Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brother in laws wife

By: raj

Hi friends and the fans of I am Raj from Punjab , I am 32 years old. I read the stories in ISS and got motivated to write about my this encounter with my brother- in- laws (wife’s brother) wife, Meera. Meera is very fair and beautiful and has a figure of 38-26-38. I admired her figure always and used to fantasies about her and masturbate. She belongs to Lucknow. The incident took place in December 2005 . This is a true incident.

I had gone to Bombay to meet my sister in law and there my brother in laws wife meera had also come.I spent about a week at Bombay and as I was coming back to lucknow my sister in law requested me to take meera also along with me as it is not safe for a lone lady to travel in train such a long distance. I agreed to it and told them that only one seat was booked in AC two tier on my name. We thought that we would be able to manage the second seat once we board the train, but the TT refused to give another seat. My seat was upper berth. Meera and self waited till 10 in the night but couldn’t manage another seat. Then meera said “ bhaiya ji challo hum dono ek hi seat par adjust ho kar soo jata hai.” I also agreed to it and we climbed on to the upper birth. As we lay side by side I could feel the heat of her body and immediately my laura stood up. We talked for some time and then meera turned her face other side and went to sleep. I just couldn’t sleep as my prick was aching to feel meera’s hot cunt. After about half an hour I also turned towards meera and kept my hand on her waist. There was no response from meera . As she was wearing a saree my hand was on her naked waist . Slowly I moved my hand on her waist and pinched it. Meera suddenly became stiff and whispered “ bhaiyaji yah kya kar raha ho” I didn’t say anything and pushed my rod hard 7 inches prick in her arse and started rubbing it on her arse cheeks. I put my hand on her boobs and pressed them hard. Meera started to push my hand away . I whispered in her ear ‘ meera mujha tumhari chut marni hai please marna do bahut din ho gay hai main aapna lauda chut main nahi dala’. I pulled her face towards me and before she could say anything I kissed her full on the lips and pushed my tongue deep in her mouth. She tried to push me away but after about 15 seconds she just relaxed and started hugging me. I kissed her all over her face, neck and chest. She started breathing heavily. I pulled her saree pallu away and opened her blouse. She was wearing a black laced bra. I started sucking her nipples through her bra and my hand moved to her chut. I rubbed her chut over the saree and immediately meera started moaning oooohhhhhhh aaaaahhhhh aacha lag raha hai mara nipple jor sa suck karo. I immediately removed the hooks of her bra and removed it and started sucking her nipples hard. I pulled her saree up to her waist and put my hand on her chut. She was not wearing any panties. I left her nipples and moved down kissing her stomach and licking it with my tongue. Then I moved down and put my mouth on meeras chut and kissed it she immediately started oozing juices from her chut. I put my tongue deep in her chut and then put her clitoris and started sucking her. She started making soft moaning sounds aaaahahah bhaiyaji iiiii bahhuuuutttttt aacccchhhhhaaaa hhhhaaaaiiiii chusta raho meri chut ohhhh. I then moved up and opened my pant and took my land out . Meera saw the 7 inch long land and got very excited and immediately pulled it and put it in her mouth. It was a great feeling . we moved into 69 position and after about 5 minutes when we both were on the brink of throwing our cum I changed position and came in between her legs. I pushed my long hard laura in her hot chut and gave a hard push. I was surprised that her cunt was very tight like a virgin. I said “ Meera tumhari chut to bahut tight hai”. She said mara patti ka laura aap ka jitna mota aur lamba nahi hai, aur ab batein band karo aur meri chut ko aapna laura se phar do”. I started ramming hard into her chut and after about 1 minute she became stiff and moaned and had an orgasm. I didn’t stop and increased my ramming in her chut and soon she came again and by this time I was also ready and I held her tightly and said “Meera main aa raha hooo” and I opened my tap of cum in her chut and filled it with my cum. She put her hand from behind on my balls and pressed them slowly and took out all the juice from them. I just lay on top of her for some time and then I kissed her on her lips and she said “ bhaiyaji aaj tak mara patti na kabhi bhi meri chut aisa nahi mari jaisa aap na mujha maja diya hai”. Luckily there was no other passenger on the other three seats and the whole night Meera and self fucked each other .

On reaching Lucknow we went home. Though I was to stay at Lucknow only for two days but after the night with Meera in the train I spent 10 days at Lucknow as my brother in law , Meeras husband was out of station and we enjoyed each and every position possible in those 10 days. How I enjoyed in those 10 days with Meera and her younger sister who came after 6 days to her house, I will write in my next mail.

Any girls, aunties, ladies of any age want to enjoy sex then I am the man . Please contact me on my email id. Please do send your comments about my this story which is 100% true on my mail id

With love , RAJ.

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