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By: Raju

I m raju. This story is about my mom ritu and my neighbour aunty abha.my mother is beautiful and her hight is 5.4" . My mother was very weak physically so one day while gardening she had a fracture in fer right arm. Abha aunty on the other hand was a powerful lady with a height of 5.7". She was a non vegetarian woman and always tried to make mother a non veg like her. She was also interested in making physical relations with mu mother. So when she heard that mu mother had a fracture she knew dat this the chance. She came to my house. My mother was resting on the bed with some pain in the plastered hand. She directly went to her and gave her a tight hug.

Then she started scolding my mother and asked her to eat the meat and chicken prepared by her but mother refused. She was getting angry with my mother and tried to force meat into mother's mouth by holding her left arm under her armpit and holding mother's mouth but mother started crying so she left her..

Then she thought of plan.

She came the next morning with a big packet and a bowl with oil. She was wearing a sleevless kammez and white tight salwar. She came and sat with my mother and asked her to have maalish. First my mother refused but then agreed. She lifted my mother a bit and sat behind her with aunt's back attached to the wall.she put my mother between her big legs and her head steady. I went to the market as aunt told me to buy some fish oil. Aunty knew dat i like her a lot so she always use to tese me by slapping me with joy and all. Aunty started maalish by applying some hot oil on my mothers head and then started rubbing it hard. It lasted for 10-12 minutes. She then held my mothers forehead and forced fer to rest on her breasts. My mother tried to resist first but then submits to the powerful woman behind her. Anty again applied more oil on my mom's head and started rubbing it with greater force. This induced some sleepyness in my mom. This gave aunty achance to satisfy her desires. She poured some warm oil in her hands and applied on mom's forehead and slowly applied to mothers face also. Due to the massage my mother had already slept with her head on aunty's massive boobs..

She then crossed her legs in front of my mothers waist and also got my mothers left arm behind her legs so that my mother dont resist.

She then got some oil in her palms started rubbing my mom's breast and neck. This made my mother wake up. My mother immidiately tried to move forward but it was of no use as she was between the tight grip of aunty's legs and her 1 hand was also hel b/w aunty's legs. Aunty forced mom's head bak to her breasts and started smooching my mother hard. She kissed my mother all over her face and made it wet with her saliva. When my mother started crying and shouted for help but aunty took moms lips into her mouth to prevent her from shouting and was also slapping mu mohter occasionally to stop her from cring.

When i came from the market i saw this hell happining with my mother bound by aunty's strong legs and my mothers lips in aunty's mouth. My mother was gasping for air but aunty was not in a mood to release her. I went and asked aunty to leave my mom immediately but to my surprise aunt got my mothers lips out of her moth which were bleeding but dint released her grip of legs. My mother again started shouting and crying loudly but aunty put her hand behind mothers neck and closes her moth with the tight fist and started handsmothering her. Then aunty opened her blouse and started showing me her huge breasts which left me in a shock. I tried to touch it but aunty siad on 1 condition. I asked wat condition and she said me to help her in forcing my mother. I refused but then agreed as she said that this will ultimately help my mother in health. Aunty was still holding moms mouth to prevent her from shouting.
She told me that fish oil and other non veg stuff will help my mother.
She asked me to take out a dildo which she carried in her big polythene. I toook the dildo and gave the packet to her. Packet was smelling heavilly.

She asked me to put some fish oil on the dildo and asked me to insert that 9" thick oil filled dildo into my mothers cunt. I did as orderd my mother was still crying and made sounds as aunty was still smothering her her hands. As soon as i inserted half of dildo my mother started shivering with pain on which i asked aunty " ab bas karte hain" on which she replied " pura dalde saali k andar aaj". She started kissing my mother furiouslu on her face. She then got some pieces of butter chicken and red meat from hr bag and tried to insert it into my mothers mouth but my mother was still resisting. Sh then held my mothers nose with one hand and started breast smother her. My mom was gasping for air but aunt refused it. As soon as my mother opened her mouth aunty squeezed moms nose and cheeks with full force and inserted all the chicken pieces and meat in moms small mouth with full force and then again closed moms mouth with one hand and nose by other and started kissing her face.

After this she left my mothers nose free for some time and asked me to bring the fish oil bottle to moms face. She lifted my moms face by chin and locked it in her hairy underarms. She then directed me to insert the whole bottle of oil into my moms nose while she was still holding my mothers mouth with full force. First i resistes but then she bribed me of her body and also said that it will help in moms recovery . I did the same thing and poured whole bottle of fish oil into moms nose. Oil scatterd all over the face and in no time aunty started licking it. This happened for a long time and my mother fainted. She then released my mother from the tight grip of her legs and asked me to get some water. She got 2 pills from her bag and inserted it into moms mouth and made her drink some water. She told me thst those were pills that would make my mother forget the trauma that she went thru..

She then had sex with me and went away saying she woutl again come tommorrow for more torture fun.

This is the story of me, mom and aunt abha.
If anybody has got such stories feel free to contact me at p5502264@yahoo.in

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