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My sexy classmate

My sexy classmate

By: lalit

Hello horny guys and gals, i have read all the stories of indian sex stories and this has encouraged me write my own true experience. It is about my sex encounter with my classmate. I am a proud indian and live in vizag. I am in 12th standard now and this happened when i was in 10th. I had a class friend whose was damn sexy. She had a great body. Big breasts, coffee brown hair, black eyes and a coke bottle figure which was really inviting. Sometimes she gave me signals that she wanted me badly but i being a shy guy didnat respond. Our friendship had been going on for about 1 year now and we used to meet regularly in school. On one typical day in school i was in the computer room of my school with my friend. She suddenly came to me and asked me that could i come to her house on saturday. I was taken aback by this sudden request of hers. I was about to say no as i had to go somewhere on saturday but i saw a desperation or lust in her eyes. I could tell that she wanted me badly. I said ok i will come at 11:30 in the morning she looking very happy went away.

Days passed as saturday came near and i was thinking what was her purpose of calling me to her house. Then came saturday, i rang her doorbell and she opened the damn door. Whoa! She was looking very hot and erotic. I could shag then and there looking at her even in her clothes. Imagine this, an extermely attractive girl with perfectly round and big tits and well shaped ass, in a skin tight sleeveless shirt which was tied in a knot to reveal her navel and very tight pair of jeans which extended only to her knees. Wow! Just thinking of it makes me horny even now when i no longer meet her. She told me to come in and i stepped in and saw a dimly lit yet beautiful room with all the windows closed and curtains drawn. There was extreme silence in her house and i could make out that she was alone. She offered me a cold drink and got herself one too. We sat quietly sipping away at our respective drinks staring at each other. The atmosphere was what you call romantic and i had no idea what was to follow.

I asked her the reason why she had called me and she said she was having trouble in a biology chapter (guess which one!!!). I asked her to show it to me and brought a book which had the reproduction page bookmarked. I opened the page and was shocked to see the topic. It had a picture of the male reproductive system and the penis in the picture was circled with a sketch pen. I glanced at her and she looked curious about my reaction. She asked me if i could explain it to her. I was hesitating but i continued. While i was explaining frequently i found her hand nearing my cock. I didnat think of it as anything at first but slowly she slid nearer to me. It was making me really aroused and my cock was bulging in my tight jeans. She was staring right at my erection and that was making me uncomfortable. At last when she saw that i wasnat goina to grab her and fuck her like hell she tried to seduce me by fondling with her huge tits. My eyes stuck at her boobs and she said come letas have some fun. We were sitting on a couch and she came near me.

I was too mad with lust at that point and put my lips on hers and kissed like a mad man. She fully cooperated and embraced me with both her arms. Her tits were pressing against my chest. They were as soft as, i canat describe how soft and smooth they were. I was a virgin at that time and i knew that this was the day me and her lose our virginity. I was exploring her back while kissing her and my finger went into her jeans and touched her panty. That was the first step in our sex adventure. Finally we stopped kissing. She stared right in my eyes as if warning me that this was going to be hardcore. She put her hand on my rock-hard 7 penis and started massaging my crotch. I felt i that i would cum right then but i controlled. Meanwhile i was playing with her soft melons from the outside of the shirt. Then slowly i reached inside and squeezed her nipples. It was heaven! She unzipped my jeans and took them off. This left me in my underwear with a tent in the middle because of my erection. She was delighted to see me in that state. I too tore off her shirt and she wasnat wearing a bra and her tits jumped out. Beautiful! She slid down my underwear and held my 7 manhood in her hand. It was too big for her hand so she used both hands to hold it. She stripped off her jeans and bent down on her knees. I knew what she was doing and gave her my cock. She instantly took it in her mouth. The bloody bitch. She must have watched a whole lot of blue films to know that much about sex. She gave me a wonderful blowjob. It hurt at first when her teeth rubbed against the skin but slowly pain turned to pleasure. She kept sucking my cock for about 5 minutes when i told her that i was going to take it out as i was about to release my load. She insisted that i shoot it in her mouth and held onto my penis. I shot all the sperm in her mouth and she gulped it like a whore.

Some of it dripped out of her mouth and that aroused my dick and it got erect for another round instantly. I knew all the sex positions and thought of trying the 69 one. She agreed and i licked her pussy like a hungry dog drinking his milk. She was sucking my balls while i was trying to make her cum. Her pussy was sweet in taste like honey and too tight to even let my tongue in. She was moaning ahhhhhhh ooooohhhh oooooomph! I was afraid that the neighbours might come check what was going on but luckily it didnat happen. I told her that i was going to fuck her between her breasts and she lied down on the couch. She pressed her tits and made a tunnel in between them so that we could get maximum pleasure. I did that for about 15 minutes and loved every second of it. Again i cummed on her breasts and then licked them clean. I slowly bit her nipples and sucked on one while playing with the other. I could tell that she was having a great time. Next up was finger fucking, i put my index finger in her love hole and started stroking them up and down. She was loving it and giving loud moans of pleasure. After a few minutes when i felt that her cunt was loose enough i used my second finger too and licked my fingers which had the taste of her pussy juice. I made her lick the fingers too. She told me in between her moans and gasps that please enter my love hole. I was desperately waiting for that and i told her to lie down on the carpet and open her legs wide. I came near her hole with my cock and she grabbed it and guided it into the pussy.

For some time she supervised the strokes with her hand but then left it to me. I started pushing harder and she was screaming with pain. I slowed down and asked her if she had vaseline or something. She got up with a lot of effort and and went into a room and came back with vaseline and handed it to me. I took some vaseline rubbed it on my cock and some inside her pussy and told her that this would ease the pain a lot. She looked relieved and asked me to start the fuck again. I pushed my cock in her. She screamed but a lot less. I started fucking her slowly with gentle strokes. With my ever in-stroke she inhaled air and with every out-stroke she exhaled air. I increased the pace and started ramming her with my dick. Her screaming was decreasing with ever second and a smile of ultimate pleasure came on her lips. That girl was enjoying it moe than me. I fucked her for a long, long time and instantly stopped when i was about to cum. She and i cummed together and i could feel her juice on my cock. It was 35 degrees outside and and it must have been 70 degrees inside her cunt. We both stopped and relaxed, my cock still inside her. We were exhausted after that and lay on our backs. I took out my limp penis out of her hole and put my clothes on and she slipped into another shirt as i had torn the previous one. We both sat on the couch she turned on the air conditioner. We both hugged each other and i kissed her passionately. We had something to eat as we were completely out of energy.

Then the doorbell rang and her mother stepped in, she asked her if i had explained her the lesson. She told her mom that she really enjoyed the chapter and will never forget it and secretly winked at me. I smiled and after some time came home. It was really the best experience ever for me. I really fucked her hard and i am very sad that she had to go away and miss her a lot. I wish that she would come back and then we could have sex again.any sexy girl in vizag can contact me and give comments plzz....... On my e-mail address that is

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