Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sex with apurva babe

By: Divya

I am Divya…I am a Great fan of iss. I came into this site by chance and was thrilled after going through its contents. I see to it that daily atleast twice I enter the site and go through its various topics. Sorry to all those who replied to me but I cant as I was out of town and bit busy, but now I will reply you guaranteed. Each and every mail will be answered. Reply me guys and girls. Regarding the stories I am not sure whether how many are true but nevertheless it does certainly you. After much thinking I thought of putting my story and experience in this site. By doing so I am sure I will get lot of relief since I cant say about my experience to anyone. I am a prostitute now. This is my first lesbian experience. This is certainly my true story except for the fact that the place and names have changed of the characters. Well now I am 22 yrs old and unmarried. I am bit horny to be honest since my brother loves to watch blue films and forces me to watch and later I became an addict to it…Me and my brother inspite of watching blue films has sex only once or maximum twice in a month. I am an lonely lady with nothing much to do and do get bored at times and to kill the time I started watching this films on my own and get very horny watching it and do masturbate while watching it. Once my brother has to go out of station and being alone at home my neighbor`s daughter sleeps with me. She is only 18 and is brilliant in studies and a stunner. She is lean but has huge boobs for her size. She has well trimmed body and is well read with good knowledge regarding facts of life. I enjoy her company a lot and we pass time talking about movies and various other subjects…One day while she came home at night to give me company i actually forgot to lock the door. She always like to scare me and she tip toed in the house. Our tv is in the bedroom and i was watching a blue film. She entered the room and at that time i was fingering my vagina and i was moaning and suddenly i felt a human presence. I turned and was dumb founded to see this girl staring at the tv set. Immediately i switched it off and ran to her and pleaded Apurva pls forget it and pls dont tell this to anyone or else i will have to end my life. She regained her composure and smiled and said dont worry aunty(she used to call me aunty) i will not utter a word to anyone. I made her promise by swearing in the name of god which she did. But i found her visibly shaken. I took her by hand and made her sit on the sofa and explained to her.

As i mentioned before she is well read and have fair knowledge about sex life i told her that I am 42 and is not satisfied with my sex life and hence i just watch this movies sometimes and i do masturbate also. I asked do u also masturbate. She bowed her head down and was silent. I felt bit courageous and lifted her head with my hand and coold told her look Apurva there is nothing to feel shy about.. I told her look `now u know the my secret so let us be more close and tell me ur secrets and will share our feelings. I somehow convinced her and she did tell me her story and when i heard that i was really shocked. She told me that she is having an affair with her tuition teacher. I encourage her and told her tellme the whole thing.As her both parents are working she is alone when the teacher comes to teach her. Somehow her teacher managed to hook her and is now regularly having sex with her. Daily except saturday and sunday. That is off for her. I asked what sort of sex. She said the teachers keeps on kissing her and also licks her full body then undresses her and licks her vagina and also suckles her nipples. Maybe that could be the reason why Apurva has such big boobs. It is really huge and looks vulgar.and then the teacher makes Apurva do the same thing to her. This teacher brings along with her a penis shape vibrator and inserts Apurva`s vagina. She did broke her hymen. Well to cut short Apurva has regular sex for more than two hours in her house and enjoys while i in my house watch the blue films and finger myself . I was really amazed and listening to it i really became hot and found that I am getting wet also. Slowly i Kept my hand on Apurva`s shoulder and asked Apurva do u enjoy it. She shyly replied yes very much. I boldly took the next step. I asked Apurva will u pls help me. She asked how. I said just be close to me and just touch me.Apurva was surprised but not too much. She said what if uncle comes to know. I said u dont tell anyone and i also wont tell anyone so no one will come to know. I sat very close to her and started moving my hand on her head and started saying words like Apurva ur so beautiful and so lovely and sexy. U r so lucky to have sex at such an early age. And that too on daily basis.ohhh Apurva. I placed my head on her shoulders and moved my hand slowly towards her breast. I started pinching her nipples and she also started to respond. I just could not control. I moved my hand inside her t-shirt and and also inside her bra and squeezed her boobs. My god was it big? Too big. Ok my boobs is also not all that bad but Apurva it is just fantastic. I pleaded Apurva pls remove ur t-shirt. She removed without hesitation and i unhooked her bra and took it off. Wow.. This has to be the biggest i have seen. I went crazy and just forgot my stature or status and started behaving like whore. I squeezed licked and pinched. I just could not have enough. Apurva was just enjoying and moaning.her eyes was closed and was moaning.Divya aunty u r so sexy.by sucking her nipples i knelt in front of her. I pulled her skirt up and then then started to kiss her thighs.i pulled her and spread her legs. I was amused to see her panty was fully wet. I was so crazy by that time just not able to control myself. I started licking her panty. Apurva herself pulled her panty down. She said Divya aunty pls lick and put ur two fingers inside. I obeyed her.My it is so hard to express the pleasure i was having. I was squirting on my hind legs and suddenly thought about my pussy. I slided my panty and inserted my left hand fingers inside.Apurva saw that and aunty that is mine dont touch it. I got up. Pulled Apurva also and started kissing and cupping her buttocks.i toook her to the bed and took off my clothes and became stark naked.

She also did the same. I lied on the bed and told her ok Apurva all yours.And by god i just could not believe the way started. For a girl of 18 yrs she was just a great expert. I was sure the teacher must have implied all the knowledge into Apurva. And what pleasure!!!!! It was just mind blowing experience. Apurva licked me from my fore head to my toes.she sucked each and every toe finger of mine. And then she started to lick my pussy.(god for the first time i am using this term for vagina) well I am hot now as i write. I daily have sex with Apurva till my husband returned. But when my husband goes to work i call Apurva to me. Now the problem is Apurva is torn in between me and the tuition teacher. Once Apurva told me this but I said look Apurva u r mine and no one else. Apurva said aunty i cannot avoid the teacher . It is not possible. Only one way is there . I asked what. She said she will somehow convince the teacher and then we can have three some and that will be great fun. Well after some thought why not . It will be a change and great fun also. And she has the vibrator. I was also aching for a male penis. Subsequently i got one. Thanks to Apurva but that i will narrate in my next story. Friends i have not elaborated much of the sex scenes in my story like others do. Nevertheless i took lot of courage to write this story. Well to be honest Apurva does not know but i have to tell her as she is computer savvy and always on the net. Pls let me know the reaction of u fellow readers espcially ladies like me. I will highly appreciate but pls refrain from using abusive words and languages. Now i have lot of relief, a huge burden of my head. Thanks iss. My email address is divyahot2003@rediffmail.com

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