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Lekha my beauty my luscious colleauge

Lekha my beauty my luscious colleauge

By: ajit

My name is ajit and working in an office where there are more than 2000 staff and 60% are ladies.iam married with a beautiful wife but am interested in beauties who are of my age group,40`s especially with medium sized boobs and fair texture with lots of hair and a hairy cunt and hairy armpits all sweet smelling and sensous lips.i met my dreamlady lekha,one of my colleague who is married with two children and a loving husband.on the very first day i met her i wanted to suck the juice out of her.
She was wearing a black saree with a black blouse and a black bra which could be seen through the fabric of the blouse.really ,i masturbated thinking of undressing her and eating her cunt,several times.i aws afraid of asking her or even showing any such signs to her because i was respected by most of the people in my office and i did`nt want to loose that lekha had several friends who used to go for tea together and i used to enjoy their company and at times i thought of fucking them also.but my dream was to suck the cunt of lekha.this went on for atleast 10 at the age of forty we had an opportunity to work together in the same section for almost two weeks when we became more closer.i took the opportunity to praise her beauty, her dress etc which had made a good impression on her.slowly i started asking more about her personal matters by telling my personal matters.

I am having some business which needs lots of funds at times and on one occassion when i was running short of funds lekha helped me with some funds without any hesitations.besides,she also had certain challenges in the office where i could help her a lot.her husband used to drop her at the office on the way to his office and at times she used to to get herself dropped at the library on one such occassion i met her at the library and i offerd her a lift to our office which was only hardly half a kilometer.on the way i told her taht she was looking very nice and i would like to see her in all black dress which looked so matching for her.the next day she came in that dress and i praised her so much that i really wanted to eat her and unknowingly i told her that if we were alone i dont know what i would do.for this she asked what would i do.i said may be i would kiss you.days passed and one day again we met in the library and i offerd her a lift which she accepted.i told her that i had to go and see a friend near the airport and give some cash and so we will take a round and come back for which eventhough reluctantly,she agreed.on the way i was talking about her beauty and my wish to kiss her and in an urge i stopped the car on the roadside where there was a long stretch near the airport where there was not much traffic and opening the backdoor i enterd there and pulled her to me and kissed her fully on the lips.oh....what a beauty, how sweet it tasted,it was so sweet.i can still feel the sweetness of her lips and her tongue in that first kiss.immediately we returned after giving the cash to my friend.after this she used to ask me whether i liked what i got.i said it was more than what i expected.she aws so tasty,so sweet and i really wanted to eat her cunt but i was really afraid to tell her.after about six months her husband had a transfer to a distant place and he had to start for the office early in the morning and would come only late.
We used to talk a lot on the phone and our relationship was growing that i wanted to somehow have her.many a times i have told her that atleast one more time i wanted to kiss her to which she said no.once in between a talk i told her that i wish to make love with her she asked me to wait till she is sixty and still if i like her she would permitme to do that.i said i am ready for that too but i really wanted her.on one occassin she asked me what i wanted to do with her.i said i wanted to make love not in the conventional way but by kissing her there between her legs and drinking that juice for which she did not give any comments.

One day on my way to office i called her and told her that i would give a lift for her to the office since i had to pass her house since i had to somebody near her place.since her husband was not there to drop her due to transfer she used to travel by auto and hence she accepted my offer.i reached her house in advance and knocked on the door and she was surprised to see me so early because she aws not ready.she said she get ready fast and asked me to wait.i aws waiting in the front room and talking to her while she was dressing in the bedroom.she was also replying to my talk and in a sudden urge i went inside and so her dressed in the black saree and black blouse.
I lost my control and i went hugged her and gave her a full kiss on her lips.she tried to push me away telling that it is wrong but then i said that i love her so much and i really wanted her so much and i begged her to give me.i said this is the only chance and i would never again ask her and i really loved her so much and it was my dream to eat her.

My hands were roaming around her buttocks and it went to the two boobs.i opened her hooks of the blouse and saw the melons covered in a black bra which again made me more mad.i kissed her all over and my lips travelled to her bellybutton and i could see a thin line of pubic hairs running down,which again made me mad.i removed her saree and the black petticot and saw her black panty.all the time she was resisting and asking me not do anything but i was telling all lovely words and my tongue and hands were doing everything possible to make her come.i kissed her lips and tried to get her tongue.again rolled down to the belly and kissed her on the mount over her panty.she gave out a cry and held me so tight that in that instant i pulled her panty down and inserted my tongue inside her cunt which was thickly covered with lots of hairs.i sucked her hairy cunt and drank the juice.she was flowing like anything.she was yelling me to stop but pushing my head between her legs ..ah..ah..ah..ah.aha.aha.....shuddering she came and came and came and came in my mouth.i drank all the juice.....i inserted my tongue inside her cunt again and using my finger tried to make her come again.i got a lot of the sweet sweet sweet face was all of her juice.i kissed her boobs and armpits and licked the armpits and again went down on her.she reminded that we are already late and nothing more was really my dream come true.

I wanted to do many more things then, but the time was not right.after this incident it is now almost four months that i had three more chances to have her fully wherein she has responded to my moves and how i came on her the next part.

This is a true story and i had the opportunity to make love with three more beautiful ladies but out of that my lekha is the most beautiful and if you wish i would write one by one and if any ladies who wish to have a session like this or anyone who to be sucked like my lekha can write to me at "",it will be a secret between the two of us.i am also a businessman who travels a lot in kerala,chennai and bangalore.i am staying in cochin and any ladies who wants to be a partner in my business alongwith companionship as above which shall be kept as a secret may also write.ajit.

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