Sunday, February 22, 2009

Unsatiesfied women

By: shaan sharma

I'm smart, attractive & 5’10” tall. I’ve fit body, fair complexion & 8’’ penis. I can fuck girls very much in many ways with true fun, enjoyment and satisfaction that you can't imagine. I say: 'that it's all about making you ejaculation until you beg me to “stop please”. Now I’d like to narrate one of my true sex experiences of my life. Here i did not use the name because i always maintain privacy. Last month another housewife of dhaka city contacted me. She wrote that she liked my sex stories & wants to be satisfied by me. She told her name farhana(not real name). She told me that she’s 29 year-old married lady, has fair complexion, 5.4” with a figure of 38dd-28-37. She also told me that her husband can’t satisfy her sexually. So, she is eager to be satisfied by a huge cock with some special skills for a long time. By the phone, she invited me to her house at day time. On the scheduled day, we met in a restaurant first & then went to her house together. She told me to go have a seat on the couch. I went into the living room and sat down. When she came into the room she was wearing her housecoat, it was yellow and white and with flowers. Her legs were slightly exposed and her nipples were almost visible through the material. During our conversation she said she is sexually unhappy with her husband. I raised my hand and ran it through her hairs. She closed her eyes and bent her neck back. I leaned in and kissed her neck. I dragged my tongue over the area that i was kissing. I could feel her start to breathe heavier usssssssss oohhhhh.... I felt her hand on my chest, and felt the sensation as she lowered it to my cock, she initially rubbed but then she started squeezing through my pants. I then raised my lips to her mouth and placed a soft kissed on her lips, tasting the sweetness of her lips. Our tongues touched and she closed her mouth and grabbed my tongue with her lips and then started moving her head back and forth.

I put one hand to her tits and slowly press it and tell her to stand there. I grabbed the top of her housecoat and with one pull i opened her coat. I spread the sides of the material and i saw the amazing 38 size big tits. Very big with the longest nipples. Maybe an inch long. I leaned in and took a nipple into my mouth. I extended my tongue to lick them and making her moan even more heavily, "ummm eat me, yes man!!! You are doing well ohhhh!!!!! Man!!! Usssssssss oohhhhh..… umm……. I moved my hands to her boobs and started fondling them. They were too soft. They were looking gorgeous . Again i licked them hard and let her cry with pleasure uuufffff aaaahhhhh ooouuuuu usssssssss. It seemed that she was unable to hold on and urged me to fuck her but i wanted to give her the pleasure of foreplay. So i moved farther down to lick her stomach and sexy navel. I was exploring the region of sexy cuts of her legs. She was shivering with the touch of my hot wet tongue on her tummy and started moving her hips to and fro fast. Without intermission i moved my tongue. Suddenly her legs started trembling i held her butts giving support. Deep moans came her throat yyyesssssssss oohhhhhhhhhhh yyesssssssss lick me harder yyesssssssssss , and she cummed. After some time her breathing became normal. My licking started to arouse her again. I made her tummy wet with my tongue. She liked my way of arousing her. I moved down to her legs and toes . I made kissed on her foot the sexy babe started making sexy sounds. I moved up kissing her lower left leg, knee and thigh over her housecoat i did the same thing with the right leg too. As i reached her right thigh i could hold on after smelling the aroma of her womanhood and planted a kiss over her pussy. She moaned aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh and cried " what are you doing?" i held the hem of her housecoat and shifted it up to her thigh . I was stunned to look at the whiteness of the leg. I moved it further and saw her fully wet pink silky panty. Wow what a sight! Due to her orgasm it had a thick layer of cum over it. The cum was also rolling down her legs and wetting the floor. Few drops of cum was dropping down leaving a thread behind. I moved my tongue to the left toe and started licking the rolled cum on her legs with the tongue and licked all cum till i reached the corners of the panty. Then right leg was also licked. I waited and smelled the sexy aroma of her pussy right above her panty. Farhana was standing with eyes closed and experiencing the unexplainable pleasure. As i stopped farhana opened her eyes staring at me. I was eagerly looking for her pussy to be eaten. As i leaned forward to flower a kiss she interrupted and asked " what are you doing?" i explained her that i would be licking her pussy, she said "are you mad ? Is it posible?” Oh! This poor babe doesn't know the pleasure of licking pussy in her age also. Her husband didn’t give it to her. I was standing on my knees lifting her housecoat waiting for eating her pussy. I extended my tongue to lick the falling cum drops. The first touch of the tongue in her life on her pussy brought a deep cry from throat ….. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhh.... .i started moving the tongue slowly on her panty up to down letting her cry with more great pleasure aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh yyesssssssssss deeppperrr. I left the housecoat letting it falls over my head hiding me under it. I placed the hands on the butts giving the support. I moved tongue to lick the thick cum over her panty and let it cum free. Thereby farhana was again hot to have her second orgasm. I moved tongue in a circular fashion on pussy lips, which brought more pleasures to farhana. I continued raising her to climax and releasing her load. She was about to fall but i supported her butt.i continued till her panty became clean again. Farhana was breathing heavily. She said " you really brought pleasure to me today. My husband never eat my pussy. Actually i was not aware of the pleasure of pussy sucking."

I was still moving my tongue on her panty over her pussy lips. Then i moved my hands on her butts and tongue on panty vigorously. I pushed one finger into her asshole. She moaned heavily oh, god, oh…., i made to and fro motion first slowly and then fast giving her pleasure to ecstasy. Farhana's cunt was again flowing giving me indication of her third orgasm. She loaded and i once more licked her clean. She was totally exhausted because of tongue fucking. I stood up and kissed her juicy lips. I removed her housecoat . Now farhana darling was in panty only. She was looking terribly sexy. I asked her to take out my clothes. She started unbuttoning my shirt one by one and same time.kissing my lips. She shifted her lips to my neck and started kissing me. She too started licking me with tongue as i had done to her. I liked her style. She took my nipple in mouth and making circular motion on it arousing me and making me wet with her saliva. She moved to navel and making to and fro motion of her tongue as if she is fucking me. She moved her hand to the belt and undid my trouser. She was amazed to see my big sized erected cock under my underwear. She removed my trousers completely and undid my underwear. She was amazed to see my 8 inches dick and exclaimed, 'oh my god! It's sooo big. She told me that her husband’s dick is just 5 inches. She hold my dick in her hand. Her small hand was unable to encircle it completely. She started moving it up and down and moaning me. I asked her to suck my dick. She was amazed to hear it as she never did it before with her husband. She was staring at me. I again asked her to suck it hard. "you are too dirty . How can i suck your dirty dick?" i really died on her innocence and abused her husband for fucking such a sexy babe plain. I asked her to do it. She said that she would try. She sat down on her knees infront of my dick and stared at it. She looked at me and extended her tongue on red hot tool. What a great pleasure !!!!! She started sucking my tool making me more erotic. She took it all in her mouth. I was in heaven. I was getting crazy and moaning, "yes, suck it please...ahhhhhh" "yes, take it inside...yyessss" she too liked my tool and started more vigorously in and out. She’s circling it with her tongue & squeezing my balls like an experienced girl. Sometimes she was sucking my balls too. She’s being looked so crazy. I was giving long moan, "aaaaaaahhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhmmmm you are good cock sucker hhhhhhhmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" after 10 minutes, i felt tensing up and ready my orgasm. She was moving her head fast and i was about to cum. I cried i am cuming i held her head and cummed in her mouth. She was shocked at my intensed orgasm. She took all my cum in her mouth. Some drops fell on her face and some on her big boobs. She licked me clean. She, for the first time in her life sucked a dick and tasted cum. She thanked me for giving her new experience and more pleasure.

She stood up and kissed my lips. We again began exploring each others mouth. She hugged me tightly pressing her boobs on my chest. What a pleasure!!!! She shivers, and as she presses closer against me i can feel her nipples harden against me. She retaliated by drawing circles with her nails on the small of my back, driving sparks up my spine and down into my groin. I lifted her up with big butts and brought her near bed and threw her on bed. She too liked my aggressiveness. I came over her and kissed on her boobs. The boobs were straight and not at all sagging protruding like a rocket. I lowered down and took left boob in mouth and started sucking. I tried to take it all in the mouth but unable to do it cuz it is so big. I sucked them fast and fondling the other boob. She cried "yyyesssssssss oohhhhhhhhhhh yyesssssssss lick me harder yyesssssssssss" with pleasure. I continuously sucked it all. I moved down and kissed her navel and then her pussy over her panty. I put hand in her panty and ripped it off. Her clean-shaved white pussy was infront of me. I was looking at those pink colored vertical lips. I moved down and planted a kiss on it. Farhana spread her legs to let me play with it. The tip of my tongue soon explored the lower limits of her lips and i ran the tip up and down their edges without parting them. Then, i pushed the tongue just a little inside. Farhana was moaning, "aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh yyesssssssssss deeppperrr" her legs fell further apart, and her hands on my head urged me onward. Soon i was running the tip of my tongue around her vagina, just pushing on the edge. Then i worked up to the base of her clitoris. It just peeked out from the lips with a pink tip. I tongued the base on the left first, then over to the right. Then i tried circling the base. Her clitoris began to twitch, her hand was pressing a little firmer, and her moans indicated i wasn't off base. Soon i ran the tip of my tongue from the base up to the tip and then flicked over the tip from left to right, right to left. Her fingers tightened in my hairs and she started rhythmically pulling me to her. As my lips circled her clitoris, i started sucking deeply. While flicking the tip with the tip of my tongue, i eased my right hand up her left thigh on her gorgeous buttocks. They were soft, smooth silky and soon i could get down the crack to her ass. My index fingers just found it and started to gently circle it on the outside in time with my sucking of her clitoris she was getting very wet and i was waiting for that subtle change in flavor as her special glands secreted their fluid around the base of her clitoris. That was the signal that she was about to orgasm and i wanted to see if she could get up to a true plateau and hold that orgasmic sensation for a 10 minutes or more.

I alternated sucking hard and deep and pressing firmly with my tongue on the tip of her clitoris with backing off and blowing down the clitoral shaft, gently massaging her anus, and reaching up with my left hand to feel her breast. I circled it with one finger and then gently squeezed it with three fingers in time with sucking her clitoris. Oh baby yessssss! Finger me baby! Oh, oh yesssssssssss!”, she began arching her back and her pelvic thrusts grew more vigorous and faster. She was sighing deeply and her hand relaxed a little on my hair indicating i shouldn't drive her through her fourth orgasm. After three or four minutes her clitoris started twitching and i knew she was entering her fourth orgasm and so i backed slightly off and ran my tongue between her clitoris and vagina. Soon her hand urged me back to her clitoris and i sucked vigorously while picking up the pace with either hand. Her moans oh god yes suck me! Ohhhhhhh!”Eat my cunt fully….. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhh....drink it aaaaaao., arching, bucking, and hand in my hair soon showed that things were going well and she orgasm. I shifted up and started kissing her lips. She urged me to fuck her hard. ' Please!!! Fuck mee!!! My pussy's aching for your big tool!!!!". I said ok to her, and i got up, wore the condom and placed my dick on the pussy lips. She moved her hands down and made her pussy lips open with her hands. I pushed my dick and she cried. Oh my god! It's sooo big!! Fuck me, fuck me!!! Oooohhhhh!!!! It was half way in and she was screaming heavily oooohhhhh!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Please!!! Fuck mee!!!. I placed my lips on her lips to supress it and started sucking it. I pushed further and it went inside fully. I slowly moved it in out and made her pussy flow more juices so as to lubricate properly. After some strokes she started enjoying the motion and responded by moving her butt in unison with my thrusts. She moaning oooohhh ahhhhh ittss fffiinnne i lliikke ittt vveerryy mmuucchhh. I countinuesly fuck her she again start moving fast “ahhhhhhhhhnnnnnnn uhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn .then we changed our position to doggy style. I was pressing her boobs, licking her lips & fucking her pussy at the same time. Thap thap thap thap thap thap thap……. Noise filled the room. She was screaming… ahhhh ahhh uhnnnnn uhnn uhmmmm aey jaanu ffuckkk ahnnn god ahhhhhhhhhhhhhn god yessss yesss ffuck me ffuck me. Then she ride on me & started jumping on my cock. I was pressing her boobs & biting her nipples. She was screaming:more speeder and harder ohhh aeyyy your big cock and my little cunt ohh god ahnnnn”aaaaaeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i am cummmmmmmmming yesssssssssss”.her pussy was filled with the juices. She hugged me tightly. Thus i made her cum for the fifth time. She said that her husband couldn't satisfy her anytime and discharged before getting her discharge leaving her unsatisfied. So she has to use hair brush,candle sometimes vegetable to satisfy herself . She thanked me for giving her satisfaction, which she couldn't get elsewhere. I said that i am also happy to play with her. That day we play the same game twice.

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