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Indian lesbian mother-in-law


Indian lesbian mother-in-law

By: Jon wellwisher

This story narrates the story of a young pregnant indian bride who discovers her lesbian desires at the hands of her voluptuous mother-in-law, who seduces her into lesbian sex and wins her love as well as her body. I do hope that readers of both sexes enjoy it and i would really like to get any feedback that you want to share. My object in writing is to arouse readers and help them enjoy sensual satisfaction and it’s a great boost to know when i’ve succeeded. Do write to me, jon, at wellwisher100@hotmail.co.uk

Sita was 29. She had been married to her husband in her early 20s. It was an arranged marriage – arranged, of course, through the mother-in-law. She was a virgin at marriage and knew little of sex. Marriage had done little to enlighten her. Her husband was a dull and crude lover. He fucked her quickly and unfeelingly on their honeymoon and showed little interest in her arousal. For him sex involved minimal foreplay and certainly no oral sex. Sex for the woman meant submitting to the urgent but rather short-lived desires of the male cock. Being in the army, he was often away for extended periods. As a result their sex life had dwindled to a minimum and we would say that you were far from satisfied – if our na├»ve young woman had known what sexual satisfaction could be. Her husband had decided it was time for a child and after a few fucking sessions she had found herself pregnant. Now she was expecting a child her husband felt there was no need to make love to her and she was left neglected – at the very time that she found her sexual needs increasing. She began to play with her pussy alone at night as her husband snored, enjoying the sense that she was now with child. She enjoyed too the changes in her body – the swelling of her stomach, the filling of her breasts. She liked to spend time before the mirror admiring her feminine body and letting her hands explore her shapely form. Her breasts, a usually firm and rounded c-cup had swollen to a d-cup and she liked the weight and feel of her developing assets.

New possibilities began to stir when she used to receive visits from a nurse – an attractive mature motherly character. She was nervous about stripping off for her, but having done so was quickly put at her ease. It seemed so natural the way the woman inspected her body and felt her swollen belly and when her hand smoothed over her breasts she felt a warm tingling through her body. She couldn’t stop her nipples hardening – though the nurse seemed not to notice. But most exciting was when she inspected our young woman’s pussy and advised her that before child birth she would need to shave her pussy hair. Here, she said, ill show you….and so the nurse skillfully shaved her pussy completely smooth for the first time. Time and again her fingers touched her pussy lips to improve access and the touch of her feminine fingers was so thrilling and so beyond what she had ever experienced from her hubby that she had to struggle not to start to expose her pleasure.

For the next few weeks she greatly looked forward to the visits of the nurse, and to the shaving of her pussy especially, and after the nurse had gone she found herself going over events, and the sensation of her touch, as she stroked her pussy on the bed. So, when her husband informed her that he was going to take her to be with his mother for the last stage of the pregnancy while he was transferred north it was with a heavy feeling that she said farewell to the nurse whose cool feminine hands and gentle manner had come to occupy so much of her fantasy life.

One afternoon in her new house, having enjoyed the rich lunch left for her by her mother-in-law, sita walked languidly to the bedroom set aside for her use and stood before the full length mirror. The summer afternoon heat was oppressive and her loose dress clung to her curvaceous body, beads of sweat running down her neck from her long tied up hair. Knowing she was certain to be alone all afternoon, seta took the lower hem of her full dress and peeled it up over her head, tossing it to one side. The sight of her exposed naked body held her gaze. Ever since her emergence into womanhood she had been fascinated by her feminine form: by her alluring curves, her tight swollen breasts, her slim waist which gave way to ample hips and smooth, gracious thighs. When he had first seen her naked her husband had compared her to the voluptuous statues which adorned some of the more notorious hindu temples and the comparison had secretly pleased her.

But now a new transformation had worked its magic. Entering her ninth month of pregnancy her belly had swollen to almost unreal proportions, exuberantly extending from her young frame, giving her a sense of a glorious fecundity. She placed both her hands flat on her stomach and began to caress her tight smooth skin. Yet it was not her stomach alone that had gained a new fullness and weight. Her breasts too had become firmer, heavier, more pronounced. As her confinement approached so did she feel the milk engorge her breasts, the milk that would feed the appetite of the young life stirring within her. Sita cupped her right breast in her hand and loved the sensation of weight in her hand. She had always been fascinated by feminine breasts, had always made a point of taking in the shape and size of the breasts of any women she came into contact with. Secretly she had envied her mother-in-law her fat heavy pendulous breasts and wondered what it would be like to boast such a deep cleavage. At times she had even wondered what it would be like to caress such soft flesh and feel the weight of such heavy mature breasts in her hands. Caressing and massaging her own breasts she sensed some of the intoxication of that moment and was happy to think that her own breasts were developing a greater feminine fullness.

Aroused as such thoughts and sensations were making her she felt that familiar ache in her pussy – the ache that had first been truly awoken, not by her husband, but by her gentle motherly nurse. Feeling the need to yield to her pussy’s claims for attention she backed slowly to the bed, slid herself up onto the cool sheets, propped her head up with a couple of thick cushions, and spread her soft thighs wide to expose her smooth pussy to the throbbing summer heat and her own slender fingers.

After caressing first her large pregnant stomach, sita allowed her hands to slide over her thighs to the smooth soft skin adjacent to the lush folds of her expose pussy lips. First she teased herself by grazing her long finger nails over tender skin before yielding to her mounting desire by placing the palm of her hand directly upon her aching cunt. She groaned as she gyrated her hand against her soft flesh, loving the pressure of her fingers upon her stirring clitoris, which she sought out with her index and middle finger. As sita manipulated her pussy her thoughts reverted to the sweet, gentle, nurse whose practiced handling of her womanly centre as she shaved away her pussy hair had first awakened the slumbering depths of her passion. Was it wrong, she wondered, that it was a woman’s fingers and not her husband’s cock that had reached to these depths? Was she some kind of freak? Perhaps, perhaps…but as the combination of her own feminine fingers proving her clit and the vision of that tender nurse began to carry her towards the first of her orgasms she was in no state to assess her sexuality. As the orgasm surged through her pussy she emitted a loud groan as she arched her back from the bed and her swollen belly and breasts rippled with the motion of her contractions.

Her orgasms always left her momentarily drained, and the exertion of straining her arms around her pronounced stomach only added to her exhaustion as she slumped back against the pillows, her arms stretching out above her head. Here she lay in a delicious post-orgasmic stupor, her mind imaging what her nurse’s maternal breasts would look like when released from their bra, when she felt a finger again begin to stroke its way across the length of her extended pussy lips. The sensation was delightful and she smiled as she anticipated her nurse’s familiar caresses before she awoke with a jolt. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts and opening her eyes wide she was greeted not by the face of her sweet nurse but the face of her mother-in-law.

Sita was filled with acute shame to think that her mother-in-law had found her in such a lewd state – naked on her bed, her thighs spread wide, her hands at her pussy. Indeed the acute embarrassment that engulfed her distracted her from what was, if anything, even more shocking, more startling – the presence of her mother-in-law’s hand on her own pussy!

‘mother….i…i…i was just lying down….i felt tired in this heat….i must have dropped off to sleep….i was just about to get up….let me….’

Sita tried to push herself back from her mother-in-law’s hand, but found her way blocked by the cushions. The weight of her swollen belly meant she could not easily role to one side. Rooted to the spot she froze again before her mother-in-law’s gaze and lay fatalistically, awaiting the rebuke she felt sure awaited her. But it did not come. In fact no words came from her mother-in-law. Rather, she stepped back a little from the bed, still holding sita firm in her gaze. As she did so she placed her hand at her hip and began, slowly, to unravel her rich green sari from her body. Soon her hips were uncovered, then her soft fleshy stomach, her shoulders, her naked thighs, until she held the fabric in her hand and dropped it to the floor.

Sita’s heart was racing. She could barely draw enough breath, and certainly could not move if she’d wished to. Her head was swimming at the visual stimulation she was receiving. She was numb with shock, for nothing in her life had prepared her for this moment. The fact that her mother-in-law was undressing before her was incredible enough. Still more incredible was the naked body she was revealing to her. She had always known that her mother-in-law had large breasts, but to see them straining against the tight blouse revealed just how awesome her bust was. And then there was her soft fleshy stomach protruding so proudly, lewdly even, from beneath her breasts. Her ample hips were equally striking, as were her strong, dusky thighs. All this, in truth, could have been anticipated if sita had previously undressed her mother-in-law in her own mind. But there was more, much more.

First there was the thick mass of black pussy hair. It was dense and dark between her legs, but extended quite a way up her navel, a rich growth of unkempt womanly pussy hair which far exceeded anything sita’s pussy had boasted before she had begun to shave herself smooth in anticipation of her confinement. Just as impressive was the light covering of hair on her thighs and the dark, strong, black hair on the lower part of her legs. Sita had always associated body hair like this with a man; to see it on a woman was unsettling, but, she had to admit, intriguing and not a little exciting too.

But it was not her mother-in-laws pussy hair, or leg hair, or bust, or stomach that most drew sita’s gaze. It was, rather, the place between her thighs. For there instead of the extended cunt lips she expected to glimpse was something very different: a thick black strap-on cock. It had sprung proudly into view as the sari had been released and now hung heavily between her mother-in-law’s legs. Sita had never seen such an object before and to encounter such now, in these circumstances, and being worn by her husband’s mother was bizarre in the extreme.

Her mother-in-law reached her hand down to the black cock and held it in her hand. She began to stroke it slowly.

‘do you like my cock sita dear? My eight inches of hard black cock. All women want black clock. I’m sure you’ve wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a powerful thick black cock haven’t you? I know my son isn’t well endowed, i know he hasn’t got the kind of cock that can satisfy a woman. Well i have sita. I’ve got all the cock you’re ever going to need…..’

Upon saying this her mother-in-law advanced towards the bed, lifted her right leg onto the mattress, her heavy cock swinging lewdly as she did so, and began to crawl towards sita until she was able to place her left hand tightly upon sita’s thigh. Her grip was unyielding and as sita tried to pull her leg free she found she was unable to move it. With her free left leg she tried to squirm away, but found movement was impossible.

‘mother…what the fuck are you doing! What are you thinking of? Let me go…get off me! I didn’t mean for you to find me like this. I don’t know what i was thinking of….i’m sorry, i’m sorry…but please let me go…stop this….’

Sita was struggling now with her arms, desperately trying to pull her heavy pregnant body free from her mother-in-laws iron grip. But her mother-in-law was too strong, too quick. Before sita could free herself her mother-in-law had shifted closer still, planting her right knee on sita’s left leg, pinning her to the bed with a pressure that hurt. With her free right hand she reached down and placed it on sita’s still wet and open pussy.

‘ohhh i don’t think you want me to let you go, now do you? I saw how you were struggling to pleasure your pussy what with your huge swollen pregnant belly in the way. I’m here to help you my daughter. I know how horny an expectant mother becomes…i was just the same when i was pregnant with your husband. My pussy was aching for attention…just like yours, my dear, isn’t that right? Your smooth shaven young cunt is crying out for love and i’m here to give it to you. Us women know best how to pleasure our pussies now don’t we my dear?’

‘ohhh mother….arghhh……no….no, it’s not natural….not right….not two women, i’m married….married to your son….don’t do this…i’m not a….not a…..’

‘what’s that my dear sita? Not a lesbian? Well if that’s what you think…but i think we should let your beautiful wet pussy decide that don’t you…and from the way its opening to my touch i’d say its hungering for a woman’s love, wouldn’t you….?’

No matter how she hated herself for it, sita could not prevent her body trembling at her mother-in-law’s skilled touch, could not stop the heaving of her engorged breasts, the hardening of her nipples, and the involuntary flow of juice from her cunt onto the older woman’s fingers. Incapacitated by a shameful desire, it was also she could do to cover her sobbing face with her hands.

Timing her move, her mother-in-law moved her body across sita’s, her soft, heavy, breasts, sliding over sita’s pregnant stomach, her hands reaching out to clasp sita’s, squeezing them tight before easing them up above her daughter-in-law’s head. As she lowered her face to within inches of sita’s her thick main of black-grey hair fell onto the pillow, framing sita’s tear-soaked face, enclosing the two women in an intimate and secluded world of their own. Together, alone, undisturbed, their eyes locked as each peered into the world of the other, stripping away layers of convention and conditioning to pierce through to the beating living desire within – for sita a blossoming world of womanhood, still confused and frightened yet acknowledging with every second that passed that she was ready to be led into a luxuriant garden of sapphic love, for her mother-in-law the realization of her mature passion she had long harboured for her son’s beautiful young bride.

For sita, poised on the precipice of discovery, the tension became unbearable. Her throat became parched dry, her vocal chords tightened, perspiration covered her face, dripped from her arm pits, while her pussy began to ache uncomfortably. She knew she was in the presence of a force more powerful, more insistent, than any she had encountered before, knew that her womanhood demanded that she yield, that she accept and give herself to the love of another woman, that she must follow the secret call of her heart….

‘kiss me’.

The sound died on her lips, so that she was only miming her request. But it was enough. Her mother knew and understood.

‘what’s that my dear daughter? Tell me what you want….you know ill give you anything…just whisper my beautiful darling…i’m here for you….’

Summoning what breath remained within, sita repeated her words, forcing the sound from her lust-filled vocal chords.

‘kiss me please….take me….make me yours…make love to me…for god sake….don’t make me….’

Before the words had left her mouth she felt her mother-in-law lower her soft ripe lips to hers and she melted into the tenderness of her touch, loosing herself in the swirling eroticism of the moment, giving herself to the delicious taboo of another woman’s soft, insistent, caressing, hungry lips…knowing that this step would never be undone and her life never the same again.

Sita now found herself, for the first time in her life, the object of a fierce and unbridled passion. Her husband’s passion, feeble and transitory as it was, began and ended with his own need to release his insignificant cum. She was always left wanting more, wondering where the lustful attention she had long fantasized about was to be found. Now she discovered it was to be encountered in the love of a man but a woman.

Sita’s mother-in-law began to devour her with her mouth, which became both the expression of her love and a tool of the utmost erotic pleasure. Her wet, soft, lips pressed deep against sita’s, her tongue penetrating her mouth and making hungry, lustful, forays which sita willing me with her own agile tongue. When she shifted her tongue and lips from sita’s it was only to kiss the younger woman’s nose, her eyelids, her smooth cheeks, her ears, her chin…every inch of sita’s glowing face was worshipped by her mother-in-laws insistent mouth, her ministrations being only interrupted by mature woman’s groans and arousing words.

‘arghhh….you're so beautiful my love….so gorgeous….ummm your young skin’s so soft…my son doesn’t kiss you like this does he? He doesn’t realize your beauty. Ever since i saw you i wanted you, dreamed of kissing you, longed for this moment… ached for you my daughter...mmmmm….god your delicious….’

Sita arched back her head, exposing the long smooth underside of her neck to her mother, inviting her to run her powerful tongue along her tender skin – which her mother-in-law was only to happy to do, evoking a deep moan from sita as she closed her eyes and rolled her head from side to side against the yielding fabric of her pillow. As her oral pleasure mounted she felt her mother-in-law place her mature hand on her tight milk-engorged left breast, manipulating, squeezing and massaging it with a practiced hand. Her nipples engorged with blood even before her mother-in-laws fingers sought out her hardness, pulling and teasing and twisting her sensitive nipples.

‘god yes….squeeze my pregnant tits …they're so full for you, so fucking sensitive….oh yes, that’s it….urghh….don’t stop….ever….ohhh mummy….’

While her mouth yet kissed, licked, and loved her daughters face, lips, and neck, and her hands tormented sita’s aroused breasts, her mother-in-law eased her thigh between sita’s legs, pressing and caressing against her daughters smooth wet pussy. The sensation of the soft-down of her mother’s hairy thigh moving against her bare exposed flesh took sita to yet another level of sensuous arousal, shooting currents of pleasure through her pussy and stirring her clit from the folds of her cunt.

Sita plunged her hands into her mother-in-laws luxuriant black hair and pulled her mouth against hers, desperate for the unadulterated taste of a woman in heat. She ran her hands down the older woman’s fleshy back, using her nails to scratch her skin and urging her to mould her body against hers so she could enjoy the sensation of her soft heavy curves against her younger ripe form. Her mother-in-laws passion only intensified as she recognized sita’s mounting wantonness in her arms. She was, as she had long hoped and secretly suspected, a lesbian slut and there was almost certainly nothing she would refuse her.

Smiling, sita’s mother-in-law arched her back and raised her upper body with her arms, clasping sita’s hands and pushing them up above her head. As she eased her own body forward her large black dildo slid over sita’s swollen stomach while her wonderfully pendulous breasts swung above sita’s open mouth. The younger woman raised her neck, pushing out her tongue in an attempt to make contact with the mature woman’s fat dark nipples.

‘go on baby, suck my heavy tits….show how much you crave my breasts. They’re aching for your sweet mouth, yearning for your attention….i’ve seen you gazing on my bust, as i have watched yours. They’re yours my baby….now suck me you little whore….’

As she uttered these deliciously arousing words she insolently allowed her fat distended breasts to slide over sita’s face, submerging her in her hot flesh and forcing the younger woman to lick and suck wildly, desperate to feel the engorged firm nipples between her eager lips. Eventually she managed to lock on to her mother-in-laws left nipple and she began to suck and nibble at its length, tugging and pulling and squeezing and teasing – as if she hoped to draw rich milk from the mature breast as her husband had once done. Her mother-in-law let out a loud groan as she felt her aching breast being avidly devoured before pulling her left nipple free and sliding her neglected right tit into her daughter’s open salivating mouth. Sita knew how to a pleasure another woman with her mouth, swirling her tongue around her mother’s nipple while repeatedly grazing it with her teeth and sending waves of erotic pain through the mature woman’s body until she could bear the weight of her upper body with her arms no longer.

Letting go of sita’s arms she sank back onto her haunches and knelt above the younger woman, feasting her gaze on her fertile body. Raising her own hands to her thick hair she thrust her breasts out, dominating sita’s vision with her voluptuous form. As she raised her arms her thick black under-arm hair was revealed, wet now with perspiration. Instinctively she placed her hands under her arm-pits, massaging her hair before sliding her sweat-soaked fingers into her mouth. Sita let out an involuntary sigh as the sight and her mother-in-law grinned deliciously.

‘you like your mummy’s hairy arm-pits? You like my unkempt hair? My arm-pits are so wet baby, so sensitive….like another pussy….you want to lick my hair…you want to rub your sweet young face in my wanton hair-pits?’

Sita could only nod her assent with a glazed look in her eyes and her tongue was already extended from her lips as her mother-in-law lowered her right arm-pit towards her and sita sank her tongue and mouth into the steamy ripe wetness of her lesbian lover’s dark thick hair. Never before had sita contemplated a woman’s under-arm hair as a site of erotic desire, but as she lapped at the matted darkness of her mother-in-laws exposed underarm she knew that she was tasting a treasure that she would lust for always. The older woman gently rocked her arm-pit against sita’s face and sita pushed and licked at the thick hair and sensitive wet skin, her movements eliciting groans and sighs from the older woman, stirring an ever building flow of arousal into her mouth.

‘that’s it baby….lick me….taste my arousal…..love my hair you slut…..arghhh…..yes…there…oh my darling daughter…..i need this….awww….don’t stop….ummm….ohh your wicked dirty tongue….your making mummy so fucking aroused!’

Only when she had received her fill of her daughter-in-laws lewd tongue did her mother-in-law raise her arm-pit from sita’s mouth to replace it with her full hungry lips, lusting for the taste of her own perspiration on sita’s wet lips. Again the two women shared long passionate wet kisses and now, for the first time, did sita feel the older woman’s feminine fingers slide along the soft inner skin of her thighs to her fleshy extended smooth pussy. She moaned as her mother-in-law slid her hand over and around juice-soaked cunt lips and spread her legs wider, opening the flower of her womanhood to her lover’s touch. Her breathing quickened, becoming shallow as her chest tightened with desire.

‘god, finger my pussy my love, feel the heat of my need, i crave your touch. Ohh yes….that’s it…aww….don’t stop….do you like my smooth, bald, juicy young pussy? Do you want me shaven and open to you always?’

‘of course, my baby. I want the feel and look of your fresh bald pussy as i spread your dripping lips to my gaze and slide my long powerful tongue into your hot welcoming cunt and to grind my hairy mature pussy against yours and fuck you with my large fleshy clit before i penetrate you with my thick black dildo, watching it slide inch by inch into your cunt, servicing you as my son can never do until you beg for me to stop to allow your ravished cunt a moments respite before i fuck and suck you again and again.’

Sita almost swooned at her mother-in-law’s lustful words. Reaching to her mother’s head she pulled her lips to hers for a deep, penetrating, kiss, before pushing her face free of hers, their lips still connected by a string of saliva.

‘yes, please, that’s what i want, what i’ll ever want. You know what a lesbian whore i am. I want to be used and abused by you always. My pussy is yours to command whenever you want….just fuck me my love, fuck me as i’ve always craved, as your son has never done, as no man could ever do…just make me your sex-toy and don’t stop fucking me no matter how i beg for respite. You know i’m your slut alone – don’t torment me any longer, make me yours now…my pussy’s on fire for you!’

Her mother-in-law shot back a mischievous smile before sliding her ample form down over sita’s ripe body, licking her tongue over her heavy pregnant belly and down to the dark pink fleshy hood that capped her already aroused clit. Sita reached a hand down to each thigh and pulled her legs up as far as she could in her pregnant state, opening her bald pussy to her mother-in-law’s lesbian gaze. Slowly the older woman let a stream of saliva drop from her mouth onto the exposed pussy lips before placing her mouth on her daughter-in-laws hungry cunt. Sita rolled her head in delirium as she felt her mother’s full lips kiss and suck at her own soft lips and exhaled deeply at the touch of her lover’s strong, probing, tongue as it sought out her aching clit, sliding around it with a practiced art, encouraging it to engorge with blood and unsheathe itself like a small throbbing cock from the protective covering of her pussy lips. As her mother-in-law teased and drew her erect clit into her hot mouth sita let out a passionate scream, arching her back and bucking her cunt deeper into her lovers face. Clasping sita’s tight young arse cheeks in her hands, her mother-in-law began to fuck sita’s rampant cunt with her face, trusting her tongue deep into her eager pussy-hole, rubbing her tongue and her nose over the younger woman’s streaming slippery pussy, forcing sita to write and gyrate on the bed, her bloated stomach swaying uncontrollably, her breasts rippling with the shuddering pleasure that coursed through her, making her feel alive as never before.

‘oh my god, fuck me you whore, fuck me you dyke. Fill my cunt you’re your heavy black cock, your hard thick tool. I need to be filled by you….ravish me my love and consummate our desire….pleaseeeee……’

Responding to her daughter-in-law’s urgent pleas, her lesbian lover lifted her juice-soaked face from her pussy and took her hips firmly between her hands, rolling her over onto her front. To help support sita’s heavy pregnant body she pushed two pillows under her stomach while sita drew her thighs up, arching her back and pushing her smooth round arse towards her lover, desperate to draw her towards her and fill her deep craving for cock. Kneeling behind her young daughter-in-law, her mother took her thick black cock into her hand and opened her mouth to let a large droplet of saliva fall onto its surface, before massaging the lubricant over the contours of her black cock with her hand till it glistened wet and shiny. Only then did she ease her thick cock forward to nudge against sita’s distended pussy lips. Sita whimpered at the sensation.

‘yes, there, that’s it….push it in please….i need to be filled by a real cock….i need to be fucked raw my whore-mother….’

‘ohhh i’m sure you do my baby. I’m sure your gagging for your mother-in-law’s hard cock. My son hasn’t got a cock like this, had he? He hasn’t got the equipment to satisfy a woman has he? It’s my cock you want isn’t it my dirty little bitch! You want a real woman to use and ravish you, to fuck you all night and ruin you for any man….isn’t that right my slut sita?’

As her throat tightened again with desire, sita could whisper her assent into the pillow pressed against her face.

‘what’s that my dyke….i couldn’t hear you. You want my cock don’t you? You’ll laugh at your husband’s cock and want only mine in future wont you? You’ll lust for my strapon and worship it like no man’s wont you my whore?’

As she finished her words she lifted back the cock before slapping it against sita’s arse, spanking it against her arse cheeks, her anus, her pussy lips. At the same time she lifted up her hand and brought it down sharply against the younger woman’s smarting arse cheeks.

‘yes!! Yes!! Totally, completely. I love your cock, your powerful hard lesbian cock. Use my pussy like the indian sex-toy i am….show me the power of a woman’s lust…you know i'm yours, know i’m your own lesbian daughter. Now take me please my love and possess me with your cock…’

Sita’s mother-in-law took her strapon cock into her hand and directed it into the wet quivering flesh of her son’s wife’s pussy. Slowly, methodically, relentlessly she eased the thick black cock into the younger woman’s kinky shaven pussy, watching intently as inch after inch of her black cock slid into lover’s cunt until her own soft ample stomach pressed up against sita’s firm round arse. Thrusting forward again she drove the pleasure organ deeper still, pushing a loud groan from her daughter-in-law, who was now impaled on her mother’s hard black endowment. Gripping sita’s hips, she pulled her daughter-in-laws curvaceous arse against her own soft flesh, keeping the cock deep in sita’s cunt and eliciting moan upon moan of satisfaction from the young woman, who had never before known what it was like to be truly fucked by a thick long cock. Judging her lover’s desires to perfection, she began to ease the cock out until the head almost plopped, wet and slippery, from the young pussy, only to ease her heavy body forward again and sink the shaft into the hot tight pussy that was now hers.

‘arghhhh……yes….yes, mummy….fuck your bitch, fuck your slut….give me that cock….deeper...harder…..i've needed this, i’ve needed you for soooooo long…ohhhh shit!’

Her mother-in-law leant her body forward further, her fat breasts pressing against sita’s smooth back as she took her daughter-in-law in her arms and began to plunger her lubricated cock into the dripping cunt again and again, using the weight of her mature body to penetrate deeper and deeper into her cock-hungry lover. Her long black hair cascaded over sita’s arms and shoulders, her well-fed body smothered the younger woman’s slimmer form, her thick pussy hair, matted wet with perspiration and the cunt juice trickling from her own aroused cunt, rubbed and ground against sita’s smooth expectant arse as she fucked her son’s wife as he had never fucked her, branding her indelibly as her own.

Sita was helpless now against the intensity of her mother-in-laws ravishing assault. Her face was pressed deep in her pillow as she felt the cock thrust home, opening her up, filling the depths of her need, and creating a hunger within her that only her mother-in-law could satisfy. Her orgasm built slowly, developing out of the exquisitely painful experience of being used and abused by a real cock until it broke, sending a warm surge of desire through her body and a new flood of cunt juice to meet the black dildo that was ripping into her. Sita screamed into the pillow, thrashing her sweat-soaked face against the soft fabric and adding to its dampness the sobs of fulfillment that consumed her as she basked in the warm after-glow of her orgasm

Her mother-in-law left her cock in her daughter’s shaven quim as she watched the younger woman’s body tremble and pant for breath, relishing the beauty of her pregnant fertile form. Only slowly did she ease the black cock from the tight grip of sita’s horny pussy, gazing upon the strings of glistening pussy-juice that that yet connected the women as the heavy dildo slid free from its recent home. The exhausted sita, no longer able to support the weight of her pregnant belly, rolled onto her side, instinctively curling into a fetal position as she recovered from the intensity of the life-changing experience that had so recently overwhelmed her.

Still feasting her lesbian eyes upon her daughter’s vulnerable form, her mother-in-law reached behind her and unclasped the straps that held her cock in place, sliding it from her thighs and exposing her own mature pussy to her exploring fingers. Her experienced hand quickly sought out the object of her lust: the oversized, swollen, fleshy clitoris that protruded from the dense mat of black pussy hair that surrounded and protected it. It was slick with pussy juice and already engorged to erectness, like the little cock it really was. She began to tease it with the finger nail of her middle finger, relishing the warm sensations of arousal that suffused along its length and provoked a steadily intensifying flow of juice from her horny pussy. As her left hand caressed and squeezed her breasts, her right hand began to massage her distended clit more forcefully, rolling its fullness between her fingers and covering it with her warm wetness. Thrusting her hips forward to press her clit against her loving hand, she let out an involuntary whimper.

Hearing her mother-in-laws sweet feminine moans, sita raised her head to drink in the site of her ripe lewd body. Consumed with a love equal to her desire, she rolled back onto her bed, spread her thighs open, and with an outstretched hand beckoned her mother towards her. Once again the two women joined in a lesbian embrace, once again their breasts merged and their mouths and tongues met. Only this time sita’s mother-in-laws hairy pussy was insistent, demanding the orgasmic release of its pent-up arousal. She moved her pussy back and forth against her daughter-in-laws thigh, her thick unkempt pubic hair forming a nice contrast to sita’s smooth soft skin. Sita discovered that hot afternoon how much she loved the feel of her mother-in-laws hairy body against hers, how much she liked the sensation the downy-hair of her thighs as it moved against her own young legs, caressing her a thousand times over. She slid her hand along the back of her lover’s legs, letting her fingers trace their way through the dark hairs which became, for her, the mark of her mother-in-laws virility, of the earthy feminine principle which she had accepted as the summation of her own womanly needs.

‘yes my darling mummy….i want your hairy pussy all over my body. Smother me with your dripping horny cunt, cover me in your juice and fuck me with your big erect clit. Let me know what it is to have my face buried deep in a woman’s pussy until i cant breath or speak but only love you.’

‘umm my baby knows what her mother-in-law wants, doesn’t she? How often have i dreamt of watching your pretty face between my legs, eating my cunt. Even as i watched you marry my son i could think of nothing else. You know how to turn a mother on, don’t you my naughty little slut?’

Crawling up the bed, sita’s lover lifted her right thigh to straddle her daughter-in-law’s neck. Her dense hairy pussy was only inches away from sita’s face and now, for the first time, she could see the glory of her mother-in-law’s womanhood. Only now could she see the thick mat of hair that covered her pussy and extended up the lower part of her soft stomach and stretched into the inner folds of her thighs. Only now could she see the dark, fleshy, pussy lips that glistened between the covering of pubic hair. Only now could she smell, for the first time, the wonderfully rich and spicy scent of a mature indian woman in heat. And only now could she see that large, distended clit that throbbed before her gaze a thousand times more virile than her husband’s insipid cock.

‘you like my clit my darling?’

‘ohh yes my mummy. It’s amazing…so ripe, so full, so big….god it's beautiful.’

‘you want it more than my son’s cock?’

‘yes…absolutely, completely. Your son’s cock is nothing in comparison.’

‘and is it hornier than any man’s cock? I need to hear that i’m sexier and more potent to you than any man. I need to know that this mature clit is all the cock you’re ever going to want. That only my cock-clit is going to know the pleasures of your young body.’

‘awww mummy i don’t give a shit for any man and their feeble cocks. No man can match you as a lover – you know that! Your clit-cock is the only cock i want. I’ll worship it and crave it and offer you my body for your use. God you’ve made me yours…as you always knew you would. You will always be my wife and husband and mother…if you’ll have me?’

‘mmmmm you know i’ve wanted you for so long my baby….now go on….feel my arousal, caress my womanhood with your slender feminine fingers….’

With some trepidation sita placed her fingers against her mother-in-laws clit, intimidated, as she was, by the raw erotic power it represented and knowing that here, at last, she had found the focus of all her deepest desires. Tenderly she nurtured her lesbian lover’s endowment, fascinated by the way it responded to her feminine touch, by the way it sprung forward still more proudly as she eased back the protective folds of skin at its head. Scooping the wetness from her mother’s clit she slid her fingers into her own mouth while she gazed directly into the older woman’s knowing eyes.
Sensing it was time, she placed her hands on her mother-in-laws thick hairy thighs and pulled her pussy towards her mouth, straining her neck forward until her tongue could lap along the length of her mother-in-laws steamy wet pussy.

Sita’s mother-in-law let out a deep sigh before edging her body forward until her hirsute pussy was directly over the younger woman’s face.

‘that’s it my darling, smother me with your love…..dominate your daughter and make her yours….’

Still gripping her hips, sita pulled her mother-in-laws pussy down onto her face. Never before had she experienced another woman’s cunt against her mouth, her nose, her chin – and never again would she need anything else. Her eager tongue buried itself deep in her lover’s wet opening, tasting the stream of juice that she unleashed, desperately drinking down every drop. Slowly her mother-in-law eased the weight of her voluptuous body against the pretty face of her son’s wife, until her hairy cunt filled every sense of her being and suffocated her with the intensity of her arousal. Placing her own hands upon her thighs, she used her stomach muscles to gyrate her pussy against her daughter-in-laws face, relishing the sensation of her tongue and lips and nose as they moved against her sloppy wet cunt and her throbbing clit. Sita could do little more than grasp her mother-in-laws hips and pull her harder against her mouth. She wanted to eat and consume and know every inch of her mother-in-laws pungent horny pussy, wanted to merge with her and offer her face as her mother’s fuck toy.

The older woman began to writhe more forcefully against her lover’s face. Her whole weight was bearing down on her daughter-in-law now and she used her powerful thigh muscles to grind her pussy against sita’s eager body. With each forward thrust of her hips she began to let out a deep guttural grunt…the sound of which only turned sita on still more. She was desperate to service her mother-in-law as she had serviced her. She wanted to prove her lesbian desire and show herself worth of this woman. And the ever mounting groans and grunts of her mother-in-law proved that she was giving her what she craved.

Her mature lover was now humping her pussy back and forth over sita’s mouth and tongue, giving herself up to her mounting crisis and using her daughter-in-law like the sex-toy she longed to be. Her big breasts were swaying uncontrollably, the dark nipples hard and erect. Her main of black hair was sweeping behind her as she arched her back and directed her gaze up to the ceiling. Perspiration was covered her body, a small rivulet of sweat dripping down from her long under-arm hair. She now writhed and bucked uncontrollably has her long-delayed orgasm surged through her kinky pussy.

‘oh yes…oh yes….fuck me my whore, fuck me….harder….deeper….fuck me sita my slut, my lesbian daughter……oh god, oh god….aahhhh….yessss……arghhhh!!!! Owww…owwww…..’

The screams of her mother-in-law's climax resounded through the house as her body shook and her pussy let forth a hot squirt of juice that flooded sita’s face and filled her mouth and nostrils and ran down her cheeks onto the bed, leaving it saturated with her indian cum. She slowly reduced the speed and force of her thrusts against her daughter-in-law’s face until weak and trembling she eased back on her haunches and sat with her dripping distended cunt on sita’s glowing face. Her breathing was laboured as she recovered from the exertion of fucking her daughter and as she lowered her chin to her chest her long damp black hair tumbled forward, forming almost a curtain over her heavy breasts. Only with much effort did she left her left thigh clear of her lover’s juice-drenched face and roll her ample frame onto the bed beside her.

There the two women lay side by side for some minutes. Two beautiful indian women separated by more than 20 years in age but united in the exuberant richness of their bodies, in the fullness of maturity on the one hand and the fecundity of youth on the other. And united, above all, in the depth and tenderness and intensity of their lesbian love. Only gradually did sita’s mother-in-law snuggle up to her daughter, lifting her soft heavy left breast and placing it against sita’s own swelling milk-filled breasts, while her mouth closed in upon her daughter-in-laws wet salivating lips. The mature woman slid her hand onto sita’s swollen pregnant stomach.

‘your mine my darling from now on. This unborn baby is mine too. I think we’ll write to my son and tell him he won’t be needed, don’t you?’

Sita could only respond to clasping her mother-in-law in her arms and squeezing her tight. No, she would never let this woman go.

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