Thursday, February 12, 2009

Priya Bhabhi in full mood

By: sahil

Hi this is a real story that happened in my Laife just 8 months earlier. I am Sahil, now coming back to the story. I had taken a room attached with bathroom. I was paying to the house owner for food also, so they were providing me food also. I was having food (lunch and dinner) at their dining room itself. The house owner was about 70 year old man and his wife was about 65 years. They had a son, about 40 years and was married to a beautiful sexy looking woman in her early thirties, may be of about 31 or 32 years. Her name was Priya. I used to call her as Priya Bhabhi. She had a kid of 3 years. Priya bhabhi was exceptionally beautiful. But inspite of being a mother of a three year old child Priya bhabhi looked always fresh. She looked superb. She had good pouting lips, juicy, succulent, luscious, and moist. Her cheeks were so soft, pink and tender. I always craved to kiss her pouting lips. Whenever i saw i wished to suck her juicy lips. I always wished to kiss her cheeks all over. She had marvelous figure that made her look so attractive and inviting. Her boobs were not less than 36 d and were always in perfect shape. Ufff Priya Bhabhi had a pair of ripe boobs. Wow..her boobs were so round, shapely, fleshy and spongy they instantly invite me to do some good hand and mouth jobs on them. Priya Bhabhi's boobs were bulging out straight always as if they try to burst out and break open of her blouse. That was really uncontrollable for me. That always made me wild she had that so tempting boobs that i could not stop myself from eyeing her boobs. And her hips were too very extra ordinary spreading very wide below her waist sideways and towards her back. Her waist line was not more than 28 while her hips were quite lavish and swollen sexily about 36 humpy. Ufff Priya Bhabhi”s hips looked outstanding and were too much swelled and protuberated and projected round to her backside like a big soft hump making her look extremely inviting and sexy. In fact i had searched many houses for myself, and ultimately i took that accommodation as i saw her. Whenever i saw her i craved for her, i yearned to fuck her.

She was an ma. Her husband was working as sales officer and was generally away on tour. Soon i intentionally proved myself to be a gentle man to them so that they could trust on me. So i became very familiar to them. I also used to do marketing for them from time to time. I was always looking for the opportunity to have a glimpse of her sexy beauty. When she served me food i stealthily looked at her sexy body. Gradually i found lust in her eyes. I very well understood that she needed a young man around, she desired for sex. It was the month of June. While i was returning from my works, i found her in the market. She was in well-designed summer salwar suit. Her chunni was hanging back by her neck leaving her front free from any covering. In home she used to be very careful about her clothes so that her boobs should not be exposed before any one due to her in-laws perhaps. I stopped my motorcycle. She saw me. I went near her. She told me that she had come to tailor and also to buy some household things. I asked her to finish her marketing and i would take her to the residence. She told me that she had to go to other market also because her tailor is there only. I offered her lift. She accepted readily with a smile. She sat behind me. I was drove her to the market where she asked me to. In the way i intentionally applied brakes abruptly, and resulting which she used to lean forward and her round fleshy spongy breasts used to touch my back. Initially she was careful about not leaning so much. But while returning back she was letting her body come forward and lean as much as possible as i applied abrupt brakes. Wow .that was too exciting for me. I was feeling the softness and sponginess of her boobs time and again. That made me aroused too much. I very well understood that she was now trying to come closer to me gradually. That was a good sign for me. We reached to our place. I was a happy man because i had a chance to come closer to her. After a couple days the old man (the house owner) and his wife had to go suddenly out of town for to their relative for attending a marriage ceremony.

She was alone with her 3 years kid. Next day in the morning I asked her if she needed something to bring from market. She said that nothing was required to bring. But she asked me to have breakfast with her. It was a strange gesture from her to me. I never had breakfast with them i used to take only lunch and dinner. Most of the days she used to give me lunch in my tiffin carrier. I was happy for her gesture. I sat in the dining room. She was in sari and sleeveless blouse. As she leaned forward to serve me breakfast the pallu of her sari fell down exposing her round fleshy shapely bulging boobs through the wide low neck of her sexy designed blouse. I sated at her boobs with lustful eyes. She saw it. She didn’t bother to cover her boobs quickly. She took her own time to readjust her pallu. There was a strange shine in her eyes. She was smiling in a special alluring and naughty style. It was really a strange ting to her with her. She again exposed her sexy tempting enticing boobs as she served me coffee. That stirred me. I again stared at her gorgeous boobs. She smiled mischievously seeing in to my eyes. I was encouraged by her gesture and expression. I finished the breakfast and coffee, and got up. I returned back to my room. I was quite excited by her strange behavior and activities. I didn’t go to my work place that day. I preferred to be in room that day. After she finished her works she came at around 11 am and knocked the door of my room. I opened it. I was pleased and excited to see there.

Priya Bhabhi came in to my drawing room. She was looking extremely sexy that time in her yellow sari and matching sleeveless backless blouse. Her boobs bulged straight an her deep cleavage was clearly visible through the thin material of her sari as her blouse was very low cut and wide in the front. The upper portions of her boobs were exposed and were looking very sexy peeping out naughtily of the low wide neck of her blouse. I was staring at her boobs without any hesitation. She was bold enough to ask me hi dewarj .tumhari nazar kahan hai. I just gave a lusty look at her. She said to me .kyon main kaisi laag rahi hoon aaj jo tum mujhe is tarah dekh rahe ho. She again said .kya hua dewarji.kuchh to bolo main kaisi laag rahi hoon aaj tumhein. I said to her. Priya Bhabhi aaaj tum bahut khoobsoorat laag rahi ho maine tumhein iiisss tarah ke dresses mein kabhi nahin dekha hai priya bhabhi she said wow i was further encouraged by the way she was talking to me. She never had talked so much, so frankly, so boldly. I gathered more courage and said to her again œ.priya bhabhi .aaaj tum kuchh special laag rahi ho..waise to tum ho hi beautiful and attractive and sexy also.lekin aaj kuchh jyada hi hot sexy laag rahi ho and she came near me and said .main jaanati hoon ki tum mujhe hamesha chori chhupe bahut ghurte rahte ho lekinn aaj aur koi nahin hai yahan aaaj jee bhar ke apni bhabhi ko dekho main kuchh nahin kahoongi she again said œ mere dewarji tum mujhe sirf ghoorte hi rahoge ki kuchh karoge bhi. and she came too close to me, pur her arms around my neck, held me close and kissed my lips and looked in my eyes and told me œ.kaisa laga bolo na kaisa laga mera kiss tumko before I could say anything she again and again kissed my lips. By that time i also held her by her soft smooth waist. I was caressing her back now and she was showering kissing on my lips again and again making me too much aroused. I said to her œ.priya bhabhi..tum aaj bade mood mein laag rahi ho. Kya baat hai she replied œ.dear dewarji main bahut pyasi hooni am sex starved my husband is out most of the time aur wo jaab yahan rehte bhi hain taab bhi apne kaam paar hi jyada lage rehte hain aur tired ho jate hai wo mujhe kuchh nahin karte hainraely sex karte hain mere sath aaj tum hi kuchh karo naaaaj koi nahin son is also sleeping maine usko khana khila kar aur tonic de kaar sula diya hai.tonic se neend bahut aati haiissiliye abhi main bilkul free hoontum kisi kabhi se nahin kehna yeh baat mere dewarjitum kisi se kahoge to nahin she again kissed me and said œplease aaj mujhe le lo nai am offering myself to you completely my dewarji œ i was caressing her back, her hips. I said to her œ.main kisi se nahin kahoonga meri sexy hot Bhabhi haan meri hot Priya Bhabhi how can i say it to any one Bhabhi and she smiled sexily.

Priya Bhabhi let loose her grip. I held her from behind and placed my hands on her boobs from over her sari, blouse and bra. I was now pressing her boobs. My front was pressing against her heavy humping soft marvelous fleshy sexy hips. My Lund was erect by that time. She also felt my erect lund on her sexy hips. I was now pressing her boobs well. I told her œ. Priya Bhabhi. Tumhara boobs bahut mazedaar hai. Really so fleshy, so shapely, so bulging, so straight, so round Bhabhi she said in sexy low voice œ. To issi liye tumhari nazar meri boobs paar hota tum bahut manly lagte ho. I was now pressing and squeezing her breasts at my will. She was enjoying it too much as she made sexy sounds like œ. “uuuuuuuuufffffff. Yooou ooooooffffffffffffff aaaaaaaahhhhhhh” wow “Iiiissssssshhhh aaaahhhhhhhaur” dabao. Aur dabao “ooooffff ”.mere dewarji aur “dabao ooooooffffffff” I was pressing squeezing her boobs hard. Then i was kissing her from tip to toe. She the herself started undressing her. She took off her sari. She took off her saya (petticoat). She took off her blouse. Now she was in her scanty nylon netted black bra and panty. She came to me and took off my all clothes except for my underwear. Then she unhooked her bra, took it off in a sexy manner. Wow what a pair of boobs she had her boobs were very firm looking, shapely, round bulging and straight. Her bare boobs appeared extremely sexy and inviting and tempting. Then she herself pulled down her panty also looking at my eyes in lust and desire. Priya Bhabhi was now fully nude. So sexy she looked that i was just staring and gazing at her sexy nude body from tip to toe. She said to me œ. Dewarji main aaj tumare saamane puri nangi ho gayi hoon. Aaab main tumhein kaise laag rahi hoon I said to her priya bhabhi tom bahut bold hotum real mein bahut sexy aur hot laag rahi ho tumhara boobs real sexy hai.I have really seen such boobs meri priya bhabhiaur tumhara badan pura nanga badan bahut exciting laag raha haitumhara hips bhi bahut inviting aaur sexy hai. Tum upar se neeche taak bahut sexy laag rahi hojaanlewa laag rahi ho. Priya Bhabhi she came to me and pulled my underwear making me fully nude. I immediately started kissing her one boob and was pressing her other boob while i was fingering her chut. I was kissing her nipple, pulling it by my mouth and sucking her nipple.

She was moaning sexily œ. “uuuuufffffffiiiiiiiissssshhhh uuuuuhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” and I kept on kissing her boob and pulling and sucking her nipple that way. She was too much excited I laid her in the bed. I came over her I was again sucking and pulling her nipples one by one with my mouth now and Priya Bhabhi was again hissing sibling and moaning throwing her sexy thighs and folding them intermittently in her excitement. I said to her œ. Priya Bhabhi tumhari boobs bade sexy hain mazaa aaraha hai suck karne mein Priya Bhabhi said aur chooso na meri dono boobs ko khoob chooso dono boobs ko.mujhe bhi mahut maza aaraha hai dear dewarji and i was obliging her by sucking and pulling her nipples with my mouth. My tongue was working effectively well on her hard pointed nipples to make Priya Bhabhi more and more hot making sonds like œ “ooooooofffffffffffffffff Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh oooohhhhhhhhhh Iiiiisssssssshhhhhh” Wow “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaur..haaan aur oooofffffffff” aur chooso mere dewarji.aur chooso meri choochiyan haaaann mere dewarji iiiiiisssiii tarah choosate raho “aaaaaaahhhh” ouch. And i was sucking her boobs at my will and at the same time pressing them also. Priya Bhabhi was caressing me in excitement all through and also she was rubbing my body with her sexy smooth silky thighs. I then stared kissing her navel and then her crotch around her chut and then her sexy thighs and legs. She said to me œ “oooohhhh” dewarji please aabb nahi raha jata haiplease mujhe le lo na.aab lo na mujhe..dewarji.aaab chodo na mujhepleasehaan dewaji tumne mujhe bahut hot kaar diya hai aaaab meri chdai karo. I got up and came on my knees, separated her sexy thighs and penetrated my hard erect lund into her hot wet chut. After three foru pushes my Lund was fully inside her chut. She told me in sexy low voice œ dewarjiaaaj jam kaar meri chodai karo koi kasar baaki maat chhodnakhoob chodo mujhe aaaj mere dewarjimain baut dinon se chah rahi thi tumse chodwane ko.

Told her Priya Bhabhi kitne dinon ke baad to aaaj mauka mila hai tumhari chodai karne ka...main bhi bahut dinon se chah raha tha tumhein chodne komera lund bahut taras raha tha tumhari chodai karne ke liye meri priya bhabhi.tum baas mera saath deti jaao ..dekho main kaisi chodai karta hoon aaaj tumhari.haan meri sexy hot Bhabhi she said ok dearmain ready hoon . I started fucking Priya Bhabhi gently in the beginning. She was moaning slowly “œuuuuuuuffff, Oooohhhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhh”. And I was fucking her. She held me with her soft hands. My torso was making gentle movement to and fro so that my Lund was gong and coming in to her chut. After some time i increased my speed. She was moaning sexily œ “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh” haaaaannn. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhh .uuuuufffffffffffuuuuffffffffff. Aaaaahh Mere dewarji aaaaaaaaaaa” come on mere dewarji “Yaaahhhh iiiiooooohhhhhhh mere dewarji aur chodoaur chodo..aur chodo “aaaaaaaahhhhhh hhhaaaannnnn” yun hi chodai karo aur chodo..aur andar ghusao. Aur andar push karo na apna Lund ko mere dewarji hann yun hi chodai karte jaaaaoooooo. And I was fucking her well it was great fucking priya bhabhi. Then she told me ”œaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh” mere dewarji fuck me fastfast chodai karo naaur zor se chodo na..haaaannnn zor zor se chodai karo meri.mere dewarji.. she was in her full excitement. I was fucking Priya Bhabhi fast and hard. I was pushing my Lund into her as much as I could. She was gyrating her sexy heavy hips in excitement. I was making hard and fast strokes. Now Priya bphabhi was fully crazy. She uttering all sexy words like œ apne Lund ko aur ghusao meri chut ko phad dalo aaj. I was fucking her and we both were enjoying fucking very well.

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