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Family ties a cut above

Family ties a cut above

By: Abhishek singh

Hello all ISS fans. This is Abhishek Singh, a 18 years old boy from Delhi. I have written many stories in ISS from past one year. But from few weeks I have been quite for some personal reasons. But know there will be some blast from the past by me. Now I will write only insect stories in ISS and I am sure that u will enjoy too much. This story starts from here... The sun slowly peered through the windows as the curtains softly rustled from the morning breeze blowing softly from the outside. Barbara laid beside me, her sweet naked form resting up against mine. Barbara's soft, sweet, golden tan, slightly pudgy 5'9" 160 pound, 38DD-28-38 body was pressed up against my 5'11" muscular 175 pound body as she had her back to me and I had my arms wrapped around her body one had resting on her stomach and the other covering her newly shaven pussy. As I laid there holding her, I reflected on the previous night, thinking about how stunning and ravishing she looked in her short black mini skirt and sexy top which revealed an ample amount of cleavage.

I also recalled how her hot body wriggled to the pumping volume of the music on the dance floor and that it beckoned to me as she bumped and grinded to the music and rubbed her hot body against mine as we moved together as one to the pulsating rhythms. Finally, I relived how her hot wet pussy gripped the sides of my cock as she rode me cowgirl style and that how when we were fucking missionary style, that her long luscious legs wrapped around me and pulled me in as her body moved under mine. As I reflected on all this things, I wondered how such a sweet and shy person on the outside could be such a sex crazed insatiable nymphomaniac on the inside and I thanked my lucky stars that she was my lover. Barbara stirred softly as she turned towards me and rubbed her soft sweet body next to mine. I figured she was about to wake up and I softly kissed on the lips and said "Good morning love," to which she softly replied "Good morning darling." Barbara stirred some more and then opened her eyes and as I was lying on my back, she crawled on top of me so that her soft warm body was on top of mine. Her supple breasts were pressed against my bare chest and she had positioned herself so that her pussy had taken in my rock hard pulsating 8 inch cock.

"Mmmmm good morning you handsome devil you," Barbara purred like a contented kitten as she slowly began pumping my cock and planted a big long wet deep French kiss on me "You sure know how to make a woman feel alive," Barbara added. "This has been the best damned birthday I have had in a long time."

"I am glad I could make it special for you," I replied "Oh baby, you have done more than make it special," Barbara purred with delight. "You have made a self conscious middle aged woman feel sexy again and are the best damned nephew a woman could ever hope to have. Now it is my turn to thank you properly or last night so just lie back and let Aunt Barbara work her magic on you." Barbara rode me slowly at first and then she built up speed. I just laid back and did what she said, enjoyed the ride. Next Barbara pulled me up so that now I was up right and our bodies were pressed together. "Nurse me baby," she crooned lustfully as she held my head to her chest so I sucked on her tits as we continued to fuck. I could feel her pussy grip the sides of my cock and milk it like 1000's of tiny velvety finger and I knew it wouldn't be long until I spewed my load forth. At the same time, I could feel Barbara's pussy quake and contract and knew that she was on the verge of coming as well.

It wouldn't be long until we would both cum in unison. I felt Barbara's juices begin to trickle over my cock then suddenly they were released like a mighty river as they covered my tool. This sent a signal to my brain telling my cock to release its load and I spunked my hot manhood deep into Barbara's pussy. Barbara dismounted me and began licking the mixture of our juices from my cock. She would then spend the next 30 minutes sucking on my cock like a vacuum cleaner. During this time also her tit fucked me, wrapping those massive soft mams around my cock until I sprayed my load onto her buxom beauties and which afterwards she licked them clean with her tongue and what she couldn't get with her tongue she rubbed into her skin like some kind of lotion. After our passionate morning sex session we showered got dressed and packed up the truck for a day at the river. We pulled our boat to our favorite spot where we spent most of the day just laying out, tanning, snacking on fried chicken and chips and drinking beer. Of course, we enjoyed good hot unbridled sex in the hot sun. Well as you can probably tell, Barbara and I are much more than just simple lovers, we are related as well. If you didn't catch it in the story, she happens to be my aunt, my mother's sister. So how did I come to be shagging my very own blood relative, well venture with me as we turn back the clock to the beginning and watch as the story unfolds.

Looking back on it, it is not completely beyond reason that Aunt Barbara and I would become lovers, because we had always been close and shared a bond deeper than most could even understand. Aunt Barbara was somewhat older than me, in fact she was ten years my senior, born when my mother was in her last year of college and had just given birth to my older sister Sharon. As most families do that are from a small town or who live out in the county, we all lived near each other. Mom's mother was married early and had had all of her first three children by the time she was 18. Aunt Barbara was unplanned and was born when my grand mother had just turned 40. I came along ten years later after and Barbara took to me right off. She didn't get along too well with my sister Sharon seeing that Barbara was more of a tomb boy and Sharon was more of the Princess type. When I was old enough to walk and talk, I took to Barbara right off and preferred to play with her. She considered me more of a little brother and playmate than a nephew and we shared secrets together that we would never share with any other.

As Barbara matured and came through puberty she blossomed early and was what you would consider "country." More sophisticated people would refer to her as a "redneck" or even somewhat trashy but it didn't bother me. For some reason I had always been attracted to that kind of girl so I guess unconsciously that made the attraction for Barbara even stronger. Barbara had also had a history of struggling with her weight but by the time she was in her twenties she gave up fighting and gave into "the inevitable" as she put it and decided to be happy with whom she was. As a result Barbara leveled out at around 155-160 pounds which for her bone structure was about 20-25 pounds over weight Even Though she was overweight she carried it well and fluctuated in clothing sizes between about a 14-16 ladies clothes Her attractiveness in the face and her bubbly personality more than made up for her weight and soon she could have any man she wanted and did. Barbara soon became known as the town tramp and by the time she was twenty five she decided she was having too much fun partying and too many responsibilities as a hairdresser to be tied down with kids so she decided to have her tubes tied.

By the time I began really noticing and taking an interest girls (by age 16) I had already developed a massive crush on Barbara who was now in her mid 20's, and she knew about my crush on her and found it flattering. However, instead of patronizing me and making light of it, she actually encouraged it and the times when she would be alone with me she would go out of her way to dress skimpy. Her crush for me would take deeper roots because by this time, I had fully developed to my mature masculine form and now Barbara found me very attractive and sexually appealing but since I was still underage and for fear of my mom finding out, she tried to keep it toned down, at least while in public. Eventually, I would graduate from High school go off to college where I would study Business and accounting and after I received my MBA. Although I was several hundred miles away, the seeds of our lust would be taking root and Barbara would take ever step to keep them fertile. In college she would write I and sometimes the letters would be saucy and risqué but never anything outright sexual although one could infer it.. She would also sometimes include pictures of her in skimpy outfits and lingerie. My roommate asked who it was in the photos and I told him she was a friend of the family to which he replied "Damn I wish I had a friend like that."

Meanwhile Mom and Dad had moved off with Grandmother to live closer to mom's bother Stanley. After graduation, I moved back home to take over Dad's old auto parts store and Barbara had taken over her mother's hair styling salon called "A Cut Above." When I arrived back home I called Barbara and told her I would like to come over and see her. "Sounds good sweetie," she said anxious to see me. I also told her that my hair had been looking pretty scraggily and wondered if she could do something with it. Barbara suggested that I come that Saturday afternoon after I closed up shop and she would give me "the special spa treatment " she referred to it as she had a devious giggle. Saturday came and after closing locking up the shop at around 12:30 or so, I arrived at her house in the country a little before one in the afternoon. Barbara's hair salon was located adjacent to her house. In fact, it was a 900 square foot white wooden building which had been built on to the existing 3 bedroom 1,350 square foot white wood frame house and was separated from the house by a five foot closed in breezeway .

As I pulled up in my white auto parts pickup I saw Barbara's pickup sitting outside. As I was waiting to turn in to her gravel driveway, I saw a hot little blonde number wearing a black tank top and a white short skirt. She got into a red convertible mustang and drove by me and as she did she looked at me and gave me an approving smile and a wink I went to the front door rang the bell. As the door opened I there stood Barbara looking like she had just woken up and threw something on but still she looked more ravishing than I had remembered. Barbara's golden blonde hair which hadn't been combed came down to her shoulders and was full, and naturally curly(wavy). You could almost say Barbara had what was referred to in the late 1980's as "big hair." The outfit she was wearing if you could call it that was blatantly revealing and would definitely be considered trashy. The only thing she was wearing was a see through black mesh robe with fake fur on the bottom that came to just below her hips and looked as if it had been fastened by only one small button at her bust line.

From the looks of Barbara, it looked like she had just gotten out off bed and rushed to throw something on but it didn't matter to me how she was dressed. To be perfectly honest I kind of liked seeing her this way since it gave me an excuse to see her body. "Dave sweetie," Barbara said in an energetic squeal as she hugged my neck and pulled me close to her as she planted a kiss on me. However, this was no ordinary "aunty" kiss, this was a hot steamy sensual kiss on the lips as she would rub her hot body against mine. The kiss that lasted for a good 30 or more seconds. As we kissed, Barbara removed any doubt about her feelings towards me. Her tongue began to probe my mouth and her hands found their way to my anatomy, one resting on the back of my butt and the other finding its way to the front of my tight jeans where she began running her hand over my crotch. In response, my hands found their way to her waist and with her help slipped underneath her outfit and this is when I found out she wasn't wearing any panties and felt her newly shaven pussy.

"It's so good to see you.," Barbara said as she broke the kiss. "Come in, come in" she said taking me by the hand leading me to the couch as closed and locked the door behind her.

"Have a seat sweetie," Barbara said as she went to the kitchen. "Can I get you anything, some lemonade, coke, juice, milk or something."

"A coke would be great , thanks," I replied. Barbara came in with a cup of coffee for her and a glass of coke with the can she had poured it from for me and sat down on the couch right beside me with her legs up where I could easily get a glimpse of her pink pussy. "So Dave honey, how was college life," Barbara said as she lit up a cigarette and took a long puff then handed it to me. I took a puff and then told her college life was fun but I was glad to be back home. "Did ya miss you ole aunt Barbara," she said with a naughty grin. "I bet ya forgot all about her while you were having fun chasing those cute little college girls around and scoring some nookie." That was one thing I could say for Aunt Barbara, she didn't mix words. She wasn't afraid to speak her mind and had a reputation for having a trashy mouth. However, underneath that rough exterior was a true heart of gold, love and compassion. "Actually I did miss ya Barbara," I said with a sigh. "It's true that there were a lot of hot little college chicks there and to be honest yeah I did score some nookie with them but that was mostly with one night stands."

"Hey nuttin wrong with that hun, Barbara proudly said. "You are talking to the queen of one night stands right here. Sometimes they are the best. At least you isn’t gotta put up with their shit."

"Yeah tell me about it," I replied. "Most of the college chicks I came into contact with were uppity spoiled little rich girls who were so full of themselves that they wouldn't know a good man if he was dropped in their lap. To be honest with you, I rather spend time with a good ole down home backwoods country gal like yourself than those kind of girls I met in college."

"You really mean it," Barbara perked up with a smile. "You rather spend time with your ole aunt Barbara than some young college chick?"

"Hell yeah," I replied. "At least with you I know I am going to have a fun time and it’s not going to be gimmie, gimme, gimmie all the time or pouting when you don't get your way."

"Damned straight," Barbara said with a triumphant smile. "I may just be some simple back woods redneck gal, and may not be as rich as some of them preppy city girls but I have worked my fucking ass off to get what I have and I am damn fucking proud of it" "And I am proud of you too," I added smiling at Barbara, and with that we hugged. "So you about ready for that special spa treatment I promised ya sweetie," Barbara said changing the topic trying not to let me see her wipe here eyes. "Yeah that would be great," I replied. "Well come on hun, take my hand and follow me."

Barbara led me from her house through the breezeway and into her salon. She then told me to have a seat at the sink while she slipped out of her outfit and put on her black plastic cosmetologist robe. However, instead of fastening it she just left it open so I could see her sweet naked body. "Lean back sweetie and let me wash your hair," Barbara said as she turned on the water. "Let me know if it gets too hot for ya." Barbara washed my hair and as she did, she positioned herself in such a way that her sumptuous breasts hung over my mouth and even pressed against my lips. I wasn't exactly sure but I figured she wanted me to touch them in some way so I boldly put my lips of her nipples and softly kissed them. To my surprise and pleasure Barbara didn't object and allowed me to suck on them and run my tongue around them while she washed and rinsed my hair and then sat me up and led me over to the chair where she would cut my hair. "So how do ya want it sweetie," Barbara said with a smile. "Just trim it up all around and make it not look so scruffy," I replied Very well, Barbara said "Would you like me to use the clippers or shears," Barbara said and before I could answer she added with a naughty grin "The shears allow me to get much more up close and personal."

I didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out and I told her to use the shears. "Mmmmmmm I was hoping you would say that" and she began to cut my hair. Barbara would spend the next 15 minutes trimming my hair and she strategically positioned herself so I could feel her warm body next to mine. I deliberately put my hands down to the side of the chair and as she placed herself next to me I would stroke her leg, her butt and sometimes her pussy. "Come sweetie, let me take you to the back for the spa treatment," Barbara said with a naughty grin. "Aunt Barbara is going to give you a massage you soon won’t forget." Barbara told me to strip then to lie down on the table on my stomach and she disrobed and crawled on the table and put her legs apart so that her pussy was resting against the small of my back. Taking some coconut scented lotion she rubbed it on my back and it began to tingle like it had menthol in it. Barbara massaged my back and shoulder and around my neck and as she did she would lie on top of me and begin to nibble around my ears and whisper naughty sayings to me.

She moved her way down my back and then turned around and massaged my legs. I had never had a massage before but Barbara made it feel relaxing and stimulating at the same time. It was relaxing in the fact that my stress was going away yet it was stimulating in the fact that I was getting a serious hard-on. After Barbara had finished rubbing my back side she told me to turn over and I did. Barbara would then lie on top of me and we embraced as we kissed. All pretense had gone out of the window and it was clear what her intensions were. As we kissed our bodies moved together and our limbs would intertwine. Her pussy would grind up against my cock and she took her hand and positioned my tool so it slipped inside her pussy. She then raised up and began fucking me cowgirl style. "Oh god yes Dave honey," Barbara purred "you don't know how long I have fantasized about this moment. It feels even better than I could ever imagine." I must say, Barbara's pussy felt better than I could have ever imagined. Many a night I had wanked myself silly to Barbara's pictures and longed for the time I would graduate and get to fuck her.

Barbara rode me long slow and intense and I put my hands on her hips to guide her motions. I could feel her pussy quiver and her juices trickle over my cock. That signaled my brain to tell my cock to swell with cum and spunk its load. "Oh yes Barbara I'm cumming," I panted as I fought to hold it back. "Gimme all of you baby," Barbara purred with delight. I wanna feel you hot manhood deep inside me." I shot my monster load deep inside Barbara's pussy and she crooned with delight as my hot jism went deep into her womanhood. "Lets continue this in my room sweetie," Barbara said taking me by the hand and led me into the house naked and back to her room. She led me to the bathroom where we showered together an as we did we cleaned each other's private parts. We then dried off and Barbara led me to her king sized water bed. Lying on her back she invited me to have my way with her as she said "I am your private little slut to do with as you please." I laid on top of Barbara and began to kiss my way all over her body. I ran my tongue around her nipples and up and down her cleavage. I kissed my way down her torso until I reached her pussy. I then nibbled and bit the inside of her thighs as I would give her a half-dollar sized cherry red hickey.

I would then dive into her eagerly awaiting pussy and I used my tongue like a little cock. Barbara would take my head and hold it there as she grabbed my hair and bucked her hips up to fuck my face. Within a matter of minutes I would have her cumming flooding my face with her sweet nectar but she would beg for more and would want to get into hot and heavy 69 session with her on top as she would suck my cock. I had had many a blow job by a drunken college girl but I was yet to get one of them to swallow. Barbara would suck on my cock until I exploded and then she drank down all my cum, not missing a drop. She would then mount me again and ride me cowgirl style but this time she would pull me up so that now we were embraced and rocking back and forth as we kissed. It was all I could do to keep from cumming I was so hot and horny and I spunked my load deep inside of her. Barbara then turned over and let me lie on top of her. We took about a 15 minute break just kissing and caressing as our bodies rubbed together. This would allow me to regain my stamina and within a matter of minutes I was hard and ready to go again.

I slipped my cock inside Barbara's pussy and she wrapped her long luscious legs around my body. We fucked in this position as our souls became one. The world around us just faded away and soon we were aware of nothing but each other. The only sound was the sound of our heartbeats beating in unison. Barbara and I fucked like a well oiled machine. I could feel her sugar walls grip the sides of my cock like 1000's of tiny satiny silk fingers stroking it. I knew it wouldn't be long until either of us would cum again. Deep inside I could feel my cock swell with cum and I could feel Barbara's pussy quiver and her juices begin to trickle over my cock. When I could hold back no longer I let go of my monster load deep inside Barbara's pussy. She responded by flooding my cock with her sweet sticky cream. We held each other as we came own from or orgasmic high and Barbara turned me over and began to lick the mixture of our juices from my cock and sucked on my cock until I was hard again. Taking my cock between her breasts Barbara would tit fuck me until I spunked my load all over her face chest lips and hair She would then massage it into her skin like a cream and licked it from her lips.

By now it was almost 4:30 P.M. and we were both famished so we showered dressed and went out for an early dinner at the new Italian restaurant that had just opened. After dinner we went for some drinks and dancing until 10ish and then came home where we would make hot sweet monkey love until the wee hours of the morning. Barbara and I would spend all weekend making love and on Sunday her friend Nancy that I had seen leave when I came up dropped by and joined us for the rest of the night. She and Barbara would treat me to a hot lesbo show and then would get me down for a hot torrid 3-some. Over time Barbara and I would grow more and more in love and on her birthday I would take her out for a night on the town and a hot sex session at home, which is where this story begins. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine being Barbara's lover but now I can't see myself being anything other but that. Since then, Nancy has become a regular part of our love nest and on weekends she and Barbara go at each other then turn their attention to me. I guess some guys are lucky and I thank my stars above that I am one of those lucky guys.

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