Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Nazoo and tailoring Lady

By: Nazoo khan

Hello my sweet lesbians friends! I am nazoo khan aged 28 years old. MY figure size is 38 28 38,i have whiteash healthy body.I was very proud of my 38D breasts and very wide firm&soft hips.I like lesbian sex very much from my childhood.That time i live in my uncle's(chacha) house.The incident happened by few years ago with very beautiful lady tailor,her age is 29 years.She was a widow. To be said she is a voluptuous lady. Later once I started watching porn lesbians movies, stories. I got interested to try with her. I started masturbating after seeing her voluptuous milky body.Eventhough she is a tailor she is my chachi’s best friend. From my chachi's daughter childhood she was very fond of her and used to stitch dress for her.Her name is Fozia. Her structure is 38-30-40. She used to wear only saree.One day my chachi told me to go to her house for stitching the dress and if possible stay over there for a day and get stitched and then come back. I too happy agreed and went to her house in morning time. She was doing some work and told me to sit in sofa and watch TV. She came in after finishing her work. She just started talking in a ordinary way like how is my chachi and hows my life. I informed her that I have come to get my dress stitched. I was in Shirt and skirt. She was wearing saree in such a way that I can see her huge taut boobs. As she went for taking the measuring tape I was very much attracted towards her big ass which was moving up and down which turned me really hot and while nearing me gave me a smile wow what to say about that, I was really turning hot. She stood in front of me and started measuring first neck.

Then hips. For that she told to lift my shirt I too did. She just touched my flat stomach and told it’s nice suddenly current went through my body. Then came down to ass and moved the tape up and down twice on it which made me hotter and I closed my eyes and she sensed the feelings of me. Then came to my huge boobs and went round me twice to position the tape which moved up and down of my nipple making me heavenly feeling and she asked "Nazoo tumko kasa mahsoos ho raha ha". I was speechless simply closing my eyes.When she said"Nazoo tumko pata ha k tumhari figure bahut zabardast hah aur tum bahut khobsorat ho"She looked me with lustful eyes.I said "Fozia aunty app bhi bahut khobsorat hah aur mojko ap ki figure bahut pasand ha".After some sexy talk she gave me coffee and I wontedly slipped it on my dress. She took me to bathroom and started cleaning in a way that she moved her hands on my hard boobs and fat milky thighs etc..Then she started undressing and made me naked and told "Nazoo tum room mein jaho mein tum ko kapray dati hon". Since she cleaned me she also got wet and she too undressed and came naked. Asked for what dress you want to wear I told nighty she took two and kept on bed and came near me and kept her hand around my waist and made me sit on bed and pushed me to lay on bed and started massaging my big boobs and gave me lip kiss. I too cooperated by reciprocating her then she came down to my pussy and started licking. She licked for almost 10 mins and fingering too. After that she started inserting tow fingers wow what a feeling I have lesbo experience this before many girls but she was very experinced and bold. After some time she started stretching my legs as far as possible. She lifted one leg side ways and came in-between and placed her wet&hot cunt onto my wet pussy and started rubbing with great speed and both were experiencing the pleasure to the maximum extent and both of us started drenching our sweats.We cum together This session took almost 50 mins. Then whole day we experienced different positions with different styles for many times.

Please mail me on nazookhan28@yahoo.com and tell me how u like my story.If any lady or girl from anywhere are interested in making their secret fantasy come true they can get in touch with me and I am sure they would really not regret giving me this offer. Secrecy & privacy required and assured. Please get in touch with me nazookhan28@yahoo.com

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