Sunday, February 8, 2009

My lovely collegue

My lovely collegue


Hello friends, this is satish here with a new experience again with sunita. This incident happened a week after my love making at my hotel. I had to stay back a week longer for the installation of the machine and there was a holiday coming, i went to work on the holiday, was setting up the machine and got a call from sunita, i told her i was at work, and she said she will also come to the office in about an hour or so. When she reached office she came down to the machine and asked if any problem i told no and told her will be free after some time, she went to the office and was doing some work. I went there after about 1 ½ hr and asked what she was doing here on a holiday and she told she felt bored at home so wanted to be with me so she came, i went behind her tilted her head back and kissed her, she lifted her arms and presses me to her, my hands going and rubbing her breasts over her t-shirt, after a lingering kiss we were both hot, my dick was hard, ready for action. She took my hand and we went in to another room, and embraced, kissing each other.

She was wearing a tight skirt and t-shirt, my hands went to her butt and pressed her to me she also put her hands around me pulling me to her, after kissing her, i made her to sit on the table and pressed my hard dick to her pussy, her skirt had ridden high to her thighs and my dick pressing her soft pussy, i went down kissing her neck, chest and lifted her t-shirt high, kissing her breasts, she was moaning, boohoo yessss satish yes i loveeeeee itttttt, her bra was of the type opening from the front, i undid the hook and pulled back the bra, her sexy tight tits were hot and hard, i put my lips and went on kissing them one after another, my dick getting harder and harder, she was pressing my dick with her hands i was sucking her tits, rotating my tongue over them biting them with my lips, she was moving her hips to my dick, pressing my head all the time to her chest, i was savoring the tits , pressing her to me tightly. I went down kissing her taut tummy, running my tongue in her belly button, lifting her hips to me she was pressing me to go down to her pussy, i pushed up her skirt and kissed her pussy over her panties, she was very wet down there and smelling great, i liked her slit and she moaned oooooooo yeaaaaaaaa yes yes lick me lick meeeeeee goodddddddddd, pressing my head to her pussy.

She was wearing a tight small panty covering her slit and into her ass, like a tong panty, i started kissing her thighs she opened her legs wide to my kisses, i moved her panty to one side and kissed her wet pussy, licking the wetness, moving my tongue in her slit, biting her g-spot with my lips, she lifted her hips to my kiss , holding the table tightly, i was on my knees now licking her pussy and slit, she was screaming in delight oooooooooo satish ohhh godddddddddd i am cumming cummmmmming , and came fully wet, i covered her soft sexy pussy with my mouth drinking her cum and she was sucking my fingers moving her hips up up and up. I got up ,took off her panties, undid my pants and placed my hard dick at the entrance of her pussy and pushed it deep inside her hole, she was hot, wet down there, her legs up on my shoulders and she said, yes yes satish please fuck me, i want you inside me now ooooohhhhhhh plllllllleaseeeeeeee fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, i started fucking her slowly and she was sucking my fingers and i was moving inside her slowly, ahhhhhhhhhhh sunita its sooooooooo gooooood i like it , i love youuuuuuu, ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh , i held her hips and was pulling her to me feeling her breasts, pressing them pinching them softly, fucking her , her tight pussy around my dick opening closing at every stroke, it was heavenly, we were sweating in the air-conditioned room, she said, yyyyeees satish fuck me faster faaaaaasssster oooohh ya ohh ya ohhhhhhhhhh yeeees, deeeeeeeperrrr feeeeeels gooooddddddd, ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh, she shuddered and came again wetter , my dick fucking her and i said to her, yessss sunita i am also cumming, and came in her in one big spurt filling her pussy with my hot sperms, moving in her slowly hugging her tightly, she bit my shoulder when i came, after we were spent we were hugging standing my dick still in her soft pussy, wet with her cum and mine. Slowly she put down her legs to my waist and relaxed.

After some time i pulled my dick from her pussy , she held it in her soft hands and was bringing it to life again, i was kissing her sucking her tongue, playing with her breasts, making her horny for more, she pushed me away and made me stand near the table and went down to my now hardening dick, kissed the tip, licked it clean and slid it in her soft mouth, biting the tip sexily , wow it felt soooooooooo gooooodddd, like something in me was waiting to come out, something gooooooood , she was licking the tip with her tongue , making small circles, i pulled her head to my dick moving my hips slowly, she was taking the full dick in her mouth and fucking it slowly looking at me sexily, fully satisfied look, my hands were in her hair puling her to me, eyes closed enjoying the blow job, aaaaahhhh yesssssss sunitaaa slowly yesssssssss likeeeee that ahhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmm oooohhhhh ahhhhyes yes sunita i like it ahhhhhhh yessssssss yesssssssssss i am cumminnnnnng yaaaa cuminggggg, and came again in her mouth she drank all of it and licked my dick clean. We cleaned ourselves with some tissue paper and dressed up, she told me, she enjoyed while it lasted, and i said yaaaaaa meeeeeee tooooo, so we meet again in the evening, she hugged me tightly and said, as you wish dear. Please send in your comments to

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