Sunday, February 22, 2009

My cousin Lara

By: Arun

Hi, it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. Your comments have made me bare all my secrets. Thank you all for the good ratings that you people gave me for my earlier postings. That is an inspiration for me to come up with another one. This is a story of my elder cousin sister Jarakka, she was five years elder to me. I hope you all like our first encounter. From then on we have just kept exploring every place and opportunity. The one i am going to narrate now happened in my cousin larakka’s house on 22nd july 08. It was a hot tuesday morning and i was woken up horny from a dream about larakka, i wanted her urgently. Once on my way to office i called larakka and fixed up a lunch with her, hinted her to take the post lunch session off. The wait was really very long. The excitement building every moment. But life had really become very easy for me as i had larakka at my beck and call, whenever i wanted a hot pussy larakka was there. She had grown more sexy with her children and couple of extra pounds at the right places. The clock struck 12.30 that afternoon and i left towards her house, our appointment was at 1 pm. It looked as though she too was waiting for my call, 12.50 and i could see larakka walking towards her house, she was wearing hot pink see thru saree and matching blouse etc. She is really amazing in saree with a roasted golden brown body. We got into the her house for lunch, but lunch was not our priority, we started eating and i was pretty fast and wanted it to be completed, looking at me larakka asked, well whats your plan for now on? I said nothing in particular, hoping for fun for rest of the day, larakka said ‘the suspense is exciting! I asked her if she wants to have drink? She said yes. We went into her kitchen and both of us had wine to bring up the romantic mood. I generally don’t drink, drink occasionally whenever it requires that day i took the wine for her. After drink i said ‘we need to try a new place’, she after some thought suggested ‘why not try the toilet here’ , and ‘the toilet on the fourth floor of their house is open to the terrace’? I said yes. We both went upper 4th floor to the toilet. Since no one was in the house, and she was home alone and her tenants also were out, i took the liberty to carry her all the way up to the toilet, in the walk-up she kept her head on shoulder, i really feel good at that time. As soon as we entered the toilet, i kissed larakka so passionately she started responding back putting her tongue in mouth and sucking my lips so passionately. Then i knew she is ready i took her in my arm and she locked me by her both hands around my neck. We kissed for about 5 to 7 minutes and her extreme boobs were touching my chest and screaming to relieve from her bra, and my dick started making a big tent in my pant. I carried larakka in my hands and made her sit on the toilet seat. She looked at my pant and smiled and said let me release him from prison, so i said it is a good idea, she started opening my belt and fly, slowly and dropped my pant on floor then she, started rubbing my cock on my underwear and started to lick my underwear, her saliva made by dick wet, she then pulled down my wet underwear with her teeth, mean while i was helping her open her blouse buttons and release bra hooks, then she remove blouse and bra together and released her massive boobs to my waiting hands and hungry lips,i kissed her boobs and she kissed my dick’s knob, and my lund grew to full size 8 inch long and 2.5 inch thick, she said "wow your penis is so big, at least twice the size of my husband and thick too. I said i am a big fan of your legs from when i first saw your first saw you in naked in the toilet years ago, you have amazing thighs and long legs . I would like to sleep between your legs for some time, can i? She laughed, you also have great pair of boobs this relationship is going to be a fantastic one. Larakka took my dick in her hand and started caressing and lift the testicles bag and said "oh man you are full of jism i guess you going to pour everything in my pussy? And make me pregnant” i said, yes that's true, she said “ i want to be pregnant with your baby arun” “i want to deliver a baby for you”. And she started sucking my lund she could not take all so she took about 1/3 and sucking it then she started licking by tongue all over my lund. Then she took my testicles in her mouth and said ‘oh so sweet, its so filled, i would love to drink all your jism, take every drop in my mouth and cunt, make dozens of babies for you’. Then i said larakka i like to eat your pussy and taste the juice, i can smell it up here. She said first you suck my boobs and make me arose to highest level then you suck my pussy after that you fuck me like a crazy bitch, i am your bitch arun, i am yours, from now on, i want you to fuck me whenever we see or meet anywhere, no matter whichever place arun, i want you to enter me and make me feel like your wife. With that i made her sit on the toilet seat and started sucking her nipple and with other hand i started squeezing other boob, larakka started moaning, deeper and deeper, louder her moans became, we did not fear anyone coming, her moans were so independed and free, ecstasy was having the best of us, i was like an animal sucking, licking and biting her boobs and her sacred nipple. After 15 minutes she said please now eat my cunt so i moved down to her pussy i opened her shaved pussy lips and sucked her clitoris then my wet tongue i started circling around her pussy hole and she was in heaven, she became more erotic and said "oh arun, oh my god you are the best pussy eater in the whole world, you should teach my husband, that bastard sun of a gun to fuck and lady like you", i said “ larakka, why do you need that bastard when i am around, i will fuck you everyday if you can pick up time. I will fuck you even with your husband around, i guess i can take care of that” she anxiously asked “how ??” I said,” its easy, just call me when he is around and you want me inside you, i will show how” and then got down to eating her wonderous, wet pussy dripping of her juices and my saliva and all my hot talks. Within 10 minutes of eating her pussy, she came she grabbed my head and pressed it to her vagina and i kept on sucking her clitoris, and wanted to make her my slave. Within couple minutes she came twice more and calmed down, and enjoying back again, then she said oh man “now my pussy wants your great fucking dick arun please fuck me fuck me like your wife, no..!! Fuck me like a bitch, yes fuck me like a bitch, i am your bitch arun, fuck me… come on… don’t make me wait…. Arun please odnt tease me…… put you divine cock into my throbbing cunt, and fuck me until i bleed” . It was straining but enjoying with that i got up and made her bend on the camode and spread her legs wide open, i opened her pussy lips and pointed my lund to her pussy hole and i started moving my lund circling around soft pussy lips and larakka was out of control she said "man you are giving the best pleasure in my life, please fuck me now", so with my hand i entered my lund now in her pussy and with great force i sank my entire lund in her pussy, my lund was touching her womb entrance and she came again, she held the camode tight and started shaking all her body. After 2 minutes of climax she calmed down and said "your cock has filled up my whole cunt, your thoughts tonight are going to give me a dozen orgasms i am completely under your control, arun do whatever you want to do, but make me satisfied, my husband has never fucked me like this before." with that i kissed her on lips and said "are you ready for the roller coaster ride honey?" and she said you bet. With that i started fucking larakka’s pussy by moving my cock in and out about half-length in pussy.

I fucked and fucked and fucked that bitch like a horse, but the bitch larakka was just relaxed and enjoying my big lund, moaning like the whore she was, calling me names like fucker, flagpole master, rodney piper. Her moans and cries were getting more kinkier, my cock was getting strained and i did not want to cum soon, i wanted to see her bleed before i cum. After 12 minute she came, she came like a bull, her groans suggested that this was the biggest orgasm she has had all her life, she held me so tight i kept on fucking and she started getting to jerk all over her body. After 2 minutes she calm down again and i kept fucking. She was in heaven, she came with me too, and we both held each other and i collapsed on her. I was breathing heavy and sweating too. She started moving her hand on my hair and said ‘oh dear that was the best fuck i have ever had’ i said “you also akka were the best cunt i have ever had, you are tight at this age too, tight as a virgin” how come, does;nt you husband fuck you ?? She said “ that bastard has no time for me and if at all he wants some pleasure, he will enter me and pour in within two minutes, or else he is so fucking lazy he will ask me for a handjob and go to sleep” i said “ you should be sad with such a husband” now you don’t need to worry, i am here to satisfy all your needs and fantasies” she smiled and said “yes, god has heard my prayers”. After two minutes we got up and cleaned ourselves i washed my lund in the camode and she sat on potty and jism started oozing from her cunt, larakka said "arun, you fuck like a horse and you cum like a horse. We were fucking for more than an hour and after cleaning i sat on camode and larakka was pissing in toilet and sound of her pissing made me more exited. She made me sit on the potty and sat on my lap and kissed me and said, darling i am tired, i said dear dress up we need to go back to office, but she just sat on my lap naked for 15 minutes. I said larakka you have a great ass bend over. I want to see your ass hole, and she bend down and i fingered her ass hole and said " oh it looks great i am sure you ass will love my cock in her" and larakka jerk herself and turned around and said "no, baba don't even think about it, you will rip off my ass like last time" i said “ listen larakka, you have such a sexy, fantastic ass, that no man would spare……. Now just behave like a decent whore that you and allow me to fuck your ass, and trust me you will love it” now you are just my bitch and there is no way i am going to spare your asshole”. She lay in the doggy position and i went behind her and penetrated my lund in her chut. It was wet all ready so i started fucking her again. She was going wild. She said, “come on arun, aaaahh, ohhh fuck me more. My husband has never fucked me like this before, i am your whore; you are the best fucker i ever had". Then i started putting a finger in her wet asshole, suddenly whole finger went in. I said larakka looks like your ass is so wet and ready to take my cock in. Suddenly she jumped and took out my lund from her cunt and looked at me and said "oh no you are not going to fuck my ass look at the size of your cock you will rip me off, last time you really tore my ass apart. I said, if you don't want it is up to you but my finger felt it is ready, and i resumed fucking her again in cunt. About 20 minutes fuck i came in her cunt unloaded my jism 10 squirts all warm guiee jism was hitting her womb and she got another orgasm. After that we cleaned up, she sat on my lap and asked me? Do you think my ass can take your huge lund? I said only way to prove is to try, if it’s hurting then i won't pursue any further. Then she said promise make sure you do not rip of my ass, its only who tried it last time even my husband never have fucked me in ass. So we agreed and she started sucking my cock, since i was going to fuck the ass. I got so excited and immediately my cock 8 inch became so hard, then i told her to turn around and she did i started massaging her butts and she said oh arun i like it. Then i took some vaseline and lubricated her asshole and plugged in two fingers then rubbed more added more vaseline and then entered three fingers in. I asked larakka do you feel any pain she said no but i feel pleasure all the way, then i said you are ready for my lund and she said go ahead and jam it up in my ass. I applied lots of vaseline on my lund and i held her by my one hand from her tummy then with one hand i held my cock and pointed to her asshole and applied lots of pressure. Suddenly my lund’s knob went in, she screamed oh fuck it pains so i said i am going to take it out, then she said, don't move, and let it get adjusted, so i just held my lund’s knob in her ass for few minutes till she said. Now i am comfortable go ahead and penetrate some more. I gave good push and her ass took another 2 inches of my lund’s length.

Then she said "oh arun, you are right. Now i like it." so slowly i started moving my lund from her ass in and out, pushing more in within 5 to 7 strokes she took my entire length 7" and 2.5" thick lund in her asshole and she was going crazy. She said, “i love it fuck me like a horse, fuck more, more in, more hard arun, ohh, huuunnn. "i started fucking her so good, my balls were hitting her. Within 10 minutes larakka came. This time her orgasm was much longer and tensed then all before she had. She held my cock in her ass for more than 2 minutes and caressing my balls. After her orgasm i resumed fucking her again and in 15 minutes i said i am cuming and she said go ahead spray it all in my ass, with that i squirted 8 times hot jism in her asshole and filled up her ass completely, my orgasm was far better than i had fucked her in her cunt. Finally we both got exhausted and i collapsed on her. After 5 minutes i pulled out my limp cock out of her ass. We both cleaned up. After that we put on our clothes and stepped out of the toilet, since it was a toilet on the open terrace i had to come out check for anybody and then asked larakka to come out quickly, which she did. We went back to he house down, i made her stand nude and i started to suck each of her boobs to make them lactate and later again with my full strength i squeezed her boobs, and directed the milk to flow on my penis, the whirring feel of milk from her boobs falling on my penis made my penis grow another half inch. I asked her to take my penis and suck it clean of all her milk, she instantly took it in her mouth started licking her milk of it, it was the most amazing feeling one can get to have his cousin sister sucking his penis. She went sucking my penis like a chocobar and i shot my load of jism into her mouth. I said "u are an expert larakka", she blushed. Now i made her stand with one leg on the sofa and other on the ground, and i like a wild animal tore her legs apart and got into her jungle. I almost took her entire pussy in one hard stroke, hers was a medium sized, 4 inch pussy lips. I started to fuck my dream girl; i started to fuck my cousin sister with whom i have shared everything till date is now under me enjoying my penis in her hot pussy. I kept fucking like a mad machine and she was great in countering my strokes and my penis kept growing with her moans and groans, her face and expressions from getting fucked by her brother made me more hornier and i kept ramming her cunt, i made her reach orgasm 2 times even before i could reach my mine, i was tired but i hadn’t come, i can’t give up the heat. I kept beating her meat with all my might and she started bleeding like a virgin cunt, oh that was what i was trying all the while in the toilet upstairs. I could not believe myself that i was having my cousin sister bleed in utter erotic pleasure, in the same bed where she sleeps with her husband. I could not control my desire i took a deep breath and started to pump her again. She blasted again for the third time and her juices this time erupted the tingle in me and i started to build up. I bent down and asked her to lick my chest, she started to suck my tities and helped me build up and shoot my load in her, i held her tightly to my crotch and deposited all my load deep inside her. I slid my penis out of her cunt and she curled into a caterpillar with the aftershocks of pleasure. I saw my penis still up like a staff, soaked in her blood and our juices. She was curled up and that was protruding her ass hole out, the glory of her hole was inviting me, and i again started clitoral stimulation, this times with my two fingers. "ooooooooooohhhhhh aaaaram se bas arun bas naaaa ahhhhh bas karo naaaa." but i never stopped. I asked for vaseline and she said she kept it in the almirah, i immediately picked it up and applied to my fingers and got in to her love hole. I finger fucked her for 20 mins or so. I gain got into her pussy and started the motion, and as the speed picked up she was pleading me to give her some rest, i was not in the mood of getting off her pussy until i had an experience of a lifetime, this time fucked her until she blasted twice and my hot penis gave me the idea of fucking her mouth while i eat her pussy. I made her lie on her head on the sofa, she upside down, her legs on my shoulders, her pussy in my mouth, it was a mouth watering indian pie of my dearest cousin, and her rest of body on the bed. I licked her cunt for 15 more than mins. Her vagina was red and was overflowing with both our juices and streams of blood. After 15 mins of eating i was satisfied, my lips were full of her love juices, and she was all sweaty. I made her stand, a bit forcibly, pushed her thighs apart, and inserted my penis in to her ass hole. I experienced some difficulty again, in the beginning as she told me her husband has not fucked in her ass. I thought what an asshole he could be. It was as tight as a virgin's main hole. But i did not give up, i applied more vaseline, but found it a little difficult i pulled out and ran into her kitchen, found her small tiffin of cooking oil which they use for daily cooking, i dipped my entire penis into it and ran back to larakka and started to shove my penis into her ass hole, now it went without any hurdle and that was it. She was in heaven when i started pumping her ass. It was a great site to fuck a women u ever wanted, and moreover her husband could never ever think of that. I pumped, pumped and pumped; she was making all kinds of love sounds. I grabbed her boobs which when they were bouncing, said" hamen dabao". I kept happily pumping her until she started to moan "hhhhaaaaaaan bas ho gaye arun chhod do mughe bas bhee karo andar jaa kar rahoge kya ohho uuuuuffffff." i kept going on like a deaf leopard, i fucked her for another 15 mins pulled out and shoved my penis into her mouth, she resisted and i shot my load all over her face and neck. She was satisfied for life. Her blood had made a blot on her bed spreads. And her session for entire month was over, she lied in my lap for 2 hours .i fondled with her boobs this time in black bra and sucked them whenever i wanted in those two hours, on the bra cup only. I was satiated and she promised that she never enjoyed sex like this before. From then on i fucked her whenever i could. I would enter her house while she was cooking food, hold her breasts in my hands, and lift her sari to get inside her pussy to eat on daily basis..., while she was cutting vegetables. She never stopped her work, she continued her work, and i continued mine, the same continued in office too, we used to fix up fake meetings and have sex some time a full session, sometime a small one… but we never stop. Now too we had a meeting, both of us made love in our client’s washroom. It’s any place for us now. Larakka is for me and me at any time and place. We have now become freaks and look for every opportunity to make love in strange places and situations.. Anybody who wants to share her stories or comments can contact me at

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