removed my bra and started running her hands over my breast. My nipples were hard by that time. My eyes were closed. She was kneading them very gently and i was moaning. After some time i could feel the tongue was rolling over my nipples and i was enjoying with closed eyes. As i opened my eyes after some time i saw my fil sucking my nipples and my maid sonu was sucking his cock. I was shocked and i shouted. My fil left the room with maid and i was crying. When i told my husband about this incident, he too screamed on me as if it’s my fault.

I was left with nothing. I tried to convince that he is the best husband and he is everything for me but he never listens to me. Some days back i came to know that he is having extra martial relationship with other female also who works under him.”

I was listening her quietly but since ranjana was aware of everything so she was busy in her acts. Her hands were inside my trousers playing with my cock which reema was trying to avoid the glimpse but she can’t. She was desperate lady. Ranjana was also doing this intentionally so that reema get seduced with her act and can relax.

I said,”reema it’s the clear case of inferiority complex and depression. If you are smart than it’s not your fault. If you are jovial person so you can’t hide that and rather you should not hide that. There are so many problems in life than why to unnecessary create more. You shall always avoid problems. I think you have tried your best to change him but since he is not listening to you than let him go to hell. You should also look for alternatives. Don’t listen to him he if he doesn’t listen to you. Do what you heart say you to do. You should go to parties, you should also make friends. Change is always good. You should wear what you want to wear and if he says something than shout back at him. Always be happy.”
She was watching when ranjana was sucking my dick and drops of sweat of her forehead clearly shows that she also wants the same.

Ranjana: bobby, why don’t you take reema to the bedroom and make her relax. She needs it desperately.

Reema: come on ranju. What are you saying?

Ranjana: i know reema what you want. You are still shy that’s why i am saying that in the bedroom bobby can help you shed your shyness.

I said,” reema you are comfortable than let’s move otherwise no issues. Your consent is most important. We can chat there and is your minds says so than you can otherwise you can watch us doing.”

Reema: thanks bobby, pls first do with ranju than we can go to bed room because after that you also need some time to relax.
I moved over to ranjana.

She took me in her lap and kissed all over my face and passionate kisses showered by me made her ready to explore a magnificent body. I throws her on to the bed and came over . We kissed deeply, at length. Our tongues danced with each other, moving like sand in the tide, like leaves of a tree in a breeze. My hands were on her melons ready for me to feel it, enjoy it and suck it. A pair of perfect boobs was standing with their full glory in front of me. They were full round. They were very fair and one can easily understand how soft they are, by just looking at them. My arms slid across from her arms, to lift her breast up to my mouth for kisses. We had a session in front of reema and she was watching it so closely that i was sure that she must be wet down at her panties.

We finished and cleaned ourselves. Now reema got up and hold my hand and moved toward bedroom. I was without any clothes and she was fully dressed. I was liking this scene also. As soon as we entered the bedroom she hugged me and started showering kisses on my body.

I laid her on bed and followed. When we laid on bed she was on my right side. Our lips were locked and we were sucking each other madly. She knew that i had just exhausted myself and need something to regain my energy. Her tongue started rolling from my lips to my neck to my nipples than to stomach and finally to my dick. She took my cock in her mouth and was playing with my balls so activate me. After some time was ready. Now i removed her saree first and showered kisses on her cleavage. She started moaning. My hands were roaming over her back. Slowly i removed her blouse and bra. My hot breath on her left erected pebble sized nipple made it rise even further to greet him. I kissed the nipple softly and spread my lips over it. Gently i suckled it, while my left thumb encircled her right nipple and i squeezed both firmly. She threw her head back and moaned because this i was working with her sexy body like a professional fucker. Then i drew my attention to the now aching right breast where i flicked my tongue over the erect nipple. I swallowed this one more deeply and ran my tongue around the nipple while in my mouth. After enough time i released her breasts and my fingers traced a path down to her pattycoat. I removed her pattycoat and started kissing her thighs. She was moaning loudly. Her panty was totally drenched with her own juices.

My wet mouth followed the path of my fingers, stopping only to flick my tongue to her deep navel. The moment, i touched her smooth belly, a shiver ran through her body. Her belly moved sideways in that sudden shiver. In that flatness, the big deep navel looked so erotic and sexy! It was inviting me to taste its deepness. At that moment one drop of sweat fell on her navel. It was very hard for me to resist myself from cleaning that big deep navel by licking. I lost control and put my hot tongue inside that deep hole and did a very slow move and enjoyed wonderful navel. When i moved my tongue slowly in and around of her navel, she grabbed a handful of the bed sheet with her both hands. It was really a fantastic moment.

My hands ran up the sides of her legs, my thumbs trailing across the inside of her perfect smooth thighs. My kisses went lower. She was suddenly aware how warm she was between her legs and wanted i could smell the musk of natural perfume of a hot pussy. Now her terrific body was in front of me and i was watching a rare scene with widened eyes. Her whole body was red hot. My condition was not different. I spread her loving sweet pussy wider. I planted kisses after kisses on her pussy and along the hairline to either side. She instinctively parted her legs more wide. She had many orgasms till now

Her black pubic bush was not dense and love juices were already dripping. I pushed my tongue through the pubic fields. The first touch of my tongue with the outer lips of her cunt sent an electrical shock through both our bodies. I kissed her pussy lips and held them between my lips and pulled at them. "eat me bobby. Pls tear it. She is hungry. She needs your dick in it. Pls suck it hard and fuck it hard". She moaned with delight and grabbed my hair and pulled down head in the direction of her pussy, which was by now hot like a fireball out of hell. "please, bobby please". Again she moaned. Suddenly i moved away and took her tits and started sucking them madly. They were erect with excitement.

I moved down after 10 min. And tried to bury my tongue between her inner lips, and it slid in a bit. I concentrated my efforts on the places where i thought she would enjoy most and give her heavenly pleasure. Her face was getting red due to lust. Her stomach muscles began to tighten and her head rose off the pillow. She told me she was going to have an orgasm and that did indeed happen when i was concentrating on clitoris a little extra. She reached to press my face deeply against her cunt. Suddenly her hips moved uncontrollably and she groaned loudly as immense orgasm washed over her. She let out a small scream, and her sexy body shivered heavily.

My fingernails pinched her buttocks very hard but she felt it as sweet. She was becoming wetter by the minute, flooding my mouth. She was moaning and sighing moved onto a higher pitch. I licked her pussy clean as she recovered. "booby, that was so good, i want you to fuck me with this big dick. I want to feel it all the way inside me." i positioned myself between her legs. She could actually see my huge cock at her tight opening and i started rubbing it slowly up and down against her. She reached between my legs to hold my cock. With her legs spread wide, she rubbed the bulbous head of my dick up and down in her pink slit.

Her cunt lips were peeled wide open for welcoming my giant cock. Slowly but steadily i continued to exert pressure against her. She was tighter than anything . I continued to press it into her, until, with one heavy push, my cock slid halfway into her. She heard the air rush out of her and she screamed loudly since she was mad with lust. She grabbed me and pulled more close to her. Finally after a lot of effort, i buried completely in her really tight pussy. She adjusted to the size of the cock lodged deeply inside her beautiful young body. She could feel my cock bumping her cervix and going to the very depths of her vagina.

I began to thrust in and out of her beautiful body like a piston moving in an engine. She began to move her hips, grinding her clit on the fleshy pole. Then i began to fuck her with hard rapid strokes, forcing her breasts to jump furiously on her chest as i powerfully rammed her cunt again and again with my huge cock. I reached up and began squeezing her breasts violently as she slid her wet cunt up and down my thick shaft. She cooed, "oh, bobby, your dick feels so good inside me. It's so big and hard. You make my pussy feel so good. I want to come all over your dick. I am till now deprived of this natural tool from my bastard husband" i started fucking her harder and harder. As i thrust my pole into her tight pussy and flung myself back so she could take all of mine inside her on each stroke. My dick popped out and she reached down desperately to grab the slick shaft and stuff it back inside her steaming hole. Her beautiful breasts rolled back and forth on her chest like waves on the ocean as i fucked her with long strokes.
She wrapped her supple thighs around my waist, drawing my bottom even closer so that i was lodged deep inside her. The quivering muscles of her warm pussy were pumping and milking my throbbing manhood. Groans of pleasure, wild and free were all that i could manage. She thrust her hips upwards, allowing me to drive my erupting dick over and over into her spasming cunt. I bellowed like a bull as i was going to come. Currents of pleasure raced through her body . Breaking free from her grasp, i could merely look at her with surprise as i started to tremble and shake, and then started to come, squirting my precious potion of love deep inside her feminine core. Moments later, prompted by the flood of my coming, she had my orgasm in an amazing explosion of ecstasy. I eventually collapsed on top of her and she clung tightly to me. Drained and exhausted by our efforts we lay in a tight embrace savouring the sweet sensations of erotic intimacy. Ranjana was watching all this.

When we came on senses reema was smiling. She thanked me for everything and requested me to be with her till the time she is in delhi.

Ranjana: reema he can come as and when you want him. He is a very nice person. He is my darling.

Thanks bobby for taking care of my darling sister.

Reema: i want him to be with for some days and night.

I said,” let’s do one thing. Let’s go to simla for 2/3 days. There we can spend time together”
Reema immediately agreed but ranjana was not able to make it because she had some other commitments. Reema pleaded a lot but ranjana could not make it so we convinced her.

I and reema planned to move very next day morning to simla by car.

Next day i picked her from ranjana house at 6 am. She was very happy and excited. She was wearing skirt and very sexy top. More than half of her breasts were visible. She was always carrying a stall to cover her assets from public. We started our journey with the kiss and by 10 am we reached chandigarh. She requested me that instead of going to simla lets stay in chandigarh because we are unnecessarily wasting our time in driving. I readily agreed and moved to hotel taj and booked the room for 2 days. We entered the room and she rushed to bathroom to freshen up. I was surprised to see when she came out. She was wearing one cloth tightly hugging her body. That cloth was starting from the centre of her breast till her pubic area. Rest everything was naked. She was looking damn sexy.
She said, “bobby, request you to kindly treat me as your wife for these 2 days and let me do what i want to do. I will be grateful to you.”

I immediately hugged and we both fall on bed and our lips were locked. We were smooching very aggressively. She was very hot as generally bengali females are. I admire bengali ladies because when they are hot there is different sort of lust on their face. She removed my clothes one by one and was sucking my body. After some time i was totally naked, we get into 69 position. Her pussy was clean shaved and my tongue was doing wonders on her clit and her tongue was doing wonders on my cock. I came in her mouth and she on mine. We again hugged each other.
Reema: i loved this so much and always wanted to live life like this but my husband never does that to me.

I said, ”reema for these 2 days i am your husband so don’t remember that bugger and enjoy fully. Don’t you have any friends there who can help you out from this problem?”

Reema: bobby there are many but i am hardly allowed to go to their place. Once i was invited by one of my friend whose boy friend was to visit her that day and since she knows my case so she wants me join them. I went to her house and that young guy screwed both us and i was out for nearly 4 hrs from my home so when i came back my husband and fil were sitting waiting for me. Both of them started shouting on me and started abusing me as if i am a whore. I was beaten by my husband but saved by my sister in law (juhi). Generally they try to avoid these scenes in front of juhi because she is also grown up and ready to marriage. After that juhi and me became very good friends. She is a very sweat girl with whom i use to share all my problems. She was aware of her father relationship our maid also and she don’t like her father and after listening about my husband she also started hating him. Mow she used to spend her maximum time with me. If i had to go out than i prefer to go with juhi because in that case no one has got guts to say anything to her. With the course of time we got closer to each other.

Once she told me ,” bhabhi i don’t know but there is some problem with bhaiya because not looking after such a beautiful wife like yours is a big loss to him. You have such a sharp features, beautiful figure that any male will love to be with you. You won’t believe my friends are crazy for you and keeps on praising you.”

Just to brief you about juhi, she is a young girl of 22, fair complexion, sharp features, big eyes, long black hairs always touching her butts, height is 5”9” and very erotic figure that any man would like to have her. She has a figure of 36, 26, 38. She is a virgin. She is a very jovial person.
Reema replied, ”juhi you are also very beautiful. Any man would love to be on your side. I am telling you this with my experience. “

We both started laughing and hugged each other. Since she understands my pain of not getting physical satisfaction from my husband she started spending her time with me and we use to talk all that dirty scrap with each other and sometimes we both confess to each other that we got wet during our discussion. With time this closeness grew and when my husband use to go on tours than she use to sleep with me and at night while discussing all naughty things we sometimes knead each other breast or nipples or sometimes hugs each other and press our bodies with each other. Slowly this relationship grew further and she started satisfying me with her fingers. She is the only support of mine there at my in laws place.”

We had our lunch and slept in each other arms for some time. In the evening we got up and i prepared a tea of her. She sat on laps and we had a tea together. Then we went out for shopping. When we came back it was around 8 pm. We went to the bar to have drinks. She was not comfortable in restaurant. So we went to our room and order the room service. Drinks and food came in the room only.

I asked , “ reema, how many times have you drunk before?”

She replied,” after marriage it was only twice, once during our honeymoon my husband and me had few drinks and later me and my sister in law juhi. It happened once my husband and my fil had to go outstation due to some relatives death. They were out for 3 days. So juhi planned a party at our place and she invited her 5 friends i.e. 3 boys and 2 girls. I arranged everything related to food and snacks. She arranged for drinks and finally everyone gathered at our place around 6 pm. Girls have already informed their parents that they will stay at our places. So at that time we all had drinks and lots of fun like dancing and all naughty stuff what so ever is possible. After 5 pegs, 2 couples were missing from the hall and we could find out they were busy with each other our bed room. When juhi watched them from the windows she got stucked there along with the last boy and i was watching them from the distance. I could make out that juhi was wet by now and she was just shy because of my presence but there was something else in her mind. She called and we all there were watching the sex acts. They were having a group sex and were very supportive. Juhi informed me that this is very common in there circle and when i asked about her she replied that she is still virgin and maximum she has done is oral. I was totally wet by that time. Juhi and me kissed each other. We both were talking and watching the show when this third guy who was also watching with us came at my back side and put his hands from behind thru my underarms over my breast. I was shocked on his reaction and juhi said, “bhabhi don’t worry let him do. He is a nice guy and you also need someone. I can understand your pain.” I immediately refused and removed his hands. Juhi took me to the bed room and was trying to convince me but i was not ready to accept this. Than she said, “ok, let us start, and then you join us. Is it fine with you.” I nodded.

They both hugged each other in front me and their lips were locked. This guy hands were inside juhi top crushing her boobs. I was totally wet by now. After 20 minutes she took off his clothes and i was surprised to see his 9” long cock. She started sucking it madly and signalling me to join them. I don’t when i lost my control and i joined them. Juhi removed my all clothes and this guy was kissing me madly. He gave me a very nice fuck. Later on i was fucked by all three guys whole night i was fucked in all my holes. But i was very happy that juhi saved her virginity.

Next day morning i was drenched with cum all three guys all over my body. I was cursing myself for what i have done but juhi consoles me that bhabhi this party was arranged for you only and it was only to satisfy your needs. Whole room was filled with smell of cum. When i went out i saw that fucking session was still on and juhi was a spectator.

Later juhi got a job and shifted to mumbai and my life came back.”

After listening her story we again went to bed and made love for another 2 hrs. We slept like that. In morning she woke me up with a very sweet kiss and by rubbing her firm breast on my face. I again took her in my arms and started kissing her.

After that we took bath together and cleaned each other and wore our dresses. We again went for sightseeing. We were moving like a newly married couple and she was very happy. That day we had around 3 rounds of love making. She was completely satisfied.

Next day morning we again had one and after that we started our journey back to delhi. We reached ranjana house by lunch. As she was informed earlier, so prepared the lunch for us. She greeted us and was very happy to see a satisfied smile on her sister face. I and ranjana again had one more intercourse and finally i returned back home. How do like this pls revert at anyone who need a friend can contact me. Pls feel free to contact for any problems to desperate house wives. Your friend is always available for you.

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