Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The beginning of our borbadi

By: Vinay

I am a handsome guy of 25 years of 5’8” height and not a very muscular body and fair. I am from Delhi, India. I am good at looking (people say). The story which I am talking about me and my hearted friend named Himel. We both studied in Delhi University (now we are graduated and doing jobs). Himel also looks very good and he has a cute and soft body. He is 5’6” height and very attractive face. While we were in the university, we were not gay (at least I was not a gay). We both love to make a tour inside India. Every year we visit new places like Mumbai, Shimla, Agra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Chennai and Goa. However, we were very fine and enjoying incredible India and her beauty. We visit Goa every year. We made our relation in the last time tripped to Goa. Now I am reciting the story.

We reached Madgoan after a long and exhausted journey and confirmed our return ticket to Delhi from Madgoan Station. Then we decided to go to Palolem which is far from Madgoan and it is in South Goa near Kerala. Then we took a bus to go to Palolem. Palolem is one of the beautiful beaches that I ever seen in my life. On the way to Palolem in the bus, Himel was sleeping on my shoulder and as his fair face was close to my face, I was feeling a little horny (but I was not a gay that time, I don’t know why I felt like that). We arrived at Palolem at about 2 pm and wanted to take a hotel quickly as we both were dead tired. Finally, we got a nice hotel near beach. We took bath (off course separately) and went out for our lunch. After taking lunch, we went to see the Arabian Sea and we did not stay a long time as we were really very tired. We came back to our room and took rest up to evening. In the evening we again went to see the beauty of the sea and passed much pleasure time and drank beer but not too much. After that we came to a nice restaurant for our dinner and we loved to take sea food. After finishing dinner, we went to bar to buy Vodka or some other alcoholic drink. Then we returned to our room and went to bed and watching TV. While watching TV, we drank drink and gossiped. After some time I felt sleepy and we both wanted to sleep. But at that time I hugged him by force as he did not like it. However, this was finished for that night and we had not any sexual relation. In the next morning, we went to the beach again and we both looked for a silent area so that we could found some nude couple. We found such a place but there were no nude men or women. We had also drink with us and sitting under a tree we drank and finished the bottles. We wanted to drink more and so we went to the bar which was situated near shore. Then we soaked ourselves in sea water. While we were bathing in the sea, I felt excited to see his naked smooth body. It is sooooo soft and I can strongly say that anyone can be attracted. My 7” dick got hard and I hugged him from behind and pressed in his couch. Ahhhhhh……. I can’t imagine now. I also touched his dick and it was not erected. He also touched my dick and astonished to find it hard. He asked me the reason and I told him that as I had not masturbated for some days, I was feeling horny. Hearing this, he was laughing too much and at that time I wanted to make him nude. But he ran away from me and said that other people would see activities.

After all of these sweet incidents, the night came. We both drank too much that night (especially I). I hugged him again and again and we were laughing too much. Generally I wear Lungi and he wears shorts. Suddenly, I caught his dick and started to make him nude. He prohibited me but I did not care. And finally I was successful as he was too much drunk. Seeing him dick I said “WOW” and I also became nude so that He could see my dick. I was surprised to see his dick… it was wonderful.. So cute.. Soft…attractive. I liked it too much.. I loved it. We kissed each other and had a sex. We did not suck each other’s cock. We just ejaculated our cock and threw our cum on each other. I have a bad habit that I make a sound when I cum. I never get such a pleasure…..AH..ah ah ah what a ‘shanti’….I never forget.

However, we again went to the beach and I wish if I were sex in front of all people only with him…as I did not care anybody… I love him; I love his body and cock. I again caught his cock in front of people in the sea water. But he forbade me to do so… but I was so excited… I wanted to tear him.

After that incident, I again did sex with him two times and each I time I got two individual pleasures (I don’t know why I got individual pleasures). But it is a mater of regret that now we have no relation with him and he behaves me rude with me. I still love him and love him forever…. And I will be waiting for him up to my end of life…

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