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Flying first class


Flying first class

By: reeta

Hi i m reeta, i was traveling from mumbai to dubai in 1st class. The flight it was boring bcz i m all alone, the person sit next to me old over aged 50, looks like a business man, i think he was dreaming about her wife, i asked for coffee to the airhostess, then another women came back with a cup of coffee, when she turn back the thing that caught my attention was her ass. And the tight uniform she wore showed it off. So it must have been that woman's ass, not uniform. I had a great view from my seat in row 2.

I’ve always enjoyed getting it on with another woman - their bodies are so much smoother and prettier than a man's body. And they taste marvelous! Soft skin, nice cheeks of course sucking a man's cock is great for the guy, but i get much more pleasure from going down on a woman - kissing and licking all around her pussy and then nibbling on her clit putting my finger in her pussy. A female lover can take me to a special place that a man can't reach. But this time i m only interested in ass,

Excuse mean. She return to me, yes maim, i need some chocolates, oh i m sorry i forget to bring, hold on, then she turn towards the other side rush for chocolates, when she was taking steps her ass giggling in 89, 89, 89. (that was the code for big ass when the bubbling, while walking any where especially in big heels) i became hot when i saw her ass in quick 89, 89, 89, with each step, my hurt beat ness create a sound that i can hear easily. I can’t control my breath.

That situation creates when ever i kissed on women’s cheeks 1st time, i would be there in dubai for 1-week just visiting. These trips are usually bore with out friends but this time i think i can make some excitement with that particular ass girl.

When she leave i unzipped my purrs took my magazines from my purrs because i can't sleep on plane flights.

Oh i m sorry, i read her name from her batch that mentioned mona,

As she moved and stretched up front in the process of preparing drinks and food, i could see the movement of that beautiful butt under her uniform. It excited me to think of feeling her firm ass cheeks and exploring all her private places.

After dinner the lights were turned low to let passengers sleep.

With 1 hour still left to go in the flight, all food and drinks had been served. The crew were chatting while sitting in the service section by the first class.

When the lights of i start thinking in my dreams about mona. I m with her in my flat she was laying next to me in bed, i start seducing mona but she is not like that girl she is interested in males for sex, but i m still interested to convince her. I wondered if she could feel my intense gaze and realize that i staring at her. I was in my own world of sexual fantasy in the midst of sleeping passengers in the darkened cabin.

I sat with half-closed eyes picturing what i would like to do with her when we reached at dubai. I started to get wet while focusing on her ass. I conjured up mental images of scenes from my flat room in dubai involving the two of us. I put my leg into other, know i start rub my cunt between my legs slowly slowly & slowly, dreaming about mona,

Mona got nice features in her body, i noticed further into her body, her half nude legs are well shaped like u can say chiknee chiknee, her boobs tight in her shirt; i was so horny that i felt it worthwhile trying to score with her, despite the probability that it wouldn't work out. I had nothing to lose, and maybe some great sex to gain.

My mind click, i went forward, and started a conversation with the blond whose ass had captured my imagination as i sat in row 2. She seemed willing to talk and i found out quite a bit about her. She was from dehli and loved the climate, beaches, and lifestyle in dubai. As we talked i focused on her face and eyes,

All the while thinking about how she would look naked in bed with me. I had never before been so hot about any woman! So i was very pleased when she accepted my invitation to have a drink with me when we reached dubai. At last i told her about my address, but after half an hour discussion, 1st she asked about my name, i feel guilty about myself,

How cheep i m. Sorry i m reeta u can call me reet. She told me that she is free for next day, so if i don’t mind she will be with me, that’s what’s i was exactly looking. Of course u can, its sound great, when she asked, my hurts beat at its full speed, my breath fasten then ever, even i was hesitate while chatting with her, before leaving she asked me that she is in there with in hour or so, so i can wait for her in guest room.

When i leave the plane, & waiting for her in guest room, i was considering my self luckiest girl in this world, y so? Bcz when ever i thought about any girl i had no problem to catch.

Before leaving we went to take some tea or else in airport restaurant. Sat at a small table in a back corner, so close together that our knees touched. I didn't pull back and neither did she. She put a hand on my knee as we talked, which turned me on. I extended my hand to her knee in return, and i slowly moved it up under her skirt as we talked.

She didn't try to stop my hand. Her panties were already wet, a promising sign of her feelings about the night to come. As i pushed my hand further into her cunt above her panty she became hot, looking state into my eyes, i feel its time to go further inside, as i take my hand inside her panty, now i can feel her nude pussy my fingers run into her wet pussy, but i was scared bcz we r in restaurant.

So i withdrew my hand and licked it; she is still looking into my eyes, she tasted pink to me. She leaned closer and brushed my cheek with her lips.

The waiter who came with the bill had probably seen us far stranger things hat we r doing he just wished us "have a good night", as i paid the bill. Then i asked her come on lets into my flat, she reply with nice smile sure, after an hour we reached,

After paying taxi bill i take a deep breath and asked her at last we reached, she replied not yet, ha ha ha ha ha, we both looks in each eyes with a huge laugh. We went up to inside as i opened the main door lock.

We were alone inside - as soon as the door closed we embraced. I put one hand on her ass. It felt as good as it had looked on the flight out. For an ass person like me it was exciting to finally caress the object of my desire. My lips met hers in a soft kiss. I opened my lips and explored her mouth with my tongue. Her lips parted in response and our tongues met. The tongues were creatures touching, exploring, and fondling each other. Then she pushed me back away from her, wait reet,

“yaar don’t be stupid,”

Mona chor yaar rehna da, lets enjoy the beautiful night i pressed her ass slowly putting my hand on her ass, reet kaya tujha mai bohat ache lagi thee? Mona mujha 1st tare ass bohat pasand ae, fir maina apni nazar taree body par rakhi, to pata chala tara ang ang bohat he fantastic hai. I didn't realize until we got into my bedroom that i hadn't made a conquest at all. She'd been interested in getting me into bed since we talked on the flight.

Fir mai us ka hath pakar kar usa apna bed room main la ge, but she is still interested taking a bath, then we both into the bathroom, i filled tub with some hot water, once in the bathroom we hugged; she stepped back and slowly unbuttoned her shirt & blouse, keeping her eyes on mine. My cunt juices started flowing as she undressed for me. Ingrid removed her blouse, leaned forward slightly, and reached behind to loosen the bra catch. Her breasts were firm and shapely.

I figured that ingrid kept in shape; there wasn't a bit of flab on her body. I brought her closer to me and fondled her breasts. Then i used my tongue to tease her nipples. Her body quivered and i heard a low moan. Then her hands reached into my shirt button. Undoing my shirt button, i take it off, now her hands reached back, unhooking my bra,

Now we both half nude, pressing my boobs in her soft hands, then kiss on my nipples. That was hot, and then our gripped on each other became hard, kissing each other hard on lips. Our tongues met, while our breasts pressed touching each other, making some hot kisses, then i take down my pent unhooking pent button then zip. I take off my pent under my feet’s; mona also put her hands in her skirt, i cried put it down bitch, she was slowly undoing her skirt, at last, my hands reached in her panty elastic band. Wait reet, kaya kar rahi hai toon to bohat jaldee dekha rahi ha, i replied, bitch toon hai he itne hot mai kaya karoon, i smack her ass, oh reet, ………………………..

Then we both became naked. Then in the bath tab, mona asked me, while we bites each others, having fun, in desi words, kidding like we both r kids. Reet toon sex main kaya pasand karte hai? Mona i only like my middle finger in my pussy, slowly slowly, in out, in out, then after sucking it again my middle finger inside my pussy slowly in out, in out. Mona tujha kaya pasand hai? Reet agar such poocha na actually i m not a lesbian. I tried, but i prefer guys on females,

Y so mona? Reet i like if some 1 fuck my ass hard, so mona ya to girls be kar saktee hayin, no reet, like guys fucking ass hard and fast, specially experience patner, i love taking big cocks in my ass, ara mona kaya bat karte hai. Aj tujha asa maza datee hoon fir to girls ka he socha gee, lets see my sweet reet. Ok,

Then while in bath tub, i press mona pussy with my feet’s, she is also rubbing her feet in my pussy, but we both in our panties,

I put down my panty, i asked tum be utaro, aj mai tumha dekhate hoon mai middle finger kasa latee hoon, tum be asa mujha dekhana bohat maza aa ga, she replied ok,

Mai bath tab sa nikal kar faon fala kar aga ho kar bath gae, mona mujha dakhte rahi, mai boli ara mona tub sa bahir a ja, tub ka corner par mara samna bath kar apni middle finger suck kar, maina or mona na asa he keya, mona or mai apni apni middle finger suck karna lageen,

Fir mare finger mareee choot par ghoomna lagi, mona was doing in her style, fir mare middle finger mare fudee main utarna lagi, or poore ki poore andar ghusa kar ahista ahista hilana lagi, mona preffer 2 finger instead of 1, she is fucking her pussy with 2 fingers deep in side her pussy,

The room was filled with sexual tension. Mai apni middle finger sa he apni fudee ko fuck kar rahi thee, then mona came near me bend, gripped from my arms, kissing on my lips, touching my boobs, she was so hot, while i get my hands in her pussy, slowly rubbing, it was wet & hot, we both had little hairs in our pussy. While i put my 2 fingers inside mona’s pussy. She moaned heavily, then she started kissing on my lips face, cheeks, boobs gripping me hard in flash, i put my 2nd hand into her boobs, while she stands her boobs touching my face, with out wasting time i put her left nipple in my mouth, sucking this, i put my 3rd finger inside her pussy,

My fingers r now moving fast, she is crying like a baby, moaning in loud & hot voice, which gives me some extra energy to do with more speed, as i fasten my fingers, she was now out of control, oh reet i m cuming, do it hard, plz do it fast, i m cuming, etc etc,

then i feel she was relaxed. After a movement, i feel some thing hot in my boobs, when i noticed mona was peeing on my boobs with heavy pressure, like waters come out from pipe in pressure, same thing like that, she was peeing on my boobs & down into my body,

Mona ki bachee ara, reet kaya huva ab falsh par toon bathee thee mai kaya kartee itnee taaz lagi thee ka control nahi kar saki.

Ab mona na mujha khare kar deya or khud bath kar mare fudee ko masalna lagi mara boobs ko apni zuban sa chatna lagi. Oh reet u got such a nice figure, i love ur boobs, with this she put her middle finger deep inside my pussy, start in out in out oh mona fuck me hard.

She put her mouth down to my breasts and circled my aureoles with her tongue. She was biting my nipples 1 by 1, i whispered, "suck on my nipples, please!" she took a nipple into her mouth and sucked until it started to harden more & more. She could tell how wet i was getting because she had her down inside me, with two fingers in my pussy as she sucked on my tit.

I was in top, then she put her 2 fingers deep inside, she knew where to touch me and how to touch me. Then she bends little, her finger traced my labia again - then her tongue slipped between them into my slit and slowly followed a path to my clitoris, licking all the way. She asked me opened ur legs, i did so, she is sucking my clits, exploring inside my pussy with her fingers, bath room was filled with sexual tension ones again,

My fingers r running in her hairs, i can feel i was in top of world. My dreams come true, then i starts moaning loud & hard, mona do it i m cuming that was the last words when i feel relaxed. After an movement, i feel mare fudee sa peeshab ka fawara nikalna laga hai, maina mona ko hardly mazboote sa he pakra ka mare fudee ka peeshab mona ka face par pressure sa fawara ki tarha parna laga, oh reet, us nay a kahna ka leya moon khola he tha,

Ka peeshab us ka moon main par gaya, after when i finished, reet bara meetha tha, thora or kar na, ara mona khatam ho gaya hai, i was thinking she is feeling bad but she is enjoying my piss in her mouth, us na piss pee to nahi foran hi nikal dee moon sa but maza zaroor leya,

Is ka baad mai or mona aik dossre ki fudee par hair removing cream laga kar masala lageen, dono na aik dossre ki fudee 69 position main bath ka farsh par late kar saaf kee, after this, we went under the shower, standing in front of each other, dono na aik dossre ki body par soap lagaya. Or fir fresh hona lageen. Reet mara mood aik baar fir karma ka ha, ab bed par mona,

Nahi plz, then she pushed me in ground under the shower, we both starts licking each other pussies x position. My l leg is top of her leg, same with 2nd, my 2nd leg is between her legs, we r touching our pussies against each other.

Then we stands i took the bar of soap i felt she is coming from behind. She put her arms around me and kissed the back of my neck. Then she reached around and gently took the bar of soap from my hand.

While still standing behind me, she whispered, "hon, spread your legs nice and wide so that i can get to your pussy. I replied no i m tires she insist "after i spread my legs she used the bar of soap as a dildo,

Fucking me with it. The stream of water made everything slick, including my pussy; the improvised dildo slid in and out with ease. As she fucked me with the bar of soap i reached orgasm quickly, too quickly. I had no control - it just happened. As i came, the juices that ran down my thighs were washed away by the stream of water.

My lover wasn't done yet. "lean forward with your hands against the wall. Bend down, way down, and spread your legs wide for me."

After i leaned forward and spread my legs, i realized that she had knelt down behind me and was going to use her tongue from behind. The water was still coming down, cascading over my butt and running down between my ass cheeks.

She started with kisses on my ass. Then she used her tongue, exploring along the crack of my ass to my vagina. From her kneeling position she was able to raise her head and get her tongue on my clit. That resulted in another orgasm. I was wiped out with passion and already thinking of having to get out of the shower and get dressed.

But she had one more treat for me; ingrid tongued my asshole. She spread my ass cheeks wide with her hands and then used her tongue on the sensitive nerve tissue surrounding the anus. My lower body reacted automatically to stimulation of those nerves by going into spasm.

Then she moved her tongue directly to my pucker, licking and pushing forward. Her tongue was really too short to get beyond the sphincter muscles, into the rectum. No matter, i felt she was fucking me in a way i've never been fucked before. I've had a dildo up my ass, but her probing tongue was something special.

Know its her turn, beautiful part of her body is her ass, which i was imagining when i saw her, i asked her lean forward with your hands against the wall. Bend down, way down, and spread your legs wide for me." same as she said to me.

After she leaned forward and spread her legs, she realized that i had knelled down behind her and was going to use my tongue from behind. The water was still coming down, cascading over her butt and running down between her ass cheeks this time.

I started with kisses on her ass. Then i used my tongue, exploring along the crack of her ass to her vagina. From my kneeling position i was able to raise my head and get my tongue on her clit.

I did in same way that’s y i m repeating. Then i sucked my 3 fingers, smack on her ass, “smack smack smack” she was moaning, i put my 3 fingers inside her ass, deep inside, fucking hard in her ass, in outs my fingers, while water still came down to our bodies,

that showers take almost 2 hours, after when she relaxed, i feel tired a lot, i relaxed my body 4 times in 2 hours, finally i had to get out of the shower, dry off, and get dressed (night gowns) state went to bed & don’t know where we are,

Next morning i was feeling relaxed, mona was sleeping next to me, she started kissing on my cheek, that i love mostly with another woman. I really think heaven if other women do like this. “treats me like a baby” soft kisses on my cheek, light kiss on lips, running fingers in my hears, wow that’s feels me in heaven,

I started enjoying, then she stopped, i gripped her from her hands plz don’t stop, continue, i m excited, plz don’t stop. Then she starts kissing on my cheeks, softly, kissing on my lips. Wow mona plz get going, i closed my eyes, she continue at least an hour, but just kissing nothing else, i can feel her soft lips in my cheeks.

While i was feeling relax i just put my hands into her boobs i was pressing her boobs softly time to time rubbing her nipples in my fingers in nightgown.

I can feel her dry lips when touch mines, that was so excited, reet can we do 1 more time, i heard a sweet voice in my ears, after this she starts kissing under my ears, neck, r u horny reet? Yes mona, i m horny, so we get in position start kissing sucking lips, pressing boobs, rubbing each other bodies, biting on arms face boobs every where, we take off our night gowns, ones again complete nude, we start with 69 position on bed,

Sucking rubbing putting fingers on each other pussies in 69 position, then we change positions so many time but remain in 69 until we think we r tired doing this, at last we start licking each other pussies, that was the end with a beautiful ass women. After when we relaxed, while in 69 position i mai to us ki gand main he mast rahi, bohat dar tak mona ki gand main unglee kartee rahi, mona ki gand ki sensitive aria to chattee rahi,

Aik baar to maina bol be deya mona kahean kuch bura nahi karma, to vo boli kaya matlab? Ara koe dhamaka mat karma, ha ha ha ha ha ha acha nahi kartee wasa mare fudee be khoobsurat hai, soft hai, shiny hai, agar ap ko bura na laga to ap is ki taraf ana pasand karo ge? Ha ha ha yes sure mona i was thinking about it, don’t worry, i will do as u like,

I asked 1 question, mona r u still doesn’t like females? Oh my sweet reet, u r rite i love now, u did a great job, i love u, then she kiss on my cheek, & run, after shower, we dressed at the same time. It had been great sex but i had to get to work she told me. She looked good enough to eat in that tight uniform.

Wel toon to bol rahi thee it’s off today, such bol kaya baat hai? Reeta i hope u don’t mind actually tara sath ana ka leya bahana keya tha maina, oh ab samjee, mai to samaj rahi thee tujha maza nahi aeya isee leya ja rahi hai,

Ara reeta itna maza such main pehla kabhi nahi aeya or mai apni saree life main last night shower nahi boloon ge, mai be mona.

"you have a marvelous ass and the uniform makes that very obvious," i said. "do you know that? “of course, dear. Glad that you noticed." with that i catched her ass last time, kissing her from behind on her neck. Oh reet let me go. Plz mona 1 last time i want suck this bid ass plz plz mona let me do 1 last time. Plz, ok reet, and then she takes up her skirt in her hands bend forward but jaldee karna,

I side down her panty, she opened her legs wide enough, like a mad, i started sucking her ass, putting my tongue inside her ass hole touching very very sensitive aria of her ass ones again. I was put my 3 fingers inside her ass hole, grip from her boobs which means i m also pressing her boobs very hardy, i want to say kuch dar us ki gand chatte kuch dar fingers mona ki gand main dal kar aga peecha kartee or fir us ka peecha sa chipak kar mona ka ghasa martee us ka upar ho kar asa ka mara boobs us ki back par touch hota or mai khud us ki cheeks par kiss kartee. Or kabhi us ki gand par apna hath fartee rahtee. This leads to another orgasm.

1 last time i bite her ass then kiss on her ass i was smelling her ass with my nose, i was trying to get my nose inside her ass. Ok reet that’s enough i think.

After this i offered her tissue, she cleaned her wet pussy & ass, her panty became really wet, i asked her u want to change?

She replied yes. Then i gave her my panty she changed in front of me. Then she starts kissing on my cheeks, she know i love this. With a great smile she took her purrs good bye reeta; it was nice i must say really nice. I m sure we met again for such fun. Off course i want my panty back, ha ha ha ha this will lead to great laugh.

We traded phone numbers before she leaves my apartment. Ingrid will call me next time she's in mumbai. Hmmmm, that ought to be great fun. Moreover,

So? Howz that, if u like don’t forget to tell me, but this i m also looking forward your valuable comments suggestions etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading this story. Mail me anytime if you want to get in contact with me...

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