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An afternoon with my brother’s girl friend


An afternoon with my brother’s girl friend

By: Reeta

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“lets starts”

My brother & his girl friend or backed from us on vacation. She is staying with her family & my brother with me when he told me about his girl friend i really became mad i need to see her i want to talk with her for this.

I made a plan for hiking with my brother and her girl friend and my friend, we r 4 for hiking trip.

We are at there hill side, i told my brother gf "i think i'll go for a hike up the mountain a little farther while these boys get the fire going. Sumi (brother’s gf name), she was young sexy nice figured & just turned 20, she was studying with my brother in us.

For your information i am reeta 24 at that time well figured.

U wants to come with me?"

The question was directed at my younger brother’s girlfriend,

For your information my friend name was aneel.

When we reached our selected location its noon we feel hungry. We settled our tents 1 for me & sumi other ones for the 2 guys.

Boy’s r ready to collect some wooden peaces for fire as i already told u our tents had already been set up and the guys were getting ready to build the fire we'd be cooking dinner over tonight. After a long drive to reach hill side i needed to take off for a while and relax.

I figured sumi needed to do the same, and i was correct when she accepted my invitation.

"yeah, that sounds like a good idea," she admire my suggestion.

We both grabbed our water bottles chips packets and took off on the little-used trail that wound its way upward.

"be back in an hour or 2," may be bit late,

It was strange how well sumi and i had gotten along on this trip so far. We were as different as night and day, with the only thing the two of us having in common being my brother.

But never mind i hope we can well known each other in this trip & may be she became my bhabi may be that what i was thinking.

Her eyes were black like mine as when she admire my offer i looks at her.

One thing i envied most about sumi was that she was all curves. My high, firm 36b breasts paled in comparison to her full 32d chest. She was all soft women. I could definitely see why my brother was so head-over-heels for her.

Sumi and i made small talk as we casually followed the trail higher up the mountain. My question to sumi how she met with my brother, she told me they both r in same school.

Trees did little to block out the sun, and between the hike and the afternoon sunshine i was getting pretty warm. I removed my t-shirt as we continued to walk and talk, until i was wearing only a pair of cut-off jean shorts and my bikini top. Sumi quickly followed suit until she was dressed in the same.

We both followed the trail; i suddenly asked sumi did u sleep with my brother? She looks in my eyes. She didn’t expect question like this so,

“sumi if mind my wording i will take back” she didn’t asked any thing as we continued t the trail upwards.

I grabbed my chips packet as we rounded a corner in the trail i spotted a clearing of sorts in the distance that looked like a good place to rest for a little bit.

"sumi, why don't we stop and rest for a little bit, and then we can head back," i suggested.

"okay, reeta. Sounds good to me," sumi replied.

I lead the way off the trail to the clearing i had spotted. It was more like a little hideaway than a clearing really. The trees formed an almost perfect circle around a bed of lush grass and the sun shone down and bathed everything in warm light. It seemed as if we had entered another world as we stepped into the clearing.

There was no way i was going to let sunshine like this pass me by, so i quickly took off my shorts and lay down on my back in my bikini to soak up the rays. I looked up to find sumi standing at the edge of the clearing just staring at me.

"come on, sumi down next to me and take advantage of this sun! It's wonderful. We'll head back in a little while. I'm sure the boys won't miss us if we're gone a little longer," i said to her.

"um, okay." sumi said and removed her shorts as well. She was wearing a much more conservative bikini than i was, and she laid down next to me on the grass. I closed my eyes again but couldn't fight the feeling that i was being watched. I opened them to find sumi staring at me once again.

"are you all right?" i asked. "you're just staring at me."

"i'm sorry. I didn't mean to, it's just..." she trailed off.

"it's just what? Tell me, sumi. You can be honest with me. What's bothering you?" i said.

"nothing's bothering me. I was just, um...this is kind of embarrassing for me to say, but i was just admiring you. You've got a great body. I only wish mine was as perfect as yours." she smile & reply oh choro reeta kaya baat karte ho, u got a nice figure too,

I kind of chuckled when she said this. If only she knew that it was her body that i envied.

"that's all that's bothering you? I'm flattered sumi."

"well, um, that's not all," she said and cleared her throat. "it's just that, well, seeing you laying there in the sun, i, well....i was kind of attracted to you. You're so pretty." ha ha ha ha,

I chuckled again and rolled over to face her. "that's certainly nothing to be embarrassed about, to tell the truth, i think you have a fabulous body. I'd kill for curves like yours. And to be completely honest with you, i've admired your body secretly a time or two," i confessed. I saw that this brought a sudden flush of color to her face and i knew then that the innocence she exuded was no act.

"sumi can i ask you something?" i queried.

"yes, anything!" she said.

"you've never been with another woman, have you?" "no, no i never have. I've always been curious, but...have you?" she asked.

"yes, once when i was in college. But that's another story. How far have you gone with a man then?" i asked, trying to figure out exactly how innocent she was.

"not very far. Your brother's the only boy i've ever dated, and we haven't done hardly anything at all. We've kissed, of course, and he's touched my breasts, but that's all."

I smiled at her answer. Sumi was a virgin in every sense of the word, and her inexperience was suddenly like a strong aphrodisiac to me. I knew then that i wanted to be the first to introduce sumi to pleasure.

"sumi yahan ao," i said and reached out my hand to help her sit up next to me. "just trust me, okay?"

She nodded her head and swallowed. I could tell she was nervous about what was going to happen next, and i needed to put her at ease.

I reached out and touched my fingertips lightly to her face, brushed her hair back from her neck with my hands, and looked her straight in the eye as my head lowered towards hers and i kissed her softly on the lips.

I started slowly at first, just barely brushing my lips with hers until i felt her relax, and then i darted my tongue out to trace the crease of her lips lightly. Without a moment's hesitation she opened her mouth to me and my tongue slowly entered her mouth.

I explored her mouth in a slow french kiss and it wasn't long before she was kissing me back completely. My mouth left hers then and i kissed my way across her face, around to her ear, down the smooth line of her neck, and then across her collarbone.

My arms went around her in an embrace as i did so, and my fingers worked swiftly at the fastening of her bikini top in the back. I caressed her back and shoulders and then slid the straps of the top down and tossed the piece aside. Startled by the air on her skin, sumi made a move to cover herself with her hands but i stopped her.

"no, sumi. Don't hide yourself. You're beautiful. I want to look at you, touch you, taste you. If it will make you feel more comfortable i'll remove my top too."

"okay," she nodded, and lowered her hands tentatively as she watched me take off my own bright red bikini top.

Her gaze immediately went to my breasts and i could tell by the look on her face that she wanted to touch me but was afraid. I reached out for her small hand, guided it to my body, and placed her palm fully upon my breast.

I then moved my own hand to lightly caress her larger breast and heard her sharp intake of breath when i did so. Her hand on my chest fell away as i pushed her back to lie on the grass and cupped the fullness of her huge tits in both hands. My thumbs brushed across her nipples, instantly bringing them to taut peaks.

I squeezed her lightly and continued my slow exploration as my head lowered and i began to kiss all over her luscious ripe breasts. When my tongue reached out to flick one of her nipples she let out a low moan, and when i sucked that same nipple fully into my mouth she cried out and arched her back up off the ground.

I then licked my way over to her other nipple while my fingers explored the aching wet one i had just finished with.

A couple minutes later when my mouth ceased its sweet torment on her hard, aching nipples sumi gave a little cry of distress and opened her eyes.

"shhh, love. Be patient." i whispered to her. My hands moved to stroke her sides and hips as i eased her bikini bottoms down her legs.

When she was lying completely naked i quickly stripped my own bottoms off and moved to lay back down on my side next to her. I began placing wet openmouthed kisses all along her flat stomach as my hands touched every inch of her calves and thighs.

I darted my tongue into her navel and was rewarded by another intake of breath. As i kissed the tops of her legs i moved so that i was kneeling between sumi's thighs.

My hands gently moved her legs a little further apart and i lowered my head to kiss the dark curls at the top of her mound. I spread the pink lips of her sex with my fingers as i bent to lick the entire length of her slit.

When my tongue found her swollen clit she cried out with pleasure and twined her fingers in my hair to hold me more tightly to her. I licked and nibbled my way down to her wet pussy and lapped up the sweet juices that were dripping from her.

My tongue plunged into her cunt over and over as far as it would go. I soon replaced my tongue with one finger and pushed it into her until i felt the thin barrier of her membrane. My god, i thought, she really is a virgin.

I withdrew my finger for a brief second and then moved to enter her again, this time with two fingers. I knew what i was about to do would cause her some discomfort, at least at first.

"sumi, this may hurt a little, but it'll soon be over. Just trust me honey." sumi just nodded in response and i kissed her mouth soundly. In one swift motion i plunged both of my fingers up into her and felt the resistance of her hymen give way.

I kept my fingers completely still inside of sumi for a few moments to allow her body to become accustomed to the invasion. She was so tight my fingers were being squeezed together. As i felt her relax a little, i began to stroke her inner walls with my two fingers.

My head lowered once more and i sucked her clit into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue.

"oh, god, this feels so good," sumi moaned as she writhed in pleasure against my tongue and fingers. Her total abandon turned me on like nothing else and i began to move my fingers in and out of her cunt faster and deeper while still sucking her clit.

"yes, yes, harder reeta hain yesssss yess plzz retaaaa do it tooo meeeee plz yessss, harder." sumi begged. I did as she demanded and plunged my fingers into her as deep as they would go.

I picked up speed and began to fuck her with both fingers as fast i could go, sensing her climax was near. It took only a couple strokes more until i felt her pussy muscles clench my fingers tighter. I bent my fingers at the knuckles slightly and hit her g-spot perfectly.

"ahhhh!!! I'm coming. God, i'm coming!" sumi screamed as her hips bucked up to meet my fingers.

When the waves of her orgasm had subsided i withdrew my fingers from her and met her gaze as i licked every drop of her sweet cream from my hand. Sumi was spent and could only watch in fascination as one of my hands went up to play with my stiff nipples and the other dipped down to tease my own clit.

Sumi’s total abandon to pleasure had turned me on completely and i now sought my own release. I rubbed my clit in slow circles with one hand as two fingers of the other hand sank into my gaping wet pussy.

Sumi brought her head up to suck on my nipples as i crammed my fingers in and out of my hot cunt faster and faster. It wasn't long before i was crying out with my own release and i was lying spent beside sumi, both of us naked and gleaming in the sun.

I sat up suddenly when i remembered how long we'd been gone and that i'd told the guys we'd be back in an hour or so. They'd come looking for us if we didn't get back soon. When sumi and i were both dressed i leaned over and gave her a long, lingering kiss on the lips.

"next time i'll teach you how to bring me to the same pleasure. I'll have you eating pussy like the pros," i told her.

"mmmmmm," she said with a grin on her face. "i can hardly wait."

Hand in hand we walked back to camp, both of us dreaming of our next little walk in the woods... But at same night we did in tent that’s completely nude trip with sumi she was really happy what i did to her.

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