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A night at call center

A night at call center

By: Nikunj

Hi friends, it’s me again with my new story. Let me apologies people who don’t like my last story terror night. I just wanted to tell u that story was for pleasure nothing personal. I m also not dealing with any girls arrangement for sex. Pls don’t mail me for that. I m a male from mumbai.ok back to story. This story is basically about a night at call center.

it was vishal first day at call center for night shift. Let me tell you how vishal look like. He was very simple and thin in his body. He was very shy in nature. He had never seen any girl or lady nude in his real life. Everyone can make out he was very simple from his face as he use to oil his hair and all those stuff.

He was asked by admin to work with arti for his initial training period.

Now let me tell you how arti looks like. She looks like a bitch. She had hairs to her shoulder and partly color with golden. She had long nail painted brown. She also wears skirt and top which shows her bra color and point of nipple. In short she was like a teaser. When vishal saw arti he felt shy to talk to her. He was not been able to see her eye to eye while he talks to her. Even arti was seducing him but showing her boob lines over her dress. I always knew something is going to cook here. I was keeping my eye on every scene of her seduce. My cock really getting in action with all the action.
then i saw arti ask vishal to go inside the conference room which was on the top floor. I was amazed at 3 in night why she wants vishal at conference room where hardly anyone goes over there. I wanted to know what’s happening in. I went to the back door of conference room and was peeping through the eye glass there. I was shock to see rajul and kranti already over there. I thought nothing will happen as there r two more lady in the room. But i decided to stay there and see what’s happening.

then vishal stood in front of them. Arti shamelessly asked him had he ever seen any girl nude. He said no. All the girls went laughing. I also felt laughing. Then arit asked rajul to show her boob. I was shocked. I knew these will happen but there with three girls.. Oh poor vishal i felt. Then rajul removed his top from her head. Her 34b boobs flopped up in the air. Woo she looks like a amature. Arit then just squeeze her boob slightly and said these are called milk container. Hahah i felt laughing, but it was true. They were as big as milk container. Then arti asked kranti to show her pussy. I was just waiting to see any pussy since days. Kranti flop away her skirt and then her panty. Woo some shaved big pussy was on my display. I saw vishal eyes were never closed. He was seeing that pussy in such a way that there was no tomorrow.

Arti asked vishal now since she had showed him so many things he should thanks her in return by showing his dick. Before vishal could say anything, arti snatch his pant and his underwear. Vishal small virgin penis sprang out off his pant. It was semi hard but small. Seeing that arti began to laugh. She waived all to see that tiny tot. Soon rajul and kranti also began to laugh. Might be they had never seen such small dick as yet. Then rajul just took the penis and started putting it between her boobs. Here arti was fingering kranti pussy and kranti was moaning loud enough. Here vishal was enjoying bbob fuck by rajul. I saw rajul was just moaning as she was feeling wonderful for the hot dick on her boobs.
Kranti was about to cum. She was removing all kind for voices. I saw even her eyes were close. Here vishal was about to cum. Rajul was just masterbating vishal dick expertly. But when arti saw that vishal was abt to explore she stopped rajul to touch his dick. She even asked vishal not to touch the dick. Vishal small dick was so tight and pulsing. Then arti herself removed her panty from the skirt and exposed her well shaved pussy in front of vishal. Ummm vishal was so lucky to see her pussy from so close. Arti then sat directly on vishal dick and in no time vishal lund was in arti chute. Arti was jumping of vishal lund like she is riding on horse.

Here on the other hand kranti had climax and rajul was still fingering her. All her had was full of cum of kranti. When rajul got handful of kranti cum she took her finger from kranti chut and put her finger in kranti mouth. Kranti licked it as she was licking boobs for mild. Then kranti herself kissed rajul so that they can swap the cum. Wwoo i was also not able to control myself. I open my pant and release my fly from my underwear. I was stroking my cock seeing kranti, rajul, vishal and the bitch arti. Then kranti swap the place. Now she was fingering rajul. Woow kranti was so hard on rajul pussy that rajul was moaning and pleading to be gentle. But kranti was not in such mood. She was finger her hard. I don’t know it was her big nails hurting her or she was hitting her g-spot. It was not far that rajul also cummed. Here vishal also exploded in arti. It was vishal first time cumming. May be because of that he was cumming hard and in large quantity. Arti whole pussy was dripping with the cum. She was happy and looks satisfied. I was cummed in outside the room seeing all of them cumming. Vishal looked tired. I thought the feast is over but it wasn’t.

Arti moved her finger in pussy and removed her cum from it. I was white glittering liquid what i can see, may b mixture of her and vishal cum. She asked vishal to open his mouth and lick it. Vishal said no. I saw arti didn’t liked vishal answer so she asked other girls , rajul and kranti to hold tired vishal hands. She then pressed vishal lund and balls tightly that vishal opened his mouth to shout. This was the time arti put the cummed filled hand in his mouth. Vishal was in no position to split it. I was stunt to see this. So was kranti and rajul. Then rajul removed her cum from her pussy and asked vishal to lick it. Everyone in the room laughed. Poor vishal had to lick not only that but also lick kranti cum.

Vishal was tired like a hell. It was 30 min that had passed by. It was still 15 min more for the break time to get over. Arti then suddenly called my name and told me to come in the room. What….. She knew i was watching the scene …. My god. I just adjusted my lund in pant and went in the room. Arti stood my nude and said welcome to our conference and she knew i was watching the whole scene since starting. She said that vishal is tired and finish. He won’t be able to make for second round. She and other girl’s r ready for it.

Second round and with me…. Woow i felt so happy.

I will write in my next story what happen in the second round. So friends how u like my story. Keep writing me your comments and if u have some more idea for my new story. My id . Friends i had seen people copying my stories and resuming back in iss. Please don’t do that. These r unique stories and are exclusively written by me.

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