Thursday, February 12, 2009

Testing my wife's fidelity

By: lucifer242

Manisha and I have been married nearly two years and everything was great. One morning we were just waking up when Manisha said that she had strange dream. I asked her about it and she said that she dreamed about someone from work. That caught my attention. I asked, "you mean a guy? Is it somebody you know?"

"it was a guy from work. I don't really know him; he is just someone I see at the office occasionally."
Even through my sleepy eyes I could see Manisha was blushing.

"and what were you up to in the dream."

She said, "nothing, just talking ...i don't remember much..."

"what's his name?"

"Rohit Sinha."

I could see that Manisha didn't want to say more so i teased her a little.

"did you ever dream of him before?"

"no. That's what made it so strange."

I teased her for a little while longer then i got into the shower. By the time I finished my breakfast i had pushed Manisha's dream out of my mind and replaced it with thoughts about work.

The subject of manisha's dream didn't come up again until several days later. I was having lunch with ritesh sen, a buyer for one of the studios i service. Ritesh is quite the ladies man. It seems like he is always talking about a new woman in his life. That day at lunch ritesh started to tell me about a dream he had. When he finished i mentioned about my wife's dream expecting to get a laugh out of it. When i finished the story ritesh said, "you better keep an eye on her."

I asked what he meant and he said, "when i have a dream about someone it's because i am sexually attracted to that person. Every time i wake up after a dream like that i can't get the person in the dream out of my mind. I think that is probably true for anyone including your wife."

I was getting a little angry with ritesh. I didn't like him talking about manisha that way, but i felt a certain truth in what he said. I have had dreams like that and i know when i wake up i can't get the person out of my head for a while. As i got up from the table to go back to work ritesh said, "remember what i said, she wants him. That's why she dreamed about him. You better keep an eye on her."

That pissed me off. I said, "manisha's not like that. She would never cheat on me."

"i hope you're right," he replied.

When i got back to my office i kept thinking about what ritesh had said. I couldn't believe that manisha would be sexually interested in another man. But if she wasn't interested why did she dream about him? Then the answer hit me. The times i had dreams like that i would wake up aroused by the dream, but i never pursued any of the girls i dreamed about. Usually once i was fully awake i would forget about dream. I decided that this was the case with manisha.

That evening as i was with manisha watching tv, i suddenly thought of her dream. I looked at her face and asked her, "have you had any more nasty dreams lately?"

Manisha looked puzzled. "what nasty dreams?"

"like the one you had about rohit sinha."

"what? Are you still thinking about that? I had forgotten all about it. No, i haven't had any more dreams about. Anyway there was nothing nasty about it. Why do you ask?"

"just curious. What does rohit sinha look like?"

"oh i get it. You're jealous. Well you don't have anything to be jealous about. I have no interest in rohit sinha."

"well, why do you think you dreamed about him?"

"you know what dreams are like. There are lots of times i see people in a dream and when i wake up i can't figure out why i dreamed about them."

Manisha kissed me and said, "you don't have anything to worry about. You know i would never cheat on you. If you really want to know, rohit is in his forties, he's shorter than me, and he weighs about 170 pounds and is slightly balding. He is not my type at all."

I felt much better. Not just because rohit sinha wasn't an adonis, but because manisha never had lied to me and if she promised that she would never cheat on me, i believed her.

I was able to put the whole thing out on my mind for the next couple of weeks. That's when manisha got her own office. Manisha called me from work to tell me the good news and insisted that we go out to dinner to celebrate. She told me to come over to see her new office then we would go out to dinner.

Although i had been in manisha's building many times over the last few years i had never been on the fifth floor where her new office was located. When i got off of the elevator i was in the center of a large open area filled cubicles made with modular furniture. The walls of the cubicles were about five feet high so you couldn't see who was in them. The managers and supervisors offices were along the outside walls of the building. Manisha's new office was in the back right hand side of the building next to the corner office. As i walked down a passage way between rows of cubicles one of the name tags caught my eye. I wasn't consciously looking at the name tags but rohit sinha's name just jumped out at me. I backed up and looked in at the man sitting the cubicle. He had his back to me and was on the phone. Although i didn't want him to turn around and see me i couldn't seem to make myself move and before i could recover my composure he put the phone down, glanced up and asked if he could help me.

I stammered for a second and managed to say, "i just saw the name rohit sinha on the name tag here," while i pointed at the tag next to the opening to the cubicle. "i went to college with a rohit sinha. You obviously are not the rohit sinha i knew. Is this your cube?"

"yea, i'm rohit sinha. There's probably a lot of rohit sinhas' and i'm the one you don't know." he did not bother to look up while he answered my question, clearly showing that he didn't care much.

I was very disturbed as i walked away for sinha's cubicle. He was six feet tall, very athletic looking, had a full head of dark hair and couldn't be much more than 30 years old.

When i got to manisha's office i was confused and a little angry. Manisha had lied when she described rohit to me. Now i was going to have to find out why. When i walked into her office i lost most of my anger. Manisha was genuinely happy to see me and i just couldn't stay mad. She was so excited about her promotion and her new office. She said, "look, come here and look at this." she was pointing at the window behind her desk. Then she opened the blinds revealing a great view of of the city. "what do you think of that?"

Her excitement was contagious. I told her i thought it was a great view and that i was very proud of her. Then i sat in one of the chairs in front of her desk and she told me about her new duties and how much more she would be making. After twenty minutes of chit chat we left to go to dinner.

As we started down on the elevator i casually mentioned that i had seen rohit sinha. Manisha caught my meaning immediately and she actually laughed. She said, "i guess he didn't look like i described him did he?"

"not exactly."

"you know why, don't you?"

"i guess so. You thought i would be jealous so you wanted to put my mind at ease."

"well, what would you have thought if i described him as he really is?"

"i guess i see your point." and i did. Manisha's demeanor told me that she had nothing to hide and i should stop worrying about rohit sinha except that i owed it to myself to be rude to him if i ever got the chance. The rest of the evening was very pleasant and we ended the night by making love slowly.

A few days later i was having a business lunch with ritesh sen and sheetal chopra. After we had completed our business we sat talking over coffee. Out of the blue ritesh asked, "what ever happened with your wife and that guy she had the dream about?"

Before i could respond sheetal had jumped into the conversation, "what this about? It sounds juicy."

I said, "nothing happened."

Sheetal looked disappointed and asked, "what kind of dream?"

I was going to say it was nothing and leave it at that but ritesh quickly told sheetal the whole story. Sheetal seemed to really enjoy listening to the story and when ritesh was done sheetal turned to me an asked, "and you don't think there is a problem with this man?"

I knew that sheetal didn't mean any disrespect for me or manisha, she just saw this as an interesting story and she wanted to know more. So thinking that none of this was important i told them about how manisha had described sinha as a short chubby bald man and that i had seen him and he turned out to be a tall handsome man with a full head of hair and an athletic body. Then i told them that manisha told me why she lied about him.

When i was done ritesh smiled and said, "you can't be that foolish. Your wife lies about what this guy looks like and that doesn't bother you? You need to find out what is really going on here?"

I said, "there's nothing going on. Manisha doesn't know this guy and i am sure if she ever met him she wouldn't like him."

Ritesh asked, "how can you know that?"

I was getting annoyed with ritesh again, "i know because i know manisha."

As i was staring at ritesh i heard sheetal say something but wasn't sure what. I turned and asked him what he said.

Sheetal said, "i said that you should get your wife and this guy together and watch how the act around each other."
I said, "there would be nothing to watch because there is nothing to see and even if my wife was interested in this guy, she sure as hell wouldn't do anything with me around."

"well, then you shouldn't be around." ritesh responded.

Then sheetal said, "right. You need to get then together somewhere that you can watch them without them knowing."

I was getting pissed now. "i don't need to spy on my wife because there is nothing to spy on."

Sheetal and ritesh backed off after that, ritesh said, "you know best, it's your marriage." that was the end of the conversation.

As i drove back to my office i thought about what ritesh and sheetal had said to me and although i didn't agree with their assessment of the situation i was curious about how manisha would act if she was in a social situation with sinha and i wasn't there. I didn't know how i could make that happen so i put it out of my mind.

Actually the opportunity happened without any help from me. About a week after my meeting with ritesh and sheetal, manisha told me that her company was having a dinner party at a hotel. The dinner was for employees and spouses or significant others. The dinner was the following wednesday evening. I realized that this party gave me an opportunity to observe manisha and sinha in a social situation without either of them knowing i was watching. So at five o'clock i called manisha and told her that i had some people coming late to pick up orders and i wouldn't get to the dinner party until eight o'clock. Manisha said, "that's okay. We are supposed to go in for dinner at eight. We'll be socializing and having drinks from 6:30 until eight.

I got to the hotel around 6:45 and found that the reception before dinner was in one of the hotel meeting rooms so i headed back to the room. I found a place where i peek in a side door to the meeting room and see in without being seen by anyone in the room. It took a few minutes to spot manisha. She was standing with some of her friends from work. Manisha had a drink in her hand and she was talking and laughing. As i watched her it struck me how beautiful she was and how much i loved her.

I continued staring at her for a while then turned my attention to finding rohit sinha. I spotted him on the other side of the room talking to a couple of attractive women. In spite of the fact that i was sure that manisha wasn't interested in sinha i was relieved to see that they were not talking. As i continued watching him, rohit sinha turned away from the women he was talking to and headed across the room toward manisha. I felt a sudden knot in my stomach as i followed his progress across the room. He passed no closer than ten feet from manisha and never looked in her direction and manisha never stopped the conversation she was having. Rohit continued on to the bar, took three drinks and walked back to join the women he had been talking.

I felt very foolish, especially when there was obviously nothing to see. I gave up my post and walked back around to the main door to the reception and went in and joined manisha.

A few nights later i stopped after work to have a beer with ritesh and as we were talking sheetal came in and sat with us. We were on our third beer when ritesh teased me saying, "so i guess everything is good on the home front?"

I said, "things are great." then like an idiot i told them about spying on manisha at the party. I somehow thought that when i told them how manisha never even looked at sinha and it was quite obvious that she had no interest in him that ritesh and sheetal would realize that manisha was never going to have anything to do with sinha. I was wrong.

Ritesh said, "that doesn't prove anything. It was a company party right? And you wife was with her friends. She couldn't very well flirt with rohit sinha in front of her peers and then innocently sit down to dinner with you. That would cause all kinds of problems for her at work."

Sheetal added, "just think of the gossip that would generate." that thought appealed to sheetal.

Ritesh said, "the fact that your wife dreamed about this guy doesn't mean that there is anything going between them."

That was the first positive thing ritesh had said and i told him i agreed with him. But them he continued, "the dream just means that she is sexually attracted to him. Because she loves you she would never approach rohit sinha but watch out if he ever starts coming on to her."

I said, "god dam it! Manisha is not attracted to that asshole and it doesn't matter if he comes on to her or not, she would never have anything to do with him.

Ritesh said, "take it easy, we’re just teasing you. You're probably right. But then again how will you ever know for sure?"

Sheetal cleared his throat and said, "well you know, there is a way he could find out what would happen. I mean find out what would happen if rohit sinha did hit on manisha."

By this time we were on our fifth round of drinks and i was just drunk enough to seriously listen to sheetal's idea when i should have just gone home. "how would i do that?"

Sheetal looked at ritesh then back at me as though we were about to get involved in a conspiracy and spoke softly so no one else could hear. "all you have to do is make rohit sinha think that manisha has the hots for him. Unless he is gay, he will go after your sexy wife."

"what am i supposed to do, walk up to him and say 'my wife has the hots for you.'?" i responded sarcastically.

"no. You get someone else to tell him." sheetal replied.

"i am not about to tell someone else to go tell this guy my wife is interested in him sexually. And besides you can't just walk up to the guy out of the blue and tell him that some woman has the hots for him." i couldn't believe i was even having this conversation. I knew i should go home but i was content to be one of the conspirators for a while.

Suddenly sheetal broke into a big smile and said, "i've got it. You do it. You get to know him then tell him you heard that this lady named manisha has the hots for him."

I said, "i can't do that. He would recognize me as manisha's husband."

Then sheetal laughed and said, "he hardly looked at you that day you met him, and it seems he has not seen you two together much, right? He wouldn't recognize you. That way you could talk to this guy and get his trust and then tell him you heard from someone that manisha was very interested in him. That way you could monitor his progress as he tries to seduce your wife."

At that point i said, "you know that just might work. That is if i felt any need to try to get some guy to seduce my wife, which i don't. I'm going home." luckily the bar we were at was within walking distance of my house because i was in no shape to drive.

When i got home manisha took one look at me and said, "i hope you didn't drive home." i told her i didn't, and she said, "go to bed." which i did and i quickly fell asleep.

That night i had crazy dreams. I woke up around five a.m and could not get back to sleep. My stomach burned and my head hurt and i couldn't get sheetal's idea of telling rohit sinha that manisha was attracted to him out of my head. I guessed that it was because i was tired and hung over that the idea appealed to me. Somehow i knew it was a stupid idea but i couldn't get it out of my head.

I finally did fall asleep again and woke up at eight. I had to rush to shower and dress and i skipped breakfast to get to work on time. At ten, i slipped out to get some breakfast. While i sat by myself, i thought over the conversations from the night before with sheetal and ritesh and the dreams i had. Somehow through all of this i arrived at the conclusion that maybe it would be a good idea to see if it could be feasible to give rohit sinha a push in manisha's direction. After all when she rejected him i would be a winner on more than one level. First, it would show me that manisha was a true and faithful wife, second, it would be a slap in the face for rohit sinha to be rejected and then i wouldn't have to look for a chance to be rude to him. Third, it would prove to ritesh and sheetal that i was right about manisha all along. I knew that whatever i did, i didn't want ritesh and sheetal to know anything about it till it was all over, so i couldn't ask for their help. I really didn't need their help anyway.

I started planning what i would need to do if i decided to go forward with this scheme. The more i thought about it the more excited i got by the idea of playing a game on everyone. Kind of like playing private detective. So, i decided to give my plan a try.

The first thing i had to do was find out how i could get close to rohit sinha. I would have to spend some time talking to him to get his confidence before i tried to plant the idea that manisha liked him in his head. If i couldn't work that part out there was no point in going any farther with the scheme. So starting that night after work i sat in my car across the street from the building that manisha and rohit sinha worked in. When rohit came out i waited to see what kind of car he drove. When i saw him get into a 1999 monte carlo i was ready to follow him except that he turned in the opposite direction i was facing and i couldn't get turned around in time to follow him.

The next night i was there again, only this time i was ready to follow him in the direction he went the previous night. When i saw him get into his car i started my engine and was on his tail as soon as he pulled onto the street. I was getting a charge out of following him. It added a little excitement to my life. I followed rohit sinha for about ten blocks then he pulled into a shopping center. I pulled in and parked where i could watch him. He got out of his car and went into a bar call the coffee room.

I got out of my car and went over and peeked in the window. I couldn't see much except a couple of pool tables. I opened the door and took a quick look inside. Rohit was just sitting down at the bar so i closed the door and went home. I followed rohit a few more times the following days and he stopped at that same bar almost every night. So now i knew where to find him.

Then came the hard part. It was time to start working on rohit sinha. The following monday after work i went to the bar and entered. He was there when i walked in. He was shooting pool by himself so i got a beer and went over and asked him if he wanted to play. He said, "for a beer?"

I said, "sure."

We played three times i won twice he won once. As we were drinking a beer after the last game i introduced my self as vicky sen and he said he was rohit sinha. We talked for a while and i asked him where he worked. When he told me i said, "some of my girlfriend's friends work there." i left it at that.

I went to the bar a couple more times that week and played pool with rohit and talked for awhile. On monday of the following week i started things rolling. Rohit and i were playing our second game of pool when i said, "oh, i almost forgot. Do you know a girl named manisha mittal?"

"she's one of the supervisors at our office. Why?"

"is she good looking?"

"yeah, i'd say she is definitely attractive."

"have you ever thought about asking her out?"

Rohit shook his head and said, "no. I don't really know her i just see her around the office and she's married"


"well it's just kind of risky to hit on a woman when she is married. It could be a costly mistake. Anyway, why all the questions about mrs. Mittal?"

I said, "well i was out the other night with my girlfriend when we ran into some friends of hers. I didn't know them but two of them work at your office. I asked them if they knew you and they said they knew of you but didn't know you personally. Then one of them said that it was funny that i mentioned you because there had been a discussion about you at work that day. It seems that this manisha mittal told a friend that she fancied you and she wouldn't mind going on a date with you."

"wow. She really said that?"

"well, i can't say for sure, but that's what this girl told us the other night. I don't know why she would make it up. If you want i will ask my girlfriend to try and get some more information from her friends."

"i never really thought of her this way, even though she looks damn good. But if she was willing i would jump her in a minute."

I asked him if he was married and he said, "not married but i live with my girlfriend. But i sneak out on her occasionally and i certainly would if i got a chance to stick my meat into manisha mittal."

It was getting very difficult for me to act friendly when all i wanted was to knock his teeth out. When we finished shooting pool i said i had to leave then i said, "i will see what my girlfriend can find out for you."

After that i thought about dropping the whole thing. The idea of that asshole hitting on my wife made me a little sick. But in the end i decided to continue with my plan. The next time i saw rohit i told him that my girlfriend had confirmed what her friend told her. That in fact manisha mittal had told a friend or friends that she did have a soft corner for him. Rohit thought for a minute and then said, "i think i might consider pleasing the lady after all."

That night when i got home manisha was in bed asleep. As i watched her sleep it struck me that maybe i had gone to far. I decided then that i wouldn't go back to the coffee room again. If i stopped encouraging rohit he might just drop the whole thing.

For the next two weeks i came home after work every night. Every night as i sat and watched television with manisha i wondered if rohit had tried to talk to her. The more i thought about it the more i wanted to know if he did, but i couldn't exactly ask manisha about it. Finally i figured the only way i could find out what was happening was to go back to the coffee room and ask rohit.

The following night i went back to the coffee room. When i got there rohit wasn't there and i began to worry that maybe he actually got manisha to agree to go have a drink with him. Then i thought better of that. Manisha would never go out with him. So i waited. About ten minutes later rohit came in.

He came over to me and slapped me on the shoulder and said, "hey, i haven't seen you in a couple of weeks. Where you been?"

"been getting some overtime. What have you been up to?"

"remember when we talked about what i should do about that girl at work that has the hots for me?"

"yeah, have you had any luck with that?"

To my surprise he said, "actually it's going pretty good. At first she acted like it was out of the question and i must have been crazy to even suggest that we have drinks. But then after i talked to her a few more times i got the feeling that she might change her mind. Then i asked her again today and she said that she would stop for a drink tomorrow night. She said she would stay for only one drink but i am halfway home."

All i could think was 'oh god now what do i do?' well, i didn't do anything. I just sat there and listened as this asshole was telling me what a fine body my wife has. I wanted to hit him but because i couldn't do that, i didn't do anything.

I didn't sleep well that night. I wondered if manisha would actually go out for a drink with him and would it lead to anything else. I was sick with worry all the next day. Manisha didn't say anything i couldn’t question her. She never said that she was going to be late or that she had someplace to go after work. If she had i could have asked her where and why and she would have been forced to lie. I know she wouldn't want to lie to me. Manisha hadn't really even spoken to me that morning. I guessed she was mad at me for coming home late and drunk the night before.

Anyway, she left for work without giving me a clue about that evening. I was tempted to follow her after work but i decided that wouldn't be prudent. If she spotted me there would be a lot of explaining to do. I figured all i had to do was meet rohit the following night at the coffee room and he would tell all.

That night manisha was about an hour later than usual coming home from work. When i asked her why she just said that she had some things she had to do. I sensed that she was a little upset with me. I thought it was probably still about last night.

The suspense of not knowing what happened drove me crazy until the next night when i caught up with rohit at the coffee room.

I asked rohit if he had his drink with manisha the night before and he said he had but that it didn't go well. He said, "she met me at the bar and as soon as she had her drink she said that she wasn't sure why she agreed to met me for a drink but she was sure that she should not have and that it can't happen again. I tried to get conversation going but she didn't seem in the mood to talk. Finally after she finished her drink she said that she was sorry if she had in some way made me think that we could have a relationship. Then she said that i should not bother her again and she left."

The disappointed look on his face was making me very happy. I said, "that's a shame," but i was thinking you really didn't think you could score with a classy lady like manisha did you? Then i said, "so you're going to give up then?"

Rohit said, "i guess i'll have to. Otherwise i could end up being accused of harassment and it could cost me my job."

"i guess you're right."

I had a couple more beers with rohit to console him (actually to celebrate his loss). Then i went home to my wife.

During the next week i started putting all of this behind me. It was good to have things settled because i was real busy at work. I had to work late every night that week. It was bothering manisha that i wasn't home at night and i kept promising i would be home on time the next night but then something would come up and i'd be late again.

When things settled down again i decided to stop at the coffee room for a quick game of pool and see what rohit was up too. When i saw rohit i asked how things were at work now that his advances on manisha didn't work out. Then rohit said, "you won't believe this but i asked her out again and she agreed."

I was stunned. I had no idea she had gone out with him again. I tried not to let on how disturbed i was. "when did this happen?"

"last Thursday. We met after work and had a snack and manisha said that this can't go any farther than this. She said that we could be friends but nothing more. I didn't say anything so i guess she thought she made her point. Afterward i walked her to her car. She opened the car door and turned to say something to me and i just pulled her to me and kissed her."

I felt like rohit had just kicked me in the stomach.

"when i broke off the kiss manisha told me, i shouldn't have done that so i kissed her again. She told me to stop that. I said that i needed her then i grabbed her hand. Manisha pulled her hand away, but not immediately. I think she liked the kiss but didn't want to admit it to herself. Then when i kissed her again she responded a little but then pulled away from me and got into her car.

"i asked her when we could get together again and she said she didn't think that was a good idea. I told her i was attracted to her and i thought that she found me attractive too. I could tell then from the look on her face that she didn't know what to do so i told her to think about it. She closed the car door and started the engine then she left."

I quickly excused myself and went into the men's room and splashed cold water in my face. When i went back into the bar, i told rohit i needed to leave but i would see him the next night. My thinking at the time was that i should show up at the bar the following night and beat the crap out of rohit.

When i got home from the bar i found manisha in the kitchen. I pictured rohit kissing her in the parking lot and was repulsed by the image. I didn't speak as i went straight to bed. Manisha didn't say anything but she looked a little hurt. We didn't speak at all that night.

When i was sure that manisha had fallen asleep i got up and went and sat in the living room and tried to figure out what i should do, but i couldn't.

After that i had a difficult time even talking to manisha. I felt that she had let me down and was getting ready for the major betrayal. It was hard for me to pretend nothing was wrong but i managed. I started coming home after work so i could see what manisha was up to but she didn't give anything away so eventually i had to go back to the coffee room.

I hadn't scene rohit in a week and when i asked him what was going on with his quest to get manisha into bed, rohit said, "nothing's happening. I called her but she hasn't returned my call." I asked him if he met her at work or called her at home and he said that she was avoiding him at work. He said, "i don't want to call her at home then have her husband answer the phone."

After that i stopped at the coffee room every couple of nights to see if rohit had talked to manisha. The answer was always the same. Manisha wouldn't return his call. I was starting to feel better and i was beginning to think that manisha must have come to her senses. Then on monday i stopped in the bar and asked rohit what he was up to and he said, "i just got off the phone with manisha."

I said, "you what?"

He said, "i just got off the phone with manisha. I called her at home and she said her husband wasn't home so we talked for twenty minutes. I asked her if she was ready to go out with me and she said that she was. Now i don't know where to take her. I can't take her to my place. I am thinking of getting a room."

I couldn't believe what i was hearing. For a moment i thought that rohit must have figured out who i really was and he was just having fun with me, but i knew that wasn't true.

"and when are you meeting with her?" i asked.
"wednesday, after work," came the reply.

She had even agreed on a day too. I never really believed that she would agree to go with him. And even though i was quite shocked by what rohit had just told me i still believed that manisha wouldn't actually go any further with him.

When i went home that night i was in a fog. This man had just made a date with my wife, and had made up her mind to have sex with her, and here i was facilitating the whole thing. I think i remained in that condition right up till wednesday.

Wednesday morning i was sitting at breakfast feeling kind of numb when it occurred to me that unless i took some kind of action in the next few hours my wife was going to have sex with rohit sinha. As i watched manisha get ready for work i thought about how beautiful she was and how much i wanted all this to go away so that things could be the way they used to be. Manisha hadn't said anything about the evening ahead so i thought i would test the waters. I said, "why don't we go out for dinner tonight? We haven't eaten out in quite a while."

Manisha said, "i can't tonight, i have plans."

I said, "oh! You have plans? What are you doing tonight?"

I thought i saw an uncomfortable look on her face as she thought about her answer. "i have something i have to take care of tonight."

It really hurt to have her lie to me. But it wasn't like she could tell me the true about her plans, so i pressed her on it. "what can you have to do that is more important than us spending time together?"

The coldness in her stare seemed to melt for a moment. I think she actually considered canceling her date to have dinner with me but then she said, "i have got to do this tonight."

When manisha left for work i was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, wondering to myself, 'what do i do now.' in a few hours my relationship with my wife may be irreparably damaged and i didn't know how to stop it from happening. At the time i believed that it was already too late. If manisha didn't love me anymore then it didn't matter if she had sex with rohit or not and if she did love me she simply wouldn't have sex with him.

All day at work i thought about what was going to happen…

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