Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Helping my mom

By: raj

Hi friends! This is Raj, 22 m. height 5.11”. This is my true story. When I was 20, I was still a virgin. I used to love gals but never had guts to have sex with them. Before I start my story I would like to tell u about a lady with whom made me lose my virginity. She is 38 her figure is 38 26 36. She had nice and big boobs. Gosh I love them a lot. Her ass, wow, no one can resist himself from staring at her.

Ok, I’ll start my story now. My dad usually stays out of country for business purpose. So there were three members in our house, mom me and my sister. Once when my dad was out of country as usual, I got my Ty bcom result and I scored distinction in that so mom was very happy with it. When I told her about my result she kissed me and hugged me. This was for the first time I felt some current from inside. After that I used to see her from some different angle. I used to stare her body whenever she used to do the household work.

Once she noticed me and asked me, “what are u seeing at dear?”. I was confused and scared but I managed to answer wisely. I said, “mom, u must be feeling very lonely as dad stays out for long time?”. She smiled and said nothing. I understood what she was thinking of. I continued, “mom, is there any way I can make u happy?”. She looked at me for sometime and then said, ”no beta, a son cannot help like a hubby.” I knew the reason but I still asked her, “why so mom?”. Why can’t I be like my dad?”. She smiled and then went away.

I also went for my bath. When I was having my bath, mom suddenly came in. She came to clean the bathroom and was unknown that I was in. I was naked and mom saw me in that condition. She stared at my cock with hunger and after few seconds she left saying, “why don’t u learn to lock the door while using the bathroom?”.

When I came out, she was cleaning my room. She saw me and said nothing. Suddenly she came near me and tried to touch my 8 inch rock hard cock and pretending to touch it by mistake while working. I felt some strong current when she touched my cock. I said, “are u sure mom I can’t give u what u want?”. She said, “u can but u r my son?”. I said, “so what mom, u need a man and instead of controlling yourself or going out with some other man, it’s better to solve this matter in the home itself”. Mom said, “but…..”

My sister was in her school and I didn’t want to lose this opportunity. Without wasting any time, I went near mom and kissed her on her lips. Strong currents passed in both of us. I made her lie on the bed and kissed her strongly on her lips. I was playing with mom’s boobs with my hands. I removed her saree and she was in her blouse and petticoat. I said, “I’ll give u what u wanted since long time. I’ll give u better than that.”
I made her nude completely and I started removing my clothes. As soon as I removed my underwear, she was surprised to see the 8 inch cock so closely. She told me that I had a much bigger and much harder cock than my father. She mentioned that my father had a 6 inch cock. I was happy that my mom was happy with my cock.

She, then, holded my cock in her hands and took in her warm mouth. Damn, it felt like heaven when she sucked my cock. She was an experienced woman and she was so good at sucking that I felt like cumming in 5 minutes. She asked me to explode in her mouth and I did so. She swallowed all my sperm. Then I started moving towards her pussy. I fingered her pussy which was tight as she didn’t have sex since long time. She started moaning with pleasure…. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. This continued till 10 minutes and I started licking her pussy. My god, I was licking my own birth place. She was ready to cum now. I drank all her juices. Trust me it was very good in taste. By the time my cock was hard again. My mom became very happy to see it. She asked me to put my cock in her pussy. I started entering my snake into her pussy. My cock was very hard so it went in easily. Mom screamed, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. I kissed her on her lips so that she doesn’t make any noise. Then I entered my cock in her pussy completely. She started breathing heavily and moaning heavily. I pumped my cock in her pussy again and again. I increased my speed and she started enjoying. She said, “son u are much better in this than your father.” I smiled and continued with my job. I fucked my mom for 10 minutes and then we both came together. But we weren’t satisfied, we continued this and I fucked her for 6 times. I wasn’t satisfied but we had to stop it as my sister was back from her school. At night I went to sleep in mom’s room and I fucked her for 10 times whole night. In the morning we were both tired. My cock was paining a lot as it was my first time and I scored century in it. Tell me how did u like my real story.

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