Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cousin sister's rape

By: sandeep

Hi all ISS readers, this is sandeep khanna here. I am 20 years old and studying my in Bangalore. And my cousin sister(divya) whom i fucked is 24 years old and dam sexy but a bit cute and little fat, she is about 5.2 inch height and with a big round ass. She is fair enough to look like an doll. She is from hubli. She and all our relatives from many other cities had come to bangalore 10 days before for the pre-preparation to attend our cousins marriage. I had a strong desire to fuck her since i knew what is sex all about. But since i was small she was not even noticing me. But i used to touch her hands and sit on her thighs to get the feel, when i had got the opportunity i used to see her private parts and used to smell her clothes(bra and panties) and used to mastrubate... But for now it was not the same with me. She is not married still for completing her studies. When i met her in bangalore, i was stunned to see such a beautiful girl. When i shacked my hands to greet her near the door's, i was completely trilled. Then while talking to her i noticed that her white bra was visible to me and even a part of her shoulders. I was getting uncontrollable, i was thinking of kissing and bitting her shoulders. But somehow i managed to keep my sex beast under control. And during these days i saw her well built boobs and curving of her butts and somehow managed myself masturbating on her. The marriage was held at the afternoon which was a grand marriage and to many people had come over there, which was one of my advantage. The lunch was arranged in cellar and was to crowded to manage. Both me and divya were standing in the que and divya was standing in front of me. My pennis was touching her butts due to pushing of the people from backside and was getting erected. I turned red and shy, and asked her sorry for that. But she turned and smiled at me and told " its ok i don't mind, if not you someone else would have enjoyed". Listening to this all my fear went off, and i started to point my penis between the cleavage with the notice of anyone. And she started smiling at me due to my erected penis. And then had my lunch. I had knew that i could ask her for sex now since even she is a unmarried women and i thought even she is willing to have sex with someone. That day my cousin brother had his first night and even i thought of having sex with divya. I took her to the terrace and told her all my childhood days stories, that how much i loved her and asked her to have sex with me with full privacy and i even promised her to keep it top secret. She smiled and said that she would tell the time when to have the sex pleasure. I was dam happy that day.

There was a marriage party that night in the hall with dance and drinks. Since all of us cousins were gathered there. Everyone started to dance and got drunk fully upto there neck. But myself and divya did not drink since we had to escape from there. During the dance i touched divya's ass and held her stomach for a while to remind her about the sex. And even squesed all the aunty's boobs and touched the ass, but they did not know as they were drunk completely. After one hour divya made some eye signals and called me to come to the room upstairs. I went there and my beautiful lady was standing there, i locked the door and closed all the curtains of the windows. I started kissing her madly even she equally reacted to me. I kissed her neck and then her shoulders. My penis started to erect and i pushed my penis to her vagina form outside the clothes. She had wore a chudidhar, i unzipped her chudidhar half from the back and kissed on the cleavage of the boobs, then unzipped her chudidhar completely and removed her bra and started kissing her tight boobs and hard nipples, from one hand i held her left boob tightly and started sucking the hard nipples of the right boob. This went on for for 10 min. She smiled and said "i dont think i could hold me from experiencing this pleasure any more". Even she unhooked me. Then i came down and licked her belly and when i came near to her panties and was yet to open it, she stopped me and said "look sandeep i dont think so we are going on the right way, we should stop all these things and should have self control in life. This sex could ruin our entire life as i am going to marry in some couple of days". I was completely sad and tried to convince her for 15 min that he would never tell it to her future husband and would keep it secret in between us. Then she said "what if i become pregnant?". I told her that i have got the condoms. But after convincing her so much she did not listen and she started to cover herself. But i was not under control after seeing such a juicy white boobs. So i tried to hold both her hand softly to seduce her. But after all my kind attempts i failed to convince her. And she was walking towards the door to go out.

From backside i said sorry, she asked why?. Then with out telling her anything i held both her hands and tried to rape her. I started bitting her boobs and kissed her tightly, but she was spitting on me. I took the spit and applied on my hard penis for smooth insertion and removed her paijamas. She was crying not to do all such things but i said only one thing to her that is sorry. And removed her panties and inserted my penis into her vagina without using the condom since i had no time to put it on my penis. And i slept on her with both her hands held tightly and her legs in between my legs. And started giving hard strokes. She shouted loudly "ahhhhhhhhh oughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo dont do this", and started telling me that she would complain about me to everyone. But i did not care and fucked her to the fullest. Her voice was not audible to anyone in the house since all of them were completly drunk and the music was on. She started crying loudly when i started to give hard strokes, blood started oozing from her vagina since she was a virgin, and started to oppose a lot by this time, but i was in a full mood to fuck her. Finally she gave up to me and told me not to ejaculate the sperm in her vagina. I agreed and after 15 min of fucking i reached the climax and throwed all the semen on her face. After that she was completely silent and laid on the bed without any noice. Then i started kissing her once again to her lips and appolagised her. And then squeezed her boobs and then licked her pussy for about ten min as i could not do it before and also fingered her ass and licked it, but she did not opposed this time. She was very sad lying on the bed and told me you can do whatever you want with her. After that i told her to take my penis in her mouth, without uttering a word she took it inside, and i fucked her once again by putting on the condom. With some intervals i fucked her 4 times that night. She was very dippressed for 2 days but after that she came to normal and we had sex for the next 10 days daily.even she forgot me rapping her. After that she left to hubli. And whenever we get together we have sex.....

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