Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hai meri sexy masi

By: amar

Hello, I am Amar(22 yrs) from delhi, my story is about me & my divorced masi (31 yrs),really young,childish,humurous and beautiful.Three or four years ago, just prior to her marriage she had come to our house in delhi and it was then that I had started taken notice of her,she was 5'1 and a beutiful face with tiny red lips,fantastic body structure(good breast-hip ratio),with big boobs,slim waist and all the features whivh would make any man go week in his knees.Then her marriage took place ,but I couldn't forget her and started masturbating to her name.
After 2yrs ,her marriage was on rocks due to some reasons and she went to her own native town.Then after about another year she came to our house and had a job in delhi's company & by this time she had gone over her crisis and had forgotten past and was as chirpy,lovely as ever.She had the same chivolorous,fresh look on her face(I believe that there wasn't muvh intercourse in her married life).We both used to talk like friends about life and other things but nothing was ther b/w us. Then a month later she shifted to rented appartments.
I used to live with my family(father,mother,sis.) ,when summer vacations arrived in that season my family planned to go out of station leaving me beside at home(due to some reasons) and asked my masi to stay with me to take my care.When I listened to this plan ,I was overjoyed as I knew that this could be my chance(but I kept my excitement to myself).Later the day arrived when my family was to leave(for a week) and my masi came.
As my family left that feeling started coming over me ansd my dick had started growing,suddenly my masi touched me and i came out of my thoughts.Now, I decided to seduce her and tried to device a plan but nothing came.The whole day went by with me gazing her time and again and specially those 2 which i fantasized to pess.Later the night arrived and she walked off to sleep to my at that moment i just said:" well masi why are u going to sleep in other room it would be a waste of electricity let's sleep in my room." She agreed , later in the night i couldn't sleep and started gazing at her and her sleek,superb body,she was wearing a tshirt and was in shorts i was also wearing the same,she was sleeping with her back to me.Now my cock had started rising and i twitched forward towards her with my eyes close to pretending that i was sleeping(in case she was awake),suddenly my cock touched her ass and i was left dreaming with the 7nth wonder feeling. As that was summers time we weren't draped by sheets as it was toohot,so i was just touching her ass with mu fully raised dick(in it's full lenghth ) and we reamined in that position for allmost 20 minutes(approx),then i gained more courage and kept my arm over her belly and started moving her tshirt up with my hand toward the 2,just as i was about to touch her nipples,suddenly she itched at her face and i stopped a minute later she removed my hand with her hand.At that point i got scared and thought she was awake and further couldn't muster the courage to do anything and went to sleep.In the morning eveything was normal and when night came she went to sleep in the other room ,i questioned her and she replied nothing and insisted to sleep alone.The next day she washed all clothes and went to her job,I day dreamed all the day of ways to seduce her but with no idea to clutch to and the day passed.In the evening when she came it was raining heavily and was dripping wet with water,her white shirt sticking to her and making her transparent with the milky ones being easily visible,het ssalwar sticking to those slender legs.I just went gasping for air at that sight (not lettinh her know).
She went to the washroom and aske me to bring her a towel and her clothes,I gave her the towel ( a small size) and replied that all her clothes were wet due to the heavy rainfall that day.After some time she came out with just in towel wrapped around har and her hair dripping wet(an awesome sight),as the towel was small it was just covering the lower part of her boobs and her vagina,the upper cut being quite visible and all her legs being naked.She didn't felt much shy went to the kitchen and made some coffee for both of us .We both went in our balcony enjoying the warmth of coffee and that splendid rain (and me with that extra sight of her) and hicupped due to that sight.She asked what happened i replied nothing.Later she started talking to me and asked have u seen a girl in just towel,i replied yes in movies not in real except u,she said ok lets play a game wher u have to describe your look about the other person and started the game herself.
she said:-" well u r a charming,handsome boy with your dick bulging now at my sighti.e. with me in towel". (i was amazed,excited with a lot of courage growing in me after listening it)
Now I said:"u have noted it correct that my dick is bulging at u because u r sitting semi naked infront of grown up boy,but u would look much great without the towel."
She said:"don't u feel ashamed of asking me to remove my towel while u sitting with full clothes.
I replied :"well just wait "
I went in removed all my clother(everything and just wrapped a towel over my lower half anbd went out.
Just as i came out she pulled my towel and it fell with me being fully nude,she started giggling and started running as i chased her.i said "gullat panga le liya masi" and chased and just caught her towel it came off but i couldn't grasp her.i just came to a halt as that sight swept me off my feet while seeing her nude back and then she had entersa room when i enterd she had a sheet wrapped around me and i said that's wrong masi and started tugging at it but it didn't came off then she pushed me wile using her feet and i fell over the bed.
Then she slowly catwalked towards me and removed the sheet first with her right hand and then left and the sheet was down.she fell on me from front with her big boobs falling on me and i pressed her closer fondled with her boobs,licked them and moved my hands towards her lower part,touched her legs allover.then i spread her legs touched her vagina and she moaned ooooooooooooooooooo.
and i thumped her by presiing my dick in her ass and pressed her big silken boobs for an hour or so and both of us enjoyed to the hilt.
So that's it my friends! an intercourse which i enjoyed.
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one confession from me:this story is my fantasy.

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